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Will Monroe be banned by the government? As we all know, Monroe is an anonymous currency that is unique in the blockchain and has become a mainstream currency. At the time of this writing, Monroecoin ranked thirteenth in the virtual currency market capitalization chart. Detailed price information can be found by clicking monero xmr price history. For anonymous coins, some people will also compare with Bitcoin, and generally come to the following conclusions: 1. Since Bitcoin is also anonymous, anonymous coins such as Monroe are not necessary. 2. The anonymity of Bitcoin has become an accomplice to criminal activities such as money laundering and drug trafficking. Anonymous coins that are better than Bitcoin in anonymity function will lead to crime.

What are the common anonymous coins? According to the definition of anonymous currency, you can easily determine what an anonymous currency is by checking whether there is transaction amount and transaction address in the blockchain browser. Currently, there are three types of anonymous coins:

1- Monroe (XMR): The most typical anonymous currency 2- ZCash (ZEC): A virtual currency that uses a semi-anonymous method that does not hide the addresses of both parties to the transaction, but can selectively hide the transaction amount. 3- Particl (PART): Particl is a decentralized e-commerce blockchain project that is currently a currency. According to its roadmap plan, it is transitioning to anonymous currency.

In May of this year, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange announced the suspension of the four cryptocurrencies of Monero (XMR), Dash (Dash), Zcash (ZEC) and Augur (REP). The reason is that these four cryptocurrencies have high anonymity, which is not conducive to tracking and supervision. Money laundering and tax evaders often choose these high anonymity cryptocurrencies.

Monroe is one of the few digital currencies with real-life scenarios, and its privacy features are being used in several dark-net markets. If you are interested in using Monroe, then some of the black markets that accept Monroe are TradeRoute, WallStreet and ZionMarket. These black markets have a lot of goods and services that you can buy, some of which do not violate the law. Although the anonymity of Monroe does have real needs,

the biggest risk of Anonymous comes from government regulation. There is a natural conflict between anonymity and government regulation. Although it may not die, there may be no exchange channels for the public who are not exposed to the darknet. Monero's role is equal to zero. monero xmr price history ďźšThe price of Monero to USD was originally quite steady. In Aug 2017, the price started to rocket and reached the historical high at 495.84 USD on Jan 07, 2018. And after that, it saw a considerable decline while greatly varying.

Will Monroe be banned by the government?  
Will Monroe be banned by the government?