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RICKY YUE Industrial Design Portfolio 2016-2017

TABLE OF CONTENTS Travel Humidifier Simple Solder Cur vilinear Spice Organizer Checkout Kiosk City Cycle Rocket Car Eco-Hanger

TRAVEL HUMIDIFIER Redesign a humidifier by integrating human-centered technology through a chosen brand.

MARKET RESEARCH Currently in the market, humidifiers can be primarily categorized by their levels of portability or their functionality, but are unable to provide for the benefits of both.


High Priority


Technology Singular-functionality


Low Priority

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Travel Humidifier 5



Air pollution is attributed to the single largest environmental health risk and should not be taken lightly. Users who typically own a humidifier use it to alleviate hot, cold and dry conditions. A humidifier is a welcoming addition to both a home and public setting as they combat the low humidity in the air.

Throughly looking at user tests and receiving feedback, I have concluded the 5 primary major concerns that humidifier owners commonly face.

Name: Meng Ping Age: 25 Residence: Beijing, China Occupation: Marketing Agency



Ease of Use


“I constantly travel across many places around the world to collect data for my work. I don’t know what to expect whenever I leave, among the essentials, my luggage tends to get fairly heavy as I always bring plenty of water and a humidifier to avoid getting sick.” Portability

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Travel Humidifier 7

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Muji is a brand that ironically stands for a brand without a brand. They categorize they products as something they can call minimal, sustainable, and qualitative. While the brand creates a variety of products from furniture to stationaries, their products line for electronic goods are their most iconic.

In my ideation phase, I attempted to tackle most of concerns that users are facing with humidifier operations and a variety of concepts that did not stray away from the brand Muji.

Travel Humidifier 9

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Paired with conceptualized drawings, prototyping helped to weed out concepts that did not work as well as determining scale.

Ultimately I chose to design a travel humidifier that incorporated a collapsible body to make the common tasks of filling, refilling and discarding water in a humidifier easier to perform. This portable humidifier concept proved to be great for travelers who enjoy the quality of long-lasting humidity without the high maintenance for bulkier ones.

Travel Humidifier 11

One-Way opening

Disposable Water Filter

Twist Water Release


Collapsible Body

Clean Portable Ease of use

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Travel Humidifier 13

SIMPLE SOLDER Design a soldering iron that proves ergonomic to the user.

COMPONENT ANALYSIS Taking apart components of a generic soldering iron, I noticed they are fairly compact and do not require a lot of room. The barrel and inner housing protects the user from the heating element and soldering tip allowing the majority of the body to be plastic.


Solder Tip Stand Housing

Bend Guard

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Terminal Board


Simple Solder 15



Designed for ease of use and ergonomic handling, the my design will appeals to the eyes of the tech-savvy. For a suitable product that fits the lifestyle of computer engineers and hobbyist, there is a takeaway for a tool that can appear stylistic as well. Ergonomic form

Pen style


Grip padding

Triangular grip Low Gloss finish Light up features


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Simple Solder 17


USER STUDY In studying the proper grip postures for the hand, dimensions were carefully measured and emulated for a design that would be most ergonomic for the user when handling the tool.


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Simple Solder 19

CURVILINEAR Construct a free form structure exclusively from curved cuts on a rectangular piece of birched wood.

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Curvilinear 21

SPICE ORGANIZER Organize and simulate a corporate identity and design a product for low-volume manufacturing. A project by Jeffrey Ng, John Nguyen, Khiet Nguyen, Megan O’Connell, Anthony Ruiz & Ricky Yue.

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OUR TEAM Our team consist of six industrial designer to create a corporate identity. Our goal was to create a line of products (each individual to the member) that relates to one through shared colors, materials and finishings (CMF).

Spice Organizer 23



We drew inspiration from the Old World Kitchen, a brand that understood the value of carefully handcrafted kitchen goods. Moreover, we valued their process using organic materials that we knew our kitchen products could not be without.

After great feats in brainstorming our corporate identity, we settled on Urban Artisan, a brand that will design kitchenware for small home owner/renters.

A Si m p le ki tc he n c r a ft


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Spice Organizer 25

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Our target consumers will be today’s urban city dwellers. The client base is geared towards young professionals, age 20-30 years, who mainly settle themselves in tight homes and would like to avoid added clutter in their kitchens.

