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鄭 宇 容 Cheng Yu-Jung 2006- 2010

Department of Industrial Design National Cheng Kung University,Taiwan 國立成功大學 工業設計系,台灣 2003- 2006

Stella Matutina Girls' High School 曉明女子高級中學


Extracurricular Activities

uring the life of university, I have been active in not only the academic activities,

2010 Light Design Workshop -leaded by Naomi Shoko Matsumoto

but also a variety of extracurricular activities.

2010 Southeast Asia International Design Workshop

For me, all these were the most precious

2009 Participate in the project of National Science Council-Virtual green entertainment

experiences and they greatly colored my life! I

2009 Interaction Design workshop leaded by Toshiba designer Watanabe, Shu and NAKAHARA, Shunsaburo

also appreciate those lovely, memorable times I

2008 International workshop with Chiba University in Tokyo, Japan

spent with my partners and friends.

2008 iCosmo Workshop of International Affairs

Experience 2010 Leader of publication design group of graduation design exhibition, NCKU


2009 Jun-Aug Internship at Duck Image industrial design company , Taiwan 2009 a member of staff of MOE Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Art and Design

Reading, traveling

2008 Leader of teaching group of ID Student Association


2008 Leader of documentary group in Thinkers’ Salon Club, NCKU

Performance art, drama

2007 a member of staff of Industrial Design Camp, NCKU



Freehand Sketching

2010 Bronze Prize of Product Design, 29th International Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX)

Photoshop, Illustrator

2010 Southeast Asia International Design Workshop

Solidworks, Rhino Hypershot

Individual design work: Gold Award / Team design work: Honorable Mention 2010 Prize Nomination of 7th YSED CUP Industrial design competition


Graduation Project Design


/aviva bike

/Rainbow Candy

International Competition

Automotive Design

/Arrow Crossing


/Match Incense

/New Concept Design

/Switch+ /Bubble Me

Personal Commercial Design /Coat-rack | A wise bird selects its tree.

International Workshop /Japan workshop

/Clock| Battle with Che /Book shelf| Not only eating but also reading /Chair| The invisible children

Graduation Project Design

GRADUATION PROJECT DESIGN 2010 2010 Department of Industrial Design, NCKU

Graduation Project Design

Bronze Award of 29th International Young Designers’ Exhibition

ď˝œGraduation Project Design 2010 aviva bike

An Absolute Female Bike

Tri-function aviva bike makes every woman keep balance between lovely family and herself life.

Graduation Project Design

After getting married, women have more than one aspect of role. ...but also a little woman.

She is not only a great mother,...

So she loves her sweet family,...

...,as she treasures her self satisfaction.

▋Design Concept Rooted f rom the heart and the emotional need of females, aviva combines three functions together and satisfy different using scenarios.

For Children Picking & sending | Safty seat

Let’s go for a ride!

Core value:

For Family Shopping

satisfy double identities of women by transforming

For herself Self satisfaction




foldable chair


he aviva is designed for females. Married women always play many aspects of roles, and strike to balance between family and selfhood. We believe that romantic feelings of women are natural, despite they become mother of children. aviva enables females not only to cherish their family, but also to lead an ideal lifestyle.

A ▋Target Users: House wife & 3-6 years-old children Qualified life Looking upon on children, family and herself Using bike as daily transportation

▋Market Position: Europe Transportation for short distance Sending and picking up children

s the name of “aviva”, it makes mothers feel like a delightful bluebird in spring. Tri-function aviva bike makes every woman keep balance between lovely family and herself life.“Safe aviva”-Mom and children share the happiest time during morning and evening with Safety seat. “Functional aviva”-Adjust the safety seat into storage space conveniently after shopping. “Free aviva”- he foldable seat which can easily transform to a deck chair, making mothers enjoy the serene moment whenever they want.

Graduation Project Design

Um... How about cooking the curry cuisine today? They love it so much!

I really love going to school with mommy !

  Safe aviva −always accompany you to the school


Remember the time we spent together on the way home and to the school? We share the same memory of going to school with parents- the sweetest and unforgettable experience in the old days. aviva ensures every happy day of parent and children with its ingenuity. Located at the f ront side, the safe seat and children are clearly in the sight of mothers and offering a broad view to children.


Functional aviva −easy shopping aviva integrates all daily activities easily. Mothers can go shopping after sending children to school, and adjust the safety seat into big storage space conveniently.

