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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ​hey there fellow travelers mark here with Walter's rule today we're in Springfield USA yes the home of The Simpsons well actually not the actual home of the Simpsons there's actually about 20 or 30 Springfield's throughout the US this just happens to be Springfield Illinois and today we have for you our 10 things are going to shock you about when you come to the US because there are things that do shock people and they come here you know how many flags are flying all around every single city and and how many star books and guns are in every single city and and the Americans actually eat cheese that's in a can that they spray in their mouths what the heck is that look no need to refrigerate hey I'm not even talking about the politics of the US which is also shocking kind of thing today we're gonna focus on our 10 things that shocked foreign tourists when they come to the US so let's get started okay alright so the first thing is going to shock you and come to the US are the sizes of the US now when I talk about size of the US I mean the actual size of the US this country is huge I mean it's the size of a continent okay when you want to get around but also the sizes of the food you get here the portion sizes free refills oh my god its soda without end but also the size of the people and that's why I really kind of focus on the size of the US is up first kind of shot because I'll meet tourists that are coming to the US and they're like oh I'm gonna fly into New York just rent a car in New York drive down to Miami and then drive over to Las Vegas do some gambling that shouldn't take so long I mean it's all in the same country what you need to realize is the u.s. is huge that drive from New York City to down in Miami is going to take you 18 hours straight of driving that means no potty breaks no getting food no getting gas 18 hours straight oh no of course no no construction no no traffic jams nothing like that I mean it's literally you know 1,300 miles are about 2,000 kilometers just from New York to the tip of Florida and then if you want to go from Florida to Las Vegas well that's another four thousand kilometer and it is huge distances when you are traveling the US and that does surprise people they realize this wow this is a lot bigger than traveling around Germany well yeah Germany you can take the train around and see thing here in the US you just really can't do that the distance are just too big and of course with those sizes I said the portion sizes here one of the things I love to see is when people realize that we have free refills in the US if you're getting soda not in a can but a fountain soda you know when they pour the soda for you if you go to a restaurant most the time your coke your Pepsi your Mountain Dew which has super caffeine stuff your Dr Pepper or root beer which foreigners tend to hate but we Americans love its free refills you just get more and more and more so you only pay once and you get all the study whoever won sadly that free refill stuff doesn't count for alcohol dang it but the thing is is that free refills but also the portion sizes here in the US kind of explain some of these things because you'll see is when you're going to get your McDonald's or whatever in Germany you get the large they're okay the large is a half liter well the large in Europe is just a medium here because here you can get literally largest that are like this big it is insane the portion sizes when you go to the restaurant sometimes you'll think man there's enough on one plate to feed two people yes there probably is so just know when you're coming to the u.s. you might pack on a few pounds or kilos or stones whatever you know whatever whatever measurement you want to use because there is a lot of really big portion sizes but there are a lot of really good food around here in the US no it's not just McDonald's we go to other places too and then the third of those size tanks are the size of the people yes there are a lot of husky as I like to call myself husky fluffy Americans yes we do eat a lot and no we don't go around a lot we're driving a lot of things like that and so you will see a lot of big people here but the thing is not every American is a big fat slob like me okay there's all kinds of shapes and size of Americans that you are here so don't just think every American just goes to McDonald's and gets fattened up that's just me okay so just know that there are this size of the US will shock you when you look at those things are right now the second thing is going to shock you when you come here has to those people it is the people look there's this rumor that Oh Americans are just fake friendly no Americans really are super friendly no matter where you go people will try to help you they'll show you around they'll say hey which restaurants should you go to in this town what site should we see hey I'm lost could you help me find the highway people are really nice from the US and at different parts you go to Minnesota they're insanely friendly in the South we're insanely friendly and that's one thing is people need to

