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This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Young Southern Student Writers (YSSW) contest. The contest, sponsored by the Southern Lit Alliance and the Department of English at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, grows each year as it continues to highlight the outstanding creativity of the region's best young writers and their teachers. Board and staff members from the Southern Lit Alliance, under the guidance of Executive Director, Susan Robinson, deserve our thanks for their generosity and for their efforts in supporting this year's contest. I am also grateful for this year's readers/judges of the submissions. It is true that every entry is read by a member of UTC's Department of English. These faculty members do so with great generosity and much pleasure. I am grateful for their time, their enthusiasm, and the care with which they read the YSSW submissions. I would especially like to thank our region's dedicated teachers, K-12, who encouraged their students to submit entries. More than that, I am grateful for their efforts as they teach young authors to enjoy the craft and life-long skill of writing. Without our elementary, middle grades, and high school teachers and parents, we would not have such fine work from these young people. Likewise, I thank Yvonne Artis, who provides administrative support for UTC's Composition Program, and Laura Duncan, a graduate student in UTC's MA program in English. They both spent countless hours managing the contest and collecting the winning entries for this online publication. They were dedicated and tireless in their efforts. Finally, I acknowledge the leadership and service of this year's Young Southern Writers Committee, a group of UTC English faculty which includes Marg Jackson (committee chair), April Green, Matt Guy, Rick Jackson, and Krista McKay. Thank you for your collaborative spirit, your enthusiasm, your ideas, and the energy you spent to support these young writers. More than 4,200 students from schools in the Chattanooga area, as well as schools from north Georgia and Alabama, submitted entries this year. This was an especially strong year of quality submissions from our young Southern writers. Keep up the good work, teachers and students alike! Now, read and enjoy! Joe Wilferth, UC Foundation Professor Department of English University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

[ Order  Out  of  Chaos  ] Winning submissions are arranged in sections that are themselves organized by grade and category, i.e., Kindergarten Prose, Kindergarten Poetry, Grade 1 Prose, Grade 1 Poetry, etc. Within each section, entries are arranged alphabetically according to the authors' last names.

Elementary School   Kindergarten……………………………………………………………………………….……3 Kindergarten…………………………………………………………………………………….7 Grade 1 Prose…………………………………………………………………………...............8 Grade 1 Poetry…………………………………………………………………………………18 Grade 2 Prose………………………………………………………………………………......21 Grade 2 Poetry…………………………………………………………………………………36 Grade 3 Prose………………………………………………………………………….............46 Grade 3 Poetry…………………………………………………………………………………73 Grade 4 Prose………………………………………………………………………….............87 Grade 4 Poetry………………………………………………………………………………..132 Grade 5 Prose…………………………………………………………………………………148 Grade 5 Poetry……………………………………………………………………………..…186  



[ Kindergarten  Prose  ]   How To Wake a Sleeping Bear There once was a penguin whose name was Pengy. He had a best friend named Shark who was a polar bear. One day Pengy saw a big crowd of people coming towards Shark’s home. Pengy was worried because Shark was still hibernating and he thought that the people were coming to kill Shark. He had to hurry to wake his friend up to warn him about the crowd of people. First, Pengy tried to shake him but the bear did not budge. Next, Pengy decided to pop some popcorn (Sharks favorite snack), hoping that the sound and smell of the delicious popcorn would wake his friend. So Pengy made a fire to pop the popcorn but the popping sound and the delicious smell did not wake the bear. In fact the warmth of the fire seemed to make Shark sleep even more deeply. Pengy decided he would try banging pots and pans to wake the bear but Shark did not budge. Pengy began to wonder if he was going to be able to wake up his friend in time. Pengy decided he would try pouring water on Shark; surely that would wake him up. The problem was that Pengy did not have any water. He had to think fast, so he took some ice and heated it in a pan over his fire. As soon as the ice had melted, Pengy poured it on Shark. The bear did not wake up but he did start to move. Finally, it was too late; the crowd of people was outside of Shark's cave. Pengy went to the door to beg them not to hurt his friend. He was surprised to find that it wasn't an angry crowd after all. The crowd was there looking for Shark but not to kill him. They needed his help. You see, Shark got his name from killing sharks. The crowd of people was from a fishing town nearby. They had recently noticed a decrease in the amount of fish because of a shark that was seen in the waters. With all the noise outside bear woke up! He stumbled to the door and asked “What's going on? Why is there a crowd of people here?” The people said “We need your help! There's a shark near our village and we can't catch any fish!” So Shark agreed to go catch the shark. They led Shark and Pengy to the village. When they saw the shark, Shark said “Whoa, that's a big one!” Shark jumped in the water and attacked the shark. The shark was no match for Shark. The people of the village were so happy. They celebrated by having shark soup. Kohl Arbuckle Kindergarten Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Rebecca Lusardo

Celebrations I like birthday celebrations. We have presents and games. We eat cake and ice cream. Sean Brune Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet Cynthia Locke


Family Christmas Me and my family celebrate Christmas. We open presents. I like to make gingerbread houses. I like to celebrate Christmas with me and my family. Anna DiSabantonio Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet Lower Jessica Evans

The Scary Hike A kid was taking a hike with his Grandmother. A sound was going ch ch ch in the woods. They looked at each other and said we forgot our compass. They kept on walking; then, they stopped and went to their hotel. Then they got in their car and went back to Tennessee because they were just visiting in California and they lived in Tennessee. Clayton Gunther Kindergarten Grace Academy Sherry Blesch

Christmas My family loves to throw snow balls. We love throwing stuff. We feel happy. My family loves Christmas. My family loves hot chocolate.

Gabriel Lindley Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet Beverly Randolph


4 Â

New Years Eve I am at my Grandma’s house. It is time to go to sleep, but my sister is waking me and my cousins. We are celebrating New Year.

Macy Poole Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet Lower Jessica Evans

Christmas Present We are opening presents. It is Christmas. I got a castle. Ian Rogers Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet School Mrs. Wilsie

How to Get an American Girl Doll One day, we decided to get an American Girl doll. But we didn’t know how to get it. But then we decided we should save up. And then my biggest sister said she had a birthday coming up, so she could just ask grandma for one. Then my sister decided she wanted more than one toy, so we decided that both of us are saving up. This story is really true. So we made a jar and designed it. Then we got pieces of paper with our names on them. We write how much money we have on the piece of paper and put it in the jar. So now we do chores. We only get paid on some of the chores. We keep doing chores until I have enough money to buy an American Girl doll. The End . My doll I want is $110, for real. Avery Sharpe Kindergarten Boyd Buchanan School Monica Tompkins


Gabe and the Wonderful Christmas Once upon a time there was a boy named Gabe who had the Christmas spirit. But one morning, Gabe ran out of all his presents and he didn’t know what to do. Gabe knew a place that had lots of presents, and that was the North Pole! But then he didn’t know the way, so then one morning, he went up to a place that wasn’t the right way. He went the way to a big cliff and then he went the other way and it was just the right way. So now he’s at the North Pole. But Santa was asleep and so were the elves. And then he knocked on the door and Santa woke up and so did his elves. And then Santa asked him what did he want and he said, “I need to get some presents to the children in the city.” Santa said, “Elves, work!” And then Santa decided he would take the toys on his sleigh on Christmas Day. Santa made it around the whole world. The kids got the toys. The End Gabe Watson Kindergarten Boyd Buchanan School Monica Tompkins

Leo and the Monster Once upon a time there was a boy named Leo that lived in a house with his mom and dad and had a dog that was fifteen and a fish that died one morning. The fish started floating sideways and just died. The boy heard something while he was sleeping and called his mom and dad. They came and slept with the boy. Leo was playing when they were making breakfast. He ate breakfast and then got to watch TV and play with the ninja truck. The next morning he woke up early and watched TV and was hearing fireworks and thought it was a monster on the stairs. The monster slipped on the stairs and fell on his face and said how did he do that. Mommy mopped the floor and the monster was not watching so that is how he fell and Leo told him to get out of the house or he would kick him in the ditch And then he went away to another house and no one liked him. Leo Kindergarten Grace Baptist Academy Mandy Long


[ Kindergarten  Poetry  ]   Cupcakes Cupcakes are very good to eat. I like chocolate cupcakes. I like cupcakes with sprinkles. I like cupcakes with cherries. Meredith Lambert Kindergarten Boyd Buchanan School Patricia Zumbrun

I can I can hold a butterfly someday. I can be a good helper someday. I can be a good friend. Bailey Long Kindergarten Boyd Buchanan School Patricia Zumbrun

Grandma Grandma Curly, Kind Loves my papaw Happy to get toys Tic-Toc Madison Tate Kindergarten Boyd-Buchanan School Amy Hunter


[ Grade  1  Prose  ]   The Penguin That Wanted To Go To Mexico There once was a penguin named Blacky who wanted to go to Mexico because he wanted to go visit his cousin who lived there. Blacky lived in the Greenland and he dreamed of hot sandy beaches, surfing and fish tacos! He tried to figure out how he was going to get there, penguins were not allowed to fly on airplanes. First, he tried floating on an ice burg, but when he reached Canada, the ice burg started to melt. He swam to shore and began walking south. He crossed the United States border without any problems. When he reached New York City, he was caught by a zookeeper and taken to the Central Park Zoo. There he was in an exhibit with a lot of penguins. He quickly made friends and told them his dream of going to Mexico. He and his friends made a plan for his escape. When the zookeeper came to feed them Blacky played dead and when the zookeeper picked him up to take him out of the exhibit, Blacky bit the zookeeper. The zookeeper dropped him and Blacky ran out the door along with all of his friends and they were able to escape from the zoo. Blacky went to a shipyard searching for a ship headed for Mexico. He found a crate that was marked “Mexico” and he hid inside and waited. Soon, his crate was put on a ship to Mexico. After several weeks he finally made it to Mexico! He found his cousin and they went to the beach and went surfing. He didn't like surfing because the waves were too high and he kept falling off and nearly drowned. Then he forgot his sunscreen and got a sunburn. That night they went to get some fish tacos but they were too spicy and he got sick. He decided he just wanted to go home. He got on the first ship back to Greenland as fast as he could. He was happy to be home and never wanted to travel again. Kaeden Arbuckle Grade 1 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Leah McCrea


The Baileys Best Trip Ever This is a story about an adventure that I took with my two Baileys. I may be the only person in the whole entire world who has two Labrador Retrievers named Bailey. They are easy to tell apart because one is yellow and one is black. The black one is skinny and the yellow one looks like she ate a whale for supper. The whale-a-dor is old and good, she stays on the porch all day. My black Bailey is young and runs away all the time, so she is in doggy jail out by the barn. One is really fast and one is really slow, I’ll let you guess which Bailey is the slow one. The one thing they have in common is they are both really sweet and I love both of my Baileys a lot! One day I decided to do something really fun with my Baileys. I took them to the airport and we flew all the way to Florida. We were supposed to catch another flight to a really fun place, but the plane had already left. The only way we could still get there was to swim. It’s a good thing that Labs like water and are great swimmers. Me and my Baileys went to the beach, got in the ocean, and started swimming to the Bahamas. I got tired so I rode on their backs. Halfway there we saw a walrus that wanted to play with us. He didn’t have a name so we named him Bailey. We had fun playing with him, and when it was time for us to leave we gave him one of our balls to play with. He smiled and waved and swam away. It was a long swim for me and the Baileys but we finally got to the Bahamas. We tried to get a taxi but no one would stop for a wet boy and 2 smelly wet dogs, so we walked where we needed to go. It was a long walk around the island, but it was all worth it when we saw the huge Atlantis hotel in front of us. Atlantis is one of my favorite places to go and play. It has lots of fun slides and pools, and I knew my dogs would love getting to play with me in all that water. The first thing we did was ride down the Abyss, the biggest and most fun waterslide at Atlantis. Both Baileys wagged their tales the whole way down the slide. After riding a lot of slides we walked to the beach and we saw the walrus out in the ocean. We got the ball out of his mouth and all the Baileys played fetch. After a few days of playing at Atlantis we got a taxi to the airport. We caught a plane and flew to Florida. Flying was much easier than swimming! When we got to Florida we caught another plane and flew back home to Tennessee. Me and both of my Baileys had a blast, it was the best trip ever! Oh, and I forgot to tell you that our new friend, Bailey the walrus, decided to come live at my house too. He lives in the pond in my front yard. Me and my three Baileys all lived happily ever after, and we drink hot cocoa every day. Brock Barton 1st Grade Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. McCrea


Feelings Sometimes I feel sad, mad, and happy. Sometimes I feel sleepy. I feel crazy and I feel excited. Rebecca Bruner 1st grade Normal Park Museum Magnet Jennifer Zeigler

My Pup My pup is very small. I love my pup. She’s my favorite pet because she helps me. One day, my pup helped me put out a fire! I was very happy! Billy Bryson Grade 1 Red Bank Elementary School Andrea Maize

If I Went to Space What if I could go out into space? I could walk on the moon. I could see if the moon is really made of cheese. Maybe it is made of cheese! I could also walk on Mars and see how hot it is. Maybe Mars is the planet of hotness! I would travel to the Sun and see if it is really made of fire. Or I could go to Mercury and see what is there. And I could go to Pluto and see if it is destroyed. But then I might not be able to get back to Earth, so maybe I shouldn’t go into space. Caleb Davis Grade 1 Davis Family Homeschool Academy Mrs. Davis


Family My family is important to me because they love me. They take care of me and take me places. My brothers are nice to me and tuck me in at night. We all say our prayers before we go to bed. We all hope everyone has sweet dreams. I love my family. Adalyn Dunnell, Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet Mrs. Methvin A loose tooth Once I had a loose tooth. But I was playing tug a war with another tooth. I didn’t know that my tooth was going to come out! I knew something bad was going to happen. Saylor was at my house. We were playing family. Then guess what happened. Bam! My tooth came out. My grandmother was there, too. She was upstairs. She heard the crack. It was cool. I got to touch the blood. My mom came upstairs. Everyone saw it. The tooth fairy came to my house. I got a two dollar bill. My mom said Congratulations. Elsie Elliott, 1st grade Normal Park Museum Magnet Jennifer Zeigler The Gingerbread Girl Once upon a time there was a old woman and a little old man who lived on a farm. They didn't have any children of their own, just farm animals. The old woman wanted a little girl of her own. So, she baked up a little gingerbread girl. When she opened up the oven a little too soon, and the little Gingerbread Girl jumped out and ran out the door! She ran through the farm, past a cow and said, "You can't get me I'm the Gingerbread Girl! Next, she met a horse said, "You can't get me I'm the Gingerbread Girl! Then she met a happy fox beside the river. She saw the little old man and woman running toward her and the cow and the horse too. The fox said, "Jump on my back and you better jump on my head because the water is getting deeper!" Then he said jump on my nose! Before she could even say the words, "You can't get me," the Fox got her to the other side. The little old man and woman grabbed her off the nose of the fox and took her home. Laney Frost, 1st Grade Nolan Elementary Mrs. Hogue


My Mayflower Journal Hi. I am seven years old. My name is Houston Hicks. Today I am going on the Mayflower. We are going to America. I feel okay because I will leave half of my family at England but I’m going to a new world! I am going with my Mommy and Daddy and sister and friends like Ethan and his family. I brought my stuffed animal with feathers in it. Day 14 I feel exhausted and I want to go HOME. Why do we have to eat the same food every day? In England we could eat anything we wanted to. What if the people at the new place aren’t nice? I may die on this boat and many other people might too. I don’t know if we will stay alive which I do want to. I feel like I can’t stand up because I have been sitting down most of the whole fourteen days. I wonder if we will have to turn back to England. Day 38 At least nobody has died yet. How many more days until we will get to the new world? The last time I stood up was 38 days ago. Well, now someone has died but he was mean to the others. That is what you get when you pitch a fit! I feel seasick and everybody else does too. One of my friends’ friend went out of the place where he is supposed to and fell overboard. Day 66 I was reading the Bible in Genesis 1:1. I had just started when I heard “Land Ho.” I thought it was a joke but it wasn’t. I jumped up with joy. I was so happy that I hugged my whole family, even my sister and cat and dog. I mean my whole family and then I prayed five times. We were in America! Houston Hicks Grade 1 Boyd Buchanan School Carol Connelly

When I Grow Up I would like to be a doctor because I want to help people when they are hurt and when their kids are hurt. That is a good thing to do for people. That is called helping out. Sophie Kemp, Grade 1 Red Bank Elementary Jenna Sipula


Rainbow Power If I had a super hero power it would be to make everyone happy. I would cast a rainbow; of course one that surrounded the world. It would have every color in the world. I would make it a slide too. Zari Kersting 1st grade Normal Park Museum Magnet School Amanda Lafferty

Zombies chasing me I heard boom, crash, bang. I saw a zombie following me. I turned on my lightning rods. The zombie heard me. I shot my lightning rods. I killed the zombie. But some more are coming. That was the last one. I shot laser beams out of my eye. Boom! Thomson Lee 1st grade Normal Park Museum Magnet Jennifer Zeigler

All About My iPod I love playing games on my iPod. I love playing food making games. They are so fun. I also like playing Minecraft. Minecraft is so cool because you can build. Building is so fun. You can walk around the building. I love building things. You can explore more buildings. I love drawing games because you can make things. You can make anything you want. I love math games because you can put stuff in order or answer problems. Simon Lewis Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet Ms. McCoy


13 Â

Magic Visit to Colorado My magic carpet is pink, dark pink, blue, white, gray and green. It feels rough. Once, I stomped my foot on the blue and it took me to Colorado. I saw a rainbow! There, I smelled fresh air. I landed in the snow. I stayed there for 40 minutes and built a snow man! I stayed there from 1:30 until 2:10. My snowman had an orange nose, blue circle eyes made out of paper and a smile made out of lots of dots of coal. When I was done with the snowman, I stomped on the green, and it took me home. When I got home, I heard my mom calling me, so I ran downstairs and got cookies! I wonder where it will take me next? Bridie Miller Grade 1 Thrasher Elementary School Carol Schoner

Precious Precious was very important to me because she was my pet. She died at the vet. She was my favorite dog. Precious played with me every day. She played tug-of-war. She also played horsey. She lived in the house with us. Sylvie Miller Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet Heather O’Brien

The Railroad Museum At the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, I learned don’t go in the train tunnel because you can get hurt if a train comes through the tunnel. The train can not go slow. It can go fast. I liked it because I saw trains. Katherine Nambo Grade 1 Red Bank Elementary School Andrea Maize


I Like My Grandparents My Grandparents locked me in the bathroom. My Grandparents are sweet. My Grandparents took me bowling. Where is my Papaw? Austin Nelson 1st Grade Grace Baptist Academy Sherri Russell

Tiger Goes Back Home Tiger went to a desert. It is very hot there. Deserts have few plants and little water. Tiger didn’t like it there. So he went to another place. It was a forest. But he didn’t like it there. So he went to his home. Alan Pillipose Grade 1 Grace Baptist Academy Donna Bowen

Dogs Dogs are fun. Some have hair. Some have no hair. Some are crazy and some are calm. Some like to run and some like to walk. Some are playful. Some like to jump. There are dog daycares. Some dogs will bite and jump up on you. Some dogs will not even let you see their paw. Dogs teeth are very sharp, especially when they are puppies. So be careful around dogs. Almeda Pitts Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet Ms. McCoy


My Mayflower Journal Hello. I am six years old. My name is Rachel Sloan. Today I am going on the Mayflower. We are going to America. I feel scared and kind of excited because I will not know where I am but will be free. My mom and dad are with me. I brought my Bible and doll. I see the boat we will be going on! The boat is made of brown wood and the sails are really big. The boat looks really big! I wonder what it is going to be like! I am tiny compared to that boat! It may be dark inside! I am seeing a great big ocean! Day 14 I have been on the Mayflower fourteen days. It is so noisy in here because children are crying and boards are creaking a lot. I hope we will get off soon because I am seasick and really dirty. I sleep on the floor and the floor is hard and wooden. What if I get a splinter because the floor is made of wood? When I eat I have to eat biscuits and cheese because there is nothing else to eat. I have eaten biscuits and cheese for fourteen days. It is so boring. When it is night I can’t sleep very well because the boat is rocking violently and the floor is hard. I wonder how much longer we will be in this type of condition. I feel so sick! Day 38 This is my 38th day with the boat. I am so bored of the experience! I still have to eat biscuits and cheese. But a new baby was born and his name is Oceanus. A man died yesterday. It has been a good and happy week because of the things that have happened. There was a storm yesterday and the boat pitched around a whole lot. Day 66 I was sleeping when I heard someone say “Land Ho.” I jumped for joy and ran in circles and felt very, very happy. I see America! Rachel Sloan Grade 1 Boyd Buchanan School Carol Connelly


The Pink Shoes of Good and Evil Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Maddie. She was exploring in the attic one day and found a fan. She was hot so she turned it on and it sucked her into a wind tunnel portal. The place looked like home but it was dark and creepy. She found a house, it looked exactly like hers but old and broken. She went inside and found a woman who looked like her mom except she had blonde hair and wore these really weird pink shoes. She told the girl she was trapped here forever as her slave unless she played her game and won. It was a scavenger hunt. Maddie must find-green nail polish, a blue dress, a ring with pink diamonds, and a glowing watch. If she found all of these things and brought them to her she could go home. Maddie was so upset she ran out crying and sat down on the steps. A mouse appeared, squeaked and ran up her leg. He sat up on his legs and said "I am Mr. Squeaks what is wrong little girl" Maddie explained and continued to cry. She just wanted to go home. The mouse explained she could never give the evil Mom those things it would give her the power to take over the world and make everything evil. Mr. Squeaks had all the items hidden away in his secret mouse hole. All he needed were the pink shoes and a loving heart to make a wish. This would reverse the curse and make everything good again. Maddie cried more. Mr. Squeaks explained there is one other way to go home. They made a plan. All Maddie needed were those weird pink shoes. They made a special dinner for the evil Mom. Pizza with sleeping dust. The evil Mom went to bed and they got the pink shoes. Maddie asked Mr. Squeaks where would they find a loving heart? Mr. Squeaks explained to Maddie she was the loving heart. She could have easily captured him and given him to the evil Mom, but instead she was brave and helped him save their world. Maddie slipped on the pink shoes and made a wish. A wish to go home. The winds started spinning around her as she handed Mr. Squeaks the pink shoes and a big hug. As the winds swirled everything turned sparkly and glittery. The world was magic and beautiful again. Maddie was home and safe again and kept the fan in the attic so she could go back and visit her new best friend Mr. Squeaks. THE END Kaeley Williams Grade 1 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Ashley Steele


17 Â

[ Grade  1  Poetry  ]   Elves Eating an ice cream sandwich, Playing through the night, Zipping on a zip line, Hanging from the lights. Having fun! Elves all over the place, Doing goofy stuff, Until the buses come! Carter Downs Grade 1 Thrasher Elementary Judith Walter

Fall Fall looks like red and yellow. Fall sounds like the wind going “oo-oo-oo!” Fall smells like fire. Fall tastes like pumpkin treats. Fall feels like cold ice. It is fall. Mallory Glover Grade 1 Boyd Buchanan School Mrs. Ginny Cochran


My Grandparents O my sweet grandparents how good you look. You stood up straight and read me a book. And when you finished I knew the chance to say I love you! Megan Hilke 1st Grade Grace Baptist Academy Sherri Russell

Fall Fall looks like frozen water. Fall smells like someone's cooking a pumpkin pie. Fall sounds like honking geese. Fall tastes like trick-or-treat candy. Fall feels like it's cold. It is fall. Kyle Luong Grade 1 Boyd Buchanan School Mrs. Ginny Cochran

Wii I love Wii! When I play it, I think of the word me. Wipe Out is the game I see. The people wipe out if I press Z. I like to pretend the Wipe Out people are me. The mii I like the most has blonde hair and her name is Bridii. Would you be mii? Bridie Miller Grade 1 Thrasher Elementary School Mrs. Carol Schoner


19 Â

Day and Night In the night it’s not bright. In the day it’s time to play. In the day it’s so bright. But not at night. Emma Waldoch Grade 1 Silverdale Baptist Academy Melanie Benson


[ Grade  2  Prose  ]   The Ten Little Dogs Once upon a time, there were ten little dogs. Those dogs made a house for themselves because they moved out, and so they made a house. The first dog got some straw and made a house. Then a cat came and blew the house down and ate the dog. The second dog made her house out of twigs. Then along came the cat, and she huffed and she puffed, and she blew that little twig house down and ate the dog. The third dog made her house out of 30 sticks and when the dog settled down, the cat came and blew the house down and ate the dog. The fourth dog made hers out of bananas, and this time, the cat ate the house and the dog because the cat liked dogs and bananas. The fifth dog made hers out of cans. The cat came and blew the house down and ate that little dog. The sixth dog made hers out of bamboo, and the cat got a panda. The panda ate the bamboo, then the cat ate the dog. The seventh dog made hers out of rocks, then the cat came and blew the house down and ate the dog. The eighth dog made hers our of sand, and the cat went right through the house and ate the dog. The ninth dog made hers out of wood. Soon the cat came and ate the dog. The tenth dog made his out of bricks, and the cat did not eat him, but soon the cat exploded because she ate too much! But that dog lived happily every after. The End! Falyn Baggett Grade 2 Lookout Valley Elementary School Leslie Guthrie


When Soddy Elementary School Started to Float Once upon a time there was a school named Soddy Elementary School (SES), and one day it was raining. It was raining so much, that SES started floating. Everybody got on the roof, but I saw a new boat and jumped on it. The river was rushing so fast that it went into the ocean, so the boat went into the ocean too. When the boat got out deeper, it slowed down. I saw a shark. It looked friendly, so I looked around and found a swimming spot. I wanted to go under the water. I jumped on the shark and went under the water. I saw a jelly fish, octopus, sea turtle, and different sea creatures. Then I swam back up and saw a dolphin. After going down again, I saw a whale family. I taught the shark a trick. Then we started to fly. We flew and flew until we saw a little island with metal pieces. We saw a hammer and nails, so I started building a mask that could go back in the past. I turned it on and went back in time. When I got there, I saw a dragon, and it looked flamy. I got on it. His friends saw something on his back, went up in the air where he was, and saw a person on his back. That person was me. They asked, “Who is that?” He said, “This is my friend.” “Oh, they said.” Then I went back with the mask’s help. I said good bye and went back to the little island. When I got there, the shark was not there. I went looking for him. I saw a shark, but it looked like a dummy. It looked like the shark had died. I was sad. I thought I was never going to get home until I heard a noise. I looked up into the sky, and I saw the real shark! I called him down and went back to the ocean and looked around. I found the floating school and pushed it with the shark until I saw a beach. I picked the school up and put it in the same place that it was. Then I went back to the ocean and let the shark go back into the ocean. By the time I got back to school, it was time to go home. I did. When I got home, I told my mom all of the stuff I did at school. Guess what? She did not believe me, like always. Then I kept it all to myself. Aeiron Ballard Grade 2 Soddy Elementary School Tonia Mercer


In the Heart of the Tree One normal sunny day on the country side of Mexico, nine-year-old Elsa was in her favorite tree on the highest branch listening to the birds sing and the wind blowing the trees like a boat rocking on waves. As you can see, Elsa is a nature lover. She knows every plant and tree in the forest. She also has many drawings of flowers and plants and trees. But Elsa was a believer. She believed in magic and wizards and all sorts of nature magic. Elsa was always kind and shy. When she is not in the forest Elsa is riding Echo, her beautiful white horse. One day, Elsa was riding on Echo when she saw an unfamiliar tree. It was so wide it would take thirty people to hug it. And it would have to take five hundred people to cut it down. Elsa was curious so she tied Echo to a rock and tried to climb the tree. When she put her hand on the front of the tree something magical happened. The tree opened up and Elsa just had to go inside. There were many lights that glowed like twinkling stars. It was like a chamber in a tree! Then a girl came out. She looked like an enchantress. She had a cloak on and a wand in her hand. She looked about 12 or 14. Elsa was so shocked she couldn’t speak. Finally, she sputtered “where are we?” The enchantress said, in a quiet kind voice, “in the heart of the tree.” And then in a more confident voice Elsa asked, “what’s your name?” The Enchantress replied, “Cassidy.” Then Elsa said, “Why am I here?” Cassidy said, “this tree only appears to people who believe and it is my job to give them the magic.” “What magic?” Elsa asked. “Follow me,” said Cassidy. She led Elsa to another chamber with many beautiful wands. Cassidy asked, “What is your favorite kind of magic?” “Nature magic,” Said Elsa. Then Cassidy gave her a blue diamond wand. She said, “with this wand’s power you need to make the forest beautiful with flowers and plants and inspire someone. When you inspire ten people, the magic of the heart of the tree will bring you back.” When Elsa returned she was so excited and got to work right away. She made beautiful flowers and plants with her magic and then she hid behind a tree. Then a girl came out and looked amazed at the beautiful flowers Elsa made. Then Elsa’s wand began to glow. She knew she just inspired that little girl. She inspired eight other people. She only had to inspire one more. She then thought of the five year old girl who comes to the woods sometimes. Elsa made beautiful flowers and plants. The little girl came and said it's beautiful. Her wand glowed, she inspired ten people. When the little girl left, Elsa was swept into the air and landed in the heart of the tree. Elsa said, “I inspired ten people.” Cassidy said, “Since you inspired ten people you get to keep the magic and use it any time you want.” Before she left, Cassidy said, “The ten people you inspired will want to inspire other people. Soon everyone will be inspired by nature!” Elsa used her magic to remind people how amazing nature is! Riley Barford Second Grade Thrasher Elementary Karen Simpson


