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CHAPTER 1 THIS THESIS focuses on the flat focusing mirrors with two different geometric approaches which keep the transversal invariance . Any modulation of a lateral surface of a mirror should be homogeneous so that flat focusing mirrors can keep transversal invariance. Such flat focusing mirror is a near field lensing effect similar to the flat lens. It is different from those far field focusing devices such as conversional curved mirrors and lenses. The different physical focusing mechanisms between far field lens/mirrors and near field lens/mirrors are discussed and compared in the next chapter 2. More details of flat focusing mirrors with two different structures: the Bragg-like multilayer structure and periodic subwavelength gratings are discussed in chapter 3 and chapter 4, respectively. In addition, chapter 3 also demonstrated differently advanced multiplayer structures for a better focusing performance. In chapter 4, in addition to periodic subwavelength gratings, a waveguide-like subwavelength structure consisting of two row gratings are also proposed to observe the near field focusing effect which accompanies with negative Goos-Hänchen effects 31. Finally, the chapter 5 summarizes and concludes our research in the field of flat focusing mirrors with the transversal invariance. Moreover, some proposals for the implementations of the flat focusing mirrors adapting to photonic integrated circuits are discussed with a future outlook. In the appendix, the collections of my scientific publications are listed with the brief highlights. Reference 1. Pitchumani, M., Hockel, H., Mohammed, W. & Johnson, E. G. Additive lithography for fabrication of diffractive optics. Appl. Opt. 41, 6176-6181 (2002). 2. Popovic, Z. D., Sprague, R. A. & Neville Connell, G. A. Technique for monolithic fabrication of microlens arrays. Appl. Opt. 27, 1281-1284 (1988). 3. Sabry, Y. M., Saadany, B., Khalil, D. & Bourouina, T. Silicon micromirrors with three-dimensional curvature enabling lensless efficient coupling of free-space light. Light Sci. Appl. 2, e94 (2013). 4. Fattal, D., Li, J., Peng, Z., Fiorentino, M. & Beausoleil, R. G. Flat dielectric grating reflectors with focusing abilities. Nat. Photonics 4, 466-470 (2010). 5. Aieta, F. et al. Aberration-free ultrathin flat lenses and axicons at telecom wavelengths based on plasmonic metasurfaces. Nano Lett. 12(9), 4932-4936 (2012). 6. Chrostowski, L. Optical gratings: Nano-engineered lenses. Nat. Photonics 4(7), 413-415 (2010). 7. Huang, M. C. Y., Zhou, Y. & Chang-Hasnain, C. J. A surfaceemitting laser incorporating a high-index-contrast subwavelength grating. Nat. Photonics 1, 119-122 (2007). 8. Huang, M. C. Y., Zhou, Y. & Chang-Hasnain, C. J. Single mode high-contrast subwavelength grating vertical cavity surface emitting lasers. Appl. Phys. Lett. 92, 171108 (2008). 9. Xie, R.-J., Hirosaki, N., Mitomo, M., Takahashi, K. & Sakuma, K. Highly efficient white-light-emitting diodes fabricated with short-wavelength yellow oxynitride phosphors. Appl. Phys. Lett. 88, 101104 (2006). 10. Pendry, J. B. Negative refraction makes a perfect lens. Phys.

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