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Bank Street College of Education (graduate school), Morningside Heights, Manhattan, next to Columbia University ​welcome to game changers Silicon Valley a show about today's emerging innovations that maybe the game changes up tomorrow the growth of entrepreneurship is becoming a big and vital part of the country's economic engine venture and angel capital has continued to grow and support innovation but what about those people who did not find a source of external investment there are many viable businesses in many viable opportunities that simply do not fit the profile for private investment but they represent viable and concrete business opportunities what happens to those people and their dreams my name is Jim Condor welcome to Game Change of Silicon Valley this segment will address the resources available to help individuals develop a business idea validate the market the need formed the company build a product and be in control of your destiny my guests are John Edwards a counselor at score and Chuck fury who used the score resources and mentoring to build his company John and Chuck welcome to the show thank you nice to be here John let me start with you give us an overview of what is score all about okay score is a national organization of volunteers we're business executives and we give back to the community our management experiences and we have experiences in all areas from retail high-tech software all of those we give those as counseling and consulting for free to anyone who comes to us there are no barriers we have helped people who are homeless we've helped people who have lots of money but what we do is help those people that you were talking about that can't get the funding of the angels it's an interesting idea it looks like you're the provider of my entry into the great American dream aside from owning your own home to owning your own business and also to contribute to the community because one of the wonderful things is we deal with people in the community to build the community small business which is 100 million in gross less is more than fifty percent of the gross national product and they do 90 plus percent of the job I understand small business is a huge component it's where most of the innovation comes from and it's where most of the job growth comes from yes correct the big ones shut them down and take them off but we helped build right Chuck I just want to get a quick update from you you are a recipient and a beneficiary of the score program maybe you can just tell us a little bit about your your company and how you came into the program thank you Jim I'd be happy to in the late 80s after i graduated in a different field I have a doctorate in another field from Stanford I had I knew nothing about business when I got into business that's a story in and of itself so I was searching for opportunities and ways to educate myself in business quickly without getting an MBA or something else so I saw an ad about score i went down to san jose and took a seminar from the score people i was so taken back by how thorough and wonderfully educational it was and i had taught at cal for 10 years and was a teacher myself so I knew quality when I saw it that ultimately I ended up becoming an ace member or another counselor because it was it made a profound impact in my own business today what is your business and yeah I'm in the real estate business and Stanford property and finance is the name of my company in Palo Alto and we do some unusual things with real estate a little bit out of the box we like to to take situations in real estate that are in need people that need real estate services and and work with them to create good investments and sales for them very good John I'm I'm very interested in this area of healthy people who don't qualify for funding I know number of people who had very energetic they just didn't have the right profile they might have it in three or four years but they need to get started today and they have the energy and the commitment going to get to get started today you and I talked a little bit ahead of time offline and there are you as you explained there are three main groups that you engage what there's a no just call it the 20s to 30s there's that 30 to 45 group maybe 50 and then there's the 55 Plus group let's start with the 55 Plus group and work backwards a little bit let you tell us about that one okay I we actually know that that group in terms of entrepreneurs is growing that group has people who are re-entering the workplace or it has older people who have either lost their job they've retired and they need to do something that group has tremendous skills and what they need is guidance in how to do the business is it a capital does it require certain amount of capital from them and do they have those capital resources what we say is you have to have enough money but not too much I have counseled people that got too much and when they get too much they think they're wealthy and they don't use it one company we're supposed to have the money for 18 months they spent it in 12 and you know what happens to the company so they have the resources because the older people in general have either their homes equity there was a lady that started a UPS store one of our success stories she got a second on her home that was the capital to do a franchise she paid off the franchise made a very profitable business and I worked with her from opening to win she sold her business and I'm

very nice profit so yes the older people generally have enough money they have enough money to get started they have the experience they need some tools some understanding how to get through the government regulations any other things that you find are perhaps obstacles or fear some issues of fear or unknown that you've encountered in this group this group is really concerned because they aren't going to get a steady paycheck them so they really have to understand budgeting most of them have lived through very good times and so they don't understand cash flow that helps them that tells them how much money they need and then they need to watch it that's hard sometimes because they'd like to do the work that's what I find with entrepreneurs they want to do the work rather than run the business see interesting John were you I'm sorry I Chuck were you in that area of urine in 55 but you're in the mid range is that correct it's fascinating to listen to the discussion because I met John in 1993 and we counseled together for a while but I have to tell you that I went back to being a client and having myself counseled primarily by John and a couple of others because you know a business of course as we know is kind of like the