Egg Story I found a strange egg today. It started to hatch! It hatched into a Spinosaurus. It’s a meat eater. The Spinosaurus is a baby Spino. I named it Crazy Dino. I made it chase my little brother. My brother made it in the house. Crazy Dino looked at me and chased me. I also made it in the house. It’s a black and white Spino. My dino chased everything even the bus and us and never stopped until one day it remembered us and never chased anything ever again. Jaidyn Barnwell Grade 2 Soddy Elementary Cindy Varner

The Super Cheetah Once upon a time in the magical land of Narnia, there was a super cheetah. He was beyond all of the others, and his name was Kyle. All of the other cheetahs were very, very jealous of him, and they were very scared of that cheetah too. First, he had heat vision. He could melt a piece of metal. PLOMP! The metal would just fall to the ground in a pile. Second, he had super speed unlike any other cheetahs. Kyle could run eight hundred miles in two seconds. Third, Kyle could fly as fast as he could run, so many wondered why he even needed to run. Fourth, he was stronger than a locomotive. No wonder all of the other cheetahs were scared of Kyle! Every time they wrestled with him, Kyle won the championship. Soon the evil lions came from another world to the magical land of Narnia to attack. All of the other cheetahs except Kyle ran to a safe shelter. Kyle stood up to fight. He zapped the king lion with his heat vision. He froze the lion that was second in command with his freeze breath and then broke the ice. Kyle kicked all of the other lions’ tails. The magical land of Narnia was saved. All of the other cheetahs thanked Kyle and made them their king. They lived happily ever after. Caleb Beavers Grade 2 Snow Hill Elementary School Diane Hitchcock


One morning Kensley and Brody Boyd woke up and they heard a bang bam smash! Then they saw it, the magic computer was back. Kensley turned it on. Then Brody said, “Turn it off now!” Kensley did not turn it off. Then they realized it was a time machine. They went back to dinosaur time. Watch out Kensley! Thanks Brody. If it wasn’t for you I’d be dead! The dinosaurs don’t look happy, run! I wish I was in my bed drinking hot chocolate right now. I guess we need to move on. Ah! Quit scaring me dinosaur. Dinosaur? It’s a dinosaur! “Mom is going to be mad if she finds out we are with dinosaurs,” said Kensley. “Calm down Kensley, we just have to become friends with them”, said Brody. “Well what are we waiting for, let’s go be friends with the dinosaurs”, said Kensley. “Wait Kensley, we need to go together,” said Brody. “Ok. Hurry up, because I don’t want to be here all day. Do you really want to be in trouble with Mom?” said Kensley. “What do you mean?” said Brody. “I mean she won’t like us staying out too late” said Kensley. Well, let’s go make friends with the dinosaurs. “Wow! I didn’t know that they would be so friendly. Since that is over, let’s go home.” Said Kensley. All the sudden they arrived back home at their house. Kensley Boyd Grade 2 Grace Baptist Academy Ms. Sherr



There was once a boy whose name was Jake. He was 8 years old. One year around Christmas his family went to the beach on vacation. Jake did not like the beach during the winter. He could not play in the ocean or in the pool because it was too cold. On a very cold day, Jake was fishing on a dock with his dad. Jake liked to fish but they were not catching any fish and he was cold, so he was not having fun. Jake’s dad walked to the other side of the dock to fish. While Jake was fishing, he saw a dolphin and thought "I bet that dolphin is cold also." So Jake asked the dolphin "Are you cold?" and the dolphin answered with dolphin sounds. Jake didn't know if that meant yes or no. So he threw the dolphin his hat. The dolphin picked the hat up with his nose and swam off. When his dad came back he asked Jake what had happened to his hat. Jake told his dad about the dolphin and how he had thrown him his hat. His dad did not believe him and was upset because he had lost his hat. Then the next summer, Jake went to the beach with his family again. Jake was happy because now he could play in the ocean and pool. While playing in the waves at the beach one day, he saw a dolphin. Jake thought the Dolphin looked hungry. So Jake asked Dolphin “are you hungry?”, and the dolphin answered with dolphin sounds. Jake didn't know if that meant yes or no. So Jake went and got him some popcorn from the bag on family’s beach blanket. Jake threw the popcorn to the dolphin. The dolphin ate the popcorn and swam off. Jake’s dad asked what had happened to the popcorn because he was hungry. Jake told his Dad about the dolphin and how he had thrown him the popcorn. His dad asked “how come nobody else ever see’s the dolphin?” Jake said he did not know, but he promised he was telling the truth. When Jake was leaving the beach later that day, he looked around and saw the dolphin again. This time the dolphin was wearing Jake’s winter hat, and he knew they would be friends forever, even if nobody else ever saw his new friend. Now Jake can’t wait to go back to the beach no matter what time of year it is. Brooks Burnette Grade 2 Silverdale Baptist Academy Shannon Galyon


The best teacher ever One school year…I walked into a room that surprisingly looked like a circus! There were tennis balls on the chair legs. Big colored lanterns hung from the high ceiling and big bright flags with them. I was delighted to see that I was at a table with my friend her name is Sydney. When I saw that I wasn’t as jittery as I was before, then I saw my teacher. She has blond curly hair. Her eyes are blue. I right then that it would be a wonderful year. I was so happy I felt like I might pass out! Next Miss Higgs told everybody to come to the carpet. Then she said “My name is Ms. Higgs.” We are going to begin out day with a book. It is called first day jitters. “Here we go. I hope you liked the book First Day Jitters” she said happily. Then I walked up to her. “Hello” I said, “my name is Lucie.” “Hello Lucie, my name is Ms. Higgs.” Then Ms. Higgs said “we will have lunch now.” “Now line up everybody and get your lunch box.” Let’s take a ten second nap. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 everyone up for related arts. We have p.e. and Spanish. Alright this is the auditorium where we do p.e. “Now” said Coach Cowell, “I will now give you your color and number. Lucie red 1, Eva red 3, Eva red 1. Time for Spanish. “Hello” said the Spanish teacher. Do you know how to say sit down in Spanish? Sentarse. The first day of school is over. Waa I thought, gees I’ll see Ms. Higgs tomorrow. Lucie DeGaetano Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet Stephanie Higgs


The Hungry Hippos One morning I went by the lake where the hungry hippos lived. I had a bowl full of crackers and I thought maybe they would like them and they did so I decided to come every day with a bowl full of Ritz crackers. But one day I came by and forgot the crackers! The hungry hippos were very upset. I tried coming back but they weren’t there. That went along for FIVE months! I finally came back again they were very happy and so was I . We became very good buddy’s there names were Pickles and Cormax. But no sooner they turned the pond into a parking lot! So they said anyone could keep an animal so I took the hippos and they were happy! They lived in the zoo and I came to visit them every day at 9:00 clock a.m. When the winder came, they would get freezing so I would get there own towel to keep all winder to keep warm. Cormax liked Bree on his crackers and Pickles liked American At the zoo everyone is friendly and so are the animals. But I liked the hippos the very very best! They love to float on Sundays I would jump in the lake. When I was done feeding them I would look at all the other animals. But when I was done I would go good-bye! The tiger was right next to us and hi would growl for the food so loud! For a part of the day I was at school. But when I got home I would always draw sand paintings at sand painting academy. When I got there I saw friends drawing and guess what it was of – the hippos! I couldn’t believe my eyes I was super happy. They must of saw how much I like to play with them. I felt surprised! It was a surprise! I thought I was dreaming but no sorry, it was not a dream for sure! The next morning when I went to the zoo I told the hippos all the news we had yesterday afternoon. They were splashing and splashing! The next day I dewed there favorite animal. The end. Erin Ensign Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet Mrs. Sara Smithson


My cookies “I’m going to be on TV” I said. Ding dong we can make cookies now. I put the peanut butter in then the sugar and the egg in. Then I mixed and mixed. I rolled them and pressed them with my thumb. Last but not least, the jelly. I helped my mom put the cookies in the oven. It took a long time. Finally, the cookies were ready. They were hot but they smelled good. Then, I tried the cookies. Mmmmm I said. They are good. Then the video camera man tried them. My mom said I think he likes them. Sydney Franklin Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet Stephanie Higgs

My Best Friend Blake I am so happy that we are still together. We met in first grade. I said nothing. I was shy, but you weren’t. You said, “Hello”. I didn’t say a word. Then I said, “Hello, want to be my friend?” You said “Sure.” I said “GREAT, Do you want to play zombies?” “Yes, I love playing zombies!” Landon Fritts Grade 2 Soddy Elementary Cindy Varner

Blueberry Picking It was a beautiful day in Connecticut and I got an idea. I wanted to go blueberry picking. I was so excited I could just taste the blueberries already! Then we all got in the car and drove off. It was a long drive then I waited and waited and waited. I could see lots of trees and I could smell the fresh air. Finally we were there. I was ready to pick blueberries. I was very happy to pick the blueberries when I started to get hot. I could feel the blueberries. I could hear the people talk. The next day I had to go home. I was very sad then I said goodbye and we were gone. But I was still a little excited to go home. Before I went off I said I would miss them very much. Maya Halenar Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet Jessica Bagwell


The Lonely Bird One day there was a lonely bird named Sophie who had no friends because she was a robin. Everyone else was a blackbird. They would tell her every day that she would never fit in with the blackbirds. One day Sophie did not show up for school. Her teacher Mrs. Flapie was worried because she knew how adventurous Sophie could be. Mrs. Flapie was right because Sophie flew to China to find other robins. She did not find any other robins but had a dream that she was loved no matter what she was. She flew home feeling fine. She flew right to art class and Mrs. Mason the art teacher was relieved that student 12 had arrived! As for Mrs. Flapie, well, she celebrated with the whole class! One little blackbird asked Sophie to play because Sophie felt good about herself. They became best friends! Caroline Jackson Grade 2 Boyd Buchanan School Mrs. Littlejohn

The Legend of the Six Knights Once upon a time there were six knights, and their names were Blacksmith, Red Knight, Green Knight, Orange Knight, Blue Knight, and Pink Knight. One day they were hanging out, and a Grey Knight came bursting threw the door with an arrow in his back. The knights rushed out the door and saw the necromancer and the wizard steeling the king’s diamond! And at that moment the knights knew they had a BIG adventure ahead of them, so the knights got ready to start the adventure. When they got out of the castle there was a war going on. When they finally got past the enemy defenses they had to fight Giant Yak Guy to save the first princess. Finally the knights beat him with a heavy attack; they got the first princess. “FINALY!” said Red Knight. Then they went to go set sail to the desert though they needed certain items to set sail. So they went into the forest. The thieves had better weapons than them, so they went to the weapon shop to upgrade their weapons. They found one of the items they needed to set sail. “YES!” said Blue Knight. Then they went back to the forest and made it past the thieves! “We made it.” said Pink Knight. At the end in the old barn there was a huge troll that made mini trolls! When they killed the troll all of the animals rushed in the barn, and the knights did not know why. The reason the animals rushed in the barn was a 50 feet long and 20 feet tall troll was coming, and then the knights rushed in to the barn. Each knight hopped on a reindeer. The huge troll came bursting through the front of the barn and started chasing the knights. Luckily the knights got away, but they knew that the huge troll would be back. Next they had to fight a giant cat, then a giant bat, and finally a giant lava knight. When they beat it they got a new item. It was called the beefy sandwich, which makes you huge, and when you are huge you can bust threw the industrial castle. When they made it past the industrial castle they got the telescope for


the pirate ship. They also forgot to get the wheel for the pirate ship. You get the wheel after you beat the giant sock puppet boss. So they went back to beat the boss and get the wheel. After that they noticed they had all the items to set sail; so they did. In the middle of the ocean a boat filled with ninjas came along. When they beat the ninjas they set shore in a desert. The adventure continues in the sequel… Jackson Patrick Grade 2 Nolan Elementary Kimberly Lockery

Ice cream night out It was in the middle of the afternoon when I was sailing on the boat to the ice cream place where you could smell the fresh, clean air outside. Finally, after about seventeen minutes, we got to the ice cream place! We went up to the cashier and ordered our ice cream. You could smell the rich and cold ice cream everywhere. When we got our ice cream, we went outside where it was hot and humid. You could hear cars driving by the ice cream place and people laughing about the ice cream man putting three gigantic scoops on my cone. As I was walking to my seat in the hot, humid sun, you could see all the other wonderful peoples ice cream flavors on their cone and the birds flocking happily in the bright blue sky. I could feel the frosty ice cream slipping off my cone and onto my arm. My legs were tired from walking and I said, “I’m ready to sit down.” But before I could…plop! My ice cream had fallen off! I felt embarrassed and upset. My mom picked up my ice cream off the floor. “Here,” she said. The floor smelled like sweet honey. We put the cone upside down into a cup to it wouldn’t fall off again. The floor smelled like sweet honey. I didn’t care that the ice cream had been on the floor. I just wanted to eat it. I sat down in my chair and quickly started licking my frosty ice cream that now smelled like sweet golden honey, like the floor. Delicious! Nice and cold cookie dough ice cream. I was getting tired. Maybe tonight I would feel better. After we finished our ice cream, we got back on the boat to sail back. From the railing of the boat, I could see a seal! When we got back, we went down to the lobby and ate at happy hour. Happy hour is where they have samples (snacks) all over the lobby. After our samples, we ate dinner at a restaurant that I don’t know the name of. Finally, after dinner, we went back to the Embassy Suites. It was time to go to bed. I got all snuggled up and cozy. I felt really tired from my big and hot day but most importantly, I felt a lot better! Allison Royal Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet Lauren Odum


My Party One day, I had a slumber party at my mom’s house. We had so much fun. My party was awesome. We sang. We danced in the dining room to Teen Beach movie songs. I loved that day. At the end of the day, I felt very happy. Kaylee Scott, Grade 2 Lookout Valley Elementary School Leslie Guthrie My Softball Bag My softball bag is red and blue which are the colors of my softball team. My softball is very important because without it I would have to carry all my equipment in my hands. Without my bag, I would have to go back and forth and carry everything all a piece at a time to the field. I would waste valuable practice and warm up time while my teammates are already practicing and getting ready for the game. First, I always put my extra clothes into my bag. These clothes are to help me stay warm and dry when the weather is bad or cold. They are the extra parts of my uniform. Second, I put my cleats into my bag. Cleats are needed during games to help my feet dig into the dirt and stay dry. My cleats are red and look like fire engines on my feet. Third, I put a helmet into my bag which takes up a lot of space. My helmet is red and blue and has a falcon on each side in the form of an “F.” It also has a 6 on it which is my number on the team. We wear the helmets when we are at bat to protect our heads. The fourth item I put in my bag is a glove. My glove helps me catch the ball by giving me a bigger target. It also keeps my hand from getting hurt. The next item to go into my bag would be some softballs. I use them to throw, catch, and hit as we practice and warm up. Softballs are larger than baseballs and can be yellow, white, and pink. I usually play with a yellow ball. Sixth, I put my face mask in my bag. Face masks are important to have because when you are younger you might get hurt and it helps protect your face. They also keep you from being afraid of going after hard hit balls. Once my bag is full I zip it up and start to fill my outside pockets and compartments of my bag. I get my bat to put in my bag. My bat is important because I need it to help me score runs. My bat is red, black and white and makes me feel powerful when I swing.


Eighth, I put in my drink. Usually I have Gatorade to give me more energy, but sometimes I bring water instead. Ninth, I put my sunscreen in the side pocket of my bag. It gets really hot in the summer and I sometimes play 4 or 5 games a day. It is important to have sunscreen to keep your skin from getting burned. My final item in my bag is my sunglasses. I need my sunglasses to keep the sun from blinding me while I am playing softball. The sun is out on most days during the summer so my glasses are very important and helpful. Each thing in my bag helps make me be a better softball player. Maybe if you would like to play softball you too, you could follow my steps. Kaylee Snyder, Grade 2 Thrasher Elementary School Mrs. Randi Schlosser A Curious Case of Polka Dots I can remember seeing polka dots since I was little. After all, they’re everywhere. I’ve seen people that have polka dots but I’d never seen anyone that had polka dots. I mean, I’ve seen people, my mom and aunt Amy, grandma K and even Rylie at school, that own polka dot clothes, but none of them have ever had polka dots. I didn’t even know you could get polka dots. Nobody ever told me. It would be funny if it hadn’t happened to me. One Monday morning before school, I went downstairs to eat breakfast. When I got to the kitchen, my brothers started laughing at me and wouldn’t stop. I just couldn’t figure out why my brothers kept on. They laugh at me a lot anyway, but this was different. They were really laughing at something funny – me! Mom and dad finally looked up from their coffee. Dad looked at me squinting while mommy shushed the boys. He asked me, “Are you feeling all right, rabbit?”. Mom looked at me then and let out a short, high scream. “Look at her!”, she said. By then I knew something was up but I still didn’t get it until Jake said, “Not rabbit anymore. Polka dot now. Look at your arms, little bit”. That’s when I first saw them, the polka dots, and they were all over me. Mom rushed over from the table and pulled my shirt up. She saw polka dots all over my back and belly. Daddy pulled my pajama legs up and, again, polka dots everywhere. They were green, blue, yellow, red, purple, white, pink and orange. One around my belly button was even half white and half green, my school’s colors. Weird. Dad said he thought he could get them off and started rubbing my arm with the dish rag. Mommy grabbed the thermometer to take my temperature and told me to open up. They didn’t rub off and I didn’t have a fever. Although I was heavily polka dotted, I didn’t feel any different.


My folks said no school, that maybe it was something I ate and that I needed to see the doctor immediately. Mom called my doctor. She was on the phone a long time. It seems the people at the doctor’s office were having trouble understanding what my mom was telling them. Finally, she hung up and put me in the car. I was still in my pajamas. Embarrassing. My doctor was waiting at the door. When he saw me, he quit smiling, put his hand over his mouth and let out a long, “Hmmmmmmm.” After what seemed forever, standing in the crowded waiting room, polka dotted and in my pajamas, being stared at, he finally said, “Let’s go to the examination room”. When we got there he started asking lots of questions and poked, pushed, pulled, patted and pinched me. We were there until lunch time, my belly told me. Right before we left, the doctor had me and my mom sit down in his office to talk. He told me his professional opinion was that I had a curious case of polka dots, extremely rare, that would have to “run its course”. He told us there was no medicine to cure it, not even a shot. Bummer. On the way home, mommy stopped by the store and got me some chicken soup. She said chicken soup is good for everything. She put me on the couch with some soup, a Sprite and the remote control. I heard her talking to daddy on the phone and they agreed to not send me to school until I got “better”. This is the life! Being polka dotted does have some advantages. Tuesday, mommy took me to an emergency meeting with a skin doctor, a drmatalojist(?). The doctor walked into the room, looked up from his chart, dropped his pencil and then told mommy to scoot over because he needed to sit down. He was no help .Wednesday was no better. We went to see another doctor, an alerjist(?). She said I might be contagis(?), and asked us to leave . She was no help either. The principal said I couldn’t come to school with polka dots, so I had to stay home. Boring. I missed my friends . Little Timmy, my neighbor that has a crush on me, came to check on me on Saturday. He brought M&Ms. As we ate them, I felt better. As Timmy was leaving, he said I should only eat M&Ms if they made me feel better. That made sense to me. Sunday, I ate M&Ms for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I woke up, I was cured! No more polka dots. Who knew M&Ms were medicine? Back at school, my friends were excited to see me. Things quickly got back to normal. We were all forgetting about the curious case of polka dots. Until, this morning, I woke up with stripes. Here we go again! Elizabeth Stophel, Grade 2 Silverdale Baptist Academy Shannon Galyon


It was winter and me and my family were playing in the snow. Henry threw a snowball at me. “Ouch!” I said. That hurt. I threw a snowball at him. “Hey!” Henry said. I threw a snowball at mom. Mom threw a snowball at my dad. Mom laughed. Dad laughed too then Henry and I fell down and started to laugh too. We kept laughing. After a while, we went inside and I couldn’t wait to do it again. Anna Varner, Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet Wednesday Tym


[ Grade  2  Poetry  ]     African Lions Lions are interesting. Their mane turns golden brown in the shining sun. Their fur skin looks like the light brown sand on the beach. Their eyes are orange. They glow and shine like the sun. Its mane is his big fury crown. Its nose is like a pink ghost that shines in the sun. Aiden Bennett Grade 2 Boyd Buchanan School Melanie Schonhoff

MY SKATEBOARD Love to jump Rushing down far hills Woosh…… Rolling fast back skateboard down Black marks Free DiAngelo Cisto Grade 2 Nolan Elementary Meg Self


I am Ava I am funny and playful. I wonder what I am going to get for my birthday. I hear clowns singing. I see tree with monkeys in them. I want to do karate. I am funny and playful. I pretend to be a football player. I feel an elf. I touch the air. I worry about tornadoes. I cry about nothing. I am funny and playful. I know how to read. I say that family is important. I dream scary things. I try to ride my skateboard. I hope that I get better at drawing. I am funny and playful. Ava Duffey Grade 2 Red Bank Elementary Mrs. Motes

Shelby My name is Shelby. I wear dresses. I have witnesses. As I do dishes, I make wishes with no excuses. Shelby Dye Grade 2 Soddy Elementary Terry Hooper


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I Am Eric I am bad at my house and good at school. I wonder if I can do a backflip. I hear the ducks talking. I see a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. I want a big truck with flags on it. I am bad at my house and good at school. I pretend to play sometimes with my brother. I feel a big shock. I touch lava. I cry when someone dies. I am bad at my house and good at school. I understand being who I am. I say Bigfoot is real. I dream for a vacation. I try to get better at baseball. I hope to have a good life. I am bad at my house and good at school. Eric Hill Grade 2 Red Bank Elementary Mrs. Motes

Cold Weather Cold weather is here! On cold days There is frost, And cold noses! Do animals play in the cold, too? Brayden Kincaid Grade 2 Boyd Buchanan School LeeAnn Blocker


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I Am Varun I am smart and playful. I wonder how clouds turn gray. I hear clouds crying. I see cuckoo birds. I want a dog. I am smart and playful. I pretend to be a rocket ship, I feel a zombies face. I touch a cuckoo bird. I worry about my family. I cry when my mom is sick, I am smart and playful. I know how much my mom loves me. I say you need a family. I dream for a vacation. I try to help my mom. I hope I will be a smart man. I am smart and playful. Varun Kumar Grade 2 Red Bank Elementary Mrs. Motes

The Sunshine I like to see the sunshine. And when I see it, I fall down and say "Oh, what a wonderful day!" Jacob Long Grade 2 Silverdale Baptist Academy Shannon Galyon


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I Am Leela I am smart and beautiful. I wonder what my dog thinks about. I hear elephants mooing like a cow. I see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I want a horse that can talk. I am smart and beautiful. I pretend I can fly and be a bald eagle. I feel the fur of a wooly mammoth. I touch the tusks of a wooly mammoth. I worry about my dog. I cry when my dog dies. I am smart and beautiful. I know how to read big words. I say believe in Santa. I dream of flying on a plane and a helicopter. I try to do cartwheels. I hope my dog doesn’t die. I am smart and beautiful. Leela Mills Grade 2 Red Bank Elementary Mrs. Motes

Bubbles Pop Eat Sloppy Up Spheres floating Jane Murphy Grade 2 Nolan Elementary Meg Self


My Scooter Wheeee! I go fast down hills On Saturday mornings Skreeech! I stop my scooter And go again I can’t breathe Annabel Nicholson Grade 2 Nolan Elementary Meg Self

If I were a Fish If I were a fish I’d swim from a shark and I’d swim around and I’d hide from a shark. I’d be afraid! Richard Paque Grade 2 Red Bank Elementary Ms. Walters


Dragon Poem Oh Dragon, oh, great Dragon Now do I see you now do I not? And how do I tell that here you have fought? Flaming fields and burning rot. Full of riddles I do not know, Like a sphinx and a great foe. And the friendliness where do I find? You, oh Dragon are certainly not kind! Some guarding towers, And some guarding gold, Always I fear with tales untold. Oh, the Dragon with scales so bright, And fire that will flame up the night. Oh Dragon, oh great Dragon. Annelise Perez Grade 2 Thrasher Elementary School Melanie Bautista


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My Brother Jumps like a kangaroo on the trampoline. Opens his kind heart to share his toys and money with everyone. Sleeps with about 25 stuffed animals in his bed. Holds my baby brother, Micah, gently. Uses his big brown eyes to make kids laugh and smile. Acts crazy when he plays pool. Caleb Quisenberry Grade 2 Thrasher Elementary Mrs. Judy Gooden

Fish Orange, white Swimming, living, exploring Plays with sea anemones Clown fish Ricky Rodriguez Grade 2 Hixson Elementary School Mary Brown


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I am Amy I am playful, helpful, and lovely. I wonder if everybody is happy. I hear the ocean singing la-la-la. I see a pet dragon! I want a fairy. I am playful, helpful, and lovely. I pretend I have a pet horse. I feel the scales of a python. I touch the biggest ice cream. I worry about ET the alien. I cry when my mom shows me sad videos. I am playful, helpful, and lovely. I know my mom loves me. I say my family is my heart. I dream that wars stop. I try to get better at gymnastics. I hope the world is a peaceful place. I am playful, helpful, and lovely. Amy Skrigc, Grade 2 Red Bank Elementary Mrs. Motes

Sun Outside in the sun run skip and play Being with my friends enjoying the day Inside in the rain color, nap, and read Being with my family is all I need. Jonathan Werner, Grade 2 Nolan Elementary Meg Self


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My Sister My sister has a boyfriend. They do not understand about hands to themselves. So when they do not listen to me, I put pillows between them. The annoying part is that he comes every day. They watch a movie every night. They turn the volume all the way up! Wish me luck! Tate Williams Grade 2 Boyd Buchanan School 4650 Buccaneer Trail Mrs. Littlejohn


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[ Grade  3  Prose  ]   Lily’s Dream Everyone has dreams, some good dreams, some bad dreams, and dreams that have other people in them. Some dreams have mystery and magic in them. Maybe even mermaids! I will tell you more about dreams as you read my story, so I recommend you begin reading. Long, long ago there lived a girl named Lily. She was bad at everything, even tying her shoes. Everyone at school laughed at her, and told her bad things that weren’t true. One night as she was looking out her window, she made a wish, she wished to be good at everything. As she left the window, something glimmered and sparkled, then it disappeared. That night something was different for Lily, but she just thought she was sleepy, so she crawled in bed hoping for a good dream. In her dream she imagined she was the most popular girl in school because she was amazing at everything. She beat everyone in races, and at soccer practice she amazed the coach. She answered every question on her tests correctly. When she made her cereal, she did not spill any milk. She was excellent in her piano practice. She was feeling great until she heard some of her friends gossiping about her. They were saying that they no longer wanted to race with her. They wanted to quit the soccer team because she always scored all the goals. They thought she was too perfect for them. When her brother and sister discovered she was perfect, they were jealous! Her parents were pleased with her piano playing, but her Mom was suspicious and made her practice more. Suddenly, she heard her mother calling her to eat breakfast. She wondered if the dream she had the night before could possibly come true. That morning she didn’t spill her milk. At recess she won the races easily. She answered every question correctly and impressed her teacher who bragged about how hard she must have studied. At soccer practice she amazed the coach with her new skills and he said she must have practiced a lot. At piano practice, her parents were delighted, but were suspicious and made her play over and over again. Lily thought this was just like her dream but Lily was not happy when she heard her friends gossiping about her on the playground. They wanted to quit the soccer team because Lily was suddenly too perfect for them at soccer and everything else it seemed. Her brother and sister were jealous and wouldn’t play with her. Now Lily knew that her wish and her dream were happening. When bedtime came she saw the star outside her window again and she wished she was her not- so- perfect self. The next day when her Mom called her for breakfast, Lily spilled the milk and she was pleased! Like I told you before, everyone has dreams and often they are lessons to be taught in those dreams. Be careful what you wish for! Often you can learn from your wonderful, scary, magical and mysterious dreams. Alexia Apablaza Grade 3 Thrasher Elementary Jennifer Lockwood


