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People around me, friends, family, parents, always ask me: “what do you study in your PhD? ” It is always difficult to explain my research to someone who doesn’t study physics, even to someone who does, like colleagues sharing my office. My general and ambiguous answer is “ I’m a hardware designer of “a magic mirror” which can focus light in a micro scale with a flat surface. It can be applied for a new generation of light computers which use light or photons to compute in a faster way.” “para un super, super rapido ordenador…” Their responses are unsurprisingly similar. “How…interesting…” “Que…interesante…” The conversation about my research always stops there and never continues again. Now, I can bring them this magazine, with my signature, and show directly what I study, “Look, this is what I do.” “Mira, mi libro…” I’m sure they will understand everything, well perhaps not everything, but at least read the first chapter, the introduction of flat focusing mirrors. Perhaps, except of my daughter, she will take it as her drawing book.

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Thesis yu chieh cheng 2015