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Fashion lovers, cutting down our consumption of fast fashion products does not mean that we can no longer stay fashionable. Trends change so rapidly now that we either have to “surrender” and change our outfits like a “manically flickering light switch” (Cline, 2013,p.210) or we can take more risks with our clothes to develop our looks. As consumers, we have to be responsible for the negative ethical and environmental consequences as a result of our lifestyle. We cannot deny the joy that is associated with novelty and change, but we should also pursue a deeper sense of satisfaction that comes with being sensible, responsible consumers. After all, material possession can only bring us so much happiness, and much more of our personal identity lies in our spiritual development. As Andrew Morgan, the director of the fashion documentary the True Cost said, “Let’s back off this endless, constant purchasing and invest in clothes we love” (Morgan, 2015). 21

The Future of Fast Fashion  
The Future of Fast Fashion