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Design for Real People Real Society Real World



Design for Reality ? Design Thinking Process

Takare Medical Workstation for Free Clinic in Remote Area 


Design Background Observation & Interview User Definition Product Definition Developing Sketches & Rough Models 3D Renderings Final Result Final Evaluation

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06 Design for Reality ? 08 Design Thinking Process




? is

“Design for Real People, Real Society, Real World ”


Design for Real People ─ design based on the special need of each person 

Design for Real Society ─ design for a group of people who face similar difficulties

Design for Real World ─ design for a specific situation that the whole world is involved

Direction ▲ unnoticed needs ▲ research that focus on specific group

Since recent Designs are based on the market requirement, human’s real needs have been ignored. However, designer’s social responsibility is to provide solutions when people face difficulties and to make improvement in unwholesome situation. Instead of emphasizing the shape or adding worthless functions, a real helpful design product should truly care about disadvantaged minority and be useful to real people.

Make a Better World.


Design Thinking Process To Figure out Our Topic

Design for R eal P eople Society World

31, Jul y

Obse rvation 1 Interview 1 Hospital Farmers and Agriculturist

07, August

14, August

21, August

Disable P eople/The Elders /The Blinds /Physical Disables Hospital and Medical Ca re /for P atient /for Relatives

Hospice Ca re

Spirital P ain Soothing Equipment Impr ovement

Redesigning o f Folding Beds Redesigning of Basic Medical Equipments

Specific Car eer /Farmers

Typhoon P revention Damage R eduction

Harvest Assistance

Farm Implements

Crops P rotection Strengthen Protection Cove r

Ancient Wisdom

Green Design Combine with New Technol ogy


Obse rvation 2 Hospital and Sickr ooms

04, September

Interview 2 on Telephone Taiwan R oot Medical P eace Corps (TRMPC)

11, September

18, September

Exercise Equipments in Sunshine R oom

Exercise Equipments in Sunshine R oom /for both P atient and Relatives /Incr ease the Use o f the Sp ace

Dressing Ca rt Redesign

Dressing Ca rt Redesign Medical Aid Set for Remote A reaM Link

Obse rvation 3 Volunteer Clinic in Miaoli (with TRMPC)

25, Septemb er

edical Aid Set for Remote A rea /Pr ovide P ortable Medical Equipment to V olunteer Clinic T eams /P romote the Benefit o f Medical Ca re



Takare Medical Workstation for Free Clinic in Remote Area

12 Design Background 14 Observation & Interview 26 User Definition 32 Product Definition 36 Developing Sketches & Rough Models 44 3D Renderings 48 Final Result 56 Final Evaluation 10


Design Background Subject Medical Workstation for Free Clinic in Remote Area

Design Target â–˛ Medical Care

1/ Provide more sufficient medical helps. 2/ Cement the relationship among medical staffs, relatives and patients.

â–˛ Specific Situation


1/ Design for remote areas 2/ Improve equipments to respond to special medical treatments

Problems When medical and volunteer clinic teams giving volunteer medical consultation in remote areas, they might face the following difficulties: 1/ It is inconvenient to carry numbers of medical equipments when entering mountain areas. 2/ The existing products can not provide a complete and affective using space.

Motivation We are looking forward to design a medical workstation w  hich could solve the problems when giving volunteer medical consultation and try to achieve the following purposes: 1/ Provide portable medical equipments to volunteer clinic teams. 2/ Promote the benefit of medical care.


Observation & Interview 2012 Free Clinic in Miaoli, with Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC)


Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC) Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC) is a private, non-sectarian, non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life through provision of medical services and health education. Founded in 1995, by the vision of Dr. Chi-Chun Liu ( 劉啟群 ), TRMPC joined talented medical personnel with enthusiastic volunteers to form a medical service group. TRMPC sets up temporary medical service clinics in different mountain areas of Taiwan every month. Doctors, dentists, and volunteers provide free medical care as well as educational health material to the local population. TRMPC works to improve the local communities’ current condition and offers resources for developing self-reliant health care systems. On international medical service trips, TRMPC extends medical services to the most needy populations, conducts research on tropical diseases and HIV/AIDS, and promotes community-based health education.

