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Digital Design - Module 01 Semester 1, 2018 Yuchen ZHANG (940639) Joel Collins, Studio 19

Week One

Reading: Zeara Polo, A. 2010. Between Ideas and Matters.

According to Zeara-Polo, the diagram does not play a representational role in the design process but provides an organisational and can have a performative quality depending on how it is deployed. Explain how Diagram is different from Signs and Symbols? (100 words Maximum)

The author classified signs into icons, indexes and symbols. Symbol is equal to sign which can be used to accord to a dynamic object. By contrast, diagram is not a representational role of any dynamic objects. It could be a space, location or scale. The characteristic of a diagram has spatial correlation and it could happen in a three-dimemsional space.


Week One

Precedent Analysis

Plan view.

Elevation view.

Section view.

Toyo Ito - Serpentine Pavilion 2002


Week Two

Reading: Hertzberger H. 2005. The in-between and The Habitable Space Between Things, from Lessons for Students in Architecture. Herzberger discusses how design should not be extreme in its functionality. Use your precedent study to explain how the pavilion allows for an appropriation of use. (100 words Maximum)

In the reading, the author state that the design should not be extreme in its founctionality. If not, there will be too little fremdom for the user to interpreate its founction. He took the example of Montessori school where the threshold create a place to offer welcome and meeting place for parents. For the pavilion, its interior space offers people a place to rest and have communication. The table and chairs inside the privilion emphasize this kind of founction.


Week Two


Isomatric of Serpentine pavilion This Gallary appears to have an extremely complex pattern on the top. However, it is acturally from an algorithm of a cube that expanded as it rotated. Those lines forms its fram and covered by solids and Gasses. Interms of my modelling process, I started with tracing the frams and extrude them in order to give them a thickness. Then, I cover the fram with a box and trim them into small piceses. The frams under the glacesses was modelled in more detial. I change the opacity of the lines to indecate that they are actually under the glass. The threshold of this gallary could be the entrance of this building. People follow the shortest pase to go in and out the building. In addition, the threshold also could be a change in the atmosphere, people come into this space having good conversation makes them feel glad. While they feel clamness when they are walking towards this building along. In this case, the circulation is that people walking to the tables and sit around them.


Week Two Diagrams

Circulation Diagram

Threshold Diagram

Thi diagram shows how people follows the shortest pass to enter this building and go sit around the tables.

This diagram shows how people feel before and after enter this building.





Extrude Curves to build the frame.

Make adjustments.


Appendix Process

A box was build to create solids and glasses.

Start cutting thins off.


Fram with solids.



Extrudesrf, give the glasses thickness.

Final module.