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Yudie Wu

Selected Work

Resume and Selected work


Yudie Wu

Selected Work




Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 2017- Present Master of Fine Arts, Communication Design

Lin fengmian Creative Graduation Design Silver Award Jun 2017

China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China 2013-2017 Bachelor of Arts, Interactive Design INTERNSHIP Qianxun Network Technology Company Hangzhou, Jun 2015- Aug 2015 Interactive Designer All the works I designed were all put into use

Provincial Government Scholarship Zhejiang Province, Nov 2016 Outstanding Graduate Student Award China Academy of Art, Nov 2016 Second Prize Scholarship China Academy of Art, Nov 2016 Third Prize Scholarship China Academy of Art, Nov 2015 Third Prize Scholarship China Academy of Art, Nov 2014


Yudie Wu Interactive Designer 159 8841 7497

Excellent Graduation Design Exhibition China Academy of Art May- Jun 2017 East 90 Graduation Project Industrial Design Works published by this magazine Jul 2017 East 90 Graduation Project China Academy of Art Collection Works published by this magazine Nov 2015 Lanscape Color Painting School Excellent Work Exhibition China Academy of Art, May 2014 Color Language Painting work

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY G20 Volunteer Hangzhou, Apr 2016- Sept 2016 Publicity Ambassador Volunteer Zhejiang Province Museum, 2013-2015 Regular Volunteer Volunteer Qiandaohu Elementary School, 2013-2014 Teaching Assistant SKILL SET Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Aftereffect Adobe Premier Adobe Flash Adobe Dreamweaver HTML & CSS 3ds Max UX/UI

Yudie Wu

Selected Work


Dynamic Path

East 90 Interactive Wall Installation Design 2017.05 Page 4-5 Collaborator: Yuye Fu Jiaye Chen

Visualized Heart Rate APP Design 2015.06 Page 6-12 Independent

Online Museum Web Design 2016.07 Page 13-17 Independent

Dental Management System Redesign 2016.05

Page 18-22

Collaborator: Zhang Xiuming Li Yijun






Dream Motion Design 2018.02 Page 23 Independent

Procrastination Information Animation 2015.12 Page 24 Independent

Yudie Wu

2016-2017 Interactive Animation Illustration Creative Design Exhibition

Selected Work

East 90° Interactive Wall This interactive wall describes a magical and interesting coordinate space in which there are various different aliens living on the bizarre planets. User through touching this interactive wall to explore the fantastic and thrilling stories happened on these planets. We try to expand the mode to show science knowledge through the use of digital media in public space and find more possibilities of interactive exhibitions.


Team Yudie Wu Jiaye Chen Yuye Fu

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Yudie Wu

Visual Works

Selected Work


Yudie Wu

Selected Work


2015 App Design Development Content Strategy User experience User Interface Research

Visualized Heart Rate In this project, i probe into the interactive relationship between wearable devices and human-beings, to further dig out their values. I chose to design an APP which provides users with visual images of heart rate to replace the mechanical heart rate data. The aim is to support a more creative and better understanding APP for users. Additionally, this app embodys community function, therefore, users are able to have an interaction with their friends' data.

VISUALIZED HEART RATE Design for hearbeat

Yudie Wu

Selected Work



The convenience in measurement and its muti-functions in return have gained heart rate more and more attention. Heart Rate


Blood Pressure






Backgrounds: The prevailing wearable devices benefit for health monitoring

Because of the small interface, the bracelet only offers the heart rate datas, while the app connected with the bracelet provides more information.

Yudie Wu

Selected Work



Questionnaire survery

Based on sample of 150 people, I researched about their characteristics and feedback. 1.How old are you? 2.What kind of work do you do? 3.How often do you use wearable devices to monitor heart rate? 4.Do you have some feedback after using these devices? 5.Do you think the monitored heart rate has an impact on your life? ..........


Don't understand the data values corresponding to physical condition

Target 18



years old


44 54


Age Gender





Trap into the anxiety after getting the data


Coach Office Worker

25% 37%




Only with a few functions



After summing up the feedbacks through the questionnaires, I visited two users to explore the facts that why they have those problems presented above.



Hope to gain the detailed data 6%


One of the interviewee Wang said that every time he acquired his heart rate, he was more curious about others’. The interviewee Mr Li considered that only with the accurate data, he would get the sense of security. He also said that he would be panic every time he saw his heart rate is high, but he didn’t know how to loosen himself.

