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Yuan Cui I 崔媛 Birth I 出生年月 1988.4 Address I 地址 Ciyunsi 48 - 406, Chaoyang 100025,Beijing 北京市朝阳区慈云寺 48 号楼 406 号,邮编 100025 Email I 邮件

Resume 简介 Education I 教育背景 10.2010 - 03.2014 Leibniz University Hanover, Germany Faculty of Architecture and Landscape B.Sc. Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

德国汉诺威莱布尼兹大学 建筑与景观学院 景观建筑与环境规划学士学位

09.2006 - 09.2010 Tongji University, Shanghai, China B.Sc. Biotechnology

同济大学 生物技术学士学位

09.2003 - 09.2006 Beijing No.4 High School


Internship I 实习经历 03.2013 - 06.2013 Landschaftsarchitektur+ Felix Holzapfel-Herziger(L+), Hamburg, Germany

景观事务所 Landschaftsarchitektur+ Felix Holzapfel-Herziger (L+), 德国汉堡

02.2010 - 04.2010 StarArt.Co.Ltd, Beijing


Languages I 语言 Chinese : mother language German : fluent English : good

Skills I 电脑技术

中文:母语 德语:流利 英语:良好

Selected Works 作品 bachelor thesis 本科毕业设计

A re-use concept for the Landfill Bei Shen Shu in Beijing Beijing, China


北神树垃圾填埋场改造再利用 中国北京

copetition 竞赛作品

Lange Street I cooperation with group L+ Horneburg, Germany 朗格街 I L+ 团队作品



Opening the Kamen's downtown to the restructured Seseke River I cooperation with group L+ 11 Kamen, Germany

连接卡门市中心与泽泽克河 I L+ 团队作品 卡门市,德国

Redesign the Coburger Street I cooperation with group L+ Lichtenfels, Germany 寇布格街改造 I L+ 团队作品


利希滕费尔斯 , 德国

student projects 学生项目

Wind Paths - a climate park for the city Mannheim Mannheim, Germany


风 · 径 - 曼海姆气候公园 曼海姆,德国

Floating Harbor

Steinhuder Meer, Germany


施泰因胡德湖, 德国


A re-use concept for the Landfill Bei Shen Shu in Beijing 北神树垃圾填埋场改造再利用 Bachelor Thesis I 本科毕业设计 12.2013-03.2014 Mentor I 导师 Prof. Dr. Martin Prominski Dipl.-Ing Elisa Serra Leibniz University Hanover Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Institut für Freiraumentwicklung SIZE 33 hectare LOCATION Beijing Yizhuang Economic-Technological Development Area, China CHALLENGE a 54m mountain of garbage in residential and industrial area SOLUTION a multi-functional landfill-park with new wetland HIGHLIGHTS - The concept "Metabolism" - The Transformation from waste to resource E.g. methane --> electricity for escalator and lights, Leachate and rainwater --> wetland. - A variety of activities for the citizens - Contribution to help relieve the Waste Crisis in Beijing 面积: 33 公顷 地点: 北京亦庄经济技术开发区 现状问题 54 米高的垃圾山 解决方案 多功能休闲公园 方案亮点 -“城市代谢体”的概念 - 从垃圾到资源的转型 比如利用沼气发电功能的大型扶梯, 由渗滤液和回收雨水造景的湿地水景 - 为市民提供各种各样的活动场地 - 缓解北京的垃圾围城问题 1


The Landfill Bei Shen Shu will soon be closed in 2014 and by then the 33 hectares' site will be available for use. This bachelor’s thesis proposes a design Wind Path that transforms this landfill with negative image to a high-quality, versatile and exciting recreation area.The design also suggests a solution that may resolve the waste crisis of the entire city. People in the city can play an active role during the transformation though various activities, such as urban gardening, playing and sporting, from which they can learn about the resolution and prevention of the waste issue. Based on the concept of “Metabolism”, the Landfill Park will function as an important multifunctional organism of the city where the waste can be converted to resources and the hill will turn into landscape. Site is located in the Economic Development Zone, surrounded by residential and industrial area, hardly accessible. There are three types of space: the plateau, the slop and the road. Grass is preferred over trees because of the nature of the soil on the landfill. Moreover, specific strategies will be developed to protect the land against the heavy rainfall in summer. 位于北京亦庄经济开发区内的北神树垃圾处理厂 将于 2014 年封场。由垃圾堆体形成的占地 33 公 顷的场地等待着一种新型的使用方式。本设计探 讨了一种由垃圾场转型为公共空间的理念,展示 了该垃圾场如何由一个承载着恶劣环境影响的负 面形象转变成高质量的、可供市民使用的休闲公 园。同时,本方案也着眼于改善整个城市的垃圾 问题。在“城市代谢体”的概念下,改造后的北 神树垃圾场将作为一个城市的代谢器官起着净化 作用。在这里,垃圾降解变成资源,垃圾堆体被 植物覆盖变成绿地,人们通过参与种植、游乐、 运动、休闲、观景等活动体会垃圾的巨大危害, 并学习减少垃圾产生的方法。设计希望通过这种 方式能够缓解北京的垃圾围城问题。 场地周围分布有居住区和工厂,入口单一。堆体 分为平台、边坡和环形道路三种空间类型。其覆 土层不宜乔木生长, 建议种植草本。对于夏季北 京的强降雨天气需采取适当策略应对。


