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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result” - Albert Einstein -

- Curriculum Vitae -

- Experience [Departemen Agama] [Institut Teknologi Bandung]

MAN Insan Cendekia Scholarship 2009 Jun 2009 - Jul 2012 (3 years)

[Departemen Pendidikan] Province Math Olympiad OSN 2010 and OSN 2011

[Departemen Pendidikan]

Bidikmisi Scholarship 2012 Aug 2012 - Okt 2016 (4 years)

[Institut Teknologi Bandung]

Member of Ikatan Mahasiswa Arsitektur - Gunadarma ITB Since Jun 2013

[Autodesk University]

Speaker of “Bale Balai Gerenceng” Project AUxIndonesia, Jakarta Nov 2014

[IAI - Sinarmas Land]

Participant of Sinarmas Land Young Architect Competition Nov 2015

[FuturArc Magazine]

Participant of FuturArc Prize 2016 Nov 2015

[ITB - Univ. Sydney]

Collaborative Joint Workshop “Nomadic Structure” in Sydney and Bandung Feb 2016


Panel Discussion “Implementation and development challenges of BIM protocol in Indonesia” Oct 2016

CADLab AR ITB Assistant Jan 2016 - Jul 2016 (6 month) Responsibilities : - Supervise CADLab use, including use of the print, scan, and so on. - Conducting the process of re-installation, upgrading and maintanance of software and hardware on each device in CADLab. - Create a report CADLab lending facility and submitted to the CADLab Coordinator every month.

[Patroon DED Engineering]

Revit Modeler Apr 2016 - May 2016 (1 month) Responsibilities : - Modeling and Documentating UNG (Universitas Negeri Gorontalo) Library Building for Schematic Drawing

[Airmas Asri]

Architecture Intern Revit Division Jun 2016 - Sep 2016 (3 month) Responsibilities : - Ceiling design for Void Zone C AEON Mixed Use Sentul CIty, Jakarta - Modeling Wisma 77 Apartment, Simatupang for Schematic Drawing - Modeling and Documentation Kensington Office Tower, Kelapa Gading for Design Development - Modeling and Documentation Pertamina Record Center, Pondok Ranji for Design Development

[IAI - Airmas Asri]

BIM Workshop “Integrated Large Scale Project Planning and Delivery“ Nov 2016

- Skill [ArchiCAD] [Autodesk Revit] Basic

Modeling; Object.; Documentating; Schedule; Views.


Modeling; Family; Element; Schedule; Views; Documentation; Managing; Collaboration.

[Autodesk 3DStudio Max] [Grasshopper] Basic

Modeling; Materials; Texturing; Lighting; V-Ray Options.


Curve; Surface; Mesh; Vector; Transform; List; Math; Ladybug; Lunchbox; Kangaroo.

[Trimble SketcUp] [Rhinoceros 3D] Advanced

Modeling; Layout; Style; Vray-Mat; Vray-Light; Component; Dynamic Component.


Curve; Surface; Mesh; Vector; Solid; Transform; Layers; Anotate; Render.

[Autodesk AutoCAD] [Dynamo] Advanced

Model; Layout; Layers; Block; Xref; Anotate.


Curve; Surface; Mesh; Vector; Transform; List; Revit; Code Block.


Jl. Cisitu Lama 25A/160B, Bandung West Java, Indonesia 40135

N INDONESIA P +6285796559269 E

- HELLO! I am Adam and I recently graduated from the School of Architecture at Institut Teknologi Bandung. I am creative, quick learner, and enthusiastic person. who desire to know more about architecture design, sustainable approach, computational design and building performance. I also interested in project management, BIM management, BIM protocols, and BIM execution. I am focus, open minded, and reasonable person so i can work in team with people in different diciplines/background. When i face some problem i always looking to the most efficient solution.

- Education Junior High School MTsN Pasiripis, Surade, Sukabumi 2006 - 2009 Senior High School MAN Insan Cendekia Gorontalo 2009 - 2012 Architecture Undergraduate Institut Teknologi Bandung 2012 - 2016 GPA 3.40/4.00

- Language Indonesian

Native Proficiency


[CorelDraw] [Adobe InDesign] Advanced

Curve; Effect; Bitmaps; Text; Layers; Layout.


Layouting; Link; Text; Diagram/Graph; Style Management.

Limited Working Proficiency

- Certifications -

[Physical Model] [Adobe Photoshop] Intermediate

Hand Skill; Wood; Acrylic; Lase Cut; 3D Printer.


Architectural Montage; Layers Management; Chanels; Effect; Filter; Adjustment.

