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Wang-Hsun LIN Portfolio




WANG-HSUN LIN PORTFOLIO “ Continuing Accumulating in My life, Expanding more than Others. I found that Experiences and Efforts accurate My dream. ”




Wang-Hsun Lin Date of Birth : 28 November 1988 Telephone : +886 2 29890147 E-Mail : Address : 6F., No.43, Ln. 165, Zhongzheng N. Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan

EDUCATION MBA at Asia University (91.88%)

9 / 2011 - 6 / 2013

- Awarded “Young College Elite of 2013” (Organized by China Youth Corps) - Recipient of 2013 School Founder Award (On behalf of the Department) BA in Business Administration at Asia University (88.69%)

9 / 2007 - 6 / 2011

- Recipient of 2010 School Founder Scholarship - Recpient of 2011 School Founder Award (On behalf of the Department)

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Volunteer at Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

2009 to date

- Received professional instructions on digital animation desing and production - Worked in the 2014 campaign to stop child abuse at the Taipei Trains Station - Involved in the 2014 Chinese New Year fundraising where volunteers collected donations to give 1,500 NTD per household to the disadvantaged groups The Student Association of the Department of Business Administration


- Served as Minister of broadcasting - Responsible for promotional works, including posters, pamphlets and venue displays

WORK EXPERIENCE Summer Internship ( procurement ) at Sports City International Week 1: Took part in staff training and work briefings at the corporate headquarter Week 2 & 3: Took part in overseas internship programme at a clothing factory in Cebu, the Philippines. Developed a creative and effective report on improving factory conditions. Week 4: Involved in corporte charities, including working as volnteer counselor to student dropouts and worked on building a bamboo shelter for fundraising.

CERTIFICATIONS - Techficiency Quotient Certification (TQC) PowerPoint 2003 Primary - Level C technician for accounting - Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Usre - Enterprise Resource Planning Application Engineer for Distribution Module - Enterprise Resource Planning Application Engineer for Manufacturing Module - City & Guilds Foundation Award in Management Principles - City & Guilds International Introductory Award in Customer Service (Chinese) - City & Guilds International Introductory Award in Selling (Chinese) - City & Guilds International Introductory Award in Conflict Handling (Chinese) - Principals’ Training Center (PTC) Course Completion Certificates

7 / 2012


Sandglass Calendar The accumulation of time 03

Fill in Dollars , The Help The accumulation of money 17

Straw-Shaped Bookmark The accumulation of knowledge 43

Positive Energy Board The accumulation of experience 57

Lamp of Reunion The accumulation of family and friends 73

Others 85 Product Design Course, University of Arts, London Department of Creative Product Design, Minor Degree at University Art Designs Paintings

PREFACE I have had a strong

interest in ART DESIGN

since childhood; every time when I need to do something

Related to Design,

I ALWAYS ENJOY IT. From primary school to graduate school, or from internship at a corporation to serving military service, I have put tremendous efforts into assisting with work regarding art design to accumulate my experience at every stage.

Studying in

ART DESIGN is the dream of my life.

Only until now have I set my mind

to Fulfill My Dream.

To achieve success requires opportunities and accumulation, just as the concept of accumulation in my portfolio. The five products represent

the Accumulation of TIME,


respectively. Now I am ready but only lack opportunity, hoping that I can gain the opportunity to study in your programme and allow me to work on my dream road as far as I can.



To Accumulate Over A Long Period



Concept The timer used in Ancient China was the projection of the sun and its orientation. Western ancient civilizations also used the sun and moon to ascertain the time, date, and season. In addition, they would use twigs and bones as tool to record the lunar phase. With time passing, the way of recording time has become more convenient and more precise. From early-stage sandglasses and sundials to modern watches and calendars, these tools have brought people the most accurate information about the time. Using the way of time calculation as the theme, I combined early and modern ways of time calculation; among sunglasses, sundials, clocks, watches, and calendars, I chose two items as the representation of its time. The most representative timer from early times is the sunglass. Modern people check the date by using a calendar; therefore, I used calendar as the motif together with the appearance of sandglass, combing the concept of the two items to create a new product.


Product Concept Development Using the image of the sandglass


shape of double triangles.

Since the slow elapsing of sandglass means days passing, I

used the concept of layers to convey the idea of time accumulation. One page signifies one month, turning the page from top to bottom, just as the gradual accumulation of sand at the bottom of a sandglass.