Inspired by the high-demand for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) spice racks, I wanted to create something that was both easy to manufacture and well-sought.

Spice Organizer 27

CONCEPTS In conceptualizing a spice organizer, I decided not to design for a variety of different sized spice jars currently in the market. The most noteworthy thing I wanted to ensure in my concepts were minimal selections and easy to read labels.



Wall Mounted


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Spice Organizer 29

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Color: Silver, Black Material: White Maple Hardwood, Silver Plastisol, Glass Finish: Planed, Unstained Process: Wood Working (Joining, Planing), Laser Cutting.

Through shared processes and CMF, we were are to display our items as a cohesive product family.

Spice Organizer 31

CHECKOUT KIOSK Design a self-checkout system for a choice outlet by solving ergonomic concerns of users. A team project by Elaine Nguyen, Emily Tang, Godrey Udensi & Ricky Yue.

MARKET RESEARCH The Market Safeway sells goods from bakery, floral, produce, deli, liquor, seafood and provide for a variety of other services like sushi/ olive bars, coinstars, banking, grocery delivery and red-box movie rentals. A smaller branch from traditional safeway supercenters, consumers at The Market Safeway spend less of their time roaming around stores and are able to clearly find what they need at a shorter rate of time. In addition, the grocery market utilizes self checkout kiosks to man most of consumer shopping services in order to reduce labor costs and provide for their space conscious settings.

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Checkout Kiosk 33

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After seeking the demographics and observing our target store in person, we confirmed shoppers at The Market Safeway is generally made up of median income shoppers of adolescent age who tend to make smaller trips.

Self checkouts are typically for customers buying less than 10 items but are not be limited to the restriction. While self-checkouts CAN be faster than traditional checkouts, user error accounts for longer time spent on the stations. And while store associates are spending additional time helping customers with self checkout machines, they are spending less time doing other tasks. Lastly proceeding problems occur upon weight security as lighter objects are unrecognized in the scales of the bagging area.

Checkout Kiosk 35



To promote ease of use and ergonomic concerns of the users, I created concepts sketches that revolved around smart technology and stationary postures.

Based on a guide that focuses on parameters for adjustable touch screens, many dimension-able references used in this study was transferred in modifying our kiosk.

Promotes Stationary Posture

Feedback at user convenience

Flip Table

Directional flow

Ergonomic accommodations

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Checkout Kiosk 37

Display at the top of the self-checkout kiosk remains flushed at 30 degrees but can be tilted up to 45 degrees in front of the user.

MECHANISM This self-checkout kiosk is devised to accommodate both small and big inventory shopping. Through a spring-loaded pivot hinge, the platform encloses upon contact of a shopping cart.

Advanced imaging technology is introduced in this concept in order to scan all types of items from produce to convenient good using a database of all store items to reduce user error in finding items.

Platform encloses into structure Pivot Point

Basket Platform

Just at the right hand side of the display a customer can access all of their payment options when interacting with the user interface.

DIRECTION OF Incoming Cart

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Checkout Kiosk 39

UI & OPERATIONS Through operations of the checkout-kiosk, decided to add imagery (in animations) to show unrecognized features of this design. In addition, we omitted the need of an isolated bagging area on traditional right side of kiosks and incorporated just below the interactive touch screen. Users maintain a stationary posture throughout the entire process as bagging is done just after scanning each item and proceeds to reduce additional time spent at the selfcheckout station.

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Checkout Kiosk 41

CITY CYCLE Demonstrate a proficient use of the Solidworks program to create and assemble a fixed-gear bicycle design.

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DESIGN PROCESS Using appropriate measurements and assess dimensions to component parts in a 20+ part assembly, I designed a custom fit bicycle for an individual with a medium size torso at 6�2’ tall.

City Cycle 43

ROCKET CAR Study free-form modeling by designing a car-like shape using a single block of modulan from a choice theme.

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Rocket Car 45

ECO-HANGER Redesign a traditional wire hanger in cardboard using simple construction methods such as die-cutting and folding.

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Eco-Hanger 47

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Industrial Design Portfolio 2016-2017  
Industrial Design Portfolio 2016-2017  

Ricky Yue - San Jose State University