Concept I 概念






energy conversion 能量转换

recycling 循环再利用

biomembrane 生物膜

The fundamental idea of this design is the concept of “Metabolism” in biology, which refers to the dynamic chemical transformations in a living organism. It consists of three steps: the absorption of materials, the transformation within the organism and the release of the products into the environment. To begin with, the existence and development of the landfill corresponds to the first step, i.e. the absorption. Next, the transformation of the waste occurs continuously within the landfill site resulting from the bacterial degradation. In addition, the overall image of the surface of the landfill will also be altered. This task is divided into three parts: “recycling”, “biomembrane” and “energy conversion”. The park, as a result, will be a new landscape with wetland and grassland, a place for multiple uses and activities. Methane gas will be generated, collected and used as energy source to produce electricity for the escalators and lighting system. Biodiesel will also be produced from planting energy crops, such as sunflowers, on the top of the hill. In the End, the metabolic products of the garbage hill are green, health and energy, which will be delivered back to the city. 概念得自于生物学术语“代谢”,指发生在 有机体内的全部化学变化,主要有三个步骤: 吸收原料,物质能量转化和释放产物。 垃圾场的形成与发展反映了“吸收原料”的 过程。 在垃圾场内部,由于微生物降解的作用,物 质能量转化在持续不断地发生着。本设计的 任务是使场地表面同样发生变化。改造措施 分为了三个主题:循环再利用,生物膜和能 量转换。改造后的公园将形成由湿地和边坡 上高度递变的草地组成的新景观,在不同高 度层为市民提供多种多样的活动场地,垃圾 降解产生的沼气将用于发电并提供公园内大 型扶梯和灯光系统的电力,山顶种植能源植 物用于制造生物柴油。 最后,绿色、健康和能源将作为代谢产物反 馈给城市。 4

Design I 设计


main entrance

wetland B

biomembrane entrance north

community Garden escalator



playground observation deck

energy conversion energy crop field

entrance east

urban gardening


night plan A ditch

entrance south

Masterplan I 总平面图 5

Section Aktivities I 活动场所剖面图 6


Urban Gardening 游戏场地





Recreation 观景台

Observation deck

Section AA' I 剖面图 AA'

Section BB' I 剖面图 BB'


Perspective Community Garden I 种植花园效果图

Perspective Observation Deck I 观景台效果图


Lange Street Horneburg 霍尔内堡朗格街 competition (1.prize) I 竞赛一等奖 work as illustrator in the L+ group I 承担 L+ 团队中绘图工作 06.2013 CLIENT I 招标方 Flecken Horneburg, Horneburg (DE) ASSIGNMENT I 设计要求 A design concept for the interface of the important historic district, including furniture, lighting and other equipment. 为重要历史街区朗格街设计路面装饰,包括公共设施、照明等 PROGRAM I 绘图程序 Vectorworks CAD,Adobe Photoshop,Sketch Up

Section Lange Street I 街道剖面图


Masterplan I 总平面图

Structure Plan I 城市结构示意图

Section I 剖面图

Detailplan I 铺装细节

Section I 剖面图

Perspective Square I 广场效果图


Opening the Kamen's downtown to the restructured Seseke River 连接卡门市中心与泽泽克河 competition I 竞赛 work as illustrator in the L+ group I 承担 L+ 团队中绘图工作 04.2013 CLIENT I 招标方 Kamen City, Germany 德国卡门市 ASSIGNMENT I 设计要求 to bring the renatured Seseke closer to the citizens and to integrate it into urban life 通过设计将经过自然恢复后的泽泽克河引入 城市生活,成为市民休闲场所 PROGRAM I 绘图程序 Vectorworks CAD,Adobe Photoshop

Detailplan I 铺装细节


Masterplan I 总平面图

Section Mühlentor Square I 米伦托广场剖面图

Section Auepark I 河谷公园剖面图

Section Promenade I 林荫道剖面图


Redesign the Coburger Street 寇布格街改造 competition I 竞赛 work as illustrator in the L+ group I 承担 L+ 团队中绘图工作 03.2013

