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Duplex strainer provider in Australia What is duplex strainer? Duplex strainers is a combination of twin basket strainers and designed to used in fluid manufacturing systems not be shut down for basket cleaning such as cooling water, compressors, condensers, fire lines, fuel lines, lubrication systems, and salt and fresh water systems. We offer you all types of basket strainers, duplex strainers and all type of industrial equipment suppliers in gas and oil industries The Basket type strainers can be accessible with jacket for heating considering the application where there is a possibility of liquid getting freeze such as LDO, FO and many more materials. We are suppliers and manufactures of gas and oil industry equipments in Australia and our products is complete client’s requirements.

Y strainers will be offered in numerous way like simplex y strainer, duplex y strainers and many more types of basket strainer’s you will select any one type of them according to your requirement.

The Duplex strainers are offered with engage valves. These strainers are offered with flush, drain connections with ball valves as the standard characteristic. We have created & requisition these strainers with rotor & engine assembly with self cleaning for thick liquids. We are Australia based oil and gas industrial equipment providers which offer you all types of industrial products regarding to oil and gas industries. Some of our products are given below         

Y-strainers Basket strainers Simplex strainers Duplex strainers Check valves Fabricated basket strainers Tee strainers Spectacle blinds Materials for replacement screens and baskets

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Purple engineering is Australia based oil and gas industry equipment providers offer you all types of simplex strainer, basket strainer and many more gas and oil industry regarding products supplier’s and manufactures in Australia.

Duplex strainer provider in australia – We are leading company in providing best quality wide range of Y Strainer, Basket Strainer, Check valves and simplex in A...