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hat does sustainability mean to you? This is the question being posed to King residents, organizations and businesses this summer and fall. As the Township develops their first Community Sustainability Plan, everyone is being asked to take a good hard look into the future. Sustainability may seem like one more buzzword and King just another bandwagon supporter. After all, what can a small town like King do when the world’s icebergs are melting and a large part of humanity around the world still live without access to basic necessities? But the truth is places like King Township have everything to do with sustainability. At its core, sustainability is about community well- being. It is about making smarter decisions about our lifestyle, community design, infrastructure and public finances. It is about living within our means and leaving our villages, countryside, natural habitat and farmland in a healthy state for our children and our children’s children. In King, sustainability is being discussed as four pillars: economic, environmental, financial, and socioeconomic. Most people realize that we need to

recycle, use less energy, protect natural spaces, build a strong economy and spend public funds responsibly. But what is socio-cultural sustainability? Trying to answer that very question is the task of King’s Socio-Cultural Working Group made up of local citizens and headed by group Ambassador Nancy Belo Gomes. The group meets every month to discuss sustainability and help develop the Plan from the social and cultural perspective. Working Group Member and Welcome Wagon representative Elizabeth Fedrigo, shares her experience. “Many families I have visited have moved from urban areas filled with too much traffic, pollution and crime. People come to King because it provides a good quality of life, space for children to play, clean air, safe streets and friendly neighbours.” The locals already know the special reasons that draw them to King. So we need to act now in order to ensure that we maintain, improve and do not lose all the wonderful things we love about this community. Have you ever enjoyed A Main Street Christmas, Victoria Day or an Arts Society King event? Do your children ever go to the museum or library, play sports, attend school or swim at one of our pools? Have you ever used the food bank or contributed to it? Ever been to a garage sale, picked up litter, voted or written a letter to the editor? What about buying something from a local business or attending a village fair, a Lions’ event, the curling rink, a dance or a church service? If you have ever done any of these things then you

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are very much a part of the socio-cultural fabric of King. King needs you to act responsibly as a resident by contributing your ideas and opinions to the Sustainability Plan. It is as simple as a phone call to the Township’s Sustainability Coordinator, Sara Puppi, at 905-833-4080, filling out a Vision Card at the Township Office or visiting and filling out the Sustainable King Vision Survey. Are you going to help plan King’s future? Completed Sustainable King Vision Cards. We are collecting Vision Cards until the end of September.

Article written by L Col (Ret’d) Susan Beharriell & Ariana Cancelli. Photo taken by Sara Puppi.

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Tapestry Fall 2011  

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