The product’s concept can be reinforced by the change of colors.

Seasonal color change ->

Single color to make the gradient effects ->

gradient color change according to the four seasons. e.g., bule gradient or red gradient, etc.

There may also be customized service of color matching in the future.


Procedures of Production

※ Making the model


I cut the paper into 12 triangles of the same size.

Then I painted 12 triangles with different colors to differentiate one another. Triangles of different size within each triangle were cut out and I piled up these triangles to test. Results showed gradient effects.

Due to the soft quality of paper, I used a paperboard to make a model to ensure the effects and design.

I attempted to avoid undermining the aesthetics of the entity and maintain the product’s original appearance; at the same time, I hoped to be able to hang up the calendar. The source of my inspiration came from the moment I used my two fingers to hold the calendar; I used a piece of wire similar to the assistance of fingers to make the hook.





Introduction to the Model and Its Details ※ The appearance of the product is in the shape of sandglass ※ I used Illustrator to paint and arrange the twelve months. ※ Then I printed out the twelve months, trimmed the papers, and punched holes. ※ Through plastic rings, it is easy to flip the pages. ※ Each of the top gradient triangles represents a month, and through turning pages, the triangles will become smaller, just like the sand and days gradually elapsing. ※ The triangle at the bottom presents one color of a single month and date. Through turning pages, the triangle will become bigger, just as the concept of accumulation of sand of a sandglass.



I used a piece of aluminum wire to make a mobile hook so that it is easy to be hung up.


If you want to put the sandglass on the desk, simply make a reverse fold of the decorative sandglass on the cover to stabilize the calendar and then you can place it on the desk.




Life Of Endless Developmen



Concept As environmental issues have been placed importance on gradually, the society and individuals have become more positive towards holding a responsible attitude when treating the environment. From individuals to the whole nation, everyone is contributing to the natural environment. No matter it is about the carbon reduction, or recycling, or planting trees, etc. every one is making efforts for the earth. Trees are the most relevant to environmental protection among all. Planting trees can inhale excess carbon dioxide for people to mitigate the occurrence of global warming. Thus, I would like to reinforce people’s awareness of environmental protection through the concept of planting trees. One of the growing elements for organisms is water. Through absorbing water, trees are able to grow. Meanwhile, apart from basic growing elements for people, we need money to sustain our lives in reality. Therefore, I combined the concept of money and water to create a new product.


Product Concept Development In daily life, the most relevant object that makes me directly relate to water and money is the wishing fountain. The more coins thrown in the fountain, the higher the water level will be. Based on this idea, I assumed that the more coins are thrown in, the bigger the plant grows, that is, the input of money is like watering trees, and I tried to use this concept in the product. Penny bank is simplest way of saving money for the general public. As people save money, the tree grows taller. This is 020

to remind people of the importance of environmental protection. You can also contribute to the earth by money.





Procedures of Production

※ Making the model 1 : multi-types of coins penny bank *

I used a paperboard to cut out 4 rectangles of the same size, and made a coin slot in one of the rectangles.

Then I attached joints to the paperboard and made the 4 paperboards into a cuboid.

Three wood slices as platform were cut out, which fit in the inside of the cuboid. One slice was put at the bottom. The middle was left empty so that the platform can go through the space. I also put a tree on top as decoration.



After the interior installation was finished, the 4 paperboards were mounted and the test began.



I used the simplest way to convey the idea that it is because of the accumulation of coins that the tree can grow. Coins can be inserted at the bottom, meaning that the plant absorbs water by roots. The test results were that the platform successfully elevated; however, after amassing a lot of coins, the slot would get stuck. Furthermore, different sizes of coins also made it difficult to insert coins. For improvement, there was a second test.



” Making the model 2 : multi-types of coins penny bank (change the way of inserting coins and the shape) 

The second design was L-shaped and the space for coins was increased. Also, I used a paperboard to cut out the outline and changed the way of inserting coins: insert from the top. The interior mechanism was the same as the previous production.


To improve the problem of difficulties inserting coins, I tried to abandon the concept of inserting coins at the bottom and moved the slot to the top. I also set up a space for holding the coins. However, the test results were that the slot still got stuck and the platform did not elevate. Lastly, I tried to add another paperboard at the bottom to help improve this situation yet in vain.


