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UNAL CABLE CO. Unal Kablo San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. incorporated in 1979.Phenomenal growth and success throughout the years has enabled Unal Kablo to achieve the formidable status as one of the largest and most trusted cable manufacturer in Turkey. Unal Kablo today has a broad manufacturing portfolio of Cable products, which includes Power Cables, Signal & Control Cables, Fire Resistance Cable, Instrumentation Cables, Shipwiring & Marine Cables, Data Cables, Telecominication Cables, Coaxial Cables, Silicon Cables, Plug Cables, Special Cables, Solar Cables and Bare Copper. With the emerging global demand for cable, UNAL's use of the latest technology and ability to deliver value has made us one of the fastest-growing members of the downstream cable market. We have set our sights on contributing to a sustainable future which aligns with our goal of environmental stewardship. Driven by excellence in execution, UNAL is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, while giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We deliver any project, any time in any environment for the benefit of our customers, wholesalers and the construction companies we serve. Our company holds the TSE, VDE, CE, HAR, RosH ve ISO 9001:200 , CEBEC , GOST , TUVCERT , REACH, UKRSEPRO, TUV RHEINLAND quality certificates. Knowing that our products have direct effects on human life, our management team and all of our personnel consider it an aim to gain the confidence of our costomers by establishing a quality systems that ensures quality production and sustainable quality.


OUR MISSION Meets customer necessities and expectations. Becoming a trust-worthy solution provider by continuously developing innovative techniques. Support a philosophy of; better service, user-friendly products for customer satisfaction. Create new markets and adopt technologies with R & D investment. Transform experience into sustainable service and products. Targeted business excellence with selective employers and partners with competitive and high quality solutions, thanks to 34 years of experience and hard work.

OUR VISION Our Company policy is comprised by Costumer focusing, auto controlling on processes automatically, trying to have right choices and work effectively, superposing the technologies by R & D investments to capture near future innovations, adding new product ranges, being always competitive and refect to the the co-operates, trying new ways to develop service quality, existing more non-governmental foundation projects & charites to be a member of global trade mark in domestic and abroad markets.

OUR VALUES Costumer Focusing • We listen our costumers efficiently. • We give quick response to our costumers. • We consider our costumers suggestions & future prospects. • We create emphaty between costumers & us able to understand them. High Performance • We keep our motivation high. • We put high standart aims. • We focuse on right job and tyr to work efficiently. • We are aware of high performance and we create high performance teams. • We support work & special life equilibration Openness to innovation • We create feasible ideas and we implement quickly. • We do follow the market actively and we prepare suitable formations according to conditions. • We prepare flexible areas in order to disclose our differences. • We support our new ideas and encourage each other. Responsibility • We are all aware our responsibilities. • We do undertake our work. • We give and take the authority what is needed able to fulfill our responsibilites. • Our consciousnessis high regarding social responsibility. Continuity • Our guiding principle is managing by our aims. • Our target is long-term and sustainable achievements. • We are all responsible to growth who will come behind us and we invest in. • We create organizations which is able to reach permanent and continuous achievements. 3



Pvc Insulated Low Voltage Halogen Low-voltage Cables Pvc Isolated Cables Xlpe Insulated Low Voltage


BARE COPPER CONDUCTORS Stranded Copper Conductor Stranded Tinned Copper Wire Braided Copper Conductor Braided Tinned Coper Cond...

Pvc Insulated Coaxial Cables Rg-6 U/4 Rg-6 U/6 Halogenfree Insulated Coaxial Cables

