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Fenqihu Scenic Area

Coordinate the development of the area around the new Fenqihu train station with the Taiwan. Bureau of Tourism in order to re-organize Fenqihu, Chiayi, Taiwan the circulation of tourists and vehicles, rebuild the previously burned 2006 down area, and erect an entrance plaza near the new station.

Accentuate the original ecological walkway with plants unique to the area and design a walkway and bus passenger waiting area.

Use the new station to accommodate the original train shed and design an entrance plaza where tourists can relax and request information.

Redesign the previously burned down area to provide local residents with a public area that connects the new station with scenic spots on the old street.

Design a walkway to connect the scenic spots of the Taiwan incense cedar forest with local historical buildings.

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Breathing Garden

Utilize grading and plant design to eliminate water, wind, and noise problems and produce a variety of attractive natural exhibitions visitors Taichung, Taiwan 2005 will repeatedly return to enjoy. a. Garden of Stone

h. Quiet Heart Garden

b. Water Melting Way


Mirror Hall

c. Courtyard of Earth


Leisurely Heart Garden

d. White Rain Arcade

k. Fog Garden

e. Colorful Forest f.

Courtyard of Sound

g. Courtyard of Wind


Moon Hill

m. Water Garden n. Forest of Time


Forest of Time The garden incorporates the existing castle to accentuate the historical impression observers have of the area.

Water Graden Use grading to resolve the water removal problem and create a serene water landscape.

Fushun Park

Taipei, Taiwan 2004

Use visual openness and add various facilities to remove the original impression of darkness and confinement to provide residents with a place to relax. The design also visually connects the park with nearby residential areas providing them with an open invitation to visit the park.

Tunghai University Watercourse Design Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan 2003

Use a grading and ground water removal design to create an attractive area around the existing campus drains. Redesign water-side walkway and exhibit different atmospheres in the wet and dry seasons.

Fairy Tale Forest


Taichung, Taiwan 2002

Use famous fairy tales as the theme for different play areas within the park. Design the facilities to accommodate the original landform in order to avoid an artificial appearance while also providing a suitable play area that retains a measure of intimacy with nature. d. b.


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Sherwood Forest


Excalibur Theater




Treasure House

Yu-Chen Chang Landscape Work Samples  
Yu-Chen Chang Landscape Work Samples  

Yu-Chen Chang Landscape Work Samples 2002-2006