The Mysterious Ride It was a beautiful morning when I arrived at school. I put my backpack up, and as soon as I sat down the intercom turned and our principal Mrs. Taylor shouted, “Seth, come to my office please!” While I walked down the hallway, my stomach felt like it had a million butterflies in it. When I get to the office my mom and dad were there. They just looked at me and said, “We’re so sorry.” They walked me outside to a limousine parked in front of the school, and I thought to myself, “They’re sorry for this?!” We get closer to the limousine and when I get to it, two people in black suits rolled down the windows and sternly said, “Get in the car.” So, I got in. I asked, “Where are we going?” There was no reply, so I asked it a second time, but there was still no reply. We drove for hours and I still had no idea who these people were or where we were going. All of a sudden, the limo stopped, and when I asked “What happened?” someone finally spoke and told me that we ran out of gas. I look around and realize we ran out of gas in a desert. I sweated so much, I thought I was taking a hot shower. A truck finally came by and it stopped and let us get in the back. We asked him if he could get gas for us and he said yes, so he got the gas and dropped us back off at the limo. We said “Thanks” but he didn’t reply, and I thought to myself how rude people are around here. One of the men in suits held the door for me to get back in the limo, and I said “Man!” because I was shocked someone did something nice for me. We finally started driving again and after a little while we stopped again. I got out of the limo and asked, “What is this place?” Of course, there was no reply. I shouted, “Oh my goodness!” as each man grabbed both of my arms and put handcuffs on me. I quickly realized that we were at jail! They took me to a jail cell and walked away. I laid on my bed and thought for a second wondering about why they put me in jail. I did nothing for me to go to jail! I heard a noise coming from across the walkway, so I asked, “Who is that? What is your name.” The person replied with “I’m Brett.” I asked him how he got in jail, but he said he was getting old so he didn’t remember. Brett said, “They’re never going to let us go, I’ve already been here for seven years!” They finally let us go to lunch, and we had a great idea. Brett and I snuck forks out of the cafeteria. We decided to use them as escape tools, so we chipped away at the walls for months. Then we finished, and we both gave each other the signal. We climbed through the tunnels then whispered, “I’m free” and we fled to our homes. Once I made it home, my family was thrilled to see me. I told them we have to move to a different country because I escaped from jail, and I don’t want them to take me back. I still don’t know why I got arrested! Seth Artrip Grade 3 Lookout Valley Elementary Candace Baggett


Why Do Frogs Hop A long time ago there was a time when frogs couldn’t hop. They just walked like you and me. King Monkey told the frog and all the animals that he was having a contest to see who could hop the farthest. Frog said, “I want to do this contest.” Some of the other animals said, “Me too, me too, me too!” The next day the contest began. Each animal contestant lined up to do their best hop. Lizard was up first, and he jumped thump, thump, thump! Next came elephant, and elephant hopped boom, boom, boom! Finally Frog was up, and he hopped boing, boing, boing! When he did his hop, he jumped so far that all his animal friends cheered for him. King Monkey said, “Stop everyone. I think Frog should be the winner.” So Frog was the winner. He won a bucket of flies. He was so happy that from that day on, he always hopped. All of his froggy friends were happy for him, so they hopped forever. And that is why frogs hop. Kate Berube Grade 3 Bright School Mary Harbin


The Sad Frog In the jungle of Noom there lived a sad frog. He wanted a friend, but nobody wanted to play with him. Years passed and the frog grew older. He grew angry. “That’s it,” he said. “I’m going to find a friend now!” So he went out to find a friend. Meanwhile there was a kid named Jack. His mom was having a baby named Eric. Jack asked his mom, “Can we go to the park?” His mom replied, “No, I have to take care of Eric.” “Fine, you can do that! I’m going outside,” he said furiously. Jack went outside and sat down on the steps. “If only I had a friend, then I can play,” he said. He saw a frog. He saw that he was sad and picked him up. “What’s wrong?” “I want a friend,” the frog said. “I’ll be your friend,” Jack said. The frog and the kid were friends forever. Jack Bukovitz Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet School 1009 Mississippi Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37405 Barbra Lail


The Big Space Adventure “Aaaaahhhhhhh!’’ “We’re going to die!” “Somebody save us!” Astronaut Emma and Astronaut Taylor had just gotten sucked into a black hole. How did they get there? The answer is simple: amateurs. At Mission Control, Commanders Lauren and Quimby had been trying to reach the astronauts the whole time they were in the black hole. By now they were running around freaking out. That was what Lauren was doing at least. As for Quimby, she stayed calm and suited up. “What for?” you might ask. Well, Commander Quimby was going into space, and not just for a joyride. She was going to be a HERO. “THREE, TWO, ONE, BLAST OFF!” Commander Quimby just blasted off into space to rescue the childish astronauts in the black hole. Off she went with her cup of coffee to save the day. When she reached space, she looked for any signs of the two astronauts. Sipping her cup slowly, she scouted the area around her. Not that she could see anything, but just wanted to make sure. Her ship floated about two more miles before she saw anything besides asteroids. Four white, big, gloved hands could be seen about one mile away. “I really need a raise,” Quimby said under her breath. When Quimby finally got there, Taylor disrespectfully demanded, “Where were you?” “Gettin’ some ice-cream,” Quimby replied sarcastically and made a face. “Well hurry up!” Emma shouted. She was usually very quiet and shy so this comment was a big surprise coming from her. “I’m getting to it. Sheesh!” Quimby shot back. She unleashed a long, thick, strong, white rope. “Grab on if you want to live.” “Like we wouldn’t!” Emma blurted out yet another surprising comment and rolled her eyes. Seriously, what is up with her? Quimby wondered. Well they would discuss that later. Right now they had some things to cover. When they were safely in the spaceship, everybody was silent. When they entered the atmosphere, Quimby finally broke the silence and asked, “How did you guys get in to that black hole?” No one spoke. “I asked you a question,” she demanded a little louder this time.


Finally Emma spoke. ‘’Our ship kinda’ had a leak and when we tried to fix it, well we kinda’ got stuck in the black hole.’’ ‘ ’Yeah, that’s what happened.’’ Taylor smirked with a whisper. “Kinda’?” Quimby asked. “We’ll talk about this later.” When they landed at the space station, Lauren burst out of the doors and embraced them in a big bear hug. “I was worried sick!” she cried out. “Oh and I wasn't really freaking out,” she added a little sheepishly. “MmmHmm.” Quimby murmured. “OK fine, I was totally freaking out. I'm just glad you're back!” she said. “Hey, I’ll go get the rest of the staff and we can have a party to celebrate that you guys are ok!” She said it like it was the best thing on earth. “Not so fast.” Quimby stopped them in mid-giggle. “I think we need to have a talk about our little ‘adventure.” Don't you?” “Yeah, that was a close one!” Taylor exclaimed with a relieved look on her face. “Hey, now do you think we could get some ice-cream?” Emma asked smiling as big as Jupiter. ‘ “IT WAS A JOKE!” McLean Burke Grade 3 Thrasher Elementary Mary Ferguson


My Flamingo Dream I am a flamingo with a problem. My real name is Frances Annette Flamingo, but they call me Annie. I live in the salty lakes and lagoons of the Bahamas. This is the perfect home of the beautiful pink flamingos. One problem, I cannot stand on one foot! My flamingo friends Sally, Fancy, and Caroline not only can stand on one leg but make the number four with their legs. I can’t even stand on one foot without making a four. So I decided to start taking lessons on how to balance on one foot. My dream is to fit in with all the other flamingos. All of my friends can take one leg and cross the other the leg to make what looks like the number four. Therefore, after I have tried and cried about my balance problem, I decided I needed special lessons. These lessons will teach me how to balance on one foot. Maybe I will fit in soon. My friends decided that I don’t need a special teacher for my lessons. Each one of them is going to work on a different skill with me. My first lesson will teach me how to stand on one webbed foot while my other foot is barely touching the ground. Sally Flamingo is in charge of this lesson. She has me leaning against a palm tree for balance so I won’t fall down. “Nice job,” said Sally. After trying a big bunch of times I was ready for my next skill. Fancy Flamingo is teaching me lesson two. “Annie,” said Fancy, “you can rest your foot on my special coconut.” After moving my foot up and down several times it finally rested on top of the coconut. Fancy said, “I knew this would be hard, but you did it!” Caroline Flamingo is ready to teach me my third and final lesson. “Everyone needs to help,” she said. We all get in a circle and we ever so carefully hold each other’s wings. On the count of four we all raise our legs in the number four. I am a little shaky at first, but then I finally get it. Slowly, everyone moves away and they all start cheering. “Annie, we knew you could do it. Now the four of us can stand in a four!” I proudly stand with my legs in the number 4 every day. With helpful friends and hard work you can do anything! Caroline Burns Grade 3 Thrasher Elementary School Mary Ferguson


Peach Goes to Space One spring day, Peach took a walk at the park. But after she took a long walk, she decided to go home. She read a book until it was dark. She wanted to visit her friend so she asked and it was okay. On her way over there, Peach heard a noise like a spaceship. She looked up and, sure enough, it was a spaceship. Just then, Peach got zapped up into the spaceship. She didn’t know where she was or what she would do. She saw a bunch of aliens and asked one where she was and he said that she was in alien headquarters and that they just zapped in a human. Then he turned around from typing on his computer and he saw she was a human. He was so surprised. The little alien screamed and then all the other aliens screamed. They all ran to the head alien to tell him. They all ran into a little hall and then floated up and into a little flap. In the little alien room, Peach was just standing there and didn’t know what to do. She was walking towards the hall when she got zapped into the throne room. She saw a giant slug that was actually an alien. Peach asked where she was and the alien said that she was in the throne room. The giant alien said that they would not hurt her and they needed samples to see what humans were like. He said that a little alien named April took Peach to the escape pod and they both went to a planet called Buff. April showed Peach her room in a hotel in a little city. The city was called Futo. Peach asked if they could go to another planet and April said that was okay. They went to another far off planet called Pippiewip. They traveled in a small space craft. When the landed there, they hopped out, and just then, a big purple dome fell over them. Peach asked what was going on, and April had no clue. Then guns were shooting through the big dome, so Peach and April ran to the side where nothing could get them. Peach found a small opening and said that they could crawl through there. They crawled through there and saw robots shooting lasers. Peach told them to please stop and they put down their lasers and said they wanted them destroyed so they could have food. Peach said that she had four bananas in her purse so she gave them to the robots and the robots said thank you and left. April said they had to take the escape pod. Peach looked around and saw that nothing was around. They were stuck on Pippiewip. Peach said that if they climbed up on the giant dome they might be in space again. They tried to climb it but it was too slippery. April said that maybe if they walked, they could find someone and ask them if they could take them back to Buff. So they walked and in a few hours Peach just walked and fell right out of the planet. April did too. While that was happening, the head alien said that he gave up on human samples so they


moved on. In space, April said that if they pretended they were swimming they could go back to earth. They swam back to earth and lived happily ever after. The end. Natalie Burroughs Grade 3 Grace Baptist Academy Mrs. Cooke

The Trip To Atlantis or Not A long time ago in Mozambique there was a guy named Rio de Janeiro. Rio is very grumpy and odd. He is forty-two years old and always carries a pistol around wherever he goes. Rio de Janeiro is famous for exploring the most countries. One day in Ulaanbaator, Mongolia Rio was visiting his brother Kazak. Rio and Kazak were sitting on the couch eating meat. Suddenly the lights went out in the whole city. A big orange cloud covered Rio and Kazak. The city started spinning. A loud siren rang. Everything went black. They woke up six hours later. Rio and his friend felt really dizzy. After about ten minutes they both felt better. Rio heard a voice whispering, “Go and find more land. Go to the shore. Your future awaits you.” So Rio and his friend walked and walked and walked and walked until they reached the shores. The sky was black and the wind was blowing hard. A big monster started walking towards them! Rio pulled out his pistol and shot the monster. Rio decided they were not going. Ryland Cobb Grade 3 Silverdale Baptist Academy Joe Parker


Trip to Yellowstone Woosh! Bump! Hump! The car went through the mountains. It was a bumpy ride while we were in the car. I took a nap the whole way to Yellowstone. I was so tired. When we got to our hotel, there was a bison in the parking lot! It was a twenty-five mile drive to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Chloe and I kept on searching for the TV but there are no TV’s in the whole hotel! The next day we woke up and went horseback riding. It was so amazing when we went horseback riding. I thought I was going to fall off the horse but I didn’t because the horse was really sweet and nice. The horse’s name was Bear. He was a nice horse too. I felt a lot like an Indian as we rode our horses. It was really fun. It took me a long time to control the horse. But I got the hang of it because it got easier to control. The next day we woke up and went horseback riding again because we were going to leave Yellowstone in three days. I keep begging my mom, “why do we have to leave Yellowstone? I love it though!” The days passed and it was time to leave Yellowstone. I was really sad that we had to leave Yellowstone. Gracie Crooks Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet Emily Grace Hammett

The Big, Bumpy, Green Hill We were standing on the top of the hill. I was anxious to get down the big, bumpy, green hill! I felt the wind blowing and the water squirting beneath my feet. Kelsey, Ella and I were waiting for an open cardboard piece. It was around lunchtime. I heard the cars driving through downtown. The smell of fresh air filled my nose. I took a seat on the cardboard. Woosh! I rushed down the big, bumpy hill! I could feel the wind blowing against me. I slid off the brown cardboard. The grass puffed up. My hair swayed side to side. At last, I got to the bottom. I was very proud! I couldn’t wait to go again! Erin Ensign Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet Chloee Vaughn


Sugar, the Dog Who Saved Christmas It was a fine and dandy Christmas Eve when everyone was asleep except Sugar, the dog. He heard something. What was it? Suzie was getting a drink of water. I barked. Suzie said, “Please be quiet, Doggie. I am just getting a drink of water.” Okay, I think. She went up the long, long stairs. She spilled some of the refreshing water. I licked it. It was good. I heard something. I peeked to see who it was. It wasn’t one of the family members. It looked like a robber covered in black. I followed him. I followed him to his car. It was filled with presents. The trunk was filled with lots and lots of presents. I found out that the whole neighborhood’s presents ere all gone. I was as quiet as a mouse. Then we got to his house. He must be greedy. I saw all of the presents. There were a lot. The robber went to bed. I crept quietly to the presents. I left the house very quietly. I brought all of the presents with me. I had to go back and forth. It was morning. I got to every house just in time, even my house. I was the dog who saved Christmas Have a very merry Christmas. Kylie Flores Grade 3 OAKS Margo Haughee

When the Go Cart Hit Me Back For Christmas, I got a shiny, new, go-cart. It was big and strong, and I was little and weak. In fact, it was so large that I had to use two wooden blocks on each foot just to reach the gas pedal. It was a 2008, blue, black, and has some yellow on the engine. It was muddy on that Christmas morning, perfect for getting a brand new go-cart. After putting on my helmet, I went riding in a field. I started pressing down on accelerator and started going. I tried going really fast, and parallel park in the mud. But, there was one problem. Which one was the brake? I went near a tree, and I wrecked. I hit my head on the steering wheel and got a goose egg on my head, and was covered in mud. So, my family and I went back to the house, I got an ice pack for my head, and felt better. It was definitely a memorable Christmas morning. I learned a lesson. Definitely know where the accelerator and brake are, before you begin driving a vehicle. Christian Garner Grade 3 Nolan Elementary Mrs. Leary


The Gateway to the West! Have you ever been so high your stomach drops? Well I have. My mom, my dad, and my brother, Charlie, and I went to St. Louis, Missouri for spring break last year to see the Gateway Arch. We strolled up to the Arch and tried to wrap our arms around it. My whole family looked up and tried to guess how high it was. We completed sightseeing and sprinted into the building that moves us up the arch. When we got inside the building, we waited in a line that seemed to go on forever!! When we got to the front, a woman handed us a number. We entered a small room with lots of equipment. There were numbers and some doors were as big as a mini closet. We waited in another line a little shorter than the other one, but it still took forever. I was hopping up and down because I was losing my patience. Finally, we got to the front of that line. We had to duck to get into the very small elevator. Once the doors closed, we started slowly moving up. We were about in the middle of 630 feet when my stomach dropped! After a few more minutes the elevator creaked to a slow stop. The elevator doors opened and we climbed out carefully. I was very dizzy. I almost fell down! We strolled around the top of the arch and found a window to peer out of. We were so high up! Our timer quietly beeped, we ducked back into the elevator and started going down. When we got back outside, I said to my dad, “That was the best experience I have ever had.” Lucy Good Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet Emily Pittman


The First Mission One day in the state of Mississippi, a boy named Davis turned 16. “What did you ask for?” asked his sister. “That I could be in the army like pa was,” said Davis. “Are you sure?” asked his mom. “Of course!” said Davis. One week later … “Good height and weight,” said the qualifier. “Come back here in one hour to receive your gun and other equipment,” said the qualifier. One hour later … “Is this really necessary?” asked Davis. “The gun’s really heavy.” “Your first mission is today,” said the General. “You’re going to patrol the river and meet up with the control tower. There, you will split up into groups and attack the enemy control tower. Watch out for enemy navy on the way.” The General went away. “Let’s get movin’,” said the Colonel. On the way, it was very peaceful. When they got to the control tower they were split into groups. Davis and 50 more people went to the right of the enemy. The others went to the left. They ran at the enemy, but then enemy soldiers came up from behind! Gun shots! Davis’s comrades fell dead everywhere! He had to get to the control tower. He ran as fast as he could. Finally, he reached the control room. Davis shot the person who was controlling it and took over the base. When he got out he saw the enemy retreating. They completed their mission! They won! Everyone rejoiced. And that is the story of Davis’s first mission. Elijah Hampton, Grade 3 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Lisa Ellis

The Day the Llama Struck Back One day my dad, my brother, and I were at our ranch. We were bored, so we decided to go to Raz’s Exotic Animal Auction in Harper, Texas, owned by our good friend, Bradley’s family. Once we arrived, I asked Bradley if I could go play with the animals and like always, he said, “yes.” So I ran up a flight of stairs. Once I got to the landing, I immediately ran into the baby animal pen. In the pen, there was a fawn, a baby llama, and an adult llama. I walked right past the llamas, went up to the fawn, and gently petted him. He was so soft. After a while, I approached the baby llama to pet him. He was scruffy. I thought I would pet the adult llama too, and I touched her on the head. All of a sudden, she got up on her hind legs and kicked me with


her front legs! I sprinted away and shrieked for Bradley, and said, “The llama kicked me.” Bradley asked, “What llama? We don’t have any llamas except for that baby over there.” Then I said, “What about that llama?” and pointed at the angry mammal. Immediately, Bradley started cracking up. “It’s not funny,” I said. “You know what’s funny, Jake?” Bradley asked. “That isn’t a llama. It is a female elk!” Embarrassed, I stormed off to the bunny cage. After awhile, I went back to see the female elk with Bradley. By the time I got up the flight of stairs, the elk had escaped to the auction podium. Right away, Bradley ran towards the elk, grabbed her by the belly, and threw her into the peacock pen. I believe I learned a lesson that day. Definitely know what the animal is, before you attempt to pet it. Jake Hanners, Grade 3 Nolan Elementary Mrs. Leary

Lake Winnie I have never been so excited in my life. I looked down at my pizza and gulped it down. Me, Quinn, and Silas were at Lake Winnie, Georgia last year. We loved the food, the water park, and especially the rides. The pizza tasted so good as the excitement rushed through me. I heard people screaming from the ride. We jogged to the ride. Then quickly I froze. “I do not know about this,” I squeaked as I looked at the ride. I shook as we sat and looked up. I breathed deeply in and out. The ride started going up and down. I felt mad. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My face was turning red. I cried so hard, it could fill a river. Finally, it was over. We were getting off when I looked on my tippy toes. I saw puke! That was a good but bad day. Finny A. Heck, Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet Emily Pittman


My name is Larry and it is the year of 5000. We have a lot of tools and lots of gas. Now we can go to the planet Jupiter. Here I go 3…2…1…BLAST OFF!! Yeah! I am in outer space. Oh no! There are five big asteroids coming after me. There is a little space in between 2 of them. I’m going for it. I made it, but it scratched the top of my spaceship. Now my spaceship is messed up. Hey! I see Jupiter, but I am going down. I forgot I have a droid called R2- D2, and he can go out there and fix it. GO R2-D2! He gets out there, and he fixes it. Yeah R2-D2! We are here on Jupiter to make a space station. There are weird things heading toward us. Then one of them came through the crowd. Its name is Peanut. He is going to help us build our space station. Then, we met on a thing that had a red head. We named it Red Boy. He would also help us build the space station. Then, we started building the space station. It took about eight years to build it. After we were done, we headed back to Earth. When Peanut, Red Boy, and I were almost back to Earth, a huge asteroid was heading straight toward us! Then we made it past it, but there was a dent in the ship. GO R2-D2 again. We almost made it back to earth but when we were in gravity another spaceship came, and we got hit!! Then we shook around and one of the objects flew and hit my steering wheel and turned us around, and we went into a different galaxy. I think we are in a different galaxy now because I am on the planet Kit Kat. Then when I built another space station there, I went back to earth. I got other people on earth to come to the station and some people lived there. The End. Avery Jonathan Ivarson, Grade 3 Grace Baptist Academy Mrs. Cooke Why Does Snow Fall? A long time ago in a not so far away land there was a little Cherokee boy who was always cold. Even with buffalo skin wrapped around him, he was still cold. Some kids in the tribe called him “Kid-Who-Could-Not-Feel-The-Sun”. He got so mad when the kids called him that name that for the first time, he got hot. That made him happy. But when he got happy, then he got cold again. One day he rubbed his hands together to warm them and white flakes fell to the ground around him. He was so excited that he called all the other boys and girls from his village to show them what he had done. They loved the snowflakes and looked and looked at them. But when they turned to Kid-Who-Could-Not-Feel-The-Sun, he had vanished into the sky, and he was never again seen in the village. But to this day, whenever Kid-Who-Could-Not-Feel-The-Sun is happy up in the clouds and rubs his hands together, it snows down on the Cherokee people. John Jackson, Grade 3 Bright School Mary Harbin


The Day I Saved the World I’m an explorer in the town of Pudding Popper. The residents are pink penguins. Everyone loves to dance. Everyone’s favorite color is orange. I found treasure there once. One day I saved someone from a hippopotamus. From then on, I was called from around the world to save people’s lives. I got so many Christmas cards that the cards took up the whole wall. Every Christmas I get invited to a bunch of Christmas parties. Each party is for a special explorer. One year I was the special explorer. They gave me a trophy that was six feet tall. Then they had a drawing for a peppermint car. Then I won the peppermint car. They thought I was a star! Savannah King, Grade 3 Silverdale Baptist Academy Tiffany Whited


The Magic Star It is December. Christmas is in the air. Christmas carols are playing. Evan is excited to celebrate Christmas with his friends and family. Evan is looking forward to get gifts. He usually gets gifts from his Mom and Dad. He is wishing that he gets an iPod as a present. One morning, Evan’s mom and dad asked him what he would like to get for Christmas. Evan said, “I would like to get an iPod. Everyone in my school has one but me. Evan’s mom and dad just looked at each other. Evan finished his breakfast and left for school. When he was gone, his mom said, “We can’t afford to get him an iPod. What are we going to do?” Evan’s dad sighed and said, “I don’t know.” When Evan came home from school, his mom said to him, “What else would you like to get besides an iPod for Christmas?” Evan said to his mom, “Nothing. I really just want an iPod.” Evan’s mom explained to him that they cannot afford an iPod this year and that he will have to think of another gift he would like to get instead. This made Evan very mad and yelled out to his mom, “I want an iPod!” His mom said, “Evan, you need to calm down. You can’t have whatever you just want.” Evan’s mom reminded him what happened a few weeks back when he brought to school his Nintendo DS. He was so distracted playing with it while in class that he got an “F” on his Math test and got in trouble at school for bringing it. Evan remembered being grounded for five long weeks. He remembered asking for it every day from his mom and his mom would always say no. Evan told his mom, “I promise I will take care of the iPod and will not bring it to school.” His mom said,” I’m sorry Evan we really cannot afford it.” Evan went to bed upset. He was so upset he could not go to sleep. He went outside his room and sat in the living room. He stared at their Christmas tree. All of a sudden the star on top of the tree twinkled. Evan made a wish, “I wish dear star that my mom and dad will get me an iPod for Christmas.” He waited and waited and waited until he fell asleep next to the Christmas tree. The star glowed brightly and gave Evan a dream. The star took him to the Philippines. Evan saw kids who were sad. They were sad because they lost their homes from the typhoon and had to live in the street. They are wearing dirty clothes and had nothing to eat. The kids look so hungry. Evan felt bad for the kids. Some of the kids lost their parents. Some lost a brother or a sister. Evan told himself, “I have to do something.” So Evan decided to help by giving food and water. He also played with the kids so they can have some fun. Evan felt good being able to help others. He realized that he is blessed because he has his mommy and daddy, a soft bed to sleep in, good food to eat, and nice clothes to wear. He woke up the next day. He was so happy because it was Christmas day. He woke up his mom and dad. Evan greeted them, “Merry Christmas! I love you so much.” Then, he gave them a big hug. And when it was time to open presents, he got a helicopter toy from his mom and dad. Evan said, “Thank you!” His dad looked under the Christmas tree and found another box that has Evan’s name on it. Evan opened it and to his surprise it was an iPod. Evan’s mom and dad looked puzzled at each other. But, Evan knew where the iPod came from. Evan looked up at the Christmas tree star and told himself, “I will always remember the kids from the Philippines and how blessed I am.” Ryan Lopez Grade 3 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Robin Williams


Rock’n’ Rollercoaster Gulp! I could hear my heart pounding, bump, bump, bump. My teeth were chattering, click, clack. I could hear distance screams ahead of me! Ahhhh! “Am I really going to do this?” I thought to myself. My mom asked me, “Evelyn, do you want to do this or not?” “I guess so,” I quickly told her. As we stood in line for the Rock’n’Rollercoaster, we waited for an hour. We were finally at the front of the line. I could see the limo we were going to ride in. The worker told me and my mom to stand on the number three. The people in front of us got on and I could see that they were nervous, just like me. Suddenly the limo zoomed off faster than a cheetah. After about a minute the limo was back. As I got in the car, I was breathing heavy as the harness came down. Then zoom! Off we went! It was dark and all I could see were the glow in the dark figures. Whoosh! Upside down we went, the loud music blazed in my ears! AHHHH! I screamed so loud! “I want to get off,” I screamed halfway through the ride. My mom squealed, “wee!” After about two minutes the ride was over. “That was awesome!” I said to my mom. “Can we ride again?” I questioned her. “Ok,” she told me. So we walked back in line for the Rock’n’Rollercoaster, round two. Evelyn Lytle, Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet Whitney Smith

Video Game Madness Once upon a time there was a little kid named Will Martin Milsaps. He played video games so much that his mom said that he would have glasses as big as bottles from staring at video game screens so much. One night, he saw a shooting star that was humongous. Then he realized it was a meteor heading right for Knoxville, so he made two wishes. Wish number 1: that no one would die. Wish number 2: that he could travel through video games. The very next day, as Will was playing Pokémon Heart Gold on his DS where he was on the last fight in the game on top of a snowy blizzard mountain where he was about to battle Ash. All of a sudden, he saw a flash on the screen, lightning shot out, and a vortex of DS data blasted out. The next thing he knew, he really was on that blizzard mountain in his game. And he was only in his pajamas! Then he yelled with excitement, “Oh my gosh!!!” He looked at himself and noticed he was pixilated. Then he looked to his left and saw a Pokémon called Donphan that he recognized from his adventure on the game. He was paralyzed with excitement! It was his wish come true to be in a video game. Luckily, he still had all his favorite Pokémon that he always used in battle. So, Will went up to Ash and said, “I challenge you to a Pokémon battle. If you win, you get all of my money.”