No. 258 Free Clinic in Miaoli, Taian A two day trip on 22nd and 23rd, september, 2012. With TRMPC, we entered mountain areas in Miaoli county, provided free medical service and did the observation and interview.


2012 September 22





Departure (to Miaoli)



Arrival (Tribe 2) Parking and Unlo ading Area Alloting








Open the Clinic Start the Treatment Register Basic Examination Diagnose Treating Medicine Dosing


Cleaning Departure Arrival (Camping Ar ea) Dinner

2012 September 23



Breakfast Departure




Arrival (Tribe 4) Parking and Unlo ading Area Alloting




Open the Clini c Start the Treatment


Arrival (Tribe 1) Parking and Unlo ading Area Alloting







Lunch Cleanin g Departure

Open the Clini c Start the Treatment Register Basic Examination Diagnose Treating Medicine Dosing


Arrival (Tribe 3) Parking and Unlo ading Area Alloting





Cleanin g Departure

Open the Clinic Start the Treatment



Back to Camping Ar ea Rest

Register Basic Examination Diagnose Treating Medicine Dosing



Cleaning Back to Camping Ar ea Lunch


Cleanin g Departure (Back to T aipei)

No.258 Free Clinic


Registe r Basic Examination Diagnose Treating Medicine Dosi ng


Day one, morning. A tribe of prefabricated houses. Dentist car: Park on the main road of the tribe, near the clinic and the pharmacy. Clinic: An empty room in the prefabricated houses. Pharmacy: Another empty room in the houses, next to the clinic.

Tribe 2, Tienkou ( 天狗 ) Day one, afternoon. A small tribe with one main road through a circle road. Dentist car: Park on a small, open ground in the residential district. Clinic: In front of a house, opposite the dentist car . Pharmacy: On the same open ground, next to the dentist car.


Tribe 1, Chunghsing ( 中興 )

Tribe 3, Shihlin & Hsiangpi ( 士林、象鼻 )

Day one, evening. A tribe with a small community centre. Dentist car: Park on the roadside next to the community centre. Clinic: Register area on the right side and diagnose area in the back of the community centre. Pharmacy: On the left side of the community centre.

Tribe 4, Daan ( 大安 ) Day two, morning. The biggest tribe in this trip, including a small church. Dentist car: Park on the end of the main road because of the slopy topography. Clinic: On the forecourt of the church, occupying most of the area. Pharmacy: On the forecourt of the church, too, but only the right part of it.


State of Play/How they do it? ▲ Transportation & Moving

/ Moving by wheels or hand-lifting // Boxes and suitcases /// Transporting by cars ▲ Storage

/ Box in another box // Messy inside /// Overload

▲ Using

/ Messy working space // Personal toolbox /// Medicines in plastic bag


Equipments/During Treatment ▲ Register




▲ Basic Examination



Forehead Thermometer

▲ Diagnose




Tongue Depressor

▲ Treating

First-Aid Kit


▲ Medicine Dosing



Plastic Bags



Medicine List 1. 抗生素 Antibiotic Amocivillin Augmentin Ckindamycin Doxycyclin Baktar Erythromycin Cephalexinl (Kelflex) Cprofloxacin

8. 緩瀉劑治便秘 Laxative 250/500mg 625mg 150mg 100mg 250mg 500mg 500mg

2. 抗黴菌 Antifungi/ 婦科用藥 Metronidazole (Flagyl) Ketoconazol

250mg 200mg

3. 抗病毒 Antivirus Amantafin (Solaxin) Acyclovir

250mg 400mg

4. 骨骼肌鬆弛劑 Muscle relaxant Chlorzoxazone (Solaxin) Baclofen

250/500mg 80/500mg 250mg Bot 400mg

6. 痛風藥 Gout Medicine Bisacodyl (Duclolax) Allopurinol Colchicine (cocline)

50mg 100mg 0.5mg (Allipurinol)