▋Smart transformation Users transform the seat into a basket quickly. With its shopping bag, mothers need not to prepare the extra one. ▋Mother-controlled devices With the mother-controlled offender in f ront of side and seat belt, mother can easily ensure the safety of children.





Graduation Project Design


Free aviva 竏値eisure time In a beautiful afternoon, mother rides to a park with a favorite book. She take off the foldable chair and adjust it to a best angle. Addicting herself to such a laid-back, anxiety-f ree and serene atmosphere, she feels as if she was still single. After two or three hours, she feels ref resh and is about to pick her loved one home.

I m lovin it!



m Good

G M uten or ge n!!

2010 Graduation Project Design Exhibition

International Competition


IF Concept Design Awards/ Arrow Crossing Match Incense Switch+ Bubble Me YSED/ Bubble Me

International Competition

IF concept design

hen it comes to rush hours, streets in cities are always


crowded with cars and people. People tend to run into others

accidently when crossing the streets, which brings unpleasant feeling and inconvenience from time to time. Arrow crossing decreases the accidents by providing the clear guidance to passersby. The arrow-shaped crossings clearly indicate the different directions of two sides, guiding people to follow the specific direction. In this way, not only the walkers can quickly pass the road, but also the elderly and the disabled can cross the road safely. Besides, the raised yellow lines drawn on the side can guide the amblyopic people following the right direction without bumping into coming passersby.


rry So


The raised yellow lines work as guidetiles, which guide amblyopic people passing roads safely.

Arrow-like lines give the pedestrians a hint to walk on separated ways.


International Competition

IF concept design


oss Sticks are traditionally burned in front of religious idols, shrines, and ceremonies in many Asian countries. People light up incense sticks with

Match ncense A new way to light Joss Sticks

lighters or stoves. It’s annoying waiting in line to light incenses in these public places. “Match Incense” is a new kind of incense stick design that combines itself with the head of a match. Displayed in auspicious graphs, the friction material is also combined with the package of “Match Incense”. To light the “Match Incenses”, users just have to strike the incenses on the friction material. In this way, “Match Incense” greatly simpliies the using process. People no longer need to prepare extra lighters anymore.

Strike on the friction material graph

Match Incense combined the head of matches

International Competition

IF concept design

International Competition

Prize Nomination of 7th Industrial design competition

International Workshop

JAPAN WORK SHOP + KANEBO 2008 academic workshop with Chiba University cooperation with Kanebo


he 12-days international workshop was hosted by National Cheng Kung University and Chiba University with the cooperation of

Kanebo company. About 20 students were divided into groups and were assigned to entail a series of cosmetic package design projects. With the interaction between diferent cultural impacts, the Japan Kanebo company aimed to study and inspire the market value of Taiwan. It included twice presentations( the irst design and the redesign) with the conduct of Kanebo company.

International Workshop

Analyze the life style of Tina and igure out the key factors of design

Within 30-40 year-old group

Tina Woring at a bank Age:32

Recognize Tina's life style

Work hour: 8:30~16:30


Like funny & flesh little things


Work Place:Bank Favorite bag


Face to people

Very busy

Brand-new experience for face!

Brand-new experience for face!

TRY IT! 1.Bend PINK DONUT to get some cream

2.Anoint the cream evenly on your face with PINK DONUT. 3.Use the roller to message your face 4.Put PINK DONUT into the cover PINK DONUT

after use it!

















First Presentation

A series included the conditioner, milk and lotion. Based on the design key words, I designed it as a round, asymmetry shape and pink color. he one worth a mention is the special donut-shaped message spoon with a small roll, which can message faces as well as applying the lotion on faces in the meantime. he packages were transparent in order to create a water-like feeling. Kanebo and teachers were interested in the “Pink Donut�, while they pointed out the higher produce cost of asymmetry form.

Key words


Curve Pink&white

Easy Female

Young Fit to hand Fun New Experience Transparent


International Workshop

Final Design

Front view Accordinig to the advices of teachers, I took the produce cost into consideration and redesigned the form as symmetry form and maintaining the curve of bottle in order to strengthen the stability.

he material of containers was also changed to glass due to the transparency and visibility. he message spoon “Pink Donut� could be stored in the cap of cream.

National Cheng Kung University Cheng, Yu-Jung

International Workshop

Final Design


歲 40忙碌美麗的妳訂做的專屬肌膚對策

Front view (with the package) With the transparent

package, the product

歲 40忙碌美麗的妳訂做的專屬肌膚對策


瞬間 濕潤感


displayed in a clear and attractive way. he “Pink Donut” was also packaged inside.


