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Parshas Tazria -Metzora

‫מצורע‬-‫פרשת תזריע‬

‫וראה הכהן את הנגע בעור הבשר ושער בנגע הפך לבן ומראה הנגע‬ (‫ ג‬,‫עמק מעור בשרו נגע צרעת הוא וראהו הכהן וטמא אתו )יג‬ The ‫ פסוק‬says twice that the ‫ כהן‬examine the person who has ‫ צרעת‬- ‫וראה הכהן‬, and ‫וראהו הכהן‬. Why is it repeated twice, and with two different ‫?לשונות‬ The ‫ משך חכמה‬answers that there are two different ‫ ראיות‬in this ‫פסוק‬. The first ‫ ראיה‬- ‫וראה הכהן את הנגע‬, is when the ‫ כהן‬looks at the ‫ נגע‬to see if the ‫ נגע‬is ‫ ראוי‬to be ‫– טמא‬ if it has the ‫ סימנים‬and signs that would make the person ‫טמא‬. But after that, the ‫ כהן‬has to go look at the person, to see if he is ‫ ראוי‬to be ‫טמא‬. There are some cases where the ‫ הלכה‬is that even if the person should become ‫ טמא‬with his ‫צרעת‬, we don’t make him ‫ טמא‬right away, like by a ‫ חתן‬who’s in middle of his ‫שבע ברכות‬, where we don’t make him ‫טמא‬ until after the ‫ שבע ברכות‬are over, and if someone got a ‫ נגע‬in middle of a ‫רגל‬, we wait until after the ‫ רגל‬is over to make him ‫טמא‬, so not to disturb the ‫ שמחה‬of the ‫רגל‬. So that second ‫ ראיה‬- ‫וראהו הכהן‬, is where the ‫ כהן‬is looking at the person, and before making him ‫טמא‬, he has to consider the person’s circumstances, to make sure that there is nothing preventing him from becoming ‫טמא‬.

!!‫א גוטען שבת‬

Parshas Tazria-Metzora  

Dvar Torah Parshas Tazria-Metzora

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