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new exhibition hall

kobe municipal museum



museum shop

shopping district

Inner Courtyard

People are ab purchase som designers after s sumitomo bank


Ground plan

d view of the New Museum:

ble to sit around and rest, me works of artists and seeing the exhibition.

View from the Street : People can hear music everywhere on the street while enjoing shopping. The trees on the side will turn red in the fall, and give a feeling of autum to whose who visit here.




food wagons Bar



Ground plan

Street View : Automobiles ar wagons can co lunchbox sold o present time, th and there is a pl

re shut out of this area from 10 to 9, during the day food ome and sell their products on the street. Since the on the street are quite popular among the workers at the hey would prefere to eat outside when the weather is fine leasant place to rest.

Bicycle Shed and Store : Rental bicycles are available to be leased and returned at the designated sheds. Bicycle sheds are located near a member shop, so should there be any questions they just need to ask.

TAI-SAN-JI COMMUNITY SCHOOL Tai-san-ji community school is an elementary school located in the sub-urban area of Kobe. The school is blessed with the nature and is closely related to rural life and the forest. The main aim of this project is to find continuity between people and nature by creating an abstract forest inside the architecture. This way we can symbolize the tree as a heart of education and community. So the design of the space is organized around the columns (as abstract form of tree).

2006 Summer


staff room staff room

music room

play room

class 5



class 6

dining hall

class 4


class 3

w.c. class 2



class 1

symbolic tree

athletic field




ground plan Scale=1:1000

concept Since the School is in such a lovely location, the space should be designed to enable students feel the nature close-by. The original idea came from the open-air classes from the old time. Students used to gather under trees and listen curiously what the teacher has to say. The space is deliberately designed in order to reproduce this feeling, keeping it open and transparent as much as possible. Classrooms are designed around columns so that students can gather under these imaginary tree and study.



sailcloth tuber steel

Use of artificial lighting should be refrained as much as possible during the daytime. Above the classrooms, there are several openings on the ceiling. Below the skylights there are sail-clothes used to soften sunlight and regulate the temperature the same way as leaves of trees.

pillars Tuber steel pillars are arranged symmetrically with respect to a point and form a web to balance themselves to support the roof. This way of distribution allow them to look like they are placed in disorder at eye-level and so that they can be perceived as more natural and similar to actual trees. Then, classrooms are placed around these pillars on platforms directed towards different directions.




view from eye-level

location of pillars grid plan

tuber steel

earthen floor

chestnut floor classroom

polyester resin


(Axonometric projection)

library for community The library is located on top of the hill. From the library, students are allowed to take books outdoors and read them when the weather is fine. In the forest, there are bookshelves that have locks on. Anyone can come and leave their used books inside these shelves. The main puropse is to help the local people to communicate with the kids more and hand down their knowledge to the next generation without having to waste it.


outdoor reading spaces second hand book shelves

elevation view looking west Scale=1:200


elevation view looking south Scale=1:200


portfolio of works

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