SOLAR CABLES PV1-F 1 X 4 PV1-F 1 X 6 PV1-F 1 X 185 PV1-F 1 X 240

PLUG CABLES NP 101 NP 105 A NP 106 A NP 110 A





SPECIAL CABLES Mines Cables Special Pool Cable N1VV-K FR2XHH2R


Pvc Insulated Data Cable Cat 5e S-stp Halogen-free Comm. Cables Cat5e Utp Lszh




TELECOM. CABLES Pdv Pdv-k Vbv Vbv-k

POWER CABLE Unal Kablo offers various type of Flexible or rigid low voltage cables in copper or aluminium, with the most diverse polymers and protectors for different market, always developed under the most stringent international standards, for interior and exterior installations. The most common parameters of this type of cable are; Nominal voltage: 0.6/1 kV Conductor • Two alternative metal conductive • Aluminium • Copper Design • RE: Single-wire round conductor • SE: Single-wire sector-shaped conductor • RM: Multiwire stranded round conductor • RMV: Multiwire stranded round compacted conductor • SM: Multiwire sector-shaped conductor Insulation İzolasyon • PVC: Polyvinyl chloride • XLPE: Cross-linked polyethylene • HFFR: Various halogen-free flame-retardant and/or fire-resistant materials • Outer Jacket • PVC: Polyvinyl chloride • XLPE: Cross-linked polyethylene • HFFR: Various halogen-free flame-retardant and/or fire-resistant materials Optional cable elements • Screen made of copper wires or tapes • Armouring made of steel wires or tapes (aluminium for single-core cables) Unal Kablo offers a huge variety of cable types, each one adjusted to meet specific needs and dedicated applications, from aerial grids to underground cables. Our cables can also be designed to meet special requirements, e.g. environmental standards. 5

TELECOMMUNICATION CABLES We are famous for offering Telecommunication Cables , Drop Wires, Twin Flat Cables, Jumper Wires which are esigned by our experts to be used in underground distribution networks/ for buried installations / for internal locations in various types of exchanges / for outdoor connections between distribution points and subscribers.

COAXIAL CABLES Designed to transmit signals with minimum distortion and attenuation while preventing the reception of outside interference. Unal offers a complete range of coaxial cables ; single or double screen, triaxial cables, low noise and sub-miniature coaxial cables.

Advantages • • • • • •

Low dielectric constant Low losses Flexibility Weight and space saving High temperature resistance Unal can supply terminated coaxials

SILICON CABLES We design and check our Silicon cables according to VDE standardsand the market guidelines. Our products have captured the market due to properties of weather resistance, ozone resistance, corona resistance, oil and chemical resistance, water resistance, heat resistance and radiation resistance. These special properties have enhanced their demand and they are highly desired and used by thedefence forces, ship building industry, railways, offshore platforms, mining industry, nuclear power plants and other industries.

SIGNAL & CONTROL CABLES The range of Flexible cables belongs to the family of Unal Kablo's control cables, which we can find in supply systems, public lighting installations, machine connections, lighting and the entertainment industry, and in industrial installations in general.

FIRE RESISTANT & CIRCUIT INTEGRITY CABLES During a prolonged fire, the Toxfree Plus ZH fire-resistant cables continue transmitting electricity. By doing so, they ensure the supply of electricity to emergency equipment, such as emergency exit lights, smoke exhausts, water pumps or acoustic alarms. The Toxfree Plus 331 ZH SZ1-K (AS+) / RZ1-K (AS+) fire-resistant cable is specially designed to be able to transmit electricity in extreme conditions such as those that occur during a prolonged fire, ensuring supply to emergency equipment, such as lighting signals, smoke exhausts, acoustic alarms, water pumps, etc. In case of fire, this electric cable does not emit toxic substances or corrosive gases, thereby protecting public health and avoiding any possible damage to electronic equipment. For this reason, its use is recommended in public places such as: hospitals, schools, museums, airports, bus stations, shops in general, tunnels, metros, etc., as well as in computer centres, offices, production plants, laboratories, etc.

INSTRUMENTAL CABLES UNAL KABLO have, over many years, established a reputation for the supply of a comprehensive range of multipair and multicore instrumentation cables for application in the provision of voice and data services and for the interconnection of equipment and instruments. With over all Alluminium Polyester Tape and ATC drain having Tin-copper bridging, these wires are available in armoured as well as unarmoured cables.These Cables facilitate smooth communication of Low Level Signal from Electronics transmitters. These products are producing a European standard has been introduced EN50288-7, which has also been adopted as a BS-BSEN 50288-7. This has lead to the withdrawl of BS5308.


MARINE & SHIP BUILDING CABLES We manufacture the superior quality of cables fort he usage in Marine & Ship Wiring & Ship Communication.These are especially designed for its usage in ship and all type of sea vhicles, externally, below, closed, and open decks, in dry, wet and steamy places, under every sea conditions.

