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by Briann Peters, B.A (Hons), M.L.I.S. Acting Manager of Children’s & Young Adult Services, King Township Public Library

King Township Public Library- More than just books! The King Township Public Library is excited to offer cutting edge technology. We are committed to remain upto-date with current trends. Recently, we’ve added new technologies such as: eReaders, downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, Playaway & Playaway Views, Twitter, a mobile app and a Library QR code. You can download the free BookMyne app to your iPhone today and begin using the King Township Public Library’s catalogue right from your iPhone! Renew materials, place holds and more right from your iPhone. Find the mobile app under ‘Read and Relax’ on our website Or, use the new Library QR (quick response) code to direct you to our amazing virtual branch , open 24/7.

The Library is Now Lending E-Readers Responding to the popularity of electronic readers and e-books, the KTPL will now be loaning out the devices. The Kobo eReader was selected because it is preloaded with over 100 classic books and is compatible with the library’s downloadable e-books. The library has a selection of current and popular fiction and nonfiction books that are available to download free to eReaders. For detailed instruction on how to download e-books, visit our website at and click on Read and Relax. To borrow a Kobo eReader all you need is a valid King Township Public Library card. The loan is for three weeks, and no renewals are permitted at this time. Downloadable E-Books @ King Township Public Library This new service allows patrons to checkout and download e-books directly to their e-readers. The Library offers two platforms to download E-Books from; NetLibrary and Overdrive. Both are accessible though the Read and Relax page on the Library’s website. With NetLibrary you will need to create an account at one of the King Township Public

Library Branches before downloading. With Overdrive, all you need is your King Township Public Library card. Combined, over 4000 titles including juvenile and young adult books are available through NetLibrary and Overdrive.

sive to libraries. The Play- free Twitter account to folaway View is rechargeable, low KTPL, please call Elecand with the included AC tronic Services Librarian, adapter, can be charged for Mark Cornell at hours of fun and education; 905.833.5101. no more pesky ‘AA’ batteries! The players are kid Ontario Public Library friendly and durable. Each Week 2011 View contains multiple The King Township Public videos from studios such as: Library is gearing up to celPlayaway & Sesame Street, Weston ebrate Ontario Public LiPlayaway View Woods, and SpokeArts. brary Week. This year’s We are also excited about Search the term ‘playaway provincial theme is ‘Your our growing collection of view’ in our online cata- Library: A Place Unbound’. Playaways! Playaways are logue to see which titles we Designed to recognize the the simplest way to listen to own. important contribution Onan audiobook on the go. As tario’s public libraries make a battery run, pre-loaded King Township Public to education, literacy and digital audio-player, simply Library is on Twitter! lifelong learning, Ontario plug in earphones and Don’t forget to keep Public Library week is being enjoy! No CDs, or down- up with the King Township celebrated across the loads are necessary! The Public Library’s news province October 16th-Ocdevice weighs only two and events by following tober 22nd, and coincides ounces, making it small us on Twitter @ with Canadian Public Lienough to fit into a pocket or brary Month. The KTPL inpurse. Each playaway con- Twitter lets people send and vites you to come celebrate tains a single popular title. receive short messages with us at one of your local Our Playaway collection in- (called Tweets) via the web community branches. cludes fiction and nonfiction or mobile phone. If you for adults, children, and would like help creating a young adults and is located in the audiobooks section. rite W n a Search the term ‘playaway’ You C ip k in our online catalogue to n i Th nsh see which titles we own. o You King Tow r S ty King e In addition to the Playorita Pe rtners Arts Socie annual D aways, KTPL just added the s pa our g and it ased to present in King in K newly released Playaway @ w ay le Write No ip Library are p lent hidden aw erent cat! k c View to the collection! In a b ta It’s nsh diff hip, over the King Tow s in two July, we debuted the conand the esigned to disc inviting writer g in King Towns h ig re d venient Playaway View with contest . This year we a teur writers livin ing Township h or K a ip d great feedback. This y m r h s n o a a w s Town er adult ts enrolled in oetry of 1500 . What h it e portable hand-held system is ; s or p egorie chool studen y 29th ap of prose s the first, self-playing, preFebruar le or high submit a piece is Wednesday, ra day during t loaded video player excluo e x t n e school; ission deadli with a whole ber 22, to do s. Subm em g les ou goin ay, Sept y d s e r r u a h T e n els g! rary. launch o et writin year? G at our official g City Public Lib Join us pm at the Kin apee to 9 from 7 t Dorita at dorit c Or conta

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Tapestry Fall 2011  

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