And of course, he really didn’t have any money, so it’s just a prank. Then Will continued, “So if you win, you have to travel with me.” Seventeen to twenty-five minutes later, Will beat Ash! And Ash decided to travel with him! Then another vortex opened up, and they went back to Will’s house. The funny part was Ash and all of the Pokémon actually went into the real world. They landed on the trampoline and bounced up and down. Then they went inside the house and went to the basement where Will introduced Ash to video games and the Wii. Then he taught Ash how to play it, and explains to him that he is actually a video game character in one series of games. They started to play Mario Kart, when another vortex opened up and the next thing they knew they were on their karts at the starting line right beside Luigi inside the game! Yes, both Will and Ash!!! Lakatu, a Mario character, said, “GO!” Their karts were dashing off as Will got hit with a red shell. Then Will was in first place. Luigi was catching up to him. So, he threw a Bomb-omb at him. Will won first place. Ash still did a good job on his first time, he got fifth place out of twelve. Luigi came in second place and congratulated Will for his win. All of a sudden, a vortex back to Will’s basement opened up again. This time Will, of course Ash, and Luigi all traveled back to the basement. Will was so excited that he felt like he could explode. He couldn’t believe he was next to some of his favorite video game characters in his own house! As soon as he felt like it could not get any better, Ash said, “Will, I want you to meet my favorite and most beloved Pokémon, Pikachu.” Just then, Ash took a Pokeball out of his pocket and called, “Go Pikachu.” Next, Will had to teach Pikachu and Luigi how to play the Wii. It was kind of weird to teach a video game character to play a video game, especially when one video game player is in pretty much every Mario video game. Will put in the game disk for Super Mario Strikers, a game where you play soccer on teams and have special powers. Then he realized that they would be interfering with the game and he wondered what would be Ash’s special power up? Then he thought in his head even more of a question, “What would mine be?” So another vortex opened. But this time, a soccer ball shot out instead of lightening, and they were all pulled into the game! They went to the player selection room. Will chose Ash, Luigi and Pikachu for the team, then said, “But wait, there’s still one member left to pick.” So he picked Hammer Bro, one of his all-time favorites. And from his past of playing this game, he knew Hammer Bro’s special was to jump up, crush the goalie with hammers and then shoot a really fast soccer ball. As we started the match, Will was so excited. First, Ash used his special power – he threw a Pokeball at the goalie and a Pokémon came out to distract him while Ash kicked a goal! Now Pikachu’s special power was just how Will thought it would be. He shot electric to stun the goalie and shoot a goal. Will’s power was kicking the goal so hard that it turned into a ghost ball and went through the goalie. Last, Luigi grew into a giant and crushed the goalie and shot a quick goal. So with everyone’s powers, we won the match against Diddy Kong with a score of 7 to 6. When all of a sudden, a vortex opened up and slung Will, Ash, Pikachu, Luigi plus HammerBro straight through. The whole gang landed in Will’s


basement and played the Wii for a long time, bouncing back and forth between video games and the real world. Will Milsaps, Grade 3 Wallace A. Smith Elementary Chasity Rehagen

The Stolen Pets Once upon a time, there was a man who lived in Switzerland whose name was Samuel. He had just moved from Australia and was very poor. Samuel had a very cozy house. As he was sipping a cup of tea, the newspaper boy threw the newspaper at the front door. Samuel picked up the newspaper and began to read it. It said: Someone stole pets from the pet store in North America! Help!!! Samuel knew he had to help, so he said, “I will take a boat to North America.” After 4 weeks, he said, “At last I reached North America!” He was so exhausted. The next day in the hotel he was living in, he said to himself, ”Now that I am in North America, how will I find where the pet store is?” Just then, the newspaper boy dropped the newspaper at the door. It said: “Pet store robbed in Dallas, Texas!” When he went to Dallas he found a pet store and a trail of crumbs. He followed the trail and it led to a house. He peeked through the window and saw thousands of pets! He made a plan to bring all the pets’ favorite foods at night and lead them back to the pet store. After that the policeman took the bad guy to jail and gave Samuel lots of gems as a reward for bringing the pets back to the pet store. They all lived happily ever after (except the bad guy). Sarah Ponseti Grade 3 Hilger Higher Learning Shelley George


Macy’s Magic Instruments There was a girl named Macy. She had brown hair and blue eyes. Macy was walking down the street and she saw an old building. The sign said, “Mrs. Newell’s Music School”. The building looked abandoned, so Macy went inside. There were lots of musical instruments. She picked up two maracas. Each maraca was silver with two gold lines. When she shook them, the room went all white. When the light faded, Macy looked around and she was in Mexico. The roads were dusty and the buildings were the color of clay. While looking around she saw someone. So she decided to ask the woman if she could stay with her and the woman said, “yes.” The woman brought Macy to a huge house. “What is your name”, asked Macy. “My name is Emily. What is your name?” asked Emily. Macy answered, “Mine is Macy.” Then Emily said “Kids, Jose, we have a visitor.” Emily had four kids. Two were boys and two were girls. Emily’s kids were named Allie, Molly, Jack and Chance. Jose was her husband. Emily said, “We must go to the center of town to listen to the President make an announcement.” When they got there, Jose made an announcement. Macy realized Emily’s husband was the President of Mexico. When they got home Allie, Molly, Jack, Chance, and Macy played in the backyard. They played soccer for the rest of the evening. The next morning they ate cereal for breakfast. Allie and Molly had to go to cheerleading practice. Jack and Chance had to go to soccer practice. However, Macy had nothing to do, so she went to cheerleading practice with Allie and Molly. When everyone was done with practice, they all went back home and ate tacos for lunch. After lunch, they went to listen to a mariachi band and had lots of fun. Later that evening, they went home to eat dinner and went to bed. The next morning, they got out of bed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Molly said, “We have a surprise for you!” Allie handed Macy a brown box. Inside the box were two maracas. Each maraca was silver with two gold lines around them. Macy shook the maracas and the room went white. When the light faded, Macy was back at Mrs. Newell’s Music School and no time had passed. Gracie Pruett Grade 3 Snow Hill Elementary Mrs. Jayme Newell


The Gum Factory In a small house lived four people. They were named Shaw. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw had two sons, Morgan and the youngest son, McClain. They were very poor and couldn’t afford beds. They slept on blankets on the floor. One day, Mr. Shaw rushed in and said, “Have you heard the news?! Mr. Billy Tonka, the famous gum maker is having a race! The top three winners get to go to the factory! The race is tomorrow! Get your racing shoes on boys! McClain ran off to tell his friends, Justin and Jack. The next day the race began. All the children were lined up. The starter said, “Ready, set, go!” McClain ran like he never ran before. Morgan was gaining, but McClain could see the finish line. Suddenly, Jack and Justin zipped passed Morgan. McClain and Jack were neck to neck. McClain stuck out his neck and won the race! Jack was second, and Justin came in third! They were all going to the factory! The following morning, McClain got ready to go. He combed his hair, polished his shoes, brushed his teeth, and put on his nicest clothes, the one without holes in them. He went to the factory. Jack and Justin were there too. The gates to the factory started to open. There stood Billy Tonka. “Welcome to my wonderful factory!” said Billy Tonka. “Let’s go make some gum!” The boys followed Mr. Tonka into the factory. Mr. Tonka locked the door. He led them to the gum room. “As you know, I have made gum in all flavors I could think of…except little children!” He tried to push the boys into the sticky gum. The boys jumped on Billy Tonka. McClain pushed him into the sticky mixture. He tried to get out, but the gum was too sticky. Jack yelled, “I’m going to call the police!” McClain shouted, “What about the keys. He has them!” pointing to Billy Tonka. “You mean these keys,” said Justin. “I grabbed them when you pushed Billy into the gum!” The boys ran to the door. Justin threw the key into the lock and pushed open the door. The boys were free. They ran to the nearest police station. Billy Tonka was arrested. The news spread across the world. The boys became famous, and McClain’s family never had to worry about money again! McClain Shaw, Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Barbra Lail


The Adventure of the Ants One day, there was an ant named Ted. He was very small. While Ted was swimming, he noticed something strange occurring in the lake. When he got out he noticed he had turned into a policeman! One day, while Ted was driving, he saw a bad guy and caught him. While he was driving back to his house he noticed a police car in his driveway. Ted decided to jump off the tallest building he could find in New York to see if he could fly. To his amazement, he flew! He could even fly over a skyscraper. He was also able to jump all the way to work. One evening, while he was driving home from work, he spotted a helpless victim who needed help with a bad guy. He caught him. When he was done, he flew home. The next day, Ted ate breakfast and went to work. He was flying around the city and he got trapped. He could not get out. He remembered that he had a secret key that could fit in any lock. He got out, caught the bad guy, and went back home to eat. When he went to bed, he found another key. He didn’t know what it was for. He remembered it was for his car. The next morning, he stayed home. He was tired. He thought he was sick. He went to work the next day. Afterwards, he flew to the shoe store to meet Bob. Bob and Ted are friends. They are also both policemen. Ted went to work to get his bag. He drove around the city. Ted was a hero. He went to the tallest building and flew off. Ted lived happily ever after. Christian Smith Grade 3 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Lisa Ellis


Madeline’s Dream When Madeline arrived at the ballet studio, she put on her ballet slippers. Today she was trying out for Clara in The Nutcracker. She was nervous because it was her first time trying out for a really big part. Her ballet teacher, Ms. Hope, called for tryouts and Madeline hurried to the room. She stood in line and waited for her number. Then when they called her group, she followed the person in front of her into the other room. When she got in the room, she sat on the floor and stretched until it was her turn to perform. She was really nervous about the judges because Mr. Frank was a famous ballet teacher. She had to dance several parts, but the one she wanted was Clara. When it was her turn to try out for Clara, she missed a dance move and thought she wouldn’t make it. She was sad because she had taken 10 years of ballet to get to this moment. When she walked out of the room, her mom asked how the tryout went. She said, “I kind of tripped so I think I didn’t get the part.” Her friends, Julie and Ellen, told her that they couldn’t wait to find out what their parts would be in the production. Madeline told her friends that she would probably not get a part. She was sad when she left her friends. She was practicing her ballet in her bedroom the next morning and she heard the telephone ring. She ran downstairs to see who it was. She looked on the phone and it said Chattanooga Ballet. She jumped up and down and then answered the phone happily. Her ballet teacher told her she had something important to tell her. She made the part of Clara. Madeline was really excited and thanked her teacher. After she hung up the phone, she ran to her mom and screamed, “I made it! I made it! I made the part!” Her mom was thrilled and said, “Let’s go out for some ice cream to celebrate.” The next day Madeline went to her first day of practice. She saw her friends and asked them what parts they got. Julie was the Snow Queen and Ellen was an Arabian dancer. She told them her part and they screamed. Julie said, “I can’t believe you got the part! That is the best part ever! I wish I could have that part.” Madeline practiced five days a week for three months to prepare for the part. It was tiring, but worth it. She fell asleep a lot on the drive home with her mom.


When it was opening night, she was all ready with her makeup and costume on. Everyone said how pretty she looked. Before she went onstage, she had butterflies in her stomach. When she stepped onstage, she couldn’t believe how many people came out to see her. The theatre was packed with people. Her performance was a big hit and her dream came true! She would never forget this moment in her life and she couldn’t wait to try out again next year. Madeline Taylor, Grade 3 Nolan Elementary School Mrs. Lanphier

Ringgold I used to have a dog-named Ringgold. He absolutely LOVED to chew on shoes, porches, and pretty much anything, and everything! He acted like my older brother and sister were toys. He was a golden retriever from the city of Ringgold, Georgia. His mother was from New Zealand. His father was from Signal Mountain, Tennessee. Ringgold was super protective. Once he bit our elderly neighbor because she was running to the bus, and my brother, Daniel, was getting off f the bus. Ringgold thought she was going to hurt Daniel, so he bit her on the leg. She wasn’t upset about it, because, she understood whey he bit her. My mom was afraid that Ringgold might hurt me when I was born, because he was so protective. But, Ringgold loved me. He was a very good dog. Ringgold was my family’s pet for fifteen long memorable years. I was four years old when he died of cancer. The veterinary clinic made his paws print in putty and placed his name at the top. My family and I buried him in our backyard during the winter; I miss Ringgold, but treasure my special memories of him. Nathan Wofford, Grade 3 Nolan Elementary Mrs. Leary


The Flying Penguin Once there was a ship on its way to Antarctica. It had to stop at South America. A female puffin snuck on board and soon she died, but she had laid four healthy eggs. The crew soon discovered her nest. They tried to keep the eggs warm, but they did not know how to care for the eggs so they decided to throw them overboard in the hopes that they would make it back. They put them in a lifeboat and covered them up with a blanket. Time passed and the lifeboat hit Antarctica. There was a female penguin whose own chick had been eaten by a skua. When she saw the boat filled with eggs, motherly instincts kicked in and she adopted one. All the others were already cracked or attracting skua so she knew she could only save one. She waddled off with the egg. Two weeks later he hatched. His mom named him Mana, which is short for bread of life. He grew up strong but almost everyone thought he was strange because he was so small. One long year later he was still odd to some folks like Alex, who was scared of him for being so short. One day Mana was sad because almost everyone disliked him. His friend Salmo walked up and said “Do you want to slide on Big Ice Hill?” “I suppose”, said Mana, “let’s do it.” When they got there Mana saw Rika, Maley and Tomakaly. Salmo asked, “Hey Mana, do you want to go first?” “Yes”, said Mana. While sliding down the hill he closed his eyes and took in the breeze. When he opened them he was flying! Before he could do anything he fell. He and his friends kept it a secret that he could fly. Mana tried to fly more but every time he fell. He tried it one last time when crack! The ice hill split and Mana fell into the water. His friends drifted away on the broken ice. One of the icebergs was close so he crawled on. He could make it to his friends, but there’s a problem. There’s a leopard seal nearby in the water coming towards them. He tries to fly but it didn’t work, so he just swam to his friends. He was jumping on the iceberg to get to his friends when the leopard seal bit Mana’s tail! Mana wanted to get his friends out of there even if it meant flying them away even though he does not have the ability. Mana hopped up onto chunks of ice until the leopard seal couldn’t reach them. He saw his friends and they tried to make it to land. The leopard seal saw that they were in the water and started chasing them again. Mana turned around so the seal would chase him instead of his friends. He swam until he lost the seal. He looked around and he was in the middle of the ocean. He saw a small iceberg and crawled on it and went to sleep. He woke up on a ship. Mana thought to himself, “People must have found me! I have to go back to Antarctica.” The people tried to leave Mana on an island in the North but he snuck back on the ship. When he got home, the penguins had all left for mating season. Mana met a nice skua and the skua taught him how to fly so he caught up to his friends by flying around his homeland. When he found them, they greeted him. Rika said, “I thought you died!" The penguins recognized Mana as a hero because he had saved four young penguins’ lives. He never felt like an outcast again and knew he was home. Joshua Woodall, Grade 3 Silverdale Baptist Academy Robin Williams


Mystery Man Adventure When I got to school and sat down at my desk, I was called to the office. I didn’t know why, so I pranced down the hallway and when I got to the office, my parents were there. They pointed out the window and I saw a limousine. I strolled toward the exit, walk out the door, and walk up to the limo. I couldn’t see through the limo’s dark windows. It’s an anxious moment. The windows rolled down and I tried to infer who it was. I was so elated, so I murmured, “I want to go to Lego Land California!” I felt exquisite, and I said, “Let’s go mystery guy!” The mystery guy said “Okay” and I replied with, “Excellent.” We traveled to Lego Land California, and when we got there we rode Lego bumper cars. Boom! Crash! Kapow! I had so much fun with the mystery guy, we built things with Legos, then rode the Dragon Coaster and it was made of millions of Lego bricks! I try to imagine what it’s like to be a Lego guy, a person that builds all of these rides out of Legos. To be able to work all day and night building so many incredible rides with so many Lego bricks. I would love to be a Lego guy one day! Once we got off the Dragon Coaster, we went to an ancient place in Lego Land where we were able to ride on a raft through a humungous tunnel. I spotted ancient artifacts all through the tunnels, but they were made out of Legos! Cave paintings were made out of Legos, and the raft was even made out of Legos! It was incredible! After the most awesome ever, we left Lego Land and headed back to the Limo. Mystery man told me he would drive me back to school, and when we got there he finally told me who he really was. He was the man who builds the rides in Lego Land. He’s what I want to be when I grow up! Casey Woods Grade 3 Lookout Valley Elementary Candace Baggett


[ Grade  3  Poetry  ]   If Hope Could Be… If hope could be a color, it would be pink, as colorful as a flower. If hope could be a taste, it would taste just like a fruit basket. If hope could be a smell, it would smell of roses. If hope could be a sound, it would sound of birds tweeting. If hope could be a feeling, it would be a feeling of joy. If hope could be an animal, it would be a humming bird flying across the sky. Abigail Blevin Grade 3 Red Bank Elementary Mrs. Clevenger


Christmas in the Woods The perfect tree stands still in the woods so quiet, so peaceful the mama deer runs past the glissining new falling snow, your star shines in the soft, dark, snowy night, your branches so stiff, beautiful ornaments hang, tinsel shines in the moon light, behold Christmas tree. Ansel Brasel Grade 3 Nolan Elementary Holland Lanphier

Fakes Fakes Thoughtful, helpful Kicking, passing stealing Awesome, fun, hard, tricky Running, turning, thinking Great, experiencing Switching Amelia Broetzmann Grade 3 Wolftever Creek Elementary School Felicia Johnson


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Flowers Flowers. Swaying in the wind. Dancing with the stars as night falls. The fragrance so strong and beautiful In valleys and gardens They stand strong And proud. The attractive patterns Upon their petals Bring a majestic sight to all. What beauty and elegance. Flowers McLean Burke Grade 3 Thrasher Elementary Mary Ferguson

Violin Violin Made of wood. Relative of viola. Lover of being played and resting. Who feels petted and uncomfortable. Who needs strings, tuners, and fingerboards. Who fears being played too hard and its strings getting ripped. Who gives music, peacefulness and quiet time. Who would like more rosin, being played lightly, and the bow. Resident of my room. Musical instrument Juliana Burlaka Grade 3 Wolftever Creek Elementary School Felicia Johnson


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Winter Wind is breezing I am freezing No school today The second best thing is a school delay Eskimos delight Ravens are having trouble finding food in all that white Jack Chambers Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Kim Glisson

Snowman White, round Building, standing, melting Big, cold Snowman Morris Cheeks Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Lisa Holland


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Fingernails Speak Important Languages They tap dance on your piano They pick your scabs & your nose They create & destroy infections They are artwork, we make them artwork Some people add on more plastic plates that make them look like Long… Caterpillars. That is what finger nails speak and I hear them speaking. Roaring to the sun…. Caroline Clark Grade 3 The Bright School Allison Sakich


Snow Winter snow falls with a flow down to the ground with snow Snow snow fun snow Snow days come when snow flows Snowmen snowmen fun snowmen Snowmen come when snow flows Snowfights snowfights fun snowfights Snowfights come when snow flows If there is no snow, close your eyes and dream of snow If there is snow, go outside and play in the snow And do all the things I once said today. Then you’ll be having fun in the snow And you’ll be having the best day. Emma Davis, Grade 3 Davis Family Homeschool Academy Mrs. Davis

I Am an Animal I am a cat white as a snow storm I run fast I like to eat lots of fish I jump high I catch mice I can climb I can sense things I am a cat Davin Doss Grade 3 Red Bank Elementary Mrs. Timmons


Come With Me Come to the old flagpole at five. Wear your pajamas and slippers. If you’re hungry, eat the grass on the right, not the left. Tap the flagpole three times. The ground will start to crack open. Jump into the crack in the ground. When you are under the ground, you will see me on a disco ball. There will be pizza and drinks. Treat yourself. Allie Drew Grade 3 Bright School Ms. Elizabeth Oakes

Pink My jacket is pink My back pack is too My shirt My roses A pink marker Cupcakes tasty and sweet Pink lemonade Strawberry ice cream My new locket My new blanket My new stuffed animal Take me away Autumn Hogle Grade 3 Red Bank Elementary Mrs. Bratcher


Horses Horses Big, fast, cute Relative of donkeys Lover of carrots, apples, and animals Who feels good, happy, and glad Who needs food, drinks, and health Who fears tiger, lions and cheetahs Who gives love, care, and rides Who would like world peace, health and happiness Resident of my house Cows Breanna Howe Grade 3 Wolftever Creek Elementary School Felicia Johnson

If I Were in Charge of the World If I were in charge of the world I'd cancel school pencils and rules if I were in charge of the world there'd be free things more chocolate and OO7 movies rated G if I were in charge of the world you wouldn't be bullied you wouldn't do work you wouldn't get in trouble or dare go to bed if I were in charge of the world Grant Kowalski Grade 3 Red Bank Elementary Samantha Williams


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The Mountain in the Sand Box At recess Kaley, Johannah, and I We’re watching the day quickly slip by. An idea popped into my mind! A shovel and pail I must find! We got to work that day, And worked the recess away. We built a huge sand mountain Almost taller than a fountain. Emilia Liedke Grade 3 OAKS Margo Haughee

If I Were in Charge of the World If I were in charge of the world, I'd have more school for 24 hours, free ice cream, free money. If I were in charge of the world, There'd be no sleeping, more homework, free Legos. If I were in charge of the world, You wouldn't be bullied, You wouldn't pay the light bill, Or do chores. If I were in charge of the world. Grayson Lowery 3rd grade Red Bank Elementary Samantha Williams



Tim woke up with really bad hair. He decided he didn't much care. With no time to lose, he looked for his shoes, but all day his feet stayed bare. Andrew McDonough Grade 3 CSLA Teacher-Cindy Davidson

Students and Teachers

Students Loud, energetic Learning, misbehaving, playing Pencils, paper, writing, motivating Teaching, helping, caring Intelligent, patient Teachers Bryler McEwen Grade 3 Nolan Elementary Mrs. Leary


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Video Games Slipping and sliding, battling monsters Running through castles and caves. It may be the desert, it may be the mountains It may be the ocean with waves. One minute remaining until time runs out I want to scream and I want to shout. Will I make it to the end? What will happen? Will I win? Luke Robertson Grade 3 Nolan Elementary Holland Lanphier


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Trees Trees sway when wind blows back forth, back forth. Their branches move one by one.

When trees sway, leaves fall off and land on the ground. I hear the clink when they fall.

When the pine trees sway, the pine needles fall. It doesn’t sound like anything, but I feel the wind. Caroline Rowe Grade 3 Bright School Ms. Elizabeth Oakes


Winter Wind chill Ice skating New Year’s Day Too much snow Eating a little snow Really cold

Hayley Schwieter Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Kim Glisson

Autumn Haiku Green, yellow, pink, red The leaf sings a song about her butterfly wings.

Fawn Stubblefield Grade 3 CSLA Cindy Davidson


My Dad My dad works hard for me and my family. He loves us and cares for us with hugs and smiles. He also makes really warm fires. He likes the woods and he likes camo. That is my dad.

Emma Veal Grade 3 Thrasher Elementary School Mary Ferguson

Lionfish Lionfish can be mean They are not usually seen They think they are the king It looks like they have a bunch of wings Don’t touch it… It will sting! Mills Wood Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Lisa Holland


[ Grade  4  Prose  ]   Why Cottontail’s Tail is White Long ago when the cacti were small, a harsh winter overcame the desert. Cottontail was cold because he didn’t have a fire. HE went to Rattlesnake’s den, but he was sleeping with about thirty other snakes. “Oh well,” said Cottontail, “I’ll just freeze to death if you don’t get warm quickly.” An icy blast of wind made Cottontail shiver. He quickly ran to Prairie Dog’s hole. ”Sorry,” said Prairie Dog, “We have guests and can barely keep warm ourselves. “So cottontail went back outside. Here was another blast of wind, this time stronger and colder. “Brr," said Cottontail. “I’m surly going to freeze if I stay out here much longer. Cottontail quickly dashed to Fox’s den. “I wish I could, Cotton tail,” said Fox, “but we had kids this fall and we need to keep them warm.” So Cottontail went outside again. “Well,” said Cottontail “I guess I’ll have to go to the Master of Life. I think he knows where to get fire.” So Cottontail ran as fast as he could to the Master of Life’s care. When Cottontail got there, he said “Oh, Master of Life, please help me. Winter is very cold this year and I can’t keep warm. Please tell me where to get fire.” The first you seek lies with the birds,” bellowed the Master of Life. To get there you must o to the Canon of the Seven Cacti and head north through the Valley of the Snow Spirits. Walk up the third mountain on the left and look west. You will see the plateau the birds live on. In the very center you will see a light. That is where the fire is. Good Luck.” “I will go where you tell me,” said Cottontail. So he started on his way. He knew where to go, but he didn’t know what was ahead of him. The journey was treacherous. On the way to Canyon of the Seven Cacti, it got warmer and warmer. When he got to the canyon it was very hot. HE quickly ran north toward the Valley of the Snow Spirits. When he was nearing the valley, snow because to fall. “Brr.” Said Cottontail “I really need to get warm very soon. He counted the third mountain on the left and walked up it and looked west. He saw a very large plateau with a light in the very middle. He got very excited and bounded down the mountain toward the light. He was climbing u the plateau when he realized the birds might say “no” if he asked them so when he got to the top, he tried to sneak to the fire. He tried to hide from them and got very close to the fire. Afraid he would be spotted by Hawk and Eagle, he dashed from spot to spot. He was  


almost spotted by Hawk and Eagle and he didn’t look where he was. He got scared and accidentally backed into the fire! He started running to look for something to put out the fire. He found a small lake and jumped into it. He turned around to look at his tail. It was scorched white on the bottom and black on the top where the ashes had settled. He liked how his tail looked and was glad that he wasn’t afraid to ask for what he needed. That is why all cottontails look like they do today. Wesley Allen Grade 4 Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts Gellerman


Alien Friends This story is about an alien named Eelyak. She lives on a planets the planet named c3016i . She is a strange alien and loves exploring new things. She has always wanted to go to Earth and see the interesting humans. This is why she has no friends and wants to make one. The other aliens in her unit think she is strange. In second cycle, in the middle of the learning phase, a new student comes in. Her name is Ytinirt. Eelyak is watching her come into the learning unit as she is pulling things out of her back capsule she sees her screen saver on her iDap and it is a hologram of her on Earth with a human. Ytinirt knows an earthling! Eelyak walks over and asks her about Earth and the creatures that live there. Now she really wants to go there. Eelyak and Ytirit soon become best friends and spend the rest of second cycle learning about Earth and discovering new things together. In third cycle, they become slowly apart because they are in different learning units. Since they still have their interest in earth and exploring, they stay friends. But at play-break they never really play together. So it is different. Eelyak doesn’t have a best friend even though she has unit-mates to play with. These unit-mates have their own best friends and no time for her. Then something happens in the summer at Ytinirt’s hatching celebration. At the party, Ytinits little sister Sixela is there. It is super fun staying up and seeing all 6 moons. Usually they would see only two. This time they see all of them in their different sizes, shapes and colors. The celebration and moon-gazing make them become best friends again. In fourth cycle, they are in the same unit again and they always try to sit by each other. In the beginning, it doesn’t work out. But in a couple months, in Octocular, just after Septemboller, they are almost sitting by each other. Their unit instructor makes the unit sit in groups of three. In Eelyak’s group, they sit: Ytinirt, Nosyrb, then Eelyak . Nosyrb is a boy-gender and does not enjoy sitting between the girl-genders. The girl-genders bother him a lot by kicking his liquid food canister over and poking him with the tubular drawing stylus. In Decembueler, they get to choose where to sit. Now Eelyak sits by Edaccm, Eolhc, Ytinirt. Sometimes Eelyak and Ytinirt pass notes to one another when the unit instructor is not looking. They use word-hunts to communicate with each other and use their secret tunnel to pass their notes through. Now it is the weekend and Eelyak is in her home pod on her Cam-koob Orp writing about what she would be like on Earth. She is sure that Ytinirt is doing the same thing. That is what is best about best friends. Kaylee Bautista Grade 4 Silverdale Baptist Academy Charla Shamblin