7. 止瀉藥 Anti- diarrhoea Loperamide (Imodium) KBT

9. 鎮咳怯痰藥 Anti- cough and Phlegm Bromhexine (Bisolvon) 痰 medicon-A Ambroxol 去咳寧 Dec=xtromethorphan Lysozyme Furofon 綜合感冒

12mg 30mg 120ml 60 瓶 15/30mg

10. 抗組織胺 Antihistamine Chlorpheniramine (C.T.M) Loratidine Syr Cyproheptadine Syr Periactin

4mg Bot 50 瓶 Bot 4mg


11. 支氣管擴張劑 Brochus extends Aminophylline Theophellin

100mg 200mg

12. 鎮暈吐 Anti-Dizzy Domperidone (Motilium) Winconin Cephadol

10mg 25mg

13. 降血糖 D.M Metformin (Glucophage) Resaglinide Glimepiriele

500mg 1mg 2mg

14. 降血脂 Anti- Cholesterol Simvastatin Simatin



250mg 10mg

5. 解熱鎮痛抗發炎 NSAID Mefenamic acid (Ponstan) Acetaminophen (Panadol) Napoxen Ibuprofen Susp Ibuprofen

Bisacodyl (Duclolax) Sennoside

20mg 10mg

15. 心血管用藥 Cardivascular

20. 眼用 / Eye

Amoldipine (Norvasc) Atenolol (Tenormin) Propanolol (Inderal) Burinex 1mg Transamin Renitec Nitroglycerin (NTG) Furosemide dilatrend Adalat (Nifedipine) Digoxin zestril

Gentamic Oph Sol CM Oph Sol Artec Tobra Dex Sinomin Oph Sol Neostigmin Oph Sol Erythromycin Oph Oi Colsamin Oph Oint TC Oph Oint Vidisic

5mg 100mg 10mg 250mg 20mg 4*25 40mg 25mg 10mg 0.25mg 10mg

16. 驅蟲藥 Anti- parasite Mebendazole (Vermox)


Prednisolone Eltroxin

5mg 100mcg ( 微克 )

18. 腸胃藥 Stomach and intestines Strocain Tellwell Vioment Bentyl Mgo Buscopan Sulfasalazine Gascon Cimetidine Baluna (ALCO3) Biofermin

Bot Bot Tube Tube Tube

21. 外用 Ointment

17. 類固醇 Steroid

Bot Bot Bot

10mg 250mg 500mg 400mg 350mg

Povidone- Iodine Oint Mentashin Oint Tricodex Neomycin Oint Clobetasol Furax Oint Rinderon-V Dexamethasone 口內膏 Berotec N metered aerosol 氧化鋅軟膏 (ZnO) Depiles Oint ( 治瘡 ) Extracomb Neo-Hemothol Oint Acyclovir Nitrofurazone Oint 痠痛貼布 Scalphen Silver Sulfadiaxine Methacin Indomethacon 凡士林 Libiton Nasal Sol

Tube G Tube Tube Tube Tube G

Tube Tube G G Tube G Tube Bot G Tube

19. 營養補助劑 Vitamins B Complex Hausmann Ferrum Folic avid Calcium Carbonate Muti-viramin Glicosamine



22. 栓劑 Bolt voren Metronidazole (Flagyl) Nystatin Xylmol ( 喜癒痔 )


23. 末梢循環用藥 Trental (pentoxifylline)




Interview 1 Doctor Have experiences of joining different kinds of free clinic

▲ Which department is the most popular one in the free clinic? Department of Family Medicine and the ear-nose-throat are both very popular. Dentist treatment is also very important.

According to your experiences, which kind of treatment you do is common? Which is not? ▲

People in remote area are usually faced the problem of occupational injury, such as muscle ache or cataract. As a result, we give them medicines which can sooth the pain very often. On the other hand, healing trauma is the least thing we do. Only when they get hurt by chance during the time the free clinic opened they will come to us for a treatment. ▲ Any other matter needing attention? Different disease happened in different area is related to the sanitation. For example, Taiwan's sanitation is better than Southeast Asia, than we do not have to worry about the disease like malaria too much. General free clinic is different from those free clinic with special purpose. If the clinic is aimed at the earthquake, or the tsunami, the equiptments and medicines we bring will be more specific.