understand it's the u.s. we do help each other out we do ask you hey how are you hey how's it going how can I help you these are normal things and that service kind of scares tourists when they come to like I just walk in the store and they're asking me how can they help I don't even know what your store has yet how can you help me when I don't even know what you have look just know that in the u.s. we're all about service we're going to ask you right away what can you get what do you need to drink what do you want to order can I help with your clothes what are you looking for that is just how we work here another thing is when you look at the u.s. you're going to have a big mix of people here there's no one American you know you always have these stereotypes of this or this or this of Americans look Americans come in all shapes all sizes all religions all colors all Creed's all hairnets is because honestly the only fake stuff you see in the u.s. are the artificial colorings like you're going to see like the Fantas and and the sodas and the cereals you're like wow those colors like glow-in-the-dark yes the artificial coloring thing here that's the thickness of the u.s. the friendliness of the people that's not fake they're awesome so we're in Las Vegas now and the third thing is going to shock you when you come to the US is ID please I need some identification please the fact that people have to have an ID to buy liquor and buy cigarettes in the u.s. because of the US you'll be 21 to buy alcohol and 18 to buy cigarettes and basically you have to look like you're 40 to actually buy them without the basket for your ID so make sure you keep your passport with you so if you're going to buy stuff you have that and it's not just you the person buying the people with you they might need an ID all right we've left the desert of Vegas now we're here on the coast here in Florida and the fourth thing that's going to shock you when you come to the US is the price is never actually what you pay in the US now in Europe and other countries you already have this v80 value-added tax that's already put into the price here in the US we have what we call sales tax which is added on after you buy the product so if you go to a McDonald's you say oh I'm going to get a hamburger on the dollar menu I've got one buck I should be able to buy it no no that one buck then you got to put the tax on top of it it can be anywhere from I know 7 to 15% some states have it some states don't it can vary between locations so that one dollar cheeseburger or hamburger can actually cost you a dollar 10 it gets really frustrating when you think about it because it's not just sales tax that gets added onto a price if you go out to a restaurant you also have tipping and tipping in the u.s. is traditionally between 15 and 20 percent at a sit-down restaurant so think about it you go to a sit-down restaurant right so you got a hundred dollar bill okay I got a hundred dollar bill in my hand and the bill for the for the the meals 100 bucks I should be fine oh no no no no that hundred dollars well you got to add on another 10% because of well taxes right and the sales tax and another 15% on top of that for tipping so now your hundred dollar bill for a dinner is actually a hundred and twenty-five dollars and I know people might not agree with tipping but that's how it works in the u.s. they're not paid a great wage but they make a lot more money on tips and that's why you get this good service we you know we kind of talk about sometimes that's where that comes from now the fifth thing we have that shocks people is when you come here you know you think how the u.s. is so developed they've got all this stuff here they must have good public transportation good and public transportation in the US do not go together yes there are some cities that have decent public transportations Chicago New York Boston big cities you probably can get some decent public transportation within the city but a lot of places out there there's either no public transportation or very limited transportation or public transportation that a tourist would not want to I don I would say that does get kind of frustrating we're like wait you've got all this stuff but you know what you got a drive everywhere anyway the six thing is going to shock you and you come here are the toilets and proposed specifically the public toilets in the u.s. look I know I talked about toilets a lot on my videos and actually one of our fans made a video just me saying toilet toilet toilet in all these different places but I'll be honest when you come to the u.s. public toilets are free there's tons of public toilets and restaurants have them free for everybody but the thing is public toilets in the US are usually kind of gross but what I think is funny is when you look at toilets in the US I get a lot of friends of mine coming from around the world they're like oh my god your toilet has so much water in it and yes the u.s. toilets do use a lot of water now they're starting to get the lower water content toilets but there are a lot there so you're kind of like oh my god am I supposed to watch my feet in the toilet here where do I go to the bathroom in it it's kind of crazy and probably another toilet thing that shocks people is when you go to a public place and they have toilets there's so much space between the doors like you can literally look through the crack and see who's in there doing their business what business are doing what book they might be reading okay because you can look through the side of it and then underneath there's like this much of a gap underneath so you can see Oh other feet there but literally you can see everything so those public toilets really are quite public when you are there if it does kind of shock people when you are there but what is cool is you do have the toilets all over the place they are free everywhere around the US so that is a really cool thing so we've moved from the sunny coast of Florida to the sunny coast or banks of the muddy Mississippi River and the next shock we have for you coming to the US are the Americanisms when you come here

