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“ Excelsior. ”



林裕祥 Yu Hsiang, Lin +886-929-860-128


2015 2012

Kaohsiung Industrial High School - Graphic Arts and Communications


Uni Radio FM96.7 "創新一百 - 一張地圖,讓你讀懂台灣" Radio program - Honored to be invited



National Taipei University of Technology - Industrial Design

Teipei Tech 104 - 2 Industrial Design Week - Bronze medal award Teipei Tech 104 - 2 Industrial Design Week - Best concept award


Teipei Tech 105 - 1 Industrial Design Week - Bronze medal award


Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe InDesign/ Autodesk Sketchbook 3D

Autodesk Alias / Rhino / Keyshot / Autodesk Showcase

Personal 01 Water Drop 02 Zen

03 Cobra

Team Work

01 Easy Claim, Easy Go 02 Remind Mask


Taipei Tech Industrial Design Logo 01

Team Work

Taiwan Information Map - Living 01




Water Drop kettle

Industrial Design

Water Drop, Swing and roll like waterdrop. The drop has a load at the bottom, just like a wobbly man. And the bottom adopts detachable design for easy assembly disassembly and cleaning.

PERSONAL Designer: Yu Hsiang Lin



when elder use the general kettle pouring water,lack of strength may be the difficulty of raising it, and the pressure may harm their wrists, too.

The burden on wrist

Use general kettle is not only inconvience to pouring water, but also may cause the harm to elder's wrist.


when elderuse the general kettle pouring water,lack of strength may be the difficulty of raising it, and the pressure may hurt their wrists,too.


Tumbler Mechanics Principle Design make the keetle more stable. However, you don't worry about the weight, the detachable base can be separated from keetle,and provide a easier way for users.



Daily water requirement

More Stable

detachable base

Easy to pour water

Just leaning on, you can easily pour water down. Water Drop is different from the other keetles. Not only can easily to use, but also can decrease the burden on wrist.

Fault Tolerance

Usually, if not careful it is easy to spill water. However, Water Drop can avoid the occurrence of this situation, and the design at the bottom make keetle a balance.

“Swing, roll and dance.� Minimalist appearance, as mellow as water drop. swing like dancing, but it will never fall.

Easy to use




Zen Table Lamp Product Design

The meaning of zen is by meditation, helping Walker rising above commoners, turn knowledge into wisdom and Eradicating the confusion by opening the path of understanding. clear your mind, and being zen about everything.

PERSONAL Designer: Yu Hsiang Lin


The appearance of the product is like meditation, and the use of transparent glass material is like you "see through" the secular, and the light in the mask of the head just like you got an Epiphany.


Taper translucent black glass lampshade.


Press the handle down to turn on the power.

“Lamp Base”

The bottom can be placed personal items.


Cobra Gaming Joystick Product Design

With the concept of "V" appearance, to design a gaming joystick. Fast and Accurate, Just like COBRA.

PERSONAL Designer: Yu Hsiang Lin


"V" for Velocity, "V" for Violence, "V" for vanquish, "V" for Victory.

“V Shape”

“Hexagon Rubber Handle”

“Carbon Fiber”


Easy Claim Easy Go Baggage claim

System and Product Design

we improve the way people claim their baggage. Skip all this process, make people find all their bags at a time and moreover take them away directly. So, you can enjoy your trip right away after deboarding.

TEAM WORK Designer: Yu Hsiang Lin, Tzu Hsuan Cheng, Pin wen Zhang 29

“Problem and Background” To claim baggages could be an annoyed thing. Image you are pushing a luggage cart to the carousel and you pay all attention on the moving belt. you find your bag, You stretch you arm, bend over and make all your effort to pull it up. It's not easy for normal people, not to say the elderly or the disabled.

“What do we see?” Long trip makes people too tired to get their luggages.

“Research and Discussion”

after defined what the problem is, we started to search and collect the data. then, we brainstorming to get more concept and discuss the solution.

“Persona and Task analysis” Persona and Task analysis helped us define the question and find where the problem is.

“Solution and Concept�

We sketched some ideas and make a presentation.

“Easy Claim, Easy Go.�

We designed an airport baggage claim system. To passengers, after your traveling, just easy claim, and easy go.

“How to use?�

All you have to do just go through the following 3 steps.

STEP 1 Ticket Scanning

Scan your ticket, the system will identify your identity, and get all your luggages.

STEP 2 Cart Combination

Wait, and your luggages will on the cart and combine with the handle in front of you.

STEP 3 Cart Releasing Finish!

“How it works?�

How to deal with a big number of luggages? We adopted "Automated parking system" to classify all the luggages.

Automated parking system


Remind Mask mask

Product Design

Remind mask is a disposable mask with warning function, through colour changes to tell user when to change their dirty mask.

TEAM WORK Designer: Yu Hsiang Lin, Tan Kok Keong, Shen wen Wang


Nowadays, the usage of disposable mask is high and to continue increasing due to air pollution, factories and vehicles exhausted gases.


However, seldom people use it correctly and change their mask rapidly. Thus, we design a mask to remind user MASK MUST BE CHANGED, to provide them with a hygienic and comfortable experience.





Before Few Hours Later

After Few Hours Later

“Remind Mask�

Remind mask is a disposable mask with warning function, through colour changes to tell user when to change their dirty mask. PM 2.5 acidic solute molecules in the air reaction with the litmus extract on the mask causes the change of colour from blue to red which shows on the indicators.

When your mask getting dirty and dirty, the dirt adsorbed on the mask, indicators will changed of colour from blue to red.

Sulphur Dioxide (Acid) in Air

Clean Air


The sulphur dioxide acid turns blue litmus paper to red.

Inner Layer : Water Absorption Middle Layer : Fitration Litmus Indicators

Outer Layer : Waterproof

Flexible Fiber


Ductility and adjustable, suitable for both.

Taipei Tech Logo Logo / Business Card Graphic Design

I designed a logo for my college, i tried to gather all the factor of Industrial Design to design this logo. Hope this will be the symbol of Taipei Tech Industrial Design.

PERSONAL Designer: Yu Hsiang Lin

“Idea concept�

Using the letter I (self) and the letter D (develop ) to express the self-development and learning, and "industrial design" English abbreviation,.And the use of abstract flying Buzzard eagle to express we are getting to start, the future of design, and our endless possibilities. Also,the logo just like a triangle, and the triangle has the meaning of Goal, Dreams, and vision.

Taiwan Information Map Map

Graphic Design

We want to show the information about Taiwan. So, We used graghic art and some picture to design these posters and let people know this issue more clearly.

TEAM WORK Designer: Yu Hsiang Lin, Tan Kok Keong, Shen wen Wang, Jyun Li Peng, Bo Ru Shao, Enoch Chang


G R A P H Y-

“Conflict and Harmony� Natural and Unnatural, There is not much to say, just see.

Thank you for reading.


Hi, I am Yu Hsiang Lin. . . Contact +886-929-860-128


Hi, I am Yu Hsiang Lin. . . Contact +886-929-860-128