Interview Interview 2 2 Pharmacist Pharmacist First time Firstjoin time join the free theclinic free clinic

â–˛ In all the medicines, which kind of medicine has the bigger need? In general, we dose our patients the anti-inflammatory and the anodyne the most, but for children they usually need some medicines for cold. And for the dentist, their biggest need of medicine is the anodyne for the treatment. â–˛ Anything inconvenient? Storage and searching. We have to storage all medicines into the box rapidly so that we can move to next tribe soon. For that reason we just throw everything into the box, that makes us hard to find specific medicine when we open the box again. If we have a box or something that helps us to storage and search those drugs easier, clearer and faster, it will be good.


User Definition


Persona/ 1 Step 1, Register & Basic Examing

Volunteer ▲ 50 years old ▲ likes to help people ▲ participates in the free clinic for years

After arriving at the destination, she transports all examining stuffs from trucks and places them to the arranged area with other volunteers. Then she settles down the equipments and help cleaning the environment. After that she starts her work of register and identifies the patient by finding out his/ her case. She helps the patient taking basic examination, for example: blood pressure, temperature and weight. Next, she passes the case of the patient to the doctor. When everything at the certain area is finished, she packs all examining stuffs, make sure all cases are collected, helps clean up the environment and put the packages in trucks.


Persona/2 Step 2, Diagnose & Treating

Doctor â–˛ 58 years old â–˛ has passion in helping, and willing to provide medical care for those who really need â–˛ contributes himself to free clinic and even joins the international projects

He joins the project and brings his personal diagnose equipments to the free clinic. When all equipments and tables are settled down, he stands by at his area and waits for the patient. After receiving the case from the volunteer, he calls patient's name to inform that it is his/her turn to receive the treating. Then he diagnoses and writes down the situation of the patient. If it is needed, he will treat the patient. For instance, the patient gets hurt physically. Next, he writes out the prescription and gives it to the volunteer and finally passes to the pharmacist. Then he just waits for the next patient to come. When all the volunteer medical consultation is done, he packs all equipments and move to the next destination with the free clinic group.


Persona/3 Step 3, Medicine Dosing

Pharmacist â–˛ 26 years old â–˛ willing to contributes herself to free clinic and provides professional services to patients

She receives the prescription of the patient from the doctor and finds out the right medicine of the prescription from storage boxes and then doses. If there is some medicine uncertain, she checks on her personal professional book. Sometimes she grinds the medicine or provides syrup depends on the situation of patients. Then she dispenses medicine and writes down the information of taking medicine. Next, she informs the patient to get his/her own medicine. She tells the patient the things need attention when taking medicine and teaches him/her how to recognize different medicines. After that, she waits for the next prescription and doses again. When all the volunteer medical consultation is done, she packs all dosing equipments and move to the next destination with the free clinic group.


Customer Journey






Product Definition


Medical Workstation for Free Clinic in Remote Area We focus on the volunteer clinic teams that may face the following difficulties when giving volunteer medical consultation in remote areas: 1. It is inconvenient to carry numbers of medical equipments when entering mountain areas. 2. The existing products can not provide a complete and affective using space for user. Combining the real needs and our aspect, we are looking forward to design a medical aid set for remote area based on the process of medical treatment and try to achieve two main purposes: one is to provide portable medical equipments to the volunteer medical teams, another is to bring modern medical resources into remote areas as much as possible.


Competetor Problems 1/ awful storage 2/ inconvenient to transport 3/ heavy

Needs 1/ Easy to Carry


2/ Appropriate Storage

3/ Efficient Operating Process

Design Guidelines ▲ Easy to Carry 1/ An appropriate style for a long, difficult journey 2/ Proper human factors engineering 3/ Light, durable material

▲ Appropriate Storage 1/ Store all the goods and equipments you need completely 2/ Flexible/adjustable design

▲ Efficient Operating Process 1/ Arrange the position of things based on situation, such as the treatment process.