Yudie Wu

Selected Work


PERSONA AND SCENAORIS After the interview and survey, I created some scenarios based on some typical user journeys. It helped me to understand the particular pain points that user's experience, and how I can best solve these problems with the product.


Jessie 25 years old Single girl Full of energetic social activities GOAL:

Through the heart rate changes to understand her physical conditions, then develop effective fitness pogram

Monotonous Unconvenient Without friends' data

Design Insights • Although many APPs linked with wearable devices provide heart rate data, people was not sensitive with a single number • Users still want to acquire accurate datas • The monotonous function in APP may frustrate users’ interest after using for a long time • With the long-term use of the app, the data accumulates but without any recording history Explore solution •Visualize the rigid data into creative pictures, add the caring tooltips, ease and calm down the users with creative pictures and tooltips. •Keep displaying the detailed data •Establish a community function to enhance connections among users •Provide the function of history recording

She want to acquire accurate data


Andy 21 years old The sport school student Spend a lot of time training every day GOAL:

Through the heart rate changes to understand his physical conditions, then develop effective training plan

Heart rate data need to be wiritten down to record every time Unconvenient Without long-term trends

Yudie Wu

Selected Work


AFFINITY DIAGRAM After the interview and survey, I collected all the information and create an affinity map to help me categorize all the data. To be more clear about the what the user needs.

APP Problem Sustanbility Usability Easiness in operation

Accurate data

Share datas with friends

Easy to understand in data

Data is hard to comprehend Trap into the anxiety after getting the data The monotonous function in APP may kill users’ interest after a long time

The wearable devices can be linked with various media to show data

Humanized data with diversified display forms

Style The information congestion results in the clearness due to the small interface

Concise and clear

FINAL CONCEPT Finally, I chose to design an APP which provides users with visual images of heart rate. Additionally, this app embodys community function, therefore, users are able to check their friends' heart rate.

Yudie Wu


Selected Work


Yudie Wu

Selected Work


PROTOTYPE AND USER TESTING I put my high-fidelity prototypes on the POP to test among students. I know the lowfidelity prototypes will fail to let users really experience this APP and hard to get the satisfied feedbacks.


Initial users have no idea that scrolling left would arise the menu page and scrolling right could turn up the page of history recordings.



Thus I add a introductory page when users initially start the APP.

Yudie Wu

Selected Work


Reveal the Hidden Soul- Online Museum

Web Design Development Content Strategy User experience User Interface Research Program

In this project, I want to probe into the relationship bewtween the traditional crafts and modern people, attempting to put forward the idea to better inherit traditional handcrafts and protect cultural diversity. This is an online location which collect many traditional cultures about crafts, artists could use this website to publicize the culture about their handicraft and current people can learn this culture on this website.


Yudie Wu

Selected Work


PROBLEM AND RESEARCH: Research on current condition of Chinese traditional crafts









distribute in rural areas

low incomes

without successors

little willingness to learn

Traditional crafts dwindling, the differences among cities becoming smaller.

Japan China

More than 50 thousands

Others:2% Relative activities 23%



People around

19% Medias






The elder

Methods of learning

No interest: 5% With pleasure 20%


7 0


>1000 years >500 years >200 years




>150 years

Investigation on the quantity of craft stores in China and Japan

It doesn't matter Attitudes to learning

The reasons why crafts gradually ignored

Key Findings: • Lack of promotion activities for traditional crafts • The traditional crafts are short of the actual benefits and thorough education system • Currently, most people have a casual attitude towards traditional crafts • Many traditional crafts were replaced by mechanized commodities The reason why the crafts were ignored by people: • Traditional crafts contribute to no profit nowadays • Traditional crafts lack of sustainable development

Yudie Wu

Selected Work



The Senior craftsman

The Young artist

Jiayu Sun 21 years old Junior student study in CAA

Jun Ceng 65 years old Retired craftsman

Alex 30 years old Emerging artist





Keep up with fashion trend

" I want to find some information of shadow puppet and visit one artist "

Love traditional painting

Ardently love playing computer games Love newfangled things

Love traditional crafts

Love making friends

Love traditional culture

Love traditional culture Love holding seminar within young people

She wants to know more about shadow puppet, however, when she search on the Internet, there are many disordered and advertisement information She found they are boring to read so many information

He has a daughter and two sons, however, they all dont want to inherit his skills, he want to find some apprentices and promot traditional culture He want to contact with other artists at other palces and communicate with them

