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History background In 1977, pastry chef Robert Linxe, who dedicated his life to chocolate, opened the first La Maison du Chocolat in Paris. Robert Linxe was notable for adding ganache to his chocolates. It is a silky blend of chocolate and fresh cream covered in chocolate. He slowly opened the boutiques in New York City, Tokyo, London and other big cities around the world. In 1996, Nicolas Cloiseau, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France chocolatier� joined La Maison du Chocolat. Pastry chef chocolatier by training and grand perfectionist of chocolate, Robert Linxe quickly recognized his innate artistic sense. In 2000, Robert Linxe created a position just for him to craft exceptional pieces, a new discipline in the creation atelier. For the past ten years, Nicolas Cloiseau has brought chocolate to life through his exquisite artistic creations, bringing forth the subtlety of the material. With his stamp of elegance and his artisanal prowess, he crafts a dreamlike universe at Maison du Chocolat offering chocolate amateurs the opportunity to taste an art in its own right.

Core Value Nicholas Cloiseau stated on the company’s official website,“I am on a constant quest to search for new raw ingredients to craft the chocolate of tomorrow.” La Maison Du Chocolat is dedicated to reinventing chocolate. The chocolatiers, under the direction of Nicolas Cloiseau, make their works of art, which require many weeks of teamwork to sculpt and decorate the seasonal pieces, a testimony to the versatility of chocolate. Veritable laboratory for brainstorming, the ateliers of la Maison are the birthplace of exceptional chocolate creations. Unique pieces, whether they be for custom-made editions, limited editions for holidays such as Easter and Christmas or other occasions, showcase the artistic passion of the brand. Comparable to “Haute Couture,” they express the quintessence of this noble material, chocolate, and demonstrate this invitation to dream, which is the hallmark of the grand Maisons.

Marketing Mix 4P

Brand Essence Wheel

Value Proposition For people have good taste and love sweets Who want to buy amazing gifts for themselves and others

Our French made chocolate That have smooth texture and beautiful packaging

Unlike GODIVA sells in convenient stores and in front of the counters in Macy’s

Our Offer personalized service to help customers choose the best products

Hotel Chocolat is the

Godiva is the one that

the most widespread around the world. People can even buy them in the convenient stores like Hudson, or on the street venders. However, it started to lose its identity as a luxury chocolate brand.

Neuhaus is another famous

luxury Belgian chocolate brand in Europe. It’s everywhere in Europe and spreads its stores to the other big city around the worlds. However, Neuhaus sells the packed gift box of chocolate in the airports and tries to open a lot of stores as soon as possible. I mentioned them as stores but not boutiques because most of the new stores do not give people the luxury feeling.

one famous with the purity and natural of the chocolate. It’s a British brand that grows their own cocoa to make products. The price of Hotel Chocolat is located around $8 for 4 oz. Instead of being recognized as a luxury brand, it more being known as an organic and healthy brand.

Competitive Analysis Matrix La Maison Du Chocolat Personalized Service


Self-grown Cocoa Beans


High Quality Packaging


24-hrs Delivery



Hotel Chocolat


v v


Competitive/ Market Positioning



“In recent months, as Trump continued hiking American tariffs, foreign countries have begun responding with retaliatory tactics or threats.” – The Washington Post “Products made in America will make America great again, Trump claims”

“Commodity prices are expected to be higher in 2018 as a result of a weaker dollar and strong inflation.” – VISTAGE Research Center “Economic trends affecting your business in 2018 and beyond”

The trade policy that is advocated by current U.S. president will cause the selling cost of the company to become higher due to the fact that all of La Maison Du Chocolat products are made in France atelier and ship to the boutiques around the world.

Global inflation is inevitable to face for every business. The price adjustment should be done carefully in order to make our cost lower and let customer still want to buy the products.

Socio-Cultural “In 2018, food must be as documentable as it is delicious.” – MINTEL “Picture Perfect: 10 Instagram-friendly Food and Drink Innovations” The packaging and content of the products of La Maison Du Chocolat are always extraordinary. However, making new highlights to make new customers want to buy the products and share a post is a new challenge for the brand.