Developing Sketches & Rough Models Combining the real needs and our aspect. To design a medical workstation for free clinic in remote area based on the process of medical treatment.








(left) 1:1 Rough Model (bottom) Scale Model


3D Renderings




▲ Step 1 : Yellow, for Register & Basic Examing. ▲ Step 2: Green, for Diagnose & Treating. ▲ Step 3: Blue, for Medecine Dosing. ▲ Design details.


Final Result


â–˛ Two sets of medical workstations. Step 1 and 2 are in the

same set and step 3 is in another one. â–˛ They can be used during medical treatment separately and also be moved and transported as a set as if they are only one thing not two.


Design Detail Open the cover to create a working surface for user. Equip an i-Pad Mini to connect all three workstations and intergrate the anamneses.

Handles to make moving and transporting easier.

Locks to make sure things will not be loosed while moving or transporting.

Four-direction wheels let user easier to control the product. Brakes on the wheels can make the workstation stable when needed.


Step 1/ Register & Basic Examing User/ Volunteers

Inner Configuration


Step 2/ Diagnose & Treating User/ Doctors

Inner Configuration


Step 3/ Medicine Dosing User/ Pharmacist

Inner Configuration


Using Process/From the start to the end Compare the situations that free clinic will face before and after using the product, we can now know what are the problems we do solve and the benefits we make clearly.



Inconvenient to move


Stable and Tidy

Easy to move with wheels and handles

Quick and Efficient



Unload & Move


● ●

Confusing Equipments are in a mess

● ●

Recognize by color and number Equipments are in order and comform with using process

1 2 3 Register Diagnose Medicine & & Dosing Basic Examing Treating


Quick and Efficient

Clean Up


Final Evaluation No. 269 Free Clinic in Nantou, Hsinyi with TRMPC. â–˛ Let real users in TRMPC use Takare in the real enviroment to evaluate the benefit and the loss. â–˛



Step 1 / Register & Basic Examing

▲ In practice : No. 269 Free Clinic in Nantou, Hsinyi with TRMPC. ▲ The height is not enough for blood pressure measuring. ▲ Extra working space is useful when the staffs need to do

the basic exams and write the cases at the same time. ▲ Need to rearrange the storage space inside to fit all the equipments precisely.

Self - Assessment Product Size Process Matching Efficiency


★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆

Step 2 / Diagnose & Treating

▲ In practice : No. 269 Free Clinic in Nantou, Hsinyi with TRMPC. ▲ It is too low to use. ▲ Normal trash and medical waste need individual disposing space. ▲ During the treatment, doctor did not use the working space and

the drawers inside as much as we thought before. ▲ Need to rearrange the storage space inside to fit all the equipments precisely.

Self - Assessment Product Size Process Matching Efficiency

★★☆☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆


Step 3/ Medicine Dosing

▲ In practice : No. 269 Free Clinic in Nantou, Hsinyi with TRMPC. ▲ The drawer with an angle do shorten the time of medicine searching. ▲ Need a larger space to store the medicines. ▲ Need to rearrange the storage space inside to fit all the equipments precisely.

Self - Assessment Product Size Process Matching Efficiency


★★☆☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆

Takare / Medical Workstation

▲ In practice : No. 269 Free Clinic in Nantou, Hsinyi with TRMPC.

It is small enough to put into the SUV trunk and also big enough to storage all the essential stuffs inside. ▲ However, it is too low for users to use. ▲ It is easy to seperate Takare during the process and put it back together after finishing. ▲

Self - Assessment Product Size Process Matching Efficiency

★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆


Feedback â–˛ Model Adjustment

1/ Adjust our workstation to an appropriate size and make it fits most people.

2/ Accurate measurement to fit all the stuffs inside so that everything will not be in a mess.

3/ To make things more stable while moving, we need to replace the wheels with larger ones.


â–˛ Product Using Expansion 1/ Step 3, Medecine Dosing could be used as a mobile medicine shelf in the public health center of remote area.

2/ To use abroad, need to adjust the shape and size to meet official rules so that it could be transported by plane.



Thanks for all the support and help.


Takare Design Report 2013  
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