When he communicated with other young artists, they all found current promotion of traditional culture is boring and hard to set up. However, he thinks it is a good opportunity for him to share with other artists

Learn some basic information about making shadow puppet Find an old artist and visit him

Promot his own skills and traditional culture Contact with other artists

Promot traditional culture with interesting ways Share with other artists

Professinal information is not concertrated and easy to find online

He is not familiar with Internet He doesnt know how to advertise his crafts and traditional culture about umberlla making

Many information online is boring to read It is hard to contact with handcraft artist

The Young Student

He has less opportunties to contact with other artists

Could not breakthrough traditional method of promotion of crafts culture No concentrated place for them to learn more information from senior craft artists

Task Look for shadow puppet work

Decide an craftsman to visit

Choose an crafts work

1. Select search crafts function 2. Filter crafts depends on her preference 3.Filter crafts by the recommondation

1. Browse crafts of artists for who she want to visit 2.Bookmark some favourite craftsmen 3.Decide a craftsman to visit

1. Go to the craftsman's page 2.Find contact information 3.Leave a message to the craftsman

Yudie Wu

Selected Work



Home Page


Leading Page

Content Page

Search Page

Upload Page

The challenges that traditional crafts encounter: • In order to maximize productivity, mechanized mass production have replaced the traditional exquisite crafts. • With the development of the era, the traditional form no longer fit the trend of the times. • Lack of promotion activities for traditional crafts • The traditional crafts are short of the actual benefits and thorough education system under new social environment.

SOLUTIONS: • Remember the replaced crafts’ historical values • Dig more potential values toward modern society • Provide profit opportunities for traditional crafts • Establish inheritance system

CONCEPT: Estabilshing a website which entitles participant to upload knowledge of traditional cultures and also to obtain details about them.

Yudie Wu


Selected Work


Yudie Wu

Selected Work

2016 Interface Design Development Content Strategy User experience Real Project

Redesign- Dental Management System Entrusted by the Yunya medical system, we conducted the redesign for the management of the system. Aiming to enhance the user experience of the information system, improve the working efficiency, and promote medical quality, I mainly redesigned the information architecture and visual interface. It is a cooperative project accomplished by two people.


Team Yudie Wu Jiaye Chen Yuye Fu

Yudie Wu

Selected Work


Current User Flow and Problem Anyalysis

Dental Electronic Business Platform Our Dental Management System Solve the sales problem


Solve management problem

APP for patients Solve medical records problem

Dental Clinic


Main Functions Fill electronic prescription through the computer

• Multi-classification on portals, but vague category on functions

The diagnostic report can be searchable and influenced

System Layout

• Fail to set the permission for different groups of users

Record the patient's medical history

• Many information in the interface is overlapped and scattered

Document the patient's medical inspection results, such as the CT, X-ray picture

Sub- Navigation

Offer the regular information in the aspects of medical administration, finance, pharmaceutical, fee, and medical statistics

• Too many similar categories

• Sub-navigation is not moving when scrolling down

Sub-Category page • Unnecessory and reapting information • Many same information is failed to synchronously updated

Yudie Wu

Selected Work


Competitiors Analysis

The research on competitors shows that most Dental Management System such as “KOWA DENTAL” and“Dental360” provide clean and easy navigation and focus on information integration. These products are very good to deal with the information sharing between the various departments, improve the efficiency of medical staff.


Main navigation bar doesn't move

Information overall gathered

Every position according to its own role, has its own module to operate, with clear functional allocation

Comprehensive database and meticulous patient management The statistics are clear without wasting time

Triple password, forbid data copy, different permissions for various positions

A mobile terminal is also set for free using Add the online appointment between doctors and patients, convenient and efficient


It is unclear and not beautiful to display the data by tabular form Main Navigations are too much to be cumbersome and hard to distinguish Thee information is too complete, without any focuses

Loose and inaesthetic interface layout

Yudie Wu


Selected Work


Yudie Wu


Selected Work


Yudie Wu

Selected Work




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Motion Design Storytelling Drawing

In this project, I want to use some drawings to make a stop motion which depicts an intangible feeling in our dream. Try to translate this abstract concept into some frames.

Yudie Wu

Selected Work


Procrastination- Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic Storytelling Research Data Analysis Information Animation

Take great advantage of the form of two-dimension information animation to introduce the procrastination, its causes, and the solutions to the public, so as to learn more about it.


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Yudie Wu

Selected Work


Thanks for watching!

Yudie Wu Interactive Designer 159 8841 7497

Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my works and the entire process.

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