look there are things that are typical USA and part of that is USA USA yes one of the Americanisms here is the patriotism in the US you will see the flag flying all over the place and the people they love AMERICA AMERICA you will see that and some of the kind of quirky things about Americans and you do come here you will see and let this American general you know I talked about the toilets well one of things about the toilets is by the toilets you always see this kind of silver box next to it and people are bending over at it like what's going on here it's a water fountain okay we like to give away free stuff here in the US whether it's free water free bread at a restaurant or go to a Mexican restaurant you have chips and salsas until you vomit and you don't have to pay for it I mean there are so many Americanism little things when you're here with the flag how much we love it you'll have American flag t-shirts heck you can have American flag undies okay you know we joke about all Americans and they're fast food literally there's fast food all over the place and yes we do have McDonald's everywhere we've got more than McDonald's you've got Culver's in the Midwest you've got in an out burger on the west coast what a burger in Texas Shake Shack in New York and you have all these fast-food places all over the place with our super huge drinks the large holds one liter I believe that's what you people call leaders okay and oh and leaders well there's a whole thing right there the Americans don't get do you know the only way Americans know the metric system is because of our soda this is a two liter of Pepsi this is a two liter of coke and you know what that's how we know leaders here it's by our sodas sizes okay otherwise we use gallons we use feet we use inches we use miles that's how they do it here and a lot of Tours have a hard time with that when they're trying to figure out well well how much is it gallon a gallon is about four liters just so you know okay it's like two of these out there Oh in the u.s. how you get great quantity discounts see this coke this is a dollar see this Pepsi this was a dollar at Walmart love you Walmart and let's not forget about the Walmart's out there 24 hours shopping think about it yesterday my son my oldest son spilled ketchup all over himself crash his skateboard ripped up all his clothes and so he really had nothing left for today so guess what I did it two o'clock this morning I went to Walmart and got some caught you know some Coke and Pepsi and I got him closed at 2:00 a.m. and we love it we're come here and that's why tourists live when they come here from the friendly people to 24 hours shopping to the cheap soda hey I know you can drive those 20 hours from Florida Illinois if you have a couple of these with you go a little crazy but that's the thing is there are these really fun Americanisms when you do come here that's one of the things all you watch it if you have those funny Americanism please put in the comment section below because we're gonna make more videos on funny little American things when you are here but anyway I guess I'll go into the next a kind of shocking thing when you come to the u.s. and our eighth shocking thing we're gonna go back to that you know metric system that we only understand with this soda it goes into the driving okay here in the US people get shocked about the drive and I know I talked about how there's a lack of public transport and you have to drive when you are here but when you do drive on here you will be shocked how big the roads are how big the cars are oh and also they're all automatic okay if you can find a stick shift good luck and yes you do two miles per hour here not kilometers per hour miles per hour and the speed limits they change all over the place and you never know when it's like oh it just changed and the cops get you oh there's a shocking thing you know some countries they just have the camera that takes pictures when you're going too fast we have that some places in the US but most the time you have the cops sitting on the side of the road with their radar guns watching you know you've gone too fast and the sirens come on and they drive down and pull you over it is quite the American experience to be pulled over for speeding so don't speed when you're here here and there are some other little things that are different here in the US you can take a right turn on a red light so if you're sitting there and you can take a ride you got your blinker on and people are honking at you it's because they want you to take a right now make sure you look to make sure no their traffic is coming but you can take a ride on red and the thing is we Americans love our cars I mean it's the best liberating thing when