The Biggest Day of a Dog’s Life Hi, my name is Max. I live in the dog pound. I’ve pretty much been here my whole life. When I was a pup my mother left me here. I don’t remember her. All l remember is how she looked. She had wavy brown fur, a button black nose, and ocean blue eyes. Well let’s get back to the story. I have three friends: Comet, Buddy, and Maggie. These dogs I would miss forever. “Hi Max! “barked Comet. “Wow, you are up early” I said. Comet is a bulldog, and he is usually lazy. “Well duh, remember today is the bon voyage party for Jolly!” Comet barked back. “Oh I totally forgot!” I howled. “I better get ready see you at the party!” I barked. When I got home I put on my best collar, the one with the gold dog tag. Then I brushed out my fur. When I was done I met up with Comet, Buddy, and Maggie for lunch. While we were eating, a man came by and picked me up. He took me to the front of the pound. When we got to a counter I managed to read his name tag. The man’s name was Mitch. Beside the counter was a little girl and her mother. As soon as I saw them I knew what it meant. “You can pick him up in a few days” said Mitch. ‘I don’t know what to do!’ I thought. I love the pound and all my friends are here. When I got back to my friends they asked me many questions. “What happened?” Maggie asked. I answered,” Well I’m getting adopted.” After I said that they all looked depressed. So I just left and skipped the party. All kinds of thoughts went through my head. That night I just went to bed thinking. The next few days I was kind of lonely. My friends wouldn’t sit by me and would barely even bark to me. The last day I was at the dog pound I had my bon voyage party. Every puppy and dog was there. Dogs of all ages were congratulating me. Then I went up to my friends. I said my goodbyes, and then me and my friends started to whimper. When the party was over Mitch gave me a bath. After my bath they put me in a cage. I was scared to death. What if they were mean or what if they don’t feed me? They handed me to the woman and I was off. To this day I still wonder where my friends ended up. Jenna Beasley Grade 4 Nolan Elementary Mrs. Daniel


Franky’s Balloon Adventure My name is Franky and I’m going to tell you the story of how I got stuck in this trash can. I remember it like it was five minutes ago, because it was five minutes ago. It all started in an old rubber shop in Florida. Thant’s where I was born. Soon I was shipped off to a circus and sold to a snotty little boy. As soon as he got me he let me go and I flew right out a hole in the tent. Then I went up and up and up! I felt like I was going to hurl. Then I looked down. Oh how I shouldn’t have looked down. Everything looked like ants and I know ants are just little buts, but to balloons they’re monsters. They will bit us and let our air out. Now I really got scared so I started yelling, “Help, Help!” But it was on use because humans can’t talk to balloons. Then I saw a bird in the distance and the bird kept getting bigger and bigger. Finally I realized it wasn’t a bird, it was a plane. I tried to move but I couldn’t so I closed my eyes and got ready for my death, but right as the plane got close a gird grabbed my string. I kept saying, “Let me go!” and he dropped me in this trash can. Hey look, they’re throwing away a sharp bent knife. Wait…sharp! I didn’t want to say this but, “pop!” Jack Bell, Grade 4 OAKS Margo Haughee


One day while I was on Fall Break at the beach I met a new friend named Jake. We were in Destin Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. The ocean was very calm one day while we were out paddle boarding. We started seeing sand dollars all over the ocean bottom. While we were snorkeling around we decided to dive to the bottom and collect the sand dollars. We realized that it was a little deeper than we thought. We had to dive down about 15 feet. While I was picking up a sand dollar I hit something hard in the sand. It was really heavy, so Jake helped me pull it up. We put it on the paddle board and paddled back to shore. I knew it had been there for a long time because I had to use a crow bar to open it. It was a big surprise when I opened it up. It was full of valuable treasures. Jake and I split the treasure in half. I got 85 billion dollars worth of gold coins, a bunch of rubies, diamonds, pearls, and much more. The first things I would buy would be a big fence around our new home, bunch of guard dogs, and a top notch security system so that my family would be safe. I would help people by donating money to hospitals, charities, and retirement homes. I would also buy a mansion to house the poor and the homeless. The money I have left over would go to my church. I think God would be pleased with my plans. He would be glad with my plans because He says in the Bible to treat others as you would want to be treated. I would appreciate it if others found valuable treasures and were willing to share them with me; so therefore I would share my treasure with others. So yes, I think he would be pleased with my plans. I would also go on mission trips to tell people about Jesus. Brody Boyd Grade 4 Grace Baptist Academy Ms. Gill

James Brown At dinner Monday night I told my older sister Annette, (who was home from college) my younger sister Kaylee, my older brother Alex, and my parents, that Mrs. Brotonsburg’s 5th grade class, was presenting our Biography Of A President project tomorrow. “My project is about James Madison.” I said. “I’ll present it for you.” I stood in the living room, which was connected to the kitchen and read “My name is James Brown,-” “I’ve lived with you this long, I know your name.” interrupted Alex. “Anyway” I started again. “and I will be talking about one of the greatest presidents, ever, James Madison.-” “The greatest president ever?” interrupted Alex! “Mom!” I complained “Alex, be quiet.” said my mom. “I can go to my room.” said Alex. “No Alex you’re staying and listening to your brother’s presentation, stop interrupting him, or you’ll never go back to your room.” said mom. I started again “He was born in 1751. He was married to Dolley Todd in 1794. His presidency began in 1809, when he was 58 years old. He was in office until 1817. He died in 1836. One reason I like him, is we share the same first name. Thank you.” “Good job.” they all said.


“The school I work for is shutting down.” said mom, “Don’t worry though. I’ll find a new job.” I woke up Tuesday morning and got ready for school. I ate toast for breakfast, which was very delicious. I told Mom thanks for breakfast, and started walking to school. When I got to Haywood Elementary School, all Mrs. Brotonsburg’s students were getting ready to present their projects. I reached in my backpack and felt for my paper. “Where is my paper?” I thought. I stuck my head in my bag. “It’s dark in there.” I thought. “James Madison was born in 1917? No, but it has a 17.” I thought. I was staring straight at the bookshelves. “She’ll have a book on him in there won’t she?” I said excitingly. I looked at every single book on all her shelves except for one. I read the whole book. As I was reading the last page I found these two words: James Madison. I got really excited, at first. Then I read the rest of the sentence: is not mentioned in this book. “Why would they include his name if he’s not even in the book?” I said. I walked up to Mrs. Brotonsburg’s desk and asked“, Mrs. Brotonsburg, Didn’t you used to have books about presidents on your shelves?” “Yes I did and they will be on my shelves again Thursday. The reason there is not any on the shelves now, is because I wanted everyone to do their projects at home.” said Mrs. Brotonsburg. “Thank you.” I told her. (Even though I wasn’t really thankful for what she told me.) I usually like it that my last name starts with B. Right then, was different. Everything usually goes in alphabetical order by last name at my school. In my class, I’m usually 3rd. I needed more time to think about my project. Mrs. Brotonsburg told us to get our agendas out. I opened my agenda up, and of course there is my project. “Really?!?” I said a little too loudly. Everyone stared at me. I couldn’t help it. all those serious eyes staring at me. What would you do? I know. I started laughing so hard! I couldn’t stop! “What’s so funny?”Mrs. Brotonsburg asked (In a very serious voice)(Which doesn’t help you stop laughing, it makes you laugh harder!) I laughed even harder!! Then she yelled “IF YOU COULD NOT HEAR ME I WILL TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME! STOP LAUGHING!!!” I was still laughing. That’s when the principal Mr. Magenhault came in and said calmly. “Margaret Brotonsburg I heard your voice. Do you know what your voice was doing? It was yelling. If you have read the Haywood Elementary School teacher rule book it says (He grabbed a pocket sized rulebook from his pocket.) Rule number two, ‘Do not yell at the children. If you do you will be severely punished.’ “So I’m afraid Margaret, it is time for you to retire. Come back tomorrow to pack up your things and be gone by Friday. For now though, you may leave. Mrs. Brotonsburg left the room immediately after he was done speaking. Everyone started coming up to my desk and telling me thank you. It was really awkward. You should’ve seen the smile I was wearing. It even made me laugh, thinking about how my own face looked. “Okay,” Said Mr. Magenhault, “So if you open up your agendas, at the corner you should see a number. Say that number. ”There was a bunch of different numbers being thrown out. “5” “7” “21” “43””87” “12” “Stop,” said Mr. Magenhault “Who said eighty seven?” Bowen Lee raised his hand “You go first on presenting your project eighty seven was my number.” said Mr. Magenhault Next, it was my turn. I walked to the front of the class. I did perfectly! I only tripped over a word once. I didn’t stare at my paper either.


After everyone else presented their projects, Mr. Magenhault made an announcement “I am sorry about Mrs. Brotonsburg. You do not have school the rest of this week.” Everyone cheered. “You will have a new teacher after break. You may go home.” Mr. Magenhault told me to stay one more minute. I was afraid that I was in trouble. “You’re not in trouble.” He told me, “I never really liked her anyway.” I laughed so did he? “Would you do me a favor by asking your mom if she wants to be a 5th grade teacher?” “Yes!” I yelled. “If she does, tell her to come here Thursday at 12:00.” He said. “I will. Thank you so much!” My mom is my teacher. Candace Brown Grade 4 Saint Nicholas School Alice Chitty

Mr. Rivers When you think about superheroes you think about Superman and Batman but there are many other superheroes without the cape and mask, like Mr. Rivers. He keeps our school clean if he wasn’t at our school our school would be nasty and he has materials needed for exhibit. Mr. Rivers keeps our school clean with a mop and dust pan, not a batarang. He has to go to dirty places that us students can’t. And most people don’t realize how hard it is to clean our school. If Mr. Rivers wasn't at our school our school would be NASTY. And who wants a dirty school. If he didn’t clean our school it would be hard to learn with our school being that dirty. Mr. Rivers has most materials needed for exhibit. He uses a ladder to put things on the wall and he uses other things for exhibit. No doubt Mr. Rivers is an AWESOME everyday hero. Eli Center Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet Upper School Sue Nelson


A Mother’s Gift “Clink!” Could it be? Was her life finally back to normal? No. It was just another old, dusty rock. No treasure, no valuable substance. “Get back to work, you lazy bum.” Her brother shouted. In a scratchy, hoarse voice, she replied, “I will.” She was so thirsty that just the thought of water made her heart lift. Lilah was the youngest in a very poor family. They lived in a two room house deep in the deserts of Arizona. She had to work in her father’s business of finding “valuable” items. She hated it. Her clothes were now rags, ripped and streaked with powdery dirt. Since her mother’s death, life had just not been the same. Lilah’s long tangled braid stuck to her sweaty back as she tried to brush it off. “My, my. That young girl of yours,” said Lilah’s grandfather, “has not gotten a speck of work done.” Lilah’s father nodded. Lilah’s grandfather also lived with the poor family. He always just sat and watched them work with Lilah’s father. Lilah had always wished that her mother’s death was just a bad dream and that her mother was just away visiting relatives. That way when she came home, Lilah’s life would return to normal. One night, Lilah could not sleep. So, she tried to take in as much of her father and grandfather’s conversation as she could. She only took in three words… “not enough water.” She especially could not get this thought out of her head on one record high temperature day. Lilah was so desperate for water that she did something unimaginable. She took a run for it to Cactus Lake. There was an empty canteen bottle just about three feet away. So, she could dash up, grab the bottle and run all the way to the lake. There was only one problem, how was she going to get through the cacti? Lilah had already without thinking jumped out of the hole she was digging and was dashing toward the canteen bottle. She leaned sideways just enough to grab the bottle without stopping. Then, she ran as fast as her little legs would carry her. She turned around to see her father and grandfather’s reactions. Her father shouted her name and her grandfather started up the truck. But, Lilah was already out of site. Lilah could hear her name being called out after her, but, she ignored it and ran. It started getting dark and the calling of her name stopped. When she finally got to Cactus Lake, it was very dark. Lilah sat down at the edge. She could not see through the thick forest of cacti. Her legs hurt and her arms were shaking from the long trip, but, she knew there was hope to get water for her and others. She leaned her back against a cold rock and wrapped her arms around her knees. Lilah felt lonely, so, she thought of her childhood before her mother died. Her mother was a wonderful gardener and people from all around Arizona would pay money just to see how to cure plants and kill weeds and cacti in the yards. Suddenly, Lilah had an idea. She knew she had the same gift as her mother, so, what if


she could kill the cacti blocking the way to Cactus Lake? With water, she could also work in their huge garden to bring back customers and money. Finally, Lilah decided that she needed to go home to get her supplies. She gathered her strength to get up and then slowly walked home. When she got home, the house was completely dark. But, she knew that they always left the door unlocked. She snuck into the house already with a plan. The gardening tools were hanging on the wall as the always did. Lilah tiptoed across the floor and quietly stepped over her sleeping siblings. When she got to the wall, she bent back the nails that held the shovel and hoe strongly. She snuck back out of the house and walked back to Cactus Lake. There, she slept for the night with her back against a cold rock. In the morning, Lilah awoke with some deep scratches on her leg. She thought in her sleep she must have brushed her leg against a cactus, so, she tore loose a section from her shirt and wrapped it up. Then, she started working on the cacti. The first one she worked on was small and easy, just what she needed to get her off to a good start. The next cactus was big and bulky. First, she chopped the cactus up. Then, she dug the roots up. That was how to kill a cactus. She worked all day long, until sundown. When she finished, she had a path that was thin, but, it would work. She spent another night with her sore back against the cold rock again dreaming of her life before her mother’s death. In the morning, she grabbed the gardening tools and, despite her sore back and arms, ran home. When she got home, her family was just about to set out to work. She stopped them. She told them about her adventure and her idea. Luckily, they agreed! Three months later… Lilah’s family’s garden is now full of beautiful flowers and many kinds of cacti. Lilah maintains them very well and her siblings do not have to work for her father. Her mother’s gift lives on. Virginia Chimley Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary School Raquel Newton


When the Black Bear Was So Small A long time ago near the lake in the sweet summer breeze was Black Bear. Black Bear was very small so all of the other forest animals made fun of him. “Black Bear you’re so small a cockroach could be bigger than you.” But I am brave and that is all that matters.” Even though he knew that he could get hurt very easily from the Powhatan Indians that lived very close to him. So he was walking around in the forest and thought “Maybe I could ask the owner of life for help?” But then suddenly he got captured…By the Powhatan Indians. The little black bear was not scared but surprised when that happened. “Where are you taking me?” “He talked.” The king of the night just talked. “Yes he did!” “Take him to the Owner of Life.” So the Powhatans did so. When the Black Bear got there the Owner of life said, “What is your problem King of the Night?” “My problem is that all of the other forest animals make fun of me for being able to talk and being so small.” “Well I shall help you then!” “Here eat this it will take away your voice but it will make you 5 feet tall.” “OK I will!” After that Black Bear was never made fun of again. But could not talk to the Powhatans to ever thank them. Black Bear regrets not being able to thank the Powhatans this very day. Audrey Conley Grade 4 CSLA Gellerman


Plane It was 1943. American bombers were advancing into occupied Nazi Germany. A new crew was eager to get into the sky. The crew Flew a B-17G Flying Fortress. It was one of the most advanced bombers of the time. They all stepped inside the aircraft and went to their positions. There were 10 men inside the aircraft. Only 6 would walk out of the aircraft later that day. The crew loved the excitement of the job. The bond between the crew was very strong. The first test flight they had engine problems and the pilot had to put the aircraft down so hard everyone got hurt. Like most crews everyone didn’t mind each other. They were all very good friends. The mission they were about to fly was mission 10. They were lucky they had survived this long. The bond was very strong that day, the day almost all of them died. The Pilot and co-pilot got the engines running. They slowly got off the ground in their multi-ton aircraft finally got off the ground. The flight was about 6 hours round trip. 2 hours of those German fighters attacked. After about 2 hours 30 minutes into the flight the crew got ready to start to see enemy fighters. A few seconds later the tail gunner called out a enemy 5 o’clock high. The Bf-109 started shooting. It tore up the back of the B-17. The tail gunner was killed. A waist gunner was hurt but kept shooting. The B-17 was wrecked but this was just the beginning. Without a tail gunner the crew would have a hard time spotting enemy’s. 50 cal and 20 mm bullets filled the skies. After 30 minutes of kause,15 B-17’s were grounded, 20 Bf-109’s were grounded, and 5 P-51’s were grounded. The crew was about to fly over Berlin. The escort from the P-51’s was helpful, but the formation still lost bombers. The formation finally reached its target. The target was Hitler’s V-3 gun. Hitler was going to launch a shell to Britain. The bombardier said bombs away, when they flew over the target. The formation turned around and headed home. Every crew member was on edge. All a sudden jet’s roared across the sky. A group of My-262’s dove on them. One went for the B-17 next to them. It fired a 3 second burst into the engine. The bomber flew out of formation and exploded. The crew was targeted, canon fire ripped into the fuselage. The hurt waist gunner was killed, the other waist gunner was killed, and the belly gunner was killed. The B-17 crew was crippled. The 10th mission they would fly seemed to be the last. The Me-262 pulled away. The B-17 wouldn’t last long with a engine on fire with only 75 B-17’s left. 50 B-17’s were shot down,5 Me-262’s,and 7 P-51’s. The crew’s B-17 struggled back. When they crossed the channel back into Britain the crew had a sigh of relief. Once they got below 12,000 the crew took the oxygen mask off. When the crew got back to their airfield they had a moment of silence for those who didn’t make it. Abraham Coons Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet Ms. Tipton


Hi. This is the story of my life. Yeah me. An eleven year-old girl. Sounds pretty normal, but its not, actually. I live on a planet no one in your world ever dreamed of living on. I live on Saturn. Yeah, it's really cool. A lot cooler than earth, anyway. And just to inform you, we don’t plan on polluting the environment. Enough chitchat. You all came to hear my story, so here it goes. “Athena!! Come down for breakfast!!” “Coming!” Athena called back down to her father. She slipped out of bed, put on her slippers, and hurried downstairs. Her younger sister, Padme, was already done with breakfast and was grabbing her sketchbook and pencil for school. Athena hurriedly ate her breakfast and rushed to put her shoes on. She did not want to miss school. Today was the day they announced what they were going to be when they grew up. It was very important, as graduation was only a year away. They would each be assigned to a project to try and reach their goal for graduation. Athena and her classmates had been looking forward to it all year. “Come on!!!” Padme shouted at Athena. “Alright!” Athena yelled back at her. They pushed themselves out the door. Outside it was a beautiful day. Athena walked briskly along the path leading to their school. Just as they walked in, the bell rang. They were right on time. Athena headed to her eleventh- grade classroom and Padme headed off to seventh grade. Athena sat down at her desk just as Ms. Skylane walked in. “Alright class, today is the day you’ve all been waiting for. You be picking jobs that You want in the future. Who wants to go first?” Athena shoved her hand into the air and waved it around wildly. No luck. A boy named Jonathan got to go first. “I want to be an explorer, and see if I can find life on Mars.” “Excellent, Jonathan.” Said Ms. Skylane, smiling broadly. “Next?” Again, Athena waved her hand around, but still did not succeed. “How about you, Agatha?” “I want to be chief advisor.” “Good choice.” “Next?” This time, Athena patiently waited with her hand raised. “Miss. Athena, why don’t you go?” Rang Ms. Skylane’s voice from the front of the classroom. Athena stood up and took a deep breath. She couldn’t hold it back any longer. “I want to walk the rings!!!” Everyone froze. Ms. Skylane did a double take. Athena swore she could hear her heart thumping against her chest. The bell rang. For once, Athena was glad to here it’s noise. “Class dismissed.” Ms. Skylane said. It was time to go. Athena grabbed her bag and ran into the hallway with everyone else. There was only one place to go. The library. She didn’t even bother stopping at the librarian's desk. She ran straight to the back of the library and buried her nose in a book. Not to long after, a group of kids stalked into the library. Athena recognized some of them from the people in her class. She covered her face with the book so that only her head was visible. “She said she wanted to walk the rings.” One of the girls in her class said. It was Agatha. Everyone laughed. “Impossible.” Came another voice Athena didn’t recognize. “The last time someone tried that they got lost in space and were never seen again. She has some mind to want to. If I could say one thing to her, I would tell her she’s a complete nutball and she needs to go find another dream.” Everyone snickered and walked out of the library. Athena was really upset. She didn’t like it when people made fun of her, especially now when she was just following her dream. Suddenly, Athena felt a new feeling of anger inside of her stomach. What did she care if they thought her idea was stupid? It was her dream, and she was going to pursue it no matter what. “I’ll show them!!” She thought angrily, and stalked out of the library. The rest of the day seemed to pass in slow motion. When the bell rang she was the first one out. Before she made it out, Ms. Skylane was giving them a reminder about their projects. Once home, she immediately started researching. She was going to nail this project. That night, Padme opened the door, just getting home from after-school book club. “Athena!” She yelled up the stairs. “Athe-” Suddenly she stopped. She heard something. She walked into the study and discovered Athena, face down on the desk snoring. Padme smiled to herself. Athena spent the next day home from school,


practicing. Her invention was finally ready. She got up early, and, without disturbing Padme, she crept downstairs and through the door. She jumped on her bike and headed to Pilot’s Landing. Pilot’s landing was the spot that the human that found life on Saturn's ship had landed. His name was Pilot. Ever since, the gravity in that spot had disappeared. You were free to float up to space. She spotted the sign a couple minutes later. “Finally.” She breathed. This was it. Athena jumped off her bike and immediately felt herself rising into the air. “This is amazing!!” Athena thought. She hit the atmosphere, then out into open space. She was free!! Then her feet hit something. She had landed on the rings! She gingerly placed her invention down and a power shot through her body. This power allowed her to have some gravity left, just enough to control her body. She took one step forward, then another. It sent chill bumps through her body. She was doing it!!!! She was walking on the rings!!! “So this is what it feels like,” she thought. “Walking on the rings.” Frances Crowe, Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet Selena Seymour


Halloween Once there were 3 boys and 2 girls who went to the graveyard. They were warned by a crow NOT to go into the graveyard, but they wouldn’t listen. They went in and played until they were so tired they fell asleep. When they woke up, one of the boys was gone! They ran out of the graveyard to their homes. They tried looking for their friend, but when they were looking, another one of the boys fell into a large hole. The others looked into the hole they saw an orange hand grab him! Now there was only one boy left and it was 3:00 a.m. when the crow came to them again. The children said, “We’re sorry that we didn’t listen to you before and disobeyed.” The crow said, “Sorry? You’re all sorry? Well ‘sorry’ isn’t going to cut it! Good bye!” Suddenly, the girls looked around behind them and the last boy has vanished. They are all so terrified and can’t understand where the boys have all gone. The sky turned black and a vicious tornado appeared over the hill. The girls started running for their lives, but one of them tripped and was sucked up by the tornado. Now there was only one child left. Out of nowhere, a pumpkin fell from the sky, but it wasn’t any regular pumpkin. When it landed on the ground, it sprouted legs and arms with 8 fingers. It was an evil pumpkin and was coming toward the little girl. She screamed, “Are you the reason my friends have all disappeared? What have you done with them and WHY did you do it?” The pumpkin laughed an wicked laugh and said, “Now I am going to get you too!” The girl had to think fast as to how she was not going to let something bad happen to her. The pumpkin had a knife in his hands by now and she managed to get it away from him in a struggle. She was brave and fought hard and cut his arms and legs off. He rolled into the graveyard under a rose bush where he waits. He waits for others to come play in the graveyard. David Crum, Grade 4 The Bright School Mrs. Susan Howell


My Life as a Softball Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were a softball? Well I am one. I am 11 inches around, yellow, and have red stitches around me. Let me tell you a story about the first time I was played with in a game. I was just sleeping away in my glove, when all of the sudden I started flying. I thought it was fun until I noticed something coming towards me. I shouted, “What is that metal stick swinging at me”? Then it hit me. The metal stick was a bat and I wasn’t really flying. The pitcher was pitching me towards the bat. I knew I needed to do something quick. I decided to make a curve ball. When I made that turn, I guess it wasn’t a big enough curve. “Ouch, ouch!” I said as the righty hit me to center field. Then I hit the ground. Next thing I knew, a girl picked me up. Suddenly, I got thrown to the pitcher who pitched me towards another batter. The cycle continued until I was thrown around so much that I was dizzy. Finally after 3 outs, I was dropped down on the pitcher’s mound to rest. My rest was very short as I was quickly picked up by the other team’s pitcher. After many hits, rolls, and throws, the game was finally over. I was covered in dirt and chalk from the field. I was no longer a bright, shiny new yellow ball that would be used in games. I was dropped into the practice bucket where I met a lot of other softballs. We are now used all the time to help our team during practice. My life is rough. I get thrown in the dirt, hit by bats, and spit on by pitchers. However, I have to admit that I love making a difference by being useful to my girls on the field! Gracie Ellis Grade 4 Nolan Elementary Kathy Taylor


The MVP This story starts with a boy named Ben being bullied. “Will I ever be considered anything but a nerd," Ben thought. Just then his older brother Clay came into the room. “Hi” said Ben, Clay then replied “don’t talk to me dweeb”. In shame Ben slowly walked to the bus. As he arrived at school Ben saw Randy picking his nose by the doors of homeroom. The day went by slowly for Ben thinking Randy would come after him, to pick on him, like he picks his own nose. The first three periods Ben was safe from Randy. During 4th period science class the class was doing an experiment with ice. Randy was annoying Ben by poking him when the teacher wasn’t looking. Ben tried to ignore Randy and keep his eyes on his paper. Just then Randy snuck up behind Ben and dumped ice down Ben’s shirt!!!!! Ben jumped up and knocked his chair over. The teacher Mr. Rottweiler who was as fierce as his name sounded and a cage fighter heard the chair fall. Randy was caught. “A trip to the principal’s office” said Mr. Rottweiler and Randy headed out the door mumbling something under his breath. As Ben’s day rolled on he looked forward to football try outs after school. His day was full of pain and he was ready to run, and catch a football, something he really enjoyed. As the last bell rang Ben darted out to the football fields. Since Ben had darted out he was the first person out there. Tryouts were a grueling hour of painful running, lots of catching, and tons of Gatorade. As try outs were ending Coach Palmer came up to Ben and said” there is a scrimmage about to begin. Coach Palmer divided the teams evenly and the scrimmage began. After a few plays Ben got discouraged because he kept fumbling the ball. He remembered that Clay had called him names, Randy dumped ice down his shirt, and now he kept dropping the ball. As the scrimmage came to an end Coach Palmer came over to Ben and said I saw your potential out on the field your fast, determined, and instead of whining you had a good attitude, but you didn’t make the cut. Although Ben didn’t make the team he held his head high and walked away with a smile on his face. I guess you could say Ben is the MVP with the MVA (Most Valuable Attitude)!!!! Michael Fletcher, Grade 4 Westview Elementary School Andrea Nolen


