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Week 9 Studio Journal Picture of the 3D section detail:

Again, the main components of this section consists of a sarking, precast concrete pavers, weep holes, flashing, flat plate steel, sealant, sill brick, flush plasterboard ceiling, aluminium window sill and tiled wall finish over cement sheet lining. The weep holes are very important for buildings because they provide ventilation to wall and roof cavities. It will help to prevent dampness, mildew and dry rot affecting the internal components of a dwelling. Weep holes also provide a drainage system to allow water, flooding and condensation to escape the wall cavity.

With the main material of steel, regarding sustainability and environmental analysis, the embodied energy is 44,659.2 kJ/kg. It is easy to assemble, reduces construction time and costs. It also retains low levels of heat from solar radiation and improves internal air quality. Steel also has a long lifespan, which is designed for disassembly and reuse, it is 100% recyclable which reduces waste to landfill.

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Week 9 studio journal  
Week 9 studio journal