December 23, 2014 w6dxA-48Ud (

Undergraduate Final Project

HIGH PERFORMANCE OFFICE TOWER AT SUMMARECON CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT, BEKASI Multi-storey office building in the tropics climate generally consumes a lot of electricity for air conditioning and artificial lighting. The energy crisis and environmental destruction forced the designers / architects to apply various energy-saving design strategies such as active facade to to make building performance is to be better than just relying on a passive strategy. This design implementing active faรงade to respond the sun path using Rhinoceros and Revit for modeling, Graasshopper and Dynamo to parametric design, as well as the Ladybug for environmental analysis on this office building. There are two phases In the design process: passive design optimization and active design optimization to obtain an energy-efficient building performance. The general concept of this building is a high performance building and building as a city landmark. There are two stages of design method of this project, the first stage is the iconic design masses and solar radiation analysis and the second phase is the design of the facade through a computational design and building information modeling. The designing process eventually produced three types of facade: passive facade, active facade, and the tilt facade.

Jalan Bulevar Selatan, Kota Bekasi Jawa Barat

< Bird Eye View

< Facade Design

Mass Optimization Mass optimization of the building using solar radiation analysis with variety of parameters such as the proportion of the building and the effectiveness of space used. This parameter will generate building mass using Grasshopper and analized using Ladybug for Solar Radiation Analysis.

Pasive Strategies

Building Site

Mass Optimization in Response to Solar Radiation

Sun Path on Site

Access to and from the Highway

< Entrance

Facade Optimization Active strategies is building response to the environment. Different environment or even orientation will create different response. Indonesia is the one of the equator country so generaly it has two different response trought orientation. West-East and North-South orientation. NortEast facade will react to annual solar position because the orientation perpendicular with the equator. While for West-East facade will react to daily solar position becouse the orientation parallel with the equator. Active Strategies West-East Facade

Slanted Facade

West-East Facade

Active Facade

North-South Facade Avoid the heat of the sun

Active Strategies with Facade Optimization

Directing daylight into building

North-South Facade

Avoid the heat of the sun

North-South Facade

North-South Facade Panel

West-East Facade

< Building Crown

West-East Facade

West-East Facade Interior

North-South Facade

North-East Facade Interior

< Entrance

Floor Plan



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rumah Kayu Intaranâ&#x20AC;? Competition

LEVELIB COMMUNITY LIBRARY Category : Community Library Project Team : Yoga Adi Santoso, Yudhistira Adam N, Yoval Julianto. LevelLib designed with split form to separate different function without solid wall, so the space will be feel more roomy. The structure made of wood with high roof to represent roof design in indonesian traditional building. This library is for creative community in Dago Pojok to influence interest in reading among children and teeneger.

Dago Pojok, Kota Bandumg Jawa Barat

Academic Project

DAGO BAMBOO CHAPEL Category : Religious Building Supervisor : Andry Widyowijatnoko This is an academc project about shape and structure. I started with bamboo as main material. Bamboo have high elasticity so that when flexed, the bamboo will make a curve and strong structure. The shape concept is like christian praying hands formed by the bamboo structure. I am using Revit and Dynamo to create the structure with bamboo as adaptive family with column category. I use parametric method for helping me to find the right proportion of the shape.

Dago, Kota Bandumg Jawa Barat

Autodesk University Project

MODELING BALE BALAI GERENCENG Category : Religious Building Supervisor : Aswin Indraprastha, Ph.D This is a collaboration project with Autodesk University Extention and Institut Teknologi Bandung for AUxJakarta. The collaboration is to modeling an indonesian vernacular building using autodesk solution. The building is community centre for hinduism in Denpasar, Bali design by Yoka Sara Architect using traditional rule of proportion. in the end we have to present our work in Autodesk University event in November 2015.

Academic Project

MODELING US AIR FORCE CHAPEL Category : Religious Building Supervisor : Aswin Indraprastha, Ph.D This is an acadamic project to introduce BIM using Autodesk Revit in Architectural Design. Sudent are allowed to choose a famous building and create 3D model using BIM software. The interesting part of this building is the shape and the structure of the roof. This kind of shape canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be model with ordinary element in Revit. The roof was made with generic model family and the structure was made with beam system in revit structure.

RANDOMIZE FACADE PATTERN Type : Academic Project Category : Facade Design Supervisor : Aswin Indraprastha, PhD. This is an academic project to introduce collaboation method using BIM software. This project is collaboation with Intiland Developer BIM Division. My responsibility in this project is designing facade. Hotel facade usually defineing the floors because repetition of typical floor. So, in this project i tried to create vertical looking facade with random pattern to break the usual things.

STARWALLS Type : Academic Project Category : Facade Design Supervisor : Aswin Indraprastha, Ph.D This is an academic project to introducing computational design method using grasshopper. Student are allowed to choose a facade and create an algorithm to generate the facade and create 1:10 model of the facade.

MODELING LINCOLN PARK ZOO PAVILION Type : Academic Project Category : Pavilion Supervisor : Aswin Indraprastha, Ph.D This is an academic project to introduce computational design in architecture using grasshopper. Student are allowed to choose a building or structure and create an algorithm to generate the building.


Jl. Cisitu Lama 25A/160B, Bandung West Java, Indonesia 40135

N INDONESIA P +6285796559269 E

Nugraha Portfolio 2016  
Nugraha Portfolio 2016  

This portfolio contains my selected works from academic work, competition, and other project.