CLIENT I 招标方 Lichtenfels City, Germany 德国利希滕费尔斯市 ASSIGNMENT I 设计要求 to enhance the spatial, functional and aesthetic connection of area in north of th railway to the new commercial center in the south 通过设计加强铁轨北部城 区与南城新建商业中心在 空间上、功能上以及形象 上的联系 PROGRAM I 绘图程序 Vectorworks CAD, Adobe Photoshop

Masterplan I 总平面图 13

Section Underpass I 地下通道剖面图

Section Coburger Street I 街道剖面图

Masterplan I 总平面图

Detailplan I 铺装细节


Wind Paths - a climate park for the city Mannheim 风 · 径 - 曼海姆气候公园 student project in 5th. semester I 第五学期学生项目 01.2013 partner I 搭档 Annegret Birner-Brandhoff instructor I 指导教师 Dipl. Ing. Elisa Serra Dipl.-Ing. Verena Butt Leibniz University Hanover Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Institut für Freiraumentwicklung SIZE hectare LOCATION the green corridor northeast of downtown Mannheim, Germany CHALLENGE - Heat island effect in the downtown area - Re-use of abandoned barracks SOLUTION A climate Park with integrated Grass Park, which can lead the cold air into the downtown and targeted residential areas HIGHLIGHTS - Establish a fresh air path - Visualization of the wind through the design of paths - Use forest, orchardand and farm to change the wind direction - Use different sort of grass in the Grass Park 面积: 500 公顷 地点: 德国曼海姆市西北的绿色廊道 现状问题 内城热岛效应,一座废弃军营的再利用 解决方案 一个能将冷空气引入内城的气候公园,其中包含一个草丛公园 方案亮点 - 建立了一条新鲜空气通道 - 通过道路的方向具象表达风的形象 - 树林、果园和牧场作为改变风向的元素 - 在草丛公园内使用各种不同草本植物 15

Masterplan Climate Park I 气候公园总平面图

Long Section I 长剖面示意图 16

Masterplan Grass Park I 草丛公园总平面图

Legend Vegetation I 植物图例

Section Grass Park I 草丛公园剖面图 17

basic principle: wind 设计原则:风

basic principle: user 设计原则:人

Perspective Grass Park I 草丛公园效果图

The objective of the design Wind Path is to develop a strategy to use the green corridor at the northeast of downtown Mannheim, which will potentially improve the climate in the city by reducing the heat island effect, and to create a sophisticated open space for local residents. The concept of the design is inspired by the idea of directing the cold air from the mountain areas into the city. To visualize this idea, a road system is planned in correspondence with the motion of the wind.Specific strategies have been proposed so as to ensure that the wind can be directed to target areas in the city, including the use of grass and establishing blocking elements to redirect the wind.

本设计的任务是为曼海姆西北方向的绿色廊 道寻找一个适当的方案,使其既能起到减 轻热岛效应从而改善城市气候的作用,同 时又能为当地居民提供休闲娱乐场所。方案 “风·径”的灵感来自于将山区冷空气引入 城市的理想风向。廊道内的道路系统被设计 成了相应的方向和形状,从而在视觉上反映 出“引风入市”的路径。方案采取了一系列 措施试图将风引向目标区域,包括使用低矮 的草本植物和建立树林等元素改变风向。气 候公园的中心区域是一片废弃的军营,被设 计为一个能够大量产生冷空气的草丛公园。

Perspective Orchard I 果园效果图

Section Orchard I 树林剖面图 18

Floating Harbor 漂浮港湾 , 施泰因胡德湖, 德国 student project in 2nd.semester I 第二学期学生项目 07.2011 instructor I 指导教师 Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Rob Schittek, Dipl.-Ing. Angela Düppenbecker Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur Fakultät Architektur und Landschaft Leibniz Universität Hannover

SIZE 200 m2 LOCATION in the Steinhuder Meer lake CHALLENGE to design a park, which schould be floating on the water surface SOLUTION Floating Harbor, as a dock for boats, and a park for visitors HIGHLIGHTS - Linear and symmetrical shape - Grass slope with corten steel, for sitting, lying and enjoying the flowing landscape - Stone blocks on the edge for playing with water 面积: 200 平方米 地点: 德国施泰因胡德湖 现状问题 设计建造一座在湖上漂浮的公园 解决方案 漂浮港湾,既能供船只停泊,又能供游人休憩 方案亮点 - 线型对称结构 - 使用耐候钢材料建造的草坡,供游人坐卧并欣赏岸上的流动风景 - 边缘的石块小品提供亲水场地



Ground Plan I 平面图

Structure Plan I 结构示意图


Detail Pontoon I 浮板细节示意图

Model und Photomontage I 模型和合成照片


Thanks For Reading 感谢阅览 Yuan Cui 崔媛

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