歲 40忙碌美麗的妳訂做的專屬肌膚對策

化妝水 Moisture



Moisture Milk



乳霜 Moisture Cream

瞬時轉變為 光澤濕潤的美肌

瞬間 濕潤感


瞬間 濕潤感

! National Cheng Kung University Cheng, Yu-Jung




n 2009, as a junior student, I attended one of the most famous industrial design companies in Taiwan. Along with me, there

were 9 intern students. Over the 2-month period, we entailed many kinds of design projects. Not only did we learn skills and practical methods from designers and partners via the real missions, but also did we experience the life of industrial designers. It made recognize that being an industrial designer is not as shallow as we normally thought, yet there are still so many ields waiting for designers to care about.

The first time to work in an industrial design company.


Flower water tube design


he design of lower water tube was one of the design works in the internship. Traditionally,

the lower water tubes are disposed after using due to Flower water tube design

the material and the plain look. Our designs aimed to provide the lower water tubes with additional value by changing the material, form and even the functions. According to the requirement of our client, we used a more sustainable material, PLA, into our design.

Banal Disposable No one would like to reuse it

Colorful Sustainable Everybody likes to use it decorate his and her home!



y proposal was inspired by JellyBelly, the sweet, colorful candy. With the simple, round shape in

abundant colors, the Rainbow Candy lower water tube opens a brand-new, delightful and childish world, coloring the banal life of people. It could be hanged on the wall with a magnet or by the rope tied on the hole. Also, the red ribbons are the best friends of them in special days!

Why not tie a ribbon on it to your loved ones?

Rubber: prevent water from leakage

Magnet Hole

Color scheme Chose your favorite color

Automotive Design


Brand Redesign| Tiguan research & design Development|Concept Automotive design research & design

Form design/Skeching skills/Redesign Conducted by Professor Bryon Fitzpatrick,College for Creative Studies

Automotive Design

Redesign Tiguan| Tiger+ lguana

Analsis of Tiguan 1.Bi-Xenon headlight-dierent from other brands 2.Most cars of VW share the same points in headlights. 3.Dual exhaust tips 4.Extended Lower Door Sill Design

Analsis of other cars of VW

Redesign to New Tiguan Change: The form of head and rear Keep: The features of light


Automotive Design

New Concept Automobile

â–‹Idea resources

â–‹Concept automobile design

Personal Commercial Design


1.Coat-rack | A wise bird selects its tree 2.Clock|Battle with Che 3.Book shelf|Not only eating but also reading 4.Chair| he invisible children


his course was concerning the culture in relation with the product design.In this course, we were divided into groups

and selecting a speciic culture as our design theme during the whole semester. We found that street culture, as a kind of subcultures, share many special, recognizable factors with teenagers and expressing their idea in distinctive ways. here were four products in our assignments- the cloth-rack, the clock, the book shelf and the chair.

Curriculum assignment in NCKU Product design of Street style series

Personal Commercial Design

▋2- clock design | Battle with Che

▋1- coat-rack design | A wise bird selects its tree.



he concept stems from the recognition of Che Guevara of street culture. It

he “war trees” and the “peace trees”

is not only a clock, but also a mirror. Every

grow in a forest in the meantime.

morning when you stand in front of the

Here coming a bird, selecting the peace

mirror, you become Che. Do you hear the

tree as its home. So a wise bird choose

voice from Che? He is speaking to you: “Hey

peace tree, as we dedicate to the world of

guy, battle with me!” hus you start a day


with unlimited energy and power!

his big clothes tree includes many street style factors, such as metal materials, the graiti, the sewer ladder.

A wise bird selects its tree.

Personal Commercial Design

▋3- Book shelf design | Not only eating but also reading

▋4- chair design | he invisible children


he 70-cm height book shelf is inspired by the humor sense of street culture. It is a giant

version French fries box made by plastic card boards, re-creating the structure of the original one. You need the spiritual food as you need the material food.Keeping eating, keep reading! I’m lovin’ it!


ave you ever notice the inhumanity behind the beautiful fairy tale?

When you seat on this Mickey-shaped sofa comfortably for a while, an invisible graph gradually becomes clear on the surface of sofa-a face of a child labor and a sentence “STOP CHILD LABOR”. he graph is printed in special heat sensor paint. It aims to draw attention from public and call for eradicating the child labors employed by famous enterprise like Disney around the world.

鄭 宇容

Cheng Yu-Jung

Mail: Mobile:+886-928-123-831

YuRong's portfolio  

YuRong's portfolio

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