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45 LEARNING FROM NOETICS What does Noetic Science have to do with the future of civilization?

“Human beings will become more and more refined, and then that will change the way we do things.” Jeffery Mishlove Learning from noetics

Consciousness still continues to be a problem for science, and for the most part that has been shoved under the rug. The day may come when the intuitive sciences will take their place side by side with the neurosciences and the cognitive.



Fashion of the Future Trying on a Better Future Olga Kharif and Sabine Imagine a handbag, one that’s built out of fourinch squares and triangles of fabric, with tiny computer chips embedded in it. Assembled together with Velcro that conducts electricity.

35 hybrid Elements of a Re-mix culture by Derrick de Kerckhove The implosive tendencies of digital technology is increasingly affecting the way we live, make sense of the world, and even our identities. Derrick de Kerckhove examines the condition that most characterizes our time. 43

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Time Capsule Three perspectives on the future Construction of urban shelters Global waters shortage New inspirations in fashion

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The history of the 21st century

Future perfecters



Contributors The Futurists

Future PACKAGEs Future life Micro home Snail shell The evolution of man Worldly over consumption Eco tip

18 Visions Past wisdom What’s moves you? Buckminster Fuller

15 Predictions Psychic Predictions Predictions for the Coming Century

66 Calendar A directory of future events in the greater galactic area

68 21 Coming Soon The 2nd Paper revolution

Directory Future fashion file Green’s the new black



The futurists

Isaac Weeber

moved from Colombia to study Communication Design in Parsons School of Design. He enjoys exploring the vast Internets, playing bongos and writing small autobiographies like this one. He designed Visions. sakyweeber@

The futurists

Katie Rutherford

is a student of life and design living in New York city. In her precious downtime, She likes to take long walks with no particular destination in mind, go to farmer’s markets and pore through typefaces online she will never be able to afford. She designed Learning from noetics.

Christopher Miller

Desmond Cheung

Yoon Eom

Scott Kellum

is a student in New York City, who loves white walls, claw foot tubs, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. He hopes the future will be a happy one. He designed Future packages.

is a student at Parsons and was raised in HongKong. He is curious about cultures and he spends a lot of time day-dreaming about his other identities beyond reality. one of his random dream is to be able to think like his cat. He designed Coming soon.

is a Junior at Parsons who loves illustrations of dogs, appreciates antique revolvers, hand drawn typefaces and freshly baked cookies. She was an aspiring country singer at age 11 but that didn’t quite work out. She designed Time capsule.

is some guy who lives in Brooklyn. He has mixed feelings about New York City and at the moment it is on his good side. He thinks Designer is a pretentious title so he tries to avoid it. Sunshine, stray kittens and someone giving someone else a helping hand warms his heart. He designed Calendar.




Alison Munn

is a Junior Communication Design Major at Parsons School of Design. In her spare time, Alison enjoys typography, sleeping, snacks (especially popcorn), and teleportation. She designed Predictions. alison.munn@

Ryan Quigley

is a student at Parsons the New School for Design who enjoys long walks on the lunar surface, earthsets, and conversations about intergalactic travel. He designed Fashion of the future. quigr193@



Sandy Destruge

is all about Fashion tech & Graphic Design. She loves to play field hockey on her free time, is a movie buff on rainy days & is a lover of the urban life, not on rainy days though. She designed Future packages. sandy.destruge@

Yuchung Lim

Bernice Herera Sy

Yelena Avanesova

is a Junior at Parsons. She likes thinking about the future, walking around the central park and listening to music. She designed  Table of contents and Contributors.

left Manila, Philippines, four years ago to study Communication Design in Parsons. She misses Filipino humor, street food and green mangoes. She designed Hybrid.

is a student at parsons. she was born in baku, azerbaijan. she likes to read and make books. her favorite food is pizza. she loves her cat. She designed Directory.





Contents and contributors pages for the magzine about the future


Contents and contributors pages for the magzine about the future