you're 16 years old has 16 years old you can get your driver's license here and so you get your 16 license to drive license to live oh yeah and that's part of the u.s. culture we eat in our cars we drink in our carts soda don't drink and drive the cops will throw you in jail they don't care what country or fun you from you will go to jail don't drink and drive but you know drink you're leaders of Coke and Pepsi so the nine thing that's going to shock you when you come here to the US we're here in Boston kind of the heart of history of the US the American Revolution and the nice thing is going to shock you when you come to the USS you will see a lot of homogeneity ie that means like everything is kind of very similar everywhere you go but also you will see definite different cultures and culture and history in the u.s. we get tons of comments saying oh the US there's no culture there it's just McDonald's and there's no history there it's too young no there is history and there is culture here but on the other side of it there is a lot of homogeneity so when you go travel around you see the same stores you'll see I'll look there's an old Navy oh look there's a Sephora and you'll see the same stores again and again and it gets kind of repetitive especially when you're going into the suburbs in kind of the newer cities and newer towns it really looks like I mean I can't tell the

difference between going to one city in one part of the country versus another when you're doing that shopping experience or hotels and things like that so does get kind of shock we're like what ten of my in it seems the same but having said that there are distinct cultures and regions here in the US that does shot people because you come here to Northeast to New England you know they have definitely different food you know you got at the clam chowder and they have the what they call the the New England Shield where they don't really talk to the people but they're friendly once you get to know them or you got the salad they've got that southern hospitality where they feed you for days and give you tons of food and ask you how you're doing and and all kinds of stuff or you got to kind of like the cool kooky West Coast it's out there there's definitely different cultures here in the US and it does shock people when they drive around and realize yes a lot of stuff looks the same but the people are different in different parts of the country so just know that yes this homogeneity will shock you but there are different cultures out there cos yes there is fantastic history here in Boston and great museums around the u.s. the Getty in LA the Art Institute of Chicago the Met in New York you can have great history you can have great art you can have great culture when you are here because this is a big melting pot of the world and the ten thing that's going to shock you in you come to the u.s. are the hotels look you can actually get a good medium priced or even lower price hotel here in the US there are tons of hotel chains here you know Hampton Ames and Holiday Inns and all these kind of places and it's very standardized okay if you get a double room you can probably put four people in there or 40 people in there because the rooms were a lot bigger when you get to double beds you get a double room it'll have two beds ie two big beds there's no two single beds push together like in Europe so you have all this extra space when you are there now one of the things that kind of shocks people when I do do to go to the hotels here in the US is it's kind of like the relatively cheaper the hotel is the more stuff they give you you go to it you know a cheap chain hotel or a medium price chain hotel like a Hampton Inn or something like that and you get free Wi-Fi you get a free breakfast like it's much breakfast as you want you know they're gonna have a pool all kinds of really cool stuff no resort fees oh my god and then if you go to like an expensive nice hotel breakfast oh no you you get to pay for that oh you want Internet oh that's nineteen dollars a day like what oh the pool oh if you want to use the pool and do the fun stuff you need to do the resort fees and pay extra you're like wait I'm paying triple the price for a nice hotel and actually get less amenities when I go there it kind of boggles your mind so when you come here just know that you can actually stay in some of these chain hotels and it's not a problem whatsoever okay read the reviews about them but you know you can only get a one Holiday Inn Express it's pretty much the same throughout the country remember that imaginative number nine that really does come out in the hotels but they are clean they are safe and there is a lot of price options out there so just know you want to loan to the free stuff actually you go to the cheaper ones versus the more expensive ones who have better locations and kind of cooler rooms maybe but make you pay for a lot of things so just kind of shock you look wait I get less for more or more for less yes I know the us with our stuff it's kind of crazy anyway those are our ten kind of fun things that might shot tourists if you want to learn more check us on our website at Walters WorldCom have a great time in the US I hope you liked the video please click that like button we'll see you later bye Fashion Institute of Technology, Chelsea, Manhattan.