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LESSON 2: Drama KS4






Understanding characters

To explore the emotional life of the characters from the audio play/podcast, Starfish. To explore the text of Starfish and devise work that’s based on it. To create, interpret and communicate a role or character. To work collaboratively and creatively to achieve shared dramatic intentions. To look at drama within its social, cultural and historical context. AQA

9.1 Option 1: Devised thematic work (in response to a specific stimulus or theme) 9.3 Option 3: Improvisation (in response to a specific stimulus or theme)

Edexcel Unit 2 - Develop and realise ideas in response to the play - Understand the social, cultural and historical context of the play OCR

Area of study 4: Improvisation - Using a variety of exercises to develop confidence in improvisation - Giving work dramatic integrity so it matches intention Area of study 5: Genre, Style and Convention - Hot-seating - Theatre In Education - Naturalism White board and pens A large empty class room or drama studio

WARM UP Ask the class to walk around the room on their own in silence and find one person to follow. They must follow this person subtly so that the person remains unaware.

Ask the students to stop walking when they think they can tell who is following them. When everyone has stopped walking ask the class who they thought was following them and see if they were correct. DISCUSS

Write the name of each character on the whiteboard. As a class, ask students to mind map all the details they can remember and what they imagine about each character. • • • •


Michael Adrian Saira Shannon

Ask students to find a space in the room, choose one character from the play and think of one word that describes how that character feels at one specific point during the play. Ask them to add a movement to go with their word. Now put the students into groups of 4. Ask them to put the words and movements into an order to make a 'word pattern'.


Give one of the following lines of dialogue to each of the groups of students:

ADRIAN Can I get you a cup of tea? SHANNON You’re already all . . . confident aren’t you ADRIAN Beat ya! Beat ya! Wouldn’t wanna meet ya! . . . SAIRA I miss my Dad. This year without him has been hard. MICHAEL Not just that. I did want to say hello and, em, welcome back and everything too. SHANNON No. I . . . there’s a spray . . . for people with . . .for shy people. The other doctor told me. SAIRA Good work Saira, you frightened off your first patient. MICHAEL I’ve been a bit stressed at work. SAIRA (SMILES) My hair’s completely different for starters! I had it all cut off (or I always used to have it short). You probably don’t, em, remember my hair though. MICHAEL Yeah, and I feel tired a lot, but I can’t sleep very well. SAIRA It is hard. I just have to keep reminding myself, ‘doctors don’t know everything’.

SHANNON Yeah. I’ve . . . I have bad days sometimes, days when I can’t face people. ADRIAN (RUNNING IN) Oh son! Son, I’m sorry. We’re gonna have to strap you into this bed aren’t we? I can’t stay up all night watching you, not every night. SHANNON No. Its only because I know you a bit now. And I’ve been getting lots of practice on Second Life. I’m still not great in real group situations. Maybe I should do this trial. MICHAEL Yes. It’s original, it’s beautifully executed. I’m so pleased with you. ADRIAN So. Good afternoon everyone. I expect you’re wondering who I am and what I’m doing here. Here I am, middle-aged, not very fashionable, probably look like one of them grumpy old men you’ve seen on the telly! SAIRA Listen. Shannon. Many girls your age feel uncomfortable in social situations. You could join a support group. MICHAEL Actually, I’m, em, having trouble with my memory… that’s one of the reasons I’ve come to see you.

Ask them to create short scenes using their own word pattern and the line of dialogue they have each been given. PERFORM

Now ask your class to share their work. After each scene, discuss the following questions with the class: Was the piece successful? In what way? What could have been improved?

Lesson 2 drama 'Starfish' podcast  

Lesson 2 drama for the 'Starfish' audio play/podcast

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