development of a human being your business develops you have early start up then you have certain number of challenges there then you have recently then you have your midlife and then you have your maturation process recently I met with John I meet with him every two or three weeks I'm a big big admirer of John's work and also a scores work but also just really believe in mentoring and believe that at every stage of our development as human beings and our development as business owners we can really gain a lot from that resource that's that's a nickel point I think that all the counseling I'm sorry all the classes and training will help but it's the mentoring that puts the personal touch on it you know I think everybody does benefit from a mentor relationship no matter where you are in life you're always encountering something like the show here I have some mentors and help this show here because I knew very little about it and some of the people there in the control room right now who have been fantastic methods for me to get through this show exactly the same thing so you benefited both from the train and the training classes what have you the resources as well as a mentoring sounds like the mentoring was actually the key issue I think it was yeah the mentoring I think the classes are a great foundation and they spur a lot of curiosity and further research and reading into business but to having the mentorship where you can bring in a problem a specific problem or a specific concern that you have and John can say or any of the counselors can say okay well why don't you look at it from this fresh perspective it's invaluable the mentoring goes through all three groups and we'll talk about yes the mentoring goes through all three groups and what Chuck is saying is there's all sorts of stages so there's all there are many ways that you can help we get together and we have a topic in addition to that when I mentor I basically say are there any crises because crises always come they are not planned but those are where you can do the mentoring and as you develop the relationship the trust develops and then it turns into a real friendship business etc it's great tell me about the mid group the 30 35 to 45 or 50 group a lot of that group is the where women come in they come into that group out of having started a family and they are now going into business because of the flexibility and that group generally has if they're married they have somebody that can support them they generally have some funding that they can do and what they're really interested in is the flexibility of being an entrepreneur and being able to be their own boss and to come back in so that they don't have to come in at low level the 45 plus group in terms of entrepreneurship percentage is the one that's been increasing over the last 10 years but this group is a very important group because they're very highly skilled people mostly women but highly skilled great chuckling to ask you after going through the program and experiencing a high level success you then became a mentor and a counselor is that correct I did I did actually the chronology was a little bit different than that I immediately felt an attraction to become a mentor because I saw the value of it and so that's what I did after you know things got very busy about to 10 years beyond when I started mentoring so at that point I tapered off the mentoring a little bit but I've always been a client of scorer throughout when you did that when you entered the mentoring program yes you go through a training you need John I assuming we have a very extensive program yeah about six months of programming in order to understand how to counsel how to mentor making sure we take all the classes so we know what we're telling people the program is very rigorous and many people that want originally to join scored don't finish because we ask that they are dedicated and knowledgeable and professional well that's very good it's when I touch on the young people now the ones coming out of school or roughly 20 to 35 will say yeah and how they are engaging with us they are wonderful they are better than going to college to recruit because they come in with all these new ideas all of the energy they're the ones that are with all of the mobile devices they're the ones that really have the drive and what they really like and why it works so well is they really liked the experience so they can get help and we do them many of them are even in college at the time sir can we ask you based on your experience both as a participant in program as a counselor what are some of the biggest misconceptions when you meet somebody as an advisor or counselor what are the typical misconceptions me ask well I think the initial misconception which I had i must confess when i first started the program was if it's free it must not be that good quality and that is completely wrong yeah they ask or

counselors have amazing resumes when you look at them I know John's resume very well and other counselors that I've worked with and so that's the first misconception I would say that was was critical for me to understand another misconception I think would be would have to do with the fact that as people sometimes we have our pride and we say I really know pretty much what I need I don't really need someone else to tell me what to do and so there's a certain humility that has to take place I think to pick up the receiver and say I would like to explore some ideas with someone else who has probably more experience than I have and when you talk with somebody who's been in an industry that you want to be in who has had 30 years or 40 years in that industry and you might have had five or ten it's a revelation right trying to like you to take a moment let our audience know how they can contact score and what we would like them to do is go online they can immediately sign up for a course or sign up for counseling they can call our office and we will help them there our office is open nine to five monday through friday well John I definitely want to thank you very much for your time coming by and sharing the experiences and information about score and Chuck great to have you as a walking testimonial of a person who went through the program and join the program so thank you both for joining us tonight and we look forward to hearing about your continued successes thank you thank you very much this is jim connor i'd like to thank you for joining us for this week's episode of Game Change of silicon valley each week we'll address an area of innovation that may emerge as game change of tomorrow we look forward to your continuing interest and participation in upcoming shows good night now you you City University of New York (CUNY).