Fractured Foot When I was in second grade I played rec soccer. Rec soccer is a non-travel team. My team was soooooooo good, we creamed every eight and under girls’ rec soccer team. So my team had to play the Bright School boys’ soccer team. They creamed all the eight and under rec boys. Of course, I thought that we were going to cream them…Finally it was game day. I was set. I was ready! The game started, the boys already scored two goals. I was ready to go score a goal. I got the ball. I started running up to the goal. Aamar was the goalie. I still had the ball. The ball was right by my foot. I was about to plant the shot…but Aamar hit the ball and his foot went under the ball and hit my ankle. I was in shock. I was limping on my foot. My coach quickly pulled me out. I started crying so hard my eye balls almost fell out. My mom ran over and looked at my foot. She told my dad that we needed to go to the emergency room. On the way to the emergency room my dad called Dr. Bruce to ask what emergency room to go to. He said to go to Park Right Emergency Room. When we got there my dad checked me in. We waited about twenty minutes. When we finally got in the room at 4:00, a nurse came in and held up a chart and it said on it great, ok, almost to tears, and crying. I picked what I was feeling, almost to tears. They took x-rays. They could not tell if it was cracked or broken. So they put a cast on my leg. It was not a colorful cast. I finally left. We stayed there for four hours. The day that happened it was Saturday. My mom made a doctor’s appointment for me on Monday. So I had to wear that cast for two days, Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday my mom said that they would take my cast off or keep that cast on. On Monday Dr. Bruce took me to get more x-rays. Then he said that my foot was fractured. Fractured means it was cracked. So he took me to get a boot. My mom never said that I was going to get a boot, but I did. After I went to the doctor my mom took me to school. When I got to school, Nick said, “What happened now.” I had that boot for three weeks. Everybody asked me at recess, “Can I try on your boot?” Or they would say, “What happened?” That got old fast. Finally those three weeks passed and I went back to the doctor. He put me in a brace so I had to wear that brace for three weeks. I finally got to do soccer again but it was hard to put my socks, shin guards and cleats on. After those three weeks, my foot was healed so I could do anything now. Yay! When I went to soccer practice that next week I sprained my foot. Here we go again. Margaret Anne Hudson, Grade 4 Bright School Mrs. Annetta Crawford


Baylor Soccer Camp Do not go to Baylor on a cloudy day. Two years ago me and a bunch of my soccer friends went Baylor for soccer. A storm had come and knocked out all the power. So it was dark and stormy. A girl name Sky said Bloody Mary 100 times in a mirror and she came out of the bathroom. Within 15 minutes later my friend Zoe had to go. When she got in and looked in the mirror she saw a red headed woman right where she was and she is blond. She screamed and ran out. Next my friend Kendall and Madeline went in and I held the door. Kendall asked a question and someone replied “uh uh uh”. It was not me or Madeline and no one else was in the bathroom they screamed and ran out. Finally me, Kendall, Zoe, and Madeline all went together. We all went in a different stall. Right then we were a little scared because of what happened before we went in. I and Zoe saw bare feet walking. We were all in a stall. I screamed. Then Zoe, Madeline, and Kendall all screamed and ran out. The next year the same thing happened again. So this year when I go again I will. I will not go in the bathroom on a cloudy day. So whatever you do, do not go to the bathroom at Baylor on a cloudy day. Morgan Hughes Grade 4 Red Bank Elementary Elisabeth Wilson

My Sister One day my mom told me some very interesting news, she said in an excited voice I’m pregnant! And I asked her if it was a boy or girl and she said we’ll find out in a few months. In the next few months I was hoping it would be a boy but my hopes failed it was a girl. We named her Lanie. At first she was like an ordinary baby, she did everything a baby would do eat, sleep, and cry. But then it came to the terrible two’s, then she bit, scratched, and could clear a table off very easily. By that I mean grab her hand and swish it across the whole table. About one month after she turned two she started eating like crazy as soon as that happened she started digging through the cabinets to get food. Now she’s a big helper and she kisses me when she hurts me. My mom had something really surprising up her sleeve that time wonder what happens next. Caleb Janda Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet Upper School Sue Nelson


Please Adopt Me Dear potential human family, It has come to my attention that you do not currently enjoy the company and warmth of a family pet. Cats are especially good pets, and I am an especially wonderful cat. Please consider this letter a request to become your family pet. I am a very intelligent cat. In fact, my great-great-great-great-great uncle was Albert Einstein’s cat. Do you need a better alarm clock? My purring, cold nose, and rough tongue are sure to wake you up quickly. I provide alarm services at all hours of the night. Also, cat hair has been proven to keep humans warm. I shed cat hair in large amounts, and will do this on your bed, favorite blanket, and the most comfy part of the couch, just for your comfort. As a member of the family, I could help a lot. (Cat treats will help me to work harder, but please remember that I will still need lots of time for napping and staring out the windows watching birds.) Do you have pests around your home? I can help. You will know by the stinky, wonderful smell on your porch that I am working for you. Be looking out for birds, mice, lizards, snakes, and other yummy treats that I will leave at your doorstep, just to show you my love. Hate cleaning the kitchen floor? While you’re cooking and during a family dinner, I will be delighted to eat scraps of chicken, beef, fish, or pork you drop. But please sweep up the vegetables. Especially broccoli. Yuck. Finally, if you adopt me, you will never suffer from loneliness ever again. I will never leave you alone. We will be best friends. This means you will never be in the bathroom by yourself again. My stare will let you know how much I care for you. At night, I will be your pillow. Except for the hours that I sleep on your face. Then you are my pillow. I will always try to make you laugh. I will pretend to be Tarzan, flying through the air, claws out, to land on you. You will be the vine that holds me up in real life, after all. This action, and others, like drinking from your glass of milk when you aren’t looking, sleeping on your clean laundry, and eating the wrapping off your Christmas presents will truly make us family. I can hardly wait! I hope I’ve shown you what a helpful, loving, intelligent addition to your family I could be. Since I can only guess that you are already on your way to pick me up, please stop by the pet store for a few things. Please get an extra-large cat tree with scratching post, deluxe litter box with rose-scented litter, a year’s supply of premium canned cat food, and a cashmere cat bed with a catnip-filled toy nestled inside. Hopefully yours, Mr. Fluffernutter Hannah Johnson Grade 4 Boyd Buchanan School Mrs. Smith


Hard Work Pays Off On a cold day in the middle of January 2012, I was working-out at an indoor softball facility in Ooltewah, TN. With sweat dripping from my forehead and legs so weak I could barely stand, I wanted to quit but I knew I had to keep going. This six year-old had a dream of being one of the best pitchers ever in softball. I didn’t want to just be good or mediocre, I wanted to be great and one that my teammates could count on. My dad says champions are made when no one is watching so I began pitching lessons and training almost 18 months before my team would even start playing kid-pitch (10u) softball. I began preparation and dedicated myself early so I could achieve my goals. During that span while my teammates were practicing for coach-pitch softball, I was practicing for both kid and coach pitch softball. I was putting in twice the work because I didn’t want to let my teammates down. While my friends were watching movies and having sleepovers, I was working out, running sprints and practicing 5-4 days per week for the game I love. In our final tournament of the fall, we played in the USFA Fall World Series in Birmingham, AL. My team was the only 9-year old team in the tournament playing against some of the best 10-year old teams across the country. With our backs against the wall and facing elimination, I had my finest pitching performance of the fall as I led team to a 5-4 victory over the Atlanta Premier. The training and hard work had paid off. Raven Jones Grade 4 Lookout Valley Elementary Susan O’Mary


I Would Like to be a Reindeer Because… I would like to be a reindeer because reindeer have names and elves don’t have any. Elves aren’t specific and you can’t tell them apart. All the reindeer names match what they are. They are all great names. I would like to be a reindeer because they get to play in reindeer games. They don’t have to work until Christmas. All they have to do is goof off all day. I get to play with the other reindeer all day. I would like to be a reindeer because I get to frolic through all the snow. I get to fly across the sky with Santa, feel whispers of cold wind, see Christmas, and go playing with my reindeer friends. Dylan Kelley Grade 4 Soddy Elementary School Katie Turner

Eddy’s Adventure It was a cold, snowy day on Brook Street. On Brook Street, there lived a happy family. Oh, the family just loved snow! They went outside to play in the glittery white snow. They decided to make a snowman. They gave him a nice, warm, handmade blue hat. They also gave him a bright red scarf and some purple mittens. They named him Eddy, Eddy the Snowman. They were a happy family. Then, it drew dark. It was Christmas Eve. All the stockings were hung, there was a big Christmas tree, and Joy was in the air. All was wonderful. Santa came that night. He gave Eddy magic snow. Eddy’s eyes opened as if he just woke up. He felt the cold snow. He was alive! Oh, how happy he was to see Santa Claus! He thanked him for the magic snow, but Santa warned him that the magic snow does not stay on forever. “You will melt when the sun is out and you see the children without jackets, gloves, and scarves. Then, your time will be up,” said Santa. Eddy heard this as clear as ever. He said, “Good-bye,” and he could see Santa no more. Eddy was nervous, but he had a plan. Eddy would go to the North Pole where it was always cold. He knew he could have a happy life if he never melted. So, then, his big adventure starts! First, he watched the children open their gifts. Then, he waved good-bye to the children and headed off. He did not know how to get to the North Pole. Just then, he remembered when one of the children opened a gift. It was round and had the U.S.A. and all the other continents. He did not know what it was called but he remembered that he saw the North Pole. So, now he knew where to go. He remembered that he had to go out of the country. He wished that Santa was still there. He could take him to the North Pole. Just then, Eddy had an idea. He would find another snowman! Maybe Santa gave another snowman magic snow. He went from house to house. He found a girl snowman (or a snowgirl). He walked up to the snowgirl. She turned around. She was alive, too! He asked politely what her name was. She said, “Lily.” Then, she asked what his


name was. “Eddy,” he said, with a kind voice. He asked if she knew a shortcut to get to the North Pole. She said, “I know. Santa gave me a magic whistle that will call his reindeer.” “Good, blow it,” Eddy said. She said that snowmen can’t blow whistles, so Eddy had another idea. “Let’s let a child blow it,” Eddy said. “But Christmas is almost over,” said Lily. “No it’s not. We still have about an hour before Christmas is over. We can give it as a present,” Eddy said. Lily said, “Good thinking, but how are we going to do that?” Eddy told her to follow him, and they went to Eddy’s house. “If we ring the doorbell, the will come,” Eddy said. “Do you have a bow?” he asked Lily. “Yes, I have one right here,” she said. They put the bow on the whistle and rang the doorbell, hoping to hear the door open. A few minutes later, a man came out. He called the children over. He said, “It looks like Santa has a late gift.” He handed it to a little boy. The boy asked, “What happens when I blow it?” The man said he did not know and there was only one way to figure it out. So, the little boy blew the whistle as hard as he could. Then, everyone heard bells. It was the most magical moment ever! There Santa was with his 8 reindeer. Santa said, “What do you need, Lily? Is there something wrong?” “Yes, sir,” she said in a kind voice. “Me and my new friend want to live in the North Pole where we will never melt or be hot.” “Sure,” Santa said with a grin. Eddy and Lily hopped on the sleigh and went off into the white snow. Jordan Keylon Grade 4 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Charla Shamblin

Squeaky Clean Mark Foster is nine years old and likes school, most of the time. He is in Ms. Turner’s fourth grade class and plays clarinet in the band. Billy, John, and Michael are his best friends. One day in Ms. Turner's class Billy and Mark were whispering to each other. While Ms. Turner told the class to be quiet, Billy kept whispering. Ms. Turner had to stop what she was doing and come up to them and tell them to be quiet. Mark was upset. After class John and Michael were talking when John noticed Mark was in a glum mood. He decided to go cheer up Mark. Michael stopped him and said “Where are you going?” “To cheer Mark up” said John. John went to cheer up Mark, but at that moment the intercom came on and said that all students must go to the auditorium. When everybody was in the auditorium the principal said that there was going to be a contest to see which school was the cleanest school in the district. “The contest ends this Monday kids, so clean as hard as you can” our principal said. Then after the announcement John went to cheer up Mark. “Hey Mark, what's the matter?” said John.


“Oh nothing it's just that I'm not happy that the school isn't very clean” Mark said. He thought the school was a mess, and that they wouldn’t win. After that was related arts and Mark had band class. He got his instrument and went to class. He was the first one there, so he started putting together his instrument. After a few minutes of class Mrs. Lowery called Mark up to play a solo. Mark was nervous. When he started playing, the first sound that came out was a loud squeak. A few kids in his class started snickering. One kid he didn’t know made up a name for him… Squeaky. At recess Michael, John, Billy and Mark thought of some ideas that they could do for the school to win the contest. Billy thought that they could pick up litter around the school. John thought they could wash the tables. Michael thought they could clean the outside of the lockers. Mark hadn't thought of anything though. Then after recess was module, so they went back to class and sat in their seats. Ms. Turner said that for module that week they would be cleaning the school and learning why it’s good to keep things clean. So they would clean the school for 25 minutes each day that week. When Mark and Michael were walking home with each other, they talked about what the prize was going to be. Their principal didn’t tell them what the prize was going to be, so they were thinking what it could be. Michael suggested that it could be a pizza party. Mark suggested that it was extra recess. When Mark got home that afternoon, he immediately started practicing his clarinet. The next Monday when the district had decided which school was the cleanest they gave the schools the results. Everyone in the school was hoping they would win. The principal read the results. “The winning school is … our school!” Everyone started clapping and chanting that they had won. “Okay now kids, the reason I didn’t tell you what the prize was, is because it’s a surprise. The prize is … no school tomorrow!” The next day Mark could do whatever he wanted to do because there was no school. Mark had decided what he was going to do that day, and that was to practice his clarinet. He didn’t want to be squeaky. Simon Kitts Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet Mrs. McKeehan


Why Eclipses Happen In the forest, just outside a village in the mountains lived many animals. Moose was walking along one day, when he saw his human friend emerge from the trees. “Hello Little Rock,” greeted Moose kindly. “Hello to you, Moose.,” responded Little Rock. He climbed up onto Moose’s back. Suddenly Snake appeared, “Hello Little Rock.” said he. “Good day Snake,” responded Little Rock. And in this way, all the animals followed Little Rock to the Gathering Place. “ My friends, Sky Bear is coming tonight, he told me in my dream last night.”, said Little Rock. A cheer rose up from the animals. That night Little Rock slipped into the darkness outside of his family’s teepee, and ran to the meeting place. “Hello friends, I have bad news!”, said Sky Bear solemnly. The crowd tittered. “Oh do tell us!” wailed the animals. “Miss Moon is in a tiff with Mr. Sun.” “Oh no!,” gasped Beaver. “Miss Moon is mad at Mr. Sun because he is too important, and that she wants to feel important too!” said Sky Bear seriously. The animals were dismayed at this. “Well, I must be going now, will you go to The Wise One for me?” asked Sky Bear. “Of Course we will!”, called Squirrel as Sky Bear faded from view. The next day the animals gathered around The Wise One’s cave. “Oh Wise One please come out, for all the animals who live outside the village are here to see you!”, called Bird. Wise One emerges from his cave, and seated himself on a rock. “Sky Bear came last night, he had news for you.”, and Squirrel explained about Miss Moon, and Mr. Sun’s fighting. “I can’t think of much worse!”, said Wise One when he heard the bad news. “What do you think we should do?”, asked Moose. “Come into my cave, and I shall ponder this till I can no more, and when I can’t any more, I shall have an answer!”, said Wise One. The animals entered his fancy cave, and seated themselves. They did not disturb the Wise One, for his was lost in thought, but played Sticks & Berries, and Stick, Berry, Tree, and Sticky More Than That, until he spoke. “I have the answer to our problems!” “We really, must contact Mother Nature!”, said Wise One. “Bu-u-ut, we never have!”, stammered Chipmunk. Wise One sang a little ditty about the situation. Now, let me tell you, Wise One didn’t have the best singing voice, and the animals all cringed after he finished. “So you see”, he finished smiling broadly. Late that night Moose went off to get a rose from the “Magical” rosebush, and Snake gathered a bowl full of water, while Turtle went to get Little Rock. All the other animals helped Wise One make a special powder. This is how they did it... First, they ground up shells from the banks of River. Next, they made Daisy-stickypowder from a Daisy. After that, they made crushed sparkles out of Gold. Finally they mixed it all together onto a fine and very sticky powder. Moose, Turtle, and Snake arrived just as the powder was finished. “Good, you’re here, we just finished making the powder!”, said Wolf. “I believe we are ready to start!”, twittered Bird impatiently. And they began. They sprinkled the powder into the bowl of water, set the Rose on top, and Wise One began to chant. Mother Nature appeared out of nowhere right in front of them. “What is the problem?”, asked Mother Nature. So Bird explained about Miss Moon and Mr. Sun. After she finished


Mother Nature said; “You will have a contest to see who can come up with the best idea to make them stop fighting, the winner will win a prize. To tell me your ideas you will write them down, then burn them in a fire. If your idea isn’t good enough, I shall take one petal off a Rose in a bowl in your house, that you shall make tonight. If it is the winner, instead of a Rose there will be a Daisy.” After that, she disappeared. Everybody left, yawning and walking off. Even after Wise One left, Snake stayed, wondering if this problem would ever be resolved. The next morning they all met at the fire on Oak Hill to talk about their ideas. When they all were there Little Rock said; “Who is first with their idea?” “I AM”, screamed Chipmunk. “ Geez okay”, said Little Rock pulling out a piece of bark and an arrow that he dipped in berry juice. “So, what is your idea for Mother Nature Chipmunk?”, asked Little Rock. “I propose that we punish Mr. Sun, by letting only Miss Moon stay up in the sky!”, responded Chipmunk. Little Rock wrote it down and threw it in the fire. Everybody had brought their bowls, and almost instantly a petal disappeared from Chipmunk’s bowl. Faster the ideas came, until everybody had at least one petal off of their rose except for Snake. Wow, the ideas! There was make Sun say sorry, give Moon a card, put Sun in a different galaxy, put Moon in a different galaxy, and more! Finally, Snake had an idea. “My idea is that we let Miss Moon cover up Mr. Sun every once-in-a-while, but only when Mr. Sun isn’t needed, and only at the side that’s having night.”, said Snake. Little Rock threw the suggestion in the fire, and all turned to look at Snake’s bowl, where a Daisy lay. All at once, a bag came down from the sky for Snake, it was a bag full of never-ending food! That night Sky Bear came down from the sky. “We shall call it an eclipse.”, said Sky Bear. And that is the end of the story of why eclipses happen. Iris Love Grade 4 Saint Nicholas School Alice Chitty


The Disney Disaster Mom, Ella, and Dad were excited to go to Disneyworld. Especially Dad. Dad said, “We are all ready to go to Disney! We are making memories!” “Dad!!!!!!!!” I said. He always is like that. “You’re weird.” I added. But I did have to admit, it was exciting. It would be my first time, after all. “After we get there we will be getting settled. Then… we will go to Magic Kingdom.” It was time for the trip to begin. It was time to (like Dad said) make memories. But what if we don’t make memories? What if? “Ugh. Sitting here is boring.” I complained. I looked at my twin sister, Ella and then we burst out laughing. “Driving is much better than flying to Florida. Flying is expensive… besides, we’re almost there.” Dad said. “You and your prices.” I mumbled. What a boring ride. But there was one question. What if the vacation was horrible? What if? After we got settled we waited for a shuttle to go to Magic Kingdom. “We’re making memories!!” I jumped up. “Dad, I was daydreaming! What did you do that for?” Then we arrived. “Let’s go to Space Mountain!” Ella yelled. We got a fast pass and went in line. What if we never got on the ride? What if? “Woo-hoo!!!” I yelled. “This is amazing!” We rode on Space Mountain, zipping here and there, having the best time of our lives! I loved this ride! But what if something bad happened? What if? Then, the ride suddenly stopped. (I was right! Something bad happened!) “What’s happening?” I cried with a bit of loudness and a tone of fear. We were stuck. “We’re all going to die!” I was scared. “Relax Bella! You look -I mean sound- like you’re hyperventilating!” Mom was right. I was inhaling and exhaling really, really, really fast. But then, I stopped. Would the ride ever get fixed? What if we spent the rest of our lives on this ride? What if? Mom was right. I should relax. But how? I tried to think about happy things, sad things, anything that would make me relax. Think Bella. I thought, think. “It worked!” I said. I hoped the ride would get fixed to calm myself. But what if it never got fixed? What if? “It’ll be fixed in five minutes.” Dad said. I tried to jump but I couldn’t because I just remembered we were on Space Mountain. “Dad!!!!!” I cried. “I was sleeping! Seriously?” “Well get up.” “Fine.” I said. “But if you wake me up again… you’ll be sorry.” “Stay on the ride.” Dad said. “I am Dad.” I said. We are making memories!” Dad shouted. “If life gives you lemons… make Dad be quiet.” I mumbled. But what if life didn’t give you lemons? What if? Suddenly, the ride started moving again. Yes! I thought. But why did the ride stop???? Hmmm… why? “This is the greatest ride ever!!!!” And I bet that’s what the world would think. But what if the world didn’t think that? What if? Hannah Lowe Grade 4 Westview Elementary Maggie Steele


Stand Up! “Wow, I really don’t like this place!” Said Kaitlyn nervously. Kaitlyn is really unsure about this school. She thinks she will get pushed around and bullied. She is scared out of her poor crazy mind! Kaitlyn always thought to herself “I can’t do this, I just can’t!” But she had to so she rushed into the building, panting hardly, sliding all around the hallway and tripping on books. When Kaitlyn reached her locker, she found a selfish and mean note taped to her red locker door. The note read, “Your so ODD your so WEIRD you look like you’ve grown a BEARD, you’ve got LICE you eat MICE your as short as a grain of RICE.” -The Gang P.S “You stink! What did you last eat!” Kaitlyn felt tears running slowly down her cheeks and onto her neck. So Kaitlyn left school early walked a block to her house then got ready for the next day. The next day, Kaitlyn decides to get up super early and shortly walk to a 24-hour open shoe store. She walks into the store and spots those shoes that everyone has! They were a solid black with purple stripes, had had a white lightning decal on the left and right side. She then buys the shoes and walks home in the cold, breezy winter night. When she reached home, she quietly slipped her new shoes in her hidden pocket, on her backpack. She suddenly thought, “Now people will think I’m like all of the others, and be more friendly and nice to me, thanks to these shoes!” She then, as quiet as a little mouse, tiptoed upstairs to her room just in time mom opened the door! The next day of school, Kaitlyn was wearing her new shoes, walking down the hallway. The middle kids thought that that was SO funny! They were laughing so hard they nearly fell down! Everyone was saying “Way to go, weirdo!” Kaitlyn felt really sad that her plan did not work out the way she wanted her plan to work out. She turned a corner and walked into the door with her head down, then lifted her head up as she was listening closely as people gossiped about her, then slowly put her head down as she walked to the girl's bathroom to change her shoes. She leaned against the bathroom wall, took out her old sneakers from her backpack, took her new shoes off and put them into her front pocket of her backpack, after that, she put her old sneakers on then walked out of the door and ran to science class through the empty, hollow, hallway. When Kaitlyn reached science class, people laughed even harder than before! She seriously, ABSOLUTELY did NOT like people making fun of her! Suddenly, a pretty curly haired blonde turned around in her seat to face Kaitlyn and said in a calm voice, “Hi, I’m Bella! I know how so you feel so I will be a friend of yours!” Kaitlyn felt happy now that she had a friend to be with her!


Kaitlyn still felt sad inside… Something was just really not working out for her. She rode the bus home and went to school at 6:00 the next day. The next day of school, Kaitlyn went to Bella’s locker. “Hi! I’m surprised to see you here!” Said Bella with a smile. “Hey. Can I get some advice on how to get people to be nice to you?” mentioned Kaitlyn. “Stand up and try to be nice to them!” Said Bella sounding very honest and truthful. “Ok then.” Said Kaitlyn. “Ill try tomorrow.” Thursday, Kaitlyn said “Hello” or “Good Morning” and people repeat back, “Hello” or “Good Morning” in a nice tone. Kaitlyn feels like she can improve and she feels like she can do better. She decided she would try tomorrow morning. At the end of the day, Kaitlyn rode the bus home. When she reached her stop, she walked up her driveway and went inside. She went upstairs to her room, unpacked her backpack, and did her math, science, and reading. Then went to the bathroom to take her shower, went back to her room and put on her pajamas then slowly, quietly, drifted to sleep. RRRINNGGG! Kaitlyn got up rapidly out of her bed. She didn’t dare look at her clock but she knew she had to in order to go to school. 6:45!? ILL BE LATE! Kaitlyn quickly jumped on her clothes, brushed her teeth, took a bite out of a pop-tart, grabbed her backpack, rushed outside, and caught the bus just in time! “Phew! I’m glad that’s over!” The school bus stopped at the school parking spot and Kaitlyn walked into the door. When she got to the hallway she said “Hey, guys!” The other kids greeted her with a friendly wave and kindly said, “You rock, you’re incredible, you’re AWESOME!” Kaitlyn finally fit in with the other people and she was as happy as ever. She had a great year and never got bullied again! OH NO!!! Kaitlyn is switching schools again and she’s moving to Georgia! Here comes the DRAMA again! Looks like Kaitlyn can be in a bit of a sticky situation! Turns out the beginning won’t be a “Happily Ever After” after all! Cassie Marshall Grade 4 Westview Elementary School Andrea Nolen


The Escape of 1066 During the Battle of Hastings, there was a boy named William Everland who was a squire under General Hadan. William was born from a noble family. It was a very scary time for William because he didn’t know if General Hadan would come back alive. It had been three years since he left his parents to be a squire under General Hadan. Being 10, it was hard for him to wait for the only person who could take care of him to come back from war. When the only remaining soldiers came back from war he was positive he was the first person there to greet them. The first thing the General said was, “William can you help me get back to the castle?” “Sure thing,” said William. William didn’t notice the blood on the General’s pants until he propped the Generals leg on a stool. “You need a doctor,” said William. “I know said the General. So the General put two silver coins in William’s hand and told him to go get a doctor. While the doctor was thinking on what to do about the General’s leg, the Normans surrounded the castle in attack. Suddenly cries and shouts came from every corner of the castle. Desperately, the doctor scrambled out the door of the castle and fell and died at their door step because the piercing of an arrow in his head. William scrambled to get supplies. He was able to grab a small sack of copper coins, a knife, a water bottle, some crackers, and a leather bag. William put his stuff in the leather bag and helped the General out the door. They managed to get behind a storage area. William discovered a door that lead to a tunnel. He lowered the General down into the tunnel and jumped down with him and shut the door behind them. While they were walking through the tunnel four Normans discovered the door that lead to the tunnel and chased after them. William grabbed a sword and a shield from the wall and the General grabbed a spear and fought till there was one man left. This man’s name was Henry and this was his first time fighting. He surrendered. Henry tried to help the General stay alive but the General died. Henry and William honored him but they had to move on to get help. By the time they brought help back, the castle was already destroyed. William was known for his bravery. John Mayo Grade 4 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Glass


The Time a Tiger Roared at Me “How about we stop there?” said my mom. She pointed at a shady area about thirty yards away. So we started walking to the area where she had pointed. We were on our way to an ice cream place at the Atlanta Zoo, when we stopped under a shady, canopied area to drink some water. The best part was that it was a cool area, so we could cool down. We had been at the zoo for about two hours, in the hot sun, so we were really thankful for the shade. My dad looked around and saw a fenced off area with a snow tiger in it. Of course it was the one animal that we hadn’t seen.” Cmon’ Amaar, let’s take a picture.” said my dad. He gestured for my sister, mom, and brother to come. My sister groaned and complained that my dad took too many pictures and that she just wanted to get ice cream. So like my sister, mom, and brother always do, they ditched me and my dad. Dad started to set up his camera (I’ve always wondered how heavy that camera was). But I sort of wanted out on the picture after I saw the sign that said: No Flash Photography. I told my dad about the sign but he was too busy setting up the camera. So after my dad had set up the camera, he told me to get in front of the fence so the tiger could be in the picture. Meanwhile, the tiger is approaching the fence. When the tiger wasn’t even a yard away… dad took the picture. After the flash, the tiger ROARED at us! Then both my dad and I burst out laughing. After that my dad and I packed up the camera, went to the ice cream place and told the others about the tiger roaring at us. So, I guess that’s how a tiger roared at me! Amaar Memon Grade 4 Bright School Karen Smith


Sammy’s Day Out My name is Sammy the Hammy. If you can’t tell from my name, I’m a hamster. I’m sort of gray and white, with big, black eyes and small little hands and feet. I have cute little mouse ears that I tuck in close to my head when I sleep. But when it is time to get up and play at night, I like to let them stick out so I can hear everything going on and let everyone know it is time to have a party in my cage. My owners are giant humans named Anna and Jack and they like to feed me a lot. So I’m a little on the chubby side. My cage is placed next to a window in Jack’s room. As much as I love my home, my wheel and my delicious food, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go outside and run free. Sometimes I look out the window and see birds flying, squirrels eating nuts and chipmunks chasing each other. It makes me feel sad, and a little curious. One morning after Anna and Jack left to go to school and the house was quiet, I came out of my igloo, stretched my arms and legs, and got ready to eat my breakfast. I was just about to sink my teeth into a piece of corn when I looked up, and I saw the top of my cage was loose. It was now or never. So I climbed on top of my igloo, and took a giant leap. It worked and suddenly I was FREE! I scampered out of Jack’s room and down the hall as fast as my little hands and legs would carry me. Stairs – big, scary stairs. But I had to keep moving – so I took a chance and rolled – and rolled – and rolled – until I reached the front door. Luckily, I have a lot of cushiony fur, so it didn’t hurt. Now to get out that front door. Lucky for me, the door was left with a tiny opening. All I had to do was push it with my rear end. It worked! The door fell open; I fell down one last step and hit the ground. I started running, feeling the cool, green grass under my belly. It was awesome! I saw tiny little insects flying all around; I could hear birds singing, and the smell of nature. Then I heard a voice say, “Hi. I’m Chester - Chester the Chipmunk. Who are you and what are you? You have no tail!” “My name is Sammy the Hammy. I’m a hamster and I live in that big house up there,” I answered. “Where did you come from?” I asked. “From a hole in the ground,” Chester said. “We have underground tunnels that go for miles. Wanna come see?” “No – I’d rather stay up on the ground. Do you want to play tag?” “Sure!” said Chester. So the new friends ran and played, enjoying the bright sunshine and the tall green grass for hours. Before too long, Sammy started to get hungry. Thoughts of sunflower seeds and corn kernels were spinning through her head. She told Chester she was ready for some food. “What do you like to eat?” she asked Chester. “Acorns are my favorite. Here – try one!” said Chester. Sammy sank her sharp teeth into the acorn. It tasted like dirt. Somehow, she just knew it was time to go home.


