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We interviewed lots of people aged from 14 to 60,here is a part of our interview transcription.

USER INTERVIEW Office Lady Gender: Female Height : 162cm Age: 22 Q: How often do you take subway? A: Nearly everyday. Q: Where will you stand,when there is no place for sit? A: Find a place can be lean on, such as the sides of subway and the vertical handrailing. Q: Catching handrailing or lean on a place ,which will you choose? A: I will lean on the side of subway becauce i want to play mobile phone game. Q: Will you stay away from the door when you get on subway? A: It is hard to say ,but i think stay away from the door will be incovienient for me to get off.


Q: What will you do in the subway? A: I scan my Weibo or chat with my friends through Wechat most of the time and sometimes just do nothing. Q: Will you sit the seat that was used by strangers second before? A: No , that make me feel embarrassing Q:When you take heavy luggage,where will you put your luggage?Will you put them in luggage rack? A: I just leave them aside me, My strength is not big enough to put them on rack, and it is also not easy to get off.

We found that most of people play game or scan their Weibo using Mobile phone or ipad in subway . What is more, most of them choose to lean on the side of carriage or the vertical handrailing, because they need two hands to conduct the mobile devices. Lean on the side of carriage make them feel safe. Passengers with large cases just put their luggage aside them but not put them on luggage rack, which lead to large space waste.




After research, I found that people are used to lean on some places rather than just hold something.For that reason,I add this faculity for people to lean ,which is easy and space saving.



Change straight handrailing into curve ,which can hold more people to use at the same time.

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In the rush hour, all seats can be folded and become place for lean,except for those light colour seats. With adjustable seats, passengers are able to lean on instead of just sitting, which make subway more efficient and space-saving.

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Use different ground painting colour to hint people that do not take up too much space.