“The U.K. department store is among the brands now seeking to leverage the legalization of gay marriage… While some marketers may hesitate to explicitly target same-sex brides or grooms, today’s consumers expect brands to help drive social change and are increasingly open-minded about the changing face of families.” – JWT Intelligence “More Brands Targeting Marriage-minded LGBT Consumers” As a highly personalized service brand, LGBT marriage market has lots of potential to sell personalized products.



“There’s a strong chance that artificial

intelligence(AI) will help you make decisions on your next shopping trip… The innovations help retailers on the back end, analyzing data such as video feeds to figure out how many bags shoppers carry as a way to predict store performance.” – Forbes “Retail Trends Taking Shape in 2018”

“Consumers are operating from a sustainability mindset and increasing the pressure on brands to act, calling for greater transparency and pushing for more sustainable options.” – JWT Intelligence “The New Sustainability: Regeneration”

Applying AI technology on the brand’s website can help promote the products based on customer’s preference, which can decrease the time that customers spend on finding products and increase the quality of customers’ shopping experience.

As global trend and consumers are asking for eco-friendly manufacture process, choosing a sustainable option on packaging and having transparency information on using the fair-trade cocoa can help the brand build a better image.

Legal “Illegal product is mixed in with “clean” beans in the supply chain, meaning that Mars bars, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Milk bars could all be tainted with “dirty” cocoa. As much as 40% of the world’s cocoa comes from Ivory Coast.” – The Guardian “Chocolate Industry Drives Rainforest Disaster in Ivory Coast” Lots of cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast is illegal due to the reason that producing process destroys the environment and paid labor unfairly. As a result, the brand should focus on the legal issue and clearly show the origin of the ingredient.

SWOT Analysis Strength


Good brand reputation (known as Chanel of chocolate world) / Hyper customized products and service to match whatever customers need.

Widen new market segment. For example, cooperation with luxury fashion brands and hotels. / Make profitable new acquisition by inventing new products line.



Small market coverage. / Lack of access to distribution channels. / No actual direction to growth.

People tend to eat healthier and less sweet. / Rising of global labor cost. / Rise in new healthy products like mocha desserts.

Target Audience Traits & Characteristics Cultural: People in a higher social class from different culture Social: Single women or gays who have higher salary Personal: Age around 25 to 60 / Millennials & Generation X Psychological: Self-love, high-esteem, care about quality, proud, ego, not listen to suggestions Occasion: buying gift for friend

Target Market & Customer Profile Our target audiences might be the users and purchasers at the same time because they are the group of people who would gift themselves and they know they are worth it. On the other hand, they can be the purchasers who want to buy a high-quality gift for their friends or partner. The product might be used frequently due to the reason that our product is food and can't reserve for too long. Our target audiences are not influenced by others because they know themselves well and what is the best.

Habits: cooking, styling, and eating sweet. Sometimes hit the gym due to the reason that she doesn’t want to become too fat and look awful in beautiful garment.

Customer Persona

Biggest Fear: being abandoned by her fans and sponsor brands.

Love the texture and master craftsmanship of La Maison Du Chocolat, but afraid of gaining weight if eating too much.

“We can only live once! Live your best life!” Media Channels: Instagram, Twitter, Personal Website

Value: Love luxury designer brands because of the special designs and high quality. Appreciate the art of couture making

Challenge: Have to maintain her good image.

Aimee Song 32, Female, Single 250k per year, fashion blogger Central Saint Martin interior design major graduated

Shopping Habits: Impulsive shopper who can’t resist beautiful garments and delicious food. Shopping depends on mood.

Recommendations Trying to get a bigger market coverage by targeting on younger customers, but keep old customers’ brand royalty at the same time. Promoting on the hyper-customized service, which other brands don’t have. Helping general people get to know the brand by advertising in different ways (like movies appealing, TV shows sponsors, and magazines.)

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Brand Audit: La Maison Du Chocolat  

Brand Audit: La Maison Du Chocolat