Suddenly she looked up, and to her horror – right in front of her- stood a cat, Mittens. Mittens was the family cat – gray and white with long fangs, sharp claws and a roar that any mouse, chipmunk or critter in the area could hear for miles. Sammy knew what to do. She told Chester, “Run! Run for your life! There’s a cat who wants to eat us for lunch!” she said. “By the way – nice to meet you! Hope to see you again!” Sammy ran for her life and made it underneath the doormat where she waited for the sound of the bus. She knew that Anna and Jack would come to her rescue. Before too long, she was awakened by the sound of Anna’s laugh. It was time to come out and let them see her. Sammy would be safe at last! Sammy heard Anna say to Jack, “Is that Sammy next to the front door?!” Jack said, “Let’s go see! We need to put Sammy in the house. How did she get here?” Anna replied, “I don’t know. But we need to put her back in her cage. But first she needs a bath. She stinks!” Much to Sammy’s happiness, Anna took her into the bathroom, filled the sink with warm, soapy water and put little Sammy the Hammy in the bath. Sammy thought to herself, “I really had fun playing with Chester, but living the pampered life of a hamster is the best.” After a warm bath, Sammy ate delicious seeds until she was full, drank some water, and found her way to the igloo. “Home sweet home”, she thought and fell sound asleep. Anna Murdock Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary Courtney Johnson


A New Halloween It was a chilly Halloween night. Out in the backyard there were leaves everywhere. It was almost dinner time at Hallow’s house. Hallow’s mouth was watering. He could not wait until he had fried chicken and pizza inside his mouth. It was a family tradition to have chewy eyeballs every Halloween feast. The chewy eyeballs were his last favorite because he hates creepy things. “Just 5 more minutes” his mother boomed. His sister was singing to her stuffed animals so it was hard to hear mom. It actually did not feel like 5, it actually felt like 2. He darted to the grand dining room where food was waiting. If mom boomed, “Do not run” for the thousandth time he was not listening. It was a bizarre dinner at the Gine’s house. First off, Hallow’s older sister, Gina, stuffed all the chewy eyeballs in 2 seconds. He was not surprised, after all it was a really miniature stack. Hallow was thinking, Yes! He was about ready to sprint out of his chair to hug Gina. But she was so sassy about hugging he did not have the chance. Elijah did not even touch a thing. He also announced, “Can I not eat dinner. After all, he weighed 32 pounds and 6 ounces. He was skinny as a skeleton. His dad boomed at Elijah, “You are not going to get bullied!” Elijah his smart mouth replied in a harm way,” Like I care stupid”. Some how Gina got in the conversation and, said “My-my looks like Elijah needs a kiss.” Soon those three were arguing like three cats arguing about who should be the king. “CRASH”. The only thing everyone said was, Huh” in wonder. Elijah felt like a robber broke in. He was going to run upstairs in a flash to the safest place, his bed. Hallow deeply wanted to see what happened before he would see Gina cry to her mom. Hallow deeply wanted to see what the heck just happened. His mom did not allow him to go. Mom was tugging on the back of his shirt. Seconds later he heard a mysterious voice calling from the basement that sounded like Jesus. “Hallow come!!” Whatever that voice was calling him for, he hoped it had nothing to do with Halloween. He hated everything about Halloween. However he wanted candy more than anything though. Hallow just discovered Elijah coming down the steps like a Snail. Because he was scared of a secret trap door on one of the steps. Suddenly, the voice called again. But a little more irritated, “HALLOW I KNOW YOU ARE HERE!!!” Finally he had no choice so he sprinted down to the basement, with his mother trying to catch up with speedy Hallow. Hallow noticed first thing he got down there is, His video games were mysteriously missing. What replaced it was, a Purple and Black portal that looked like Goo. The mysterious voice whispered, “Your video games have vanished, to get them back you must save Halloween do you think you can do it?” the voice asked. Hallow said weekly, “Guess so”. The portal dragged him through. He could hear his mom sobbing. They both hoped Hallow would survive. That is all they could do. When the portal dropped him off, he thought he was at Planet of Horses. Instead, he was right in front of a spooky haunted house. That had a dark blue and blackish sky. He could hear


Ghosts booing on the front yard, and Warewolves howling in the night. There was a booming crash in the distance. It was thunder really. He could see the only thing that was not scary is a pink wall, with a Plump factory worker. Hallow looked away for one second, and poof the factory worker was missing. “I want to go home!’’ he wailed right after he noticed a skeleton in the front window. The portal had vanished. It was like he was actually going to live in the Haunted house he thought. He knew just standing around there wailing would not help. “It is time to go inside the Haunted house.” He said confidently. “Screeeeeeeeeeeech” Hallow just went through the rustic Pinwheel gate. He felt a chilly breeze tickle his nose. All of a sudden, he heard somebody wail, “WAAAAH!!” Hallow was eager to help, but he was so worried about the person who was crying was going to chop him, put salt on him, and gobble him for Hallow stew. So he slowly tip toed towards the crybaby. His eyes popped out when he noticed it was truly the Great Pumpkin. But why was he crying? He suddenly darted towards him like a bullet. Hallow surprisingly landed on his lap. He stopped wailing, and sniffed, “Are you saving Halloween?” Hallow confidently replied, “Yep!” The Great Pumpkin suddenly sat up straight and said, “Can I come?” Hallow replied “You may” Hallow was delighted with joy. “Watch out for the trap pathways” the Great Pumpkin panicked. As Hallow walked on, he wished he had a jacket. Cold autumn breezes kept on tickling his nose. Instead of a black pathway, he noticed a red pathway that read A CURSE UPONS HERE!!!!! IF YOU OPEN THIS YOU HAVE A CURSE. Tarantulas rushed on the pathway. Hallow stuck his foot slightly inside the trap door. The red pathway slowly began to open. Hallow immediately discovered, that it was a trap door. He rapidly zipped away from it. With the Great Pumpkin, lagging behind swift Hallow. He slowly began to enter through the door. What lays behind there thought Hallow. There was a silver key lock on one of the doors. The Great Pumpkin whispered to Hallow, “Dang, that is the only place where we can save Halloween! Quick, to the Kitchen!” The Great Pumpkin and Hallow swiftly dashed to the Kitchen. The first thing suspicious that they noticed was, moving pots and pans! “Ghosts” Hallow thought. He was willing to exit this torturing nightmare, but he would not be able to exit. Suddenly, he heard an awkward noise, “Kirrle Kirrle” The Great Pumpkin whispered, “That sound is coming from the Factory. That is where the machine to destroy Halloween is!” Hallow and the Great Pumpkin tip-toed past the ghost. When Hallow became close to the dreadful ghost his teeth started to chatter. He heard leaves blow outside. Finally they were in the living room. The dark red chair with white polka dots caught Hallow’s eye. Hallow darted to the chair not knowing a skeleton was already relaxing on the chair. “Huh?” Hallow said puzzled. The skeleton that he was sitting on slowly began to lift him off the sofa. Hallow felt a little tremble running through his spine. Hallow finally noticed that he was sitting on a horrible skeleton.


Hallow nervously began to watch the skeleton try to grab him. Hallow swiftly leaped on the dark green coffee table, and accidently pressed a hidden button on the fan. “Commutations worked!” Hallow had 100 question marks over his head. “Crash Bang” A long black staircase slowly began to crush the skeleton into 1,000,000 tiny pieces. Hallow darted up the stairs. That led them to little Vannessa’s bedroom. That was the exact same room Hallow noticed at the beginning of his adventure. He saw a key that looked like the lock’s shape from the factory entrance, “Gasp sputter” whined the Great Pumpkin trying to catch up to swift Hallow. As soon as they got to the bedroom, Hallow saw that most creepy thing that made him want to jump out of the window. There was a doll in the middle of the room that was wearing a pink dress with tulips on it. It was starting at Hallow with its angry red eyes. The great pumpkins started to spin around and around like a marry-go-round. He felt the cold autumn leaves blow outside. Finally the doll’s head came off. Hallow shrieked in surprise. The great pumpkin dashed to the factory holding Hallow in one hand and the key in the other. They were at their destination finally. They finally passed the kitchen which was hard to pass because it was blocked by furious monsters. But they passed them by going under their blue, fat bellies. Hallow was please that them passed them because they had horn that freaked him out. Also, they got a new teammate by lifting up a lid to a heavy treasure chest. Professor FWP (Factory Worker Pro). It was only a two room walk, but a lot of stuff happened along the way. They heard a zombie struggling to get in the backyard door. They know there was a machine that brought evil that would kill Halloween. If the leaves blow a third time (it blew two times already) Halloween would be killed. They began a walk toward the black and yellow machine. They all discovered one of those evil spirits were like. They were light blue, shaped like a sphere , that was no bigger than a baby kitten. They finally got to the machine not getting stung by one of those evil spirits. “Crash” a roar of lightning blazed in the distance. Professor F.W.P was the only one that knew how to operate it. Since he got his brain sucked by one of the evil spirits he did not know how to operate it anymore. It was only seven minutes left before the final leaves will blow. Hallow was as scared as a boy getting chased by a monster. Since then they began pressing buttons randomly. Once they sent out a zombie that was blind. “Halloween is going to be ruined in 50 seconds!” the great pumpkin panicked. They heard the zombie finally get in the back door. “Five seconds left!” the great pumpkin panicked. Hallow knew he was awesome at gadgets and evectional things, but he did not want to go pressing buttons randomly because he saw a self destruct button. “Two seconds!” the great pumpkin panicked with a tear. “Bye Halloween,” the great pumpkin king wept. Hallow discovered a safe Halloween button. Click. He pressed the button and the porthole was right in front of him. “Bye!” they all said. They would have had a celebration, but there was only one second left.


“Home at last,” Hallow said relieved. He had truly saved Halloween. He felt like a superhero. Hey, my video game console is back. He had his XBOX360 back, his Wii back, his PS3 back, and his favorite—his 3DS back. All piled up neatly in a jet black cabinet with no sign of the porthole that lead into the haunted house. He heard loud footsteps that sounded like moms, dads, Gina’s and Elijah’s. “Welcome Home,” everyone boomed to Hallow. “I am so glad you survived,” screamed mom. Mom was hugging and kissing Hallow. A little after they all dashed up to Hallow’s bedroom. That’s where all of the Halloween’s costumes were to go trickor-treating. Hallow was pumpkin because of a great memory. He was not afraid of Halloween anymore. He felt like he just got a ne superpower. He wished the great pumpkin was still there. Travis Ray Grade 4 Westview Elementary Maggie Steele


The Adventures of The Grimm’s Sabrina and Daphne were on a train to there new home. They had been in the Orphanage for 4 years. When they arrived at Ms. Grimm’s house Sabrina was mad because Ms. Grimm said “I’m your grandmother.” Daphne was glad to have a grandmother. They ran inside to find their room. They came to 3 doors that were locked. Sabrina and Daphne didn’t know the doors were locked. Daphne tried one of the doors but it would not open. Sabrina tried another that one would not open either. Neither of them tried the last one because they thought it would not open. BOOM! “Did you hear that?” Daphne asked Sabrina. “Yah” Replied Sabrina scared. “It’s coming from the room we didn’t try to open the last one. BOOM! “Did you hear that?” Daphne asked Sabrina. “Yes” Sabrina replied. “It’s coming from the 3rd door” Daphne exclaimed! “Lets open it!” Sabrina said. Daphne found a key and unlocked the door. When they walked in they found a magic mirror. Sabrina asked the mirror “Do you know where our parents are?” the mirror showed them where they where they where, They where in a room alive. Daphne asked the mirror “where are they?” The mirror told them “They are at the giants palace.” *



They where at the giants palace and snuck to the front the front desk there was a human? Sabrina whispered, “Do you know where James and Vicky Grimm are!” The human replied, “Yes there in room 141.” So Daphne and Sabrina snuck to room 141. It was locked, then the human came and said, “Oh I forgot here is the keys.” Sabrina took the keys and unlocked the door. There parents where in there alive! TO BE CONTINUED Abbie Reel Grade 4 Lookout Valley Elementary Marilyn Baker


Something on the Beach It was a cold fall day at the beach. The sun was out and the ocean was calm. There were barely any waves and some people were paddle boarding. You only want to paddle board when it’s calm and when there are not a lot of people in the water. On the beach there were Sea Hares. If you threw them they would ink and if you squeeze their ink sacks they ink. I met a friend on the beach. He had a game where you get a curvy thing and we picked the sea hares up and threw them. I got like five of them. They went everywhere and they would all ink. Sea hares are brown with black spots and they have water wings like a sea slug. If you startled them they will release a purple dye to repel attacking fish. They live in shallow water and in sea grasses and coral. Sea hares are herbivores. When I go back I hope they’re still there. If they are still there I will keep playing with them. David Stutz Grade 4 Bright School Mrs. Annetta Crawford


The Birthday Mystery It was Rosie’s birthday and she was waiting in the backyard. Soon her friends came and the cake was ready too. Her friends gave her lots of presents. She was hoping to get a puppy. When she finished opening her presents, she was a little disappointed because she had not received a puppy. It was now cake time so Rosie focused on making her birthday wish instead of not getting a puppy. Her mom told her to make a wish and when Rosie closed her eyes she wished for a puppy. When she opened her eyes everyone was gone. Rosie ran into the house and checked to see if anyone was in there, but they were not there either. As she stood there wondering where everyone went, she noticed that she was starting to disappear. All of a sudden, she was in a carriage. The carriage was starting to move. When it stopped moving a man opened the door and asked Rosie to step out. The man asked her to smell some flowers and she started to feel sleepy. When she woke up she saw a dirty green scratched up door. She decided to try the door. The handle was slimy and the door creaked open when she opened it. The room was dark. Rosie took one step into the room and fell. She landed on a huge soft pillow. Once she got back on her feet, she noticed she was in front of a pet store. Rosie tried to go into the store, but the door was locked. She noticed a key lying on the door mat, so she tried it. The key worked! She walked into the store and saw a pink door, her favorite color. On the door was a sign that said, “Happy Birthday Rosie.” Rosie carefully opened the door and saw her mom standing there holding a puppy. Her mom let the puppy go and the puppy went to Rosie and licked her on the face. As the dog was licking her, her mom said, “Happy Birthday!” Rosie thought this all was a dream. Rosie closed her eyes and said to herself, “This has to be a dream, this is all a dream!” Then she opened her eyes and she was back in her bedroom on her bed. Rosie didn’t know if she just had a dream or not. Then she heard a scratching noise at her door. When she opened her door there was a little puppy exactly like the one thought she dreamed about. That is when Rosie Realized the whole think was real. Rosie had the best, weird and creepy birthday ever. Ariana Vega Grade 4 Red Bank Elementary Rebecca McKnight


Rose and Riding Hood Once upon a time I was standing eye to eye with a big hungry wolf. It all started when my Dad got transferred to New York City. It was hard to move and leave all my friends in Georgia. I’m the new girl. I made one friend so far, her name is Lexis. She is really nice and has a sick sense of humor. Since both of my parents work, I got to go to Lexi’s house sometimes. She told me that she usually goes to after school day-care or ASD and that I should go too. So the next day we went to ASD. It was not what I was expecting. This is what happened. “I thought you said this is going to be fun.” I said to Lexi. “It will be, we get to go on really cool adventures,” she said. “Like what?” I asked. “Ummm…look we’re here.” I knew she didn’t want to tell me so I just went with it. We drove up to a huge building “Whoa! This is way bigger than I thought,” I said. “They need all that space,” she said. When we walked in it was the biggest room I have ever seen. “They’re fairy hoppers,” Lexi replied. “OMG are those portals?’ I asked “Yes, the words above them tell you where you go if you jump in them.” Lexi answered “Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid. Those are all fairy tales.” I said. “Yes, when you fall in, you fall into a fairy tale,” Lexi said. “Is this another one of your jokes to make me look stupid?” I asked. “No, this is really real, but don’t fall in because when you do you have to go through the whole story, and then find the exit portal to leave. Some people have never come out.” Lexi warned. “Yah right. You’re trying to trick me but it’s not going to work. I’m going to go and jump in the Little Red Riding Hood portal right now,” I exclaimed. “Rose don’t you dare! You have no idea how to get out!” Lexis exclaimed. “How hard could it be?” I said. “Really hard,’ Lexi said. “Here I go. One. Two. Three.” Then I stupidly jumped in, and of course Lexi jumped in right after me. “Where are we?” I questioned.


“We’re in Little Red Riding Hood’s story – Dah!” “But I thought you were joking?” I asked. “No, I wasn’t! “Well now I feel stupid. Well how do we get out of here?” I asked “Uah well, about that …. We have to save Little Red Riding Hood by defeating the Big Bad Wolf. Then get Little Red’s hood. We throw it into the portal, when we find it. Then we can go home,” explained Lexi. “That can’t be that hard. Find the Big Bad Wolf, ask him for the hood. He gives it to us. Bam, easy as pie.” I said. “Yah, it’s just that easy.” Lexi uttered. “Aha Ooooooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!! It looks like he is coming right now!! I yelled. “Hey, I’m the Big Bad Wolf. Boo,” the wolf said. “I thought you were supposed to be scary?” I said. “Little Red Riding Hood just said that. She thought I was scary because I’m a wolf.” he replied. “Well do you have Little Red’s hood?” I asked. “Actually I do. I pulled it off her when we were battling.” “Do you know where the portal is?” I asked. “The portal will appear when you hit that tree five times.” he answered. “Sweet! And you said this was going to be hard, Lexi.” I taunted. “Whatever.” She said annoyed. “Thanks for the help.” I said to the wolf. Then I went over and hit the tree five times and the portal opened. I threw the hood in and said goodbye to the wolf. Then we jumped in and left. When we got back it was like nothing had happed, no time had passed. That was the funniest and weirdest day ever! I kind of wish I can do it again sometime. Samantha Webber Grade 4 Big Ridge Elementary Ouida Bianco


How Mr. Porcupine Got Sharp Quills Long ago, when the earth was new, there once lived Mr. Porcupine. Mr. Porcupine was small, weak and a helpless animal. Every other animal call him Mr. Porcupine because he wished for quills for most of his life. That was because he was small and weak. He thought about being weak like he was, and he wanted to be tough and scary. He also knew that there bobcats around searching for him and other porcupines. Bobcats are Mr. Porcupine’s predators. Mr. Porcupine just can not get an idea to protect himself from his predators though. He had bigger brothers than he was and a lot of times they would push and bully him around. His mother and his father, Mr. Man and Mrs. Mary, would not even tell his brothers to stop bullying him. Then it happened when the news reporter said that there are bobcats, his predator. They were close by searching for him and other porcupines! A little while later, Mr. Porcupine and his family forgot about the news of the bobcats that were near. Mr. Porcupine was playing by himself, while his brothers were playing a game of tag. A bush nearby all of them made a sound. The leaves rustled in the bush. Mr. Porcupine stepped away from the bush. His brothers just stared at the bush, not knowing what to do. What was behind the bush? Just then, a bobcat (it’s predator) stepped out of the bush. His brothers ran back to where their parents were and told them the bad news. Mr. Porcupine just stood there, not knowing what to do. “Oh, so I see,” said the bobcat, “ You are too scared to run anywhere.” Mr. Porcupine could not say a word. Without thinking, Mr. Porcupine ran down a steep hill and flew right into a thorn bush! Thorns were all over him! He struggled to get out of the thorn bush. Finally, he got himself out. Perfect timing! That was just when the bobcat ran down the steep hill. Mr. Porcupine covered his face. The bobcat opened his mouth very wide. He bit a mouthful of quills! “Ouch!” the bobcat cried as he ran back up the hill. Mr. Porcupine went home to tell the news to his Mom, Dad and brothers. Now they all got quills to protect themselves from those mean old bobcats. His bigger brothers never bullied Mr. Porcupine anymore. If they did try to push him around, they would get poked by the sharp quills that Mr. Porcupine had! From that day and on, the family of porcupines lived happily ever after. Justin Wolfram, Grade 4 Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts Casey Gellerman


The Queens of Winter Once there were three girls named Elsa, Allebasi, and Kroy. They were in love with winter, and when it was winter, the girls pretended they were queens of winter. Elsa pretended she was Queen of Ice. Allebasi pretended she was Queen of Snow, and Kroy pretended she was Queen of Wind. One winter morning Elsa, Allebasi, and Kroy went into the woods. Elsa was the daredevil. Allebasi was shy, and Kroy was loud. All the girls were 10 years old. Elsa saw a path through the woods. She said, “I found a path. Let’s go.” Allebasi and Kroy said, “Ok.” The girls were walking and Elsa fell into a hole, and then, Allebasi and Kroy. It was like a cave. All the girls said together, “Where are we?” Then Elsa said, “Jinx!” There was a house in the cave, and there was a wizard that lived in it. Elsa knocked at the door. The wizard answered and let them in. The wizard said, “May I help you?”, and Elsa asked, “Is there a way out of here?” The wizard asked, “What is your name?” Elsa said, “My name is Elsa, and these are my friends Allebasi and Kroy.” The wizard said, “My name is Ecarg, the wizard at your service.” Then he said, “Wait! The prophecy is coming true!” The girls asked, “What prophecy?” Ecarg said, “There was a prophecy that three girls named Elsa, Allebasi, and Kroy would come here, and I would give them each a magical crystal that would make them Queens of Winter.” The wizard walked toward Elsa and said, “You are Queen of Ice”, and he gave her a necklace with an ice crystal. There was a bright light, and suddenly Elsa was wearing a dress and cape made out of ice. Next, the wizard went up to Allebasi and said, “You will be Queen of Snow”, and he gave her a necklace with a snow crystal. Again, there was a bright light, and suddenly Allebasi was wearing a dress made out of snow. Finally, the wizard came to Kroy and said, “You are Queen of Wind”, and he gave her a necklace with a wind crystal. There was another bright light, and suddenly Kroy was wearing a dress that was made out of wind. Ecarg went with the three girls to show them their new home. While they were walking, the girls asked, “Are we there yet?” They said that hundreds of times. Ecarg said, “We are here!” There were three castles, and they were all connected. One castle was made out of ice. One was made out of snow, and one was made out of wind. When they took one step inside, it was a trap! There were three evil Queens of Fire. One girl had a fire crystal and a dress that was made out of fire, and her name was Anna. Another girl had a lava crystal and a dress made out of lava, and her name was Quest. The last girl had a lightning crystal and a dress made out of lightning, and her name was Terra. Anna, Quest and Terra asked, “Who are you and what are you doing here?” The girls said, “We are the Queens of Winter! We are here to take back our castles!” Then the Queens of Fire said, “No!” Then, the Queens of Fire started throwing fire, lava and lightning at the girls. The Queens of Winter started throwing ice, snow and wind. They fought from dusk till dawn. When it became dawn, the Queens of Winter had finally won the battle! They had destroyed the Queens of Fire along with all their powers, and the Queens of Winter had won their castles back.