SPECIAL CABLES There is a large variety of special cables and standards for different cables worldwide. Unal Kablo manufactures cables in accordance with many of these regulations to serve the global markets and for a wide variety of applications. Production Capability • We have experience with a multitude of insulation compounds besides standard PVC, e.g. PA, PE, XLPE, PFTE, FEP, PUR, TPE-E, TPE-EBS, PFA and SI. • We can manufacture special types of PVC compounds in-house because we have our own PVC production. (Many additional properties are possible.) • We have our own X-linking work room for X-linking compounds. (We have roughly 34 years of experience with electron beam crosslinking). • Our own production gives us experience with many different conductor types. Our cables meet various requirements … • UV resistance • High working temperatures • Fire resistance • Low smoke • Low temperatures • Electromagnetic protection • Mechanical proof • Moisture proof • Chemical proof • Heath and safety standards • Water resistance • Resistance to mould and bacteria • Resistance to ozone, diluted acids and alkalis • Flexibility and elasticity at extremely low temperatures • Temperature fluctuation resistance • Self-extinguishing factor

SOLAR CABLES To interconnect photovoltaic panels together, and to connect panels to the inverter of dc to ac, the most suitable cables are the range of Unal solar cables by Unal Kablo. These flexible cables are highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation, they can work in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees below zero up to 120 degrees, and they comply with the international solar TĂœV and VDE standards.

BARE COPPER Our workforce and engineers design our Bare Copper Earth Wires and Copper Sleeves for various earthing purposes. Our products are highly renowned for their high quality, durability, long life and easy maintenance. Competitive prices enhance our popularity.


GROUP COMPANIES ACTIVITIES UNAL CABLE CO. Unal Kablo San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti is a one of the leading company in Turkish industry history at its sector. Unal Kablo Company has been one of an arbiter manufacturer in the World by blending its uniqe knowledge and powerful administrative structure with new investments. Unal Kablo San. ve Tic. Ltd .Şti is basis asset of the Group; it is being in heavy ındustry Since 1979.

UNAL CABLE FOREIGN TRADE CO. Unal Kablo Diş. Tic. Ltd. Sti is established in 2005 in order to collect growing production capacity, stable general growth, new investments to be an one of arbiter manufacturer in the world market, to give feedback to the inquires which are coming from different countiries and all export strategies.

QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM As soon as the Quality Assurance rationale started being adopted by Power, Marin, Instrumentation cables manufacturing companies, Unal Kablo was certified ISO 9001 by the certifying body TUV (GERMANY) and then ISO 14001. Everthing can be improved, this is the principle us in assessing our Daily results. The Quality Assurance System is systematically applied to the entire production cycle, accourding tı stric operation procedures concerning the setting and spreading of the rules to be applied to any fields of activity and distribution of tasks and responsibilities to staff and it involves all company departmens. The considerable financial investment has produced and continues to produce importatnt results in term of product quality and per capita productivity.

Fundemental Keys; • • • • • •



Setting task and responsibilities Monitoring all process Improving and maintaining a high level of training of the staff involved Adjusting the system to market changes Abiding by regulations Quality is a company issue concerning all operators



ISO 9001 14001


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Ortaköy Merkez Mah. Atalay Sokak No:3 Silivri / İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE PK : 34582 T : +90 212 734 38 45 Pbx F : +90 212 734 38 52 E : Web :

Foreign Trade Department Yücel CEBECİ Foreign Trade Manager

T : +90 212 734 38 45 Pbx F : +90 212 734 38 52 M: +90 532 736 01 74 E : Skype : unalcable

Foreign Trade Department Burak ENEZ Foreign Trade Specialist

T : +90 212 734 38 45 Pbx F : +90 212 734 38 52 M: +90 530 967 27 79 E : Skype : burak.enez

Foreign Trade Department Davut ÇİÇEK Foreign Trade Specialist

T : +90 212 734 38 45 Pbx F : +90 212 734 38 52 M: +90 535 796 06 88 E : Skype : davutunal48



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