※ Making the model 3 : single-type of coins penny bank *

During the third test, I still did not want to give up the idea of inserting coins at the bottom, symbolizing trees absorbing water by roots. Thus, I was still looking for other inspirations and solu-


tions. *

The inspiration that solved the problem: the concept of paper cup storage (it is cuboid-shaped and on the inside, the cups are piled up in layers; you have to pick up a cup from the bottom) and the idea of separating coin types (single-type of coins, having the same size, would not cause blockage)

I cut out 3 rectangles of the same size and 1 shorter rectangle as the bottom coin slot from a paperboard. Based on the concept of separating coin types, each penny bank could only be deposited with one type of coins.




The 4 rectangles were glued together. I added mortise and tenon joints to the interior and top and set up the wooden platform. The holistic design was thus made simple, not as complicated as before.


Finally, when inserting coins, I only needed to push harder upwards to make depositing easier. The test was successful. Not only depositing was easier, but the platform elevated.


” Making the model 4 : single-type of coins penny bank (advanced version) 

I used the third model to make advanced improvement. Also, I thought about the design of the depositing and withdrawing function at the bottom.


The mortise and tenon joints at the bottom were inspired by Taiwanese traditional pinball game. Since traditional pinball game used one panel as mortise and tenon joint to avoid the ball from falling, I used the concept and made it stick-shaped so that depositing could be smoother. The final test results were that not only could I successfully deposit money, but also I could easily withdraw the money.




Introduction to the Model and Its Details


It is vertical, easy for accumulating coins. Also, there are different designs for different types of coins.


The way of depositing money is different from that of an ordinary penny bank. You deposit money from the bottom. I tried to convey the idea that plants absorb water by roots to grow.



A tree is put inside the penny bank. The more coins are accumulated, the higher the tree will be elevated.



Mortise and tenon joints are on the inside and top to support the penny bank and to avoid the tree from falling out.




Two mortise and tenon joints at the bottom are easy to take off so that depositing and withdrawing will be easy.


Way of usage: one hand holds the penny bank, while the other inserts the coin from bottom to top.



Eager To Learn

Straw-Shaped Bookmark 043


Concept Taiwan has a long tea culture, and people consume colossal amounts of tea. In Taiwan, the tea franchises are prospering and the store density is high. The phenomenon has almost become a unique type of Taiwan Pride. We can easily see people with a beverage on the streets. Among all beverages, the most renowned is the bubble tea with tapiocas. Due to the shortage of information in earlier days, people received new information through books. Through reading, people could accumulate knowledge in hopes of enhancing their abilities. There’s an ingrained saying that “you obtain wealth by studying hard.” People then placed more importance on reading.


Product Concept Development I used the concept of everyone holding a drink and transformed it into everyone holding a book. I combined the straws people use when drinking with the bookmarks people use when reading to convey the idea that people suck in the ingredients via straw just like they use bookmarks when reading. When people use straw-shaped bookmarks, they are sucking in knowledge from the 046

book, continuously enriching and accumulating their knowledge.





Procedures of Production

※ Making the model : bookmark clip *

I used a paperboard to cut out 2 rectangles as paper spring to represent the bending part of a straw.

Then I attached a rectangle both to the top and bottom of the paper spring. When the shape became a straw, I placed magnets underneath and altered it to a clip shape so that it would be convenient to clip on a book.

Since it would be too thick if adding magnets underneath the bookmark, also with the fear of damaging the book and inconvenience, I thus began the second test.


Introduction to the Model and Its Details ※ The holistic shape of the straw-shaped bookmark is like a drink with a straw.Through the shape of straw, I tried to convey the idea of people sucking in knowledge from a book. 052

※ The bending part of the straw was replaced with aluminum wire and the wire was entwined into the shape of string. I added cylinders to the top and bottom to present the shape of straw. ※ The straw on the top was designed to be an adjustable LED light. The inspiration came from the commonplace LED clip lights. Just with a press, the light can be switched on and off, allowing people to read in darker places.



” I abandoned the idea of clip at the bottom of the straw and made it into a cup with drawing of beverage. On the cup design, words and 3D design were added and then glued with the straw. The cup shape on the bottom was designed as a picture of beverage, such as bubble tea with tapiocas. Taiwanese tea culture can be promoted if foreign visitors buy this product. ” The reason why the bottom was designed bigger was that, apart from its aesthetic function, it could be better attached to a book, difficult to fall off.



Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way



Concept People encounter different challenges and goals in life. This is why our lives can be more colorful. People are fortunate if they can find their goals that will make them devote themselves to and take on the challenges. When setting specific goals, people will not waste their time by doing things aimlessly. Goals can be long-term or short-term. We can start from short-term goals as the starting point. Through continuous accumulation of achieving short-term goals, we can encourage ourselves more to move on to goals in the longer run. I used this concept as the starting point to create a product that allows people to gain a better understanding of the progress of goals and the rate of achieving the goals through actual records.



I attempted to turn the progress of goals into actual product for investigation. The inspiration of this product came from the childhood game, Connect 4. During the game, players put plastic discs into a board; the player that connects successfully wins. I thus transformed this idea into people setting goals for themselves. Every time you reach a goal, you put in one disc. Accumulation continues till the goals are all fulfilled, goals such as planning proposals, learning goals, life dreams, etc.




Product Concept Development Since setting goals is like positive energy and positive energy is the trigger that supports and encourages people to improve themselves, I first thought about batteries, the representation of energy. Batteries glow and heat up if filled with electricity. Same as batteries, people will succeed in anything if they possess positive energy. Therefore, I used the concept of battery to design the product. The display of energy is differentiated through battery charging colors so that people can know the progress of their goals.


Procedures of Production

※ Making the model


I used a paperboard to make a Connect 4 game to test.

Then I cut out 2 rectangles of the same size, punched holes, and glued them together.

A few round pieces were made so that they could be inserted into the board. It turned out to be successful.



Introduction to the Model and Its Details ”

The appearance of the product is in the shape of battery. The design allows it to be hung up or placed vertically.


I used Illustrator to arrange the rows and columns of the energy board. Then the model was printed out in A3 size. I stabilized the printout onto the paperboard and began trimming. There were 3 columns in total. Every column was composed of 10 holes, 30 in total. In addition, there were 3 mortises at the bottom..


A plastic board was used to cut out 30 squares of the same size as the energy pieces. The energy pieces are in the shape of square. When charging is completed, the battery will be full.

The 3 holes on the top are the goal row. Every column can be replaced and written down with its own goal. Every time the user finishes a goal, they can set new goals as challenges.

The progress bar on the leftmost column makes use of the display colors when charging battery for differentiation. Different colors can directly


demonstrate the current progress. ※

On the bottom of every column, there is an individual mortise and tenon joint. Each time when the user reaches a goal, they only need to take out the tenon joint, and all the energy pieces will fall out. It is okay to put it back.

The container design on the bottom can conveniently collect and store the energy pieces. Other stuff can, of course, be put in the container. The extension of the product can be used for other purposes. For example,

family or company activities scoring board.



To Be Reunited



Concept Chinese culture has been long-standing. The most well known part of the culture is its traditional festivals and traditions. Traditional festivals with particular traditions and commemoration purpose were developed based on seasonal changes, time, etc. This also shows the accumulated traditional wisdom and life interests among Chinese people. Therefore, I thought about using Chinese traditional culture and traditions as my theme and introducing them to everybody. Traditional Chinese culture and traditions include eating, drinking, and having fun. Among all, eating is the most special. For every festival, there is a food with unique meaning. One of the most representative foods is glutinous rice ball. Having glutinous rice balls appears in many traditional festivals, such as Winter Solstice, Lunar New Year, and First Full Moon Festival. The meaning of glutinous rice balls is reunion and blessings for the future.


Product Concept Development Eating glutinous rice balls means reunion and blessings of the family. It is imbued with feelings of warmth and brightness. Thus, I combined this concept with lamps because lamps also give people a feeling of warmth and brightness. Every glutinous rice ball represents family and friends. No matter where you are, once you switch on this lamp, you will be filled with feelings of warmth. 076



Procedures of Production

※ Making the model *

I chose white and pink cotton balls resembling the colors of glutinous rice balls. Then, the balls were strung up and fastened.

I used adjustable wires to assemble and adjust the cotton balls.

The lamp and balls were put into a bowl to test. The test was successful.


Introduction to the Model and Its Details ※

The entire product looks like a bowl of glutinous rice balls.

I chose grained paper to make a bowl and made a hole underneath the bowl for the electrical wire to go through.


The cotton balls were strung up onto the wire and made into a rice ball dough.

Glutinous rice balls are on the top of the bowl. Every rice ball signifies the reunion of friends and family. In order to convey the idea that people are strung up together, I used wire to string up the rice balls, rendering it also easy to be adjusted.






Product Design Course, University of Arts, London Department of Creative Product Design, Minor Degree at University Art Designs Paintings

Product Design Course, University of Arts, London

/ 2014

I n the course Product Design at University of Arts, London, I used Lego to introduce myself:

the big heart means I am a considerate, passionate, loving person. In front of the heart, I put

5 figures of different shapes, symbolizing that I like to make friends with people from around the world because friends enrich my life and make it colorful.


Choose one product to analyze its texture and functionality and used different ways to sketch (closing my eyes; changing my hand; finishing in one stroke). I chose USB. Finally, I zoomed in the USB, sketched the details, and then made the model (the head of the USB).



Dismantling Products: I chose the toy hand grenade.Use the dismantled parts to recreate a new product and explain the concept.

“ War and Peace � Birds symbolize peace. I used the parts of the hand grenade to make a bird that means stop fighting wars and pursue peace. I used the concept and further developed three products, i.e., bird nest, candle stick, lamp.




Choose some items from the parts dismantled by the whole class and create a new shape and concept. I chose mercury battery, the frame of a pocket watch, wood frames, etc. to create “London Eye and Big Ben�

F or my final project, I had to come up with a work related to the UK. I thus thought of “Monthly Calendar keychain”, “Landscape Drainboard”, and “London Eye Fork Set”. I then chose one of them to make a model.

“ Monthly Calendar keychain ” I gathered all the famous landmarks in London to make a calendar keychain, including the London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, etc. Each month represents an attraction. The content of the calendar contains the introduction to the attractions.


“ Landscape Drainboard � I was inspired by raindrops and River Tames. When it rains in London, the rain will drop from buildings and into the river. I used this concept in the dish rack used in the kitchen. The rack is in the shape of famous buildings in London. When you finish doing the dishes and put them on the rack, it will be like the rain falling into River Tames. There are also a few little boats underneath the rack to increase the fun.


“ London Eye Fork Set ” Afternoon tea is well known in the UK. I used all the things that will be used when having afternoon tea and combined them with the London Landmark “London Eye”, creating a fork set. After washing, the user can dry the forks by putting them on the Ferris Wheel, which will become a special art piece.



Department of Creative Product Design, Minor Degree at University

/ 2008 11

“ Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils ” The phrase Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils came from Buddhist scripture. It includes Deva, Nāga, Yaksha, Asura, Garuda, Kinnara, Gandharva, and Mahoraga, respectively representing the eight races in non-human entities. The present work is to bestow the spirit and features of the eight races upon eight models. Together with Sanskrit, I tried to convey the profound religious meaning in this work. Also, I used character,

, to symbolize

fortune and good luck in the design at the bottom.


Silver- In Buddhism, gold is often deemed dignitary. It represents Budda and Guanyin. The eight guardians in this theme are not ranked higher than immortals, but they are still important guardians for gods. Thus I used silver as the surface paint to present the respect shown by the people.

Black background and golden words- used

in Buddhist scripture as the black back-

drop, and decorated it with golden Sanskrit, displaying the solemnness and staunchness of Buddhism.


“ Taipei Construction Monthly Calendar � Among the 6 new industries promoted by the government, there are tourism industry and creative industry. Thus, I would like to combine the two industries and create new products to promote Taiwan.


Landmarks and scenic spots that attract tourists


+ Culture

Buildings that represent Taipei culture

According to the 10 best tourist attractions, characteristic architecture, historical buildings, and museums by the voting on the Taipei City Government website, I chose 12 types of architecture in total as the theme of the calendar. 1 / Taipei 101.

2 / Miramar Ferris Wheel Hall.

4 / Taipei Yuanshan Hotel.

5 / The Presidential Palace.

6 / Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. 7 / National Palace Museum. 9 / Lungshan Temple. 10 / Taipei Fine Arts Museum. 11 / Ximen Red House. 12 / Shinkong Skyscraper.

3 / Chiang Kai Shek Memorial.

8 / Living Mall.


I used Illustrator to arrange the calendar and illustrated the shapes of architecture. And I printed out the calendar with finished typesetting and began trimming.

ART Designs











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