You might not see them, but the Queens of Winter are still there today. You can feel them in the ice, snow and wind. Whenever it rains ice, or when it snows, or when you feel the wind, you will know that the Queens of Winter are with you. Isabella Grace York Grade 4 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Glass

When I Reached for the Stars In a small house in the smaller areas of Virginia, a girl named Coplen Jay lived with her grandparents. She also had three brothers. Their names were Ellis, Eli and Copper. Her grandmother always made warm cookies on cold winter days. Her grandpa would lie in the grass with her and look at the stars and try to count them. Coplen Jay loved to look at the stars with her grandpa. He would always say to her, "The stars are angel houses and there's one up there waiting for you and one for me. Then one day when he said that, Coplen Jay asked, "What is the rain?" Grandpa would say, "The angels are singing so loud that the clouds shake." "And what is the snow?" she would ask. He would say, "the angels are dancing and some sparkles are falling from their halos." Coplen Jay would say, "Grandpa, will you lift me up?" "Why?" he would ask. "I want to reach for the stars," she replied. Grandpa lifted her up into the air, and Coplen Jay reached for the stars and said a prayer. "Dear God, watch over us tonight and thank you for Grandpa and me. Thank you for the stars and letting us sit and dream about them. In Jesus' name, Amen," she said. From that day on, every night they would reach for the stars and pray. Now she asks everybody she knows, "Have you reached for the stars? I have." Ashley Young Grade 4 Boyd Buchanan School Geunita Ringold


131 Â

[ Grade  4  Poetry  ]   Daytona 500 Five hundred laps going around the track, left turn, left turn over and over again The tension builds, who will the winner be, number ninety is in the lead but here comes sixty-six They hit the final lap, once more going around the track ninety, sixty-six five seconds four seconds three seconds two seconds one second The winner is... IT'S A TIE!!! Gus Batt Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet Upper School Sue Nelson


A Dream inspired by William Carlos Williams’ “Poem” As I leapt Across the room of mats feet first I landed daintily My arms spread apart Twirling and leaping I danced Molly Mckenna Behar Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary School Courtney Johnson


Blink When you blink It’s harder to think, Because your eyes are closed Instead of exposed Jack Bell Grade 4 OAKS Margo Haughee

Oh Kitty Oh Kitty Oh kitty oh kitty, You are so pretty, Your sandpaper kiss, I will always miss, Oh kitty oh kitty, You are so fluffy, Your tail is so puffy, I love you so much, This is the end, It’s not a bunch, This is why cats are my friend. Annie Boals Grade 4 Nolan Elementary Kathy Daniel


Magnets have poles North attracts to south South attracts to north Opposites attracts like P-B and J Magnets have magnetic fields They are the glove of Dustin Pedroia Catching every baseball that comes its way Magnets are everywhere From inside your home To the corners of the galaxy Magnets make the world go around Brooks Brownlee Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet Selena Seymour

Miracle Effect As you threw me into the triton thorns I was helpless, like I was stranded in a never ending, uninhabited desert. I cried tears of red, but it wasn’t tears, it was worse. I tried to pray, but I couldn’t. I could just feel my soul draining out of me; wait, this doesn’t feel right, and my soul was going up instead of going down. My soul was somersaulting in air, falling up, it was going higher and higher- until it came to an abrupt end. When I got up I heard a voice like silk, but that silk loved me so strongly and I loved it back. From then on I knew I was going to live a new life, but it was going to be a good one. Turk Buck Grade 4 Ganns Middle Valley Elementary Robin Miller


Sleeping Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, I’m really, really thinking. I’m thinking myself to sleep. Thinking, thinking, thinking, I’m really, really weeping. I’m weeping myself to sleep. Weeping, weeping, weeping, I’m really, really, keeping. I’m keeping my feelings to myself as I sleep. Evelyn Cleckler, Grade 4 Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts Casey Gellerman

Bird So much depends upon a bird named HeShe. No feathers So bare So fragile So lonely So cold So ugly. This ugly bird is beautiful to me. Kirsten Crawford, 4th Grade The Bright School Mrs. Susan Howell

S.N.O.W. Sledding down a hill Northern lights are pretty Over the hills Winter is a blast Delanie Dempsey, Grade 4 Soddy Elementary School Katie Turner


My Family My family loves Playing, reading, having fun being together My father Teacher of science Gardener, climber, cook, friend My awesome father My mother College counselor A baker, sweet, loving My awesome mother Me Signal Mountain Eagles fan Smart, athletic, nice, friendly An older brother My brother Likes super heroes Caring, friendly, super, kind My younger brother My sister Beautiful diva Silly, sassy, loves to play my younger sister Kale Dodson, Grade 4 Nolan Elementary Kathy Taylor


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Snow It covers the road when we need to go We love the softness of its white coat It melts into water that goes in our mouth Wind carries the snowflakes onto the tips of our noses As it comes we all are happy to play That we don’t care what people say We just play and have fun Until there is no more sun Claudia Gardner, Grade 4 Nolan Elementary Kathy Daniel

Everything is Different Water trickles down clouds walk up through the sky like horses pulling carts They say leaves fall but I think leaves get sucked into the trees Flowers bloom like the rain falling into the river rain flows to ocean They say the sand sits on the water I say that sand sits in the middle of water and water Fish swim like dogs walk ducks waddle like dolphins flip water animals land animals they are the same They say turtles live in water and land I think they just have a lot of friends Everything people say, I think is different. Margaret Anne Hudson, Grade 4 Bright School Mrs. Annetta Crawford


Changes For me, Fall is different and not the same. For you, Fall might be all about change. But this season called Autumn comes is red yellow hues. Brown, orange, purple and mahogany too. In Spring, leaves grow, and in summer they’re green, In fall they glow, and in winter trees stand bare right in the snow. Autumn is a season of change for me, So let’s make seasons all that they can be! In Spring, rest in meadows, And summer, climb trees! In Autumn read cool poems under these trees. Winter’s easy, Watch snowflakes fall, And then have cocoa, You’re warm after all! For me, Fall is different and not the same. For you, Fall might be all about change. What do you think about change? Hannah Johnson Grade 4 Boyd Buchanan Kay Lee Smith

Ants I was an ant in the Big Hill, There was another hill, The hills were rivals, What I say “rivals schmivals - why be rivals?“ I went to the queen, And told her why be rivals queen, She started to wonder, You’re good at wondering Wonder. Michael Gavin Jordan Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary Mrs. Garner


Brown Brown, brown, brown A word that doesn’t astound I hear it, and feel bogged down. Brown doesn’t make me smile like a clown. Brown reminds me of the bathroom, as I wrinkle my nose and frown. In my world, chocolate is the only good brown. I love chocolate, so I guess, I kind of like brown. Lucas Lane Grade 4 Nolan Elementary Mrs. Willingham

Black Bird Golden, golden autumn leaves Lions can be heard Everybody believes In the big black bird It swoops through the night Look at it go Its beak is white It seems to grow Watch it fall Into a sky so open Now it seems small Its wing is broken Now it looks plain Like a black umbrella in the rain Natalie Lusk Grade 4 The Bright School Mrs. Susan Howell


The Graceful Fox Down in the cove, with the trees and the grass, stood a great mammal, a small, furry mass. A big, bushy red tail scurrying down the trail. Small, furry white legs, little white feet, dashing around through brittle and wheat. Red and sleek fur, something you’d like to meet. Look at the fox, running around, small silent creature, not making a sound. Will Marsden Grade 4 Boyd Buchanan School Brenda Hedrick

Exploring the World The sky is light blue Wind blowing ants falling through Clouds, white like the snow Moles hiding deep down below Volcanoes erupting hard Kids run in the yard Apples falling down the trees Grown ups running like they ‘re free. Amory Mayer Grade 4 The Bright School Mrs. Susan Howell


The Box I went on a walk to the creek to see what I could seek. I wondered what I could seek. Maybe a bear or a fox, but all I found was one old thrown out box. When I first saw that box I wondered what was inside. The suspense got to me and it almost made me cry. I decided to look in the box. Maybe it was what I was looking for: a bear or a fox. So I opened the box to see if it was what I was looking for, but all I found was an old apple core. I should have assumed with a box like that, it looked like a home for a disgusting rat. So I went home without a bear or fox in sight, but at least I didn’t get into a fight with one of those animals I went to seek that one day I went to the creek. Nathan Morris, Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary Mrs. Johnson

Trees Trees, trees, so many trees, I could name them all if you please. Palm, Oak, Coconut, Pine, Some of these trees are so very fine. Apple, Orange, Lemon, Peach, Some trees are so high you can’t reach. But sorry guys, I don’t know why. But I’m out of time, Thank you for listening to my rhyme. Andrew Negus, Grade 4 Saint Nicholas School Alice Chitty


Invisibility A girl in a world with sorrow and sins Mistakes, magic and nightmares. Life is not what it should be. People don’t always use the true word In their mind, so they put her down. Now that girl wanders around the halls Like a hopeless ghost with no soul. Soda can kicked up and she looks up. A new friend in front of her eyes, A new smile, a new name, a great Dream of inspiration. A girl with a new spirit. Sarah Kathryn Oliver Grade 4 Lookout Mountain School Susan Frankenberg


When I Think of Greece When I think of Greece, I think of white, blue, and green. The blue waves crashing on the beach. The green grass along the countryside. The white for beauty. When I think of Greece, I think of olives, grapes, figs, and wine. Fish from the ocean. Wine from the grapes. The olives, grapes, and figs from a good harvest. The goats produce milk and good cheese. When I think of Greece, I think of freshness. The sun always shining. The sky always blue, Smelling fresh. When I think of Greece, I think of silk, Smooth like a skipping stone, Like a snake’s skin, Like silky hair. Olivia Porterfield, Grade 4 Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences Kelly Davis

Birthday Poem Many happy returns from the day of thy birth, many season of joy be given and may dear Father prepare thee on the earth for a beautiful Birthday in heaven Sebastian Sheridan, Grade 4 Silverdale Baptist Academy Charla Shamblin


Eagles of the Sky Eagles you fly So high in the sky You catch some fish You lay some eggs And sit on them Then out come hungry eaglets They learn to fly So high in the sky They soar away to live their life Jenna Silverman, Grade 4 Lookout Valley Elementary Susan O’Mary

Little Drummer My family has a little drummer Who sits on our roof and Plays to the beat of the rain Rat-a-tap-tap That’s him beating away He plays all day and all night Only when it rains He’s very quiet in winter Rat-a-tap-tap That’s him beating away again. My family has a little drummer Who is very lively in spring He plays often Rat-a-tap-tap There he goes again Ellie Smith, Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary Courtney Johnson


Medieval sayings Thy breeches are purple Verily it is so By my troth I do not lie Dost ye know whither the privy is? It seems that ye must go So make your leave sirrah! Or wilt ye wait till anon? Ye hath a lot of sweat Come hither and I will lead you to the privy And then ye can see thy lady. Jack Smith, Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary Courtney Johnson

Fall Ball School but as Fall passes Winter comes the weather will be cooler and snow might start to fall and Winter I personally dislike But as Winter starts fading away Spring will start and so will Rec-ball the Pool opens again at the End the flowers start sprouting but soon it is over and it starts Summer again and the weather will change, once more, but the years will always go through the seasons and it will always start over again Erika Steiman, Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet Selena Seymour


146 Â

Lynn’s Violin Can your Lynn Lend our Lynn Your Lynn’s Violin If not then Our Lynn will Break your Lynn’s Violin Then our Lynn Will buy another Violin For the Band Then your Lynn Will not have a violin Then when your Lynn Wants our Lynn’s Violin Our Lynn will say NO! Jack Tuite Grade 4 Boyd Buchanan School Geunita Ringold


[ Grade  5  Prose  ]   Once there was a girl named Sally, her brother, Bill and their dog, Rover. They lived in an old house with their parents. One day, Sally was playing ball in her room with Rover and the ball bounced against a cabinet. The cabinet made a strange sound. The noise scared Rover so Sally went over to the cabinet and checked it out. She saw a doorknob sticking out, so she turned it. The cabinet turned out to be a door. Sally called Bill in from the other room. She showed him the door and he suggested they go in. So they all went in and found a room. It was a library and it was filled with very old books. Sally loved to read, so she picked a book off a shelf. The book was entitled, “A Strange New Planet”. As she turned to the first page, the book grew a mouth and ate all of them. Instantly, they were transported to a planet called Balloongo. The children and dog were all amazed at this beautiful planet. It had sweet gum trees that were sixty feet tall and they produced gumballs. Everything was brightly colored, except for a dark castle in the distance. As they walked through the forest they inspected the plants. There were poppies that popped popcorn when the sun touched them. There were magnetolias that attracted Sally’s metal bracelet. The bracelet slipped off Sally’s arm and stuck to the magnetolia. Sally went to the magnetolia and tried to take the bracelet back. The flower closed its petals with Sally’s hand in it! She pulled and pulled but the flower would not let go. Bill grabbed some gumballs that had fallen from a sweet gum tree and threw them at the magnetolia. Rover growled and snapped and Bill kept on throwing gumballs. Suddenly, the magnetolia opened up its petals and released Sally and the bracelet. She hugged Bill. She was so happy! “Thank you!” she said. “Actually, I didn’t turn it off, I don’t know what did it” explained Bill. Just then they heard Rover whimper. They ran over behind the magnetolia to where the dog was standing. Right in front of Rover was a toad. This was no ordinary toad, though. It was about a foot tall and two feet wide and it was rainbow colored. Suddenly it spoke, “Hi there, I’m Pet and I was the one who turned off the magnetolia.” “Hi, we’re Sally, Bill and Rover. We’re from the planet Earth. Where are we and what just happened?” Sally asked. “This is planet Balloongo and you almost got eaten by a magnetolia. I demagnetized it by pulling on the petal with the purple stripe, you should be safe from this one until tomorrow at sunrise. You might want to remove any other metal objects so this doesn’t happen again” said Pet. Just then they heard a loud roar and saw something flying in the sky. “They’re back! Follow me!” Pet yelled. They all followed Pet to a sweet gum tree. Pet pulled down a branch and revealed a little house. It had all of the essentials, bathrooms, bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. “What were those things?” asked Bill, while Rover got comfortable on the rug. “Those were Dragonflions, they have been roaming these parts ever since they stole the Diamond of Destiny from the people of Balloongo. They are half dragonfly and half lion, they take orders from Drago, the Dragonflion’s king. He used to be a good lion king but then he turned bad. The Diamond of Destiny controls the balance of Balloongo, without it, Balloongo will be destroyed.” explained Pet. “We would be happy to get the Diamond if it helps us get back to earth.” said Sally. “It will, now, bipidy, slipidy, slime.” said Pet. They were all changed into Dragonflions.” Now go and find the Diamond at the Dark Castle.” said Pet. And with that, they were off. They got to the Dark Castle without any problem because the disguises looked so good. They got to soldiers at the gate and the soldiers let them in easily. They walked a while until they reached  


a huge room. There, in the room, was Drago himself. He was wearing a lot of rings and necklaces and of course, a crown. Drago said in a low voice, ”Come, Dragonflions, what news do you bring me?” “We found out that the people of Balloongo are going to attack you, so we are going to guard you for the night, sir.” lied Sally. You may stand guard at the entrance of my room, but if needed, you may come in.” replied Drago. And the three went to the door until he went to sleep. Finally, after three hours, Drago fell asleep. The three started searching the room. Suddenly, Rover barked at a spot on the wall. Bill ran to the spot and pushed on it. The wall cracked open revealing a stand where the Diamond of Destiny was seated! The noise of the wall awoke Drago who called the guards. Bill quickly grabbed the Diamond and looked down at himself and then at the other two. All of the disguises were gone. They could hear the guards coming so they ran out the door. Drago chased after them, with his army following. As they ran into the woods, Sally had an idea,” We can get behind another magnetolia and when Drago passes by, it’ll suck up his metal and he’ll try to get it but the magnetolia will eat him.” she told Bill. So they did just that and the flower ate Drago. All the Dragonflions died. The Diamond was returned to its stand and a light shone from it. Sally, Bill, and Rover said goodbye to Pet and they stepped into the light. Instantly, Sally was back in her room playing with Rover, no time had passed. But they would never forget the Strange New Planet. Never, ever in a hundred years. Kallie Arbuckle Grade 5 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Renae Marcus


The Clay Pot Angel There was a grandmother who had made a clay pot angel ornament made of a small upside-down clay pot, a marble face, feather wings, and a tinsel halo. She gave Clay Pot Angel to her daughter, and the daughter hung it on her own Christmas tree until sadly one of the feather wings broke off and a crack appeared in the pot. After that, at each Christmas, Clay Pot Angel had to stay in the small ornament box along with the other broken homemade ginger bread and candy cane ornaments at the bottom of the container. Year after year went by. Every year the box came out, and Clay Pot Angel would hope to be put on the tree, but she was always saddened to stay in the small box in the attic. So Clay Pot Angel wept and wept. The other ornaments bragged about themselves and how high they were on the tree. The fancy glass ornaments were put at the top of the tree to be looked at the most. One ornament said, “We’re at the top because we look prettier.” Clay Pot Angel said softly, “I used to be at the top of a Christmas tree, but then my wing broke off and my pot was chipped.” The glass ornament scoffed, “But now you’ve been put back into the ornament box and aren’t even on the tree at all.” And Clay Pot Angel cried. Then one Christmas, as the box was brought out of the attic, Clay Pot Angel heard the cry of a child. The daughter and her new husband had a baby in the year past! The little toddler, excited, came to help mama put the ornaments on the tree. The toddler saw Clay Pot Angel at the bottom of the box, and picked it up and said happily “Mine!” Mother said, “No, no! That one’s broken; that one stays in the box.” The toddler exclaimed, “Please? Mine!” The girl hugged Clay Pot Angel tightly. Mother sighed, “Okay, you can put it on the tree.” The little child hung it on the very bottom branch and whispered, “Mine.” And gave Clay Pot Angel’s only wing a kiss. Clay Pot Angel was happy, knowing she was loved even though she was broken. Grace Barber Grade 5 Silverdale Baptist Academy Jennifer Westcott


Diary of A Super hero “

Raven, Raven wake up”, came a boy’s voice. It was Samuel who was talking. I bolted straight up in bed. “What is the problem? I asked. I was already in my purple jump suit standing right next to him. “I think you should see it yourself” He said while pointing at a little ball of white fur in a nest of torn up pillows. “Violet! Bad girl!” I scolded. At the sound of my voice two little purple eyes opened on the ball of fur. “Yip! Yip! Yip!” Violet barked. I imagined her floating towards me. Then that happened. When she was right in front of me I put her back on the ground. Then Violet turned into a small girl. “Sorry Raven. I had a dream about dogs then here I am.” She said. “I don’t care.” I said. “You didn’t go to sleep with your power restraining head rest. You deserve to be punished!” I yelled. Then I imagined a power proof steel box with a steel door. Then I imagined Violet in the box. Then she was there. “You are staying in here until you learn a lesson.” I scolded. “But…” Violet stammered. “No buts!!! I’m going to make breakfast. It is bacon and pancakes.” I said as I stormed out of the room. Then I screamed. “Samuel!! What did you do to my kitchen!?” There were vines on the oven, palm trees in the sink, flowers on the pans and worse of all there was a bush on my hologramer. “Get rid of these! Get rid of these right this instant!” I cried. Samuel was now right beside me. He said “I don’t know how.” “You what?!” I scowled. “I don’t know how.” He whispered. Then I imagined him chained to a chair. Then that was where he was. “I ‘m going to meditate if anyone needs me.” I said. I didn’t even bother walking there. I just teleported to it. “Solar Flare does anyone bother to use the head rest!?” I said disappointedly . The meditation room was covered in ash and soot. Solar Flare was sitting in the middle of the room so covered in ash you couldn’t see her red jump suit. “I’m going back to bed” I said. I teleported to my room, imagined me in my pajamas and went to bed. Little did I know that Bolt was speeding around fixing everything that happened that morning. He sewed up the pillows, trimmed the kitchen and cleaned the mediation room. He also found out that my rage can turn Solar Flare into a solar popsicle. I got dressed and trudged through the living room. I was so tired I didn’t notice it wasn’t trashed. I just let Violet go and went in to the kitchen. When I got there I noticed. It was clean. “Wow, thanks Bolt.” I said. “How did you know?” He asked.


“You were the only one not transformed or trapped.” I said. I snapped and Samuel was freed. Then I imagined Solar Flare in her normal form next to me. “You are really nice” I said. Then all of the sudden… Bing! Bong! Bing! Bong! “Its a mission alert! Everyone! Let’s go!” I yelled. Then “Zap” we were there… The planet Zong and right in front of us was a Giant META-Robot. “Let’s do this!” Bolt yelled. “Mission Recorder start recording!” Violet turned into a purple T-Rex, Samuel grew a giant fist-shaped vine and my eyes turned red… “Kid Titans Attack!!!” I screamed. Bolt ran around the robot yelling insults to get its attention while Violet rammed herself into its back. Samuel made giant Redwood trees grow over its feet so that it couldn’t move while the fist-vine was repeatedly punching its face. Solar Flare tried to melt it but it didn’t work. “Wait! This is an indestructible Garlockaniaum robot! Just knock it over and then leave it to me! I made a giant dark fist appear and it also punched it in the back while Violet continued her attack. “Everyone attack it from the back!” Violet instructed. Then everyone targeted their attacks on its back at once. After thirty minutes the robot fell over. “Restrain it.” I commanded. Solar Flare melted rocks around it, Samuel grew vines around it and Violet turned into ropes and tied it to the ground. Bolt followed me up to the head. We ripped the control panel open and I made a huge dark baseball bat. I hit the control panel repeatedly until it looked like a squished tin can. “Looks like our work is done here.” said Solar Flare. I snapped and we were back home. That is just a normal day around here. Emma Chamberlain Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary Julie Spino


The Tooth Problem Normal. That’s all Preston wanted to be. But when you’re the only kid in the class that doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy, that’s not an option. Even the school bully believes! Weird, huh? Anyway, on with the story. One morning, Preston came into class and said, “Why does everyone believe in stupid fantasy?! It’s completely NUTS!” Then the bully came over and said, “Your teeth are fantasy now!” Then he knocked Preston’s teeth out. When Preston got home, the mail came. It said it was from T.O.Oth and F.A.Iry. It read, “We’ll be there. You’ll see.” Preston thought it was all very strange, so he threw it away. That night, while Preston was asleep, his window flew open! In came two little orbs. One was holding a silver dollar and the other was holding a small case. They looked under Preston’s pillow but didn’t find any teeth. (Preston had put his teeth in a glass of water.) The orbs were panic-stricken! They wreaked havoc around the house searching for the teeth! Then everyone in the house except Preston woke up. They all saw the orbs and fainted. The sound of everyone hitting the floor woke Preston up. He jumped to his feet and ran downstairs. When he saw the white spheres, he couldn’t believe his eyes! They were actually real, live, floating fairies! The fairies screeched! Preston ran upstairs, got the teeth, ran back down, and gave them to the fairies. Then the fairies disappeared, leaving behind the coin. He picked up the coin and put it away. The next day Preston apologized to all the kids. He tried to apologize to the bully, but he gave him a black eye. From now on, Preston will always believe. Bradley Chambers Grade 5 Boyd Buchanan School Mrs. June Bowling


Magic At The Park Sierra’s day was great until the lightning turned into a zombie. “Rrrrr!” It raged. Everyone screamed and fled the scene. That left it to them. Johnny, May, and Drew are Sierra’s friends that help her kill monsters. No adults ever think (oh no the kids!). It’s always run! or hide! . She grabbed a spear and charged. Drew grabbed a sword, Johnny got a bow and May summoned a miniature hurricane. Sierra was used to minotaurs and skeletons. But a zombie is an easy kill. She spun kicked it and jabbed the spear into his foot. It screamed and raged. He front flipped and stabbed at her. But Johnny shot him in the leg. That’s why she favored working as a team. May and Drew charged from the back. Soon the zombie was more of an omelet. That’s when Circe showed up. “A little late!” Drew complained. Suddenly I was looking at a beaver. May stared in shock. Hmph. “Hey!” I yelled. She turned him back. We agreed on no magic! I don’t care! “You should”. Johnny retorted. She was suddenly a tall, slim creature with black wings and pale skin. “Go away you weird person!” May yelled. Now, now “May, you need to be nice.” Circe said sweetly. Flash! Amos stood there looking mad. “I told you to stay out of my way!” Amos raged. “But we are fine on our own!” Sierra complained. Shush girl! “I’m 15!” Sierra protested. Yes and I’m 30 millennia. So hush! He pulled out a small replica of the Empire State Building. This will lead you to sorcerer’s temple. You shall find your way without Circe and without the rage. Without the rebel, and without the shot. But your leader shall prevail and fall. “What does that mean? “ Sierra asked. But he had vanished. “So who’s the rage?” Sierra asked. Everyone looked at May. Okay who’s the rebel? Everyone looked at Drew. “What?” he asked. “Obviously Sierra’s the leader. “ Johnny said. “And that means I’m the shot.” Johnny wailed. 20 minutes later… Going in opposite directions is hard. May went east, Johnny went south, Drew went north, and Sierra went west. Along the way Sierra ran into 3 skeletons, and a furry. She also ran into May. Together they went to the building. There outside the door was Amos. Then he dissolved. They went up the elevator until it stopped at the 450th floor. They raced into the big room. There standing was a tall man in a jumpsuit. He was busy turning a bee into a carrot. “ Mr.!” Sierra called. Yes yes. You’re the girls Amos mentioned. 20 minutes after that… Doing chores is one thing. But cleaning this guy’s bedroom was another. But finally they finished. The guy gave them their powers and they went home with Drew and Johnny. Five minutes later they all had mastered their skills. Days are crazy when you’re a wizard. Kate DuRoy Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Mrs. Crosby


Broken Glass -Police Records -Date: 12/3/2112- Class field trip to late Department of Neuro Monitoring- major crime …………………………. The computer screens glowed, illuminating the darkness that consumed the laboratory. Twenty children watched with moony eyes as their guide illustrated his speech. “My name is Thomas Burdick,” the guide, Thomas, announced. He was bright-eyed, prideful at guiding the class around his beloved department. “and I am an example of one of the very noble employees at the Department Of Neuro Monitoring. You, I assume, are a middle school class.” He paused, waiting for a confirmation. “Yes, we are!” The class chorused, all except one. Rena Hartland, a rebellious brunette, was assessing the enthusiastic guide skeptically. “Can anyone tell me-” Thomas Burdick inquired, his voice brimming with patronizing authority. “what we do at this department?”. Rena’s hand shot up like a lightning bolt and she waved it in the air. “Yes, you in the blue -what’s your name- can you tell us what we do here?” “Naturally,” Rena replied coldly. “at your respected Department you infringe upon others’ privacy and rob them of their basic right to secrecy. You read thoughts.” “Sort of.” He flashed Rena a glare. “We…” Rena tuned out of his speech to examine the room, strategically scanning the area. The walls were coated with gear… screens dominated the room, and buzzed with electronic energy. She could hear the entire room, and felt as if she was in the belly of some frightening beast. “So yes, we do “read thoughts”, but we do it completely within the rights of the Citizens of the United States…” He trailed on. “and we do it with wonderful, revolutionary technology. We do it all for the protection of our loyal citizens. Sometimes, people have bad, naughty thoughts,” He waggled a finger at the class. Rena gazed at him nonchalantly, then averted her gaze to stare at the moving dots on the computer screens. “and these naughty thoughts cause them to commit crime. Here we are able to track these thoughts so we can suppress them by punishment. Shockingly, some countries refuse to use this amazing technology because it ‘infringes upon others’ privacy’,” the guide continued, his voice filled with pride. “but they are still ridden with horrible crime. Questions?” Rena’s hand shot up and she stared solemnly at the guide. The guide called on her unhesitatingly. “Have you received,” she asked slyly. “any rebellion?”. “Only in the form of dirty thoughts, and we were able to easily punish them.” Thomas Burdick grinned cockily. “think of us as the Knights Of The Square Machine.” “So in our country it’s against the law to think?” Rena challenged. Her face was deadly serious, in contrast to the guide’s carefree manner. Rena felt alienated. All her other classmates respected the Department, and many aspired to work in it. Rena was rebellious. She was enjoying immensely the dangerous edge that had suddenly entered the air.


“Any more questions?” The guide inquired, annoyed. A bespectacled boy slowly raised a hand. “Are those dots… thoughts?” he asked hesitantly, referring to the multi-colored dots on the computer screen. The guide visibly relaxed, thankful that the question wasn’t questioning authority. “Yes!” He smiled. “Good perception. Yes… currently this screen is on a thief. Each dot represents a thought moving around her brain. These thoughts may be words, images, or even feelings, but when we click the dot...poof!” He paused for dramatic effect. “The thoughts are automatically converted to word form! When you want to transfer to a different person, merely type their name into the search bar and the machine does the rest.” He gazed proudly at the class, giddy. “Demonstration,” One bored student yawned. “We need that, am I right?” “Oh!” Thomas Burdick was clearly delighted at the renewed involvement. “Of course.” He typed in a name, his fingers swiftly tapping the keyboard. Rena saw, with horror, the name he typed. “Rena,” He raised his eyebrows. "You there. Let’s see what you are thinking about…” “No!” She yelped. “Please,” she pleaded, “Just don’t. I need to keep my thoughts to myself!” “Why, little girl?” “It is a freedom. America was built on freedom -my history teacher said so- and yet our thoughts our not free. I want to be free!” Her eyes were filled with a shocking fury, her irises swirling with the whispers of uprising. “Sit down! What does freedom matter? It’s not like you’ve ever tasted it. Yes, perhaps primitive people,” He sneered. “had a wall protecting their thoughts, but that wall is now nothing but broken glass. Now, let’s see what really goes on in there-you know, treasonous thoughts are punishable by eight years prison.” Rena still heard his words, resounding off her head and filling her brain: ‘but that wall is nothing now but broken glass’. Broken glass… 7 years of bad luck...eight years of prison… which was worse? The guide proceeded to pause for a dramatic moment. Broken glass….broken… glass… shatters… light… The words filled her head like a melody. Break the glass. Suddenly Rena jolted up. Her pale hand swung, and with a fatal crack, she did it. She broke the glass. Shards flew into the air, and glinted beautifully, spiraling through the air for one split second before they clattered to the ground. Rena stood a moment, breathing heavily before taking a perfectly aimed swing at the next one. The low buzz of the electronic beast died down as Rena destroyed every screen in the room. The glass sprayed on the floor, glinting dangerously as students sprang back to avoid being hit. Glass was everywhere… As the last machine was taken down by Rena’s unforgiving fist, the room was consumed by darkness. Plunged into darkness. The belated chaos started and yells filled the room. Murmurs of punishment, and death filled the darkness. Break the glass. Broken glass.


BREAK THE GLASS. Rena was already gone. She couldn’t be tracked by thoughts, and as she had demanded…she was truly free. Ava Echard Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet Mr. Huffstutler


My Sister’s Wedding My sister’s wedding was an exhausting yet important event that recently happened in my life. Going to all the wedding meetings was boring! But of course trying on my first suit was fun. It made me look like James Bond. Before the actual wedding took place, we had to do a wedding rehearsal. Of course it was short and everybody had to practice before the wedding started. Anyway after we finished, we went to my stepdad’s office for a celebration dinner. Now on the next day, which was Saturday, everybody that had a part got there early, and I was freaking out because I was an usher, and I had to read Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12 in front of 200 or 250 people. We kept continuing with the process of the ceremony. Finally, it was the time when the pastor said - “Brad, you may now kiss the bride!” After that, everybody cheered and it was time for the escorting to happen. I escorted my own grandmother, which felt peculiar and unorthodox at first. When that was done, we all were supposed to head to The Church on Main which held our reception. After we got in, we got seated to a fancy table with a flower in the middle of it. The food that was served there was like a buffet. But of course we had to wait almost about half an hour to eat. So to pass the time, my cousins and I wanted to play tag in the brick hallway. At one point my cousin Caleb tried to tag my cousin Thomas who successfully tried to slide across the stage. A few minutes later, our food was ready. I got as much stuff as I could because what wedding doesn’t have good food? After I ate regular food, we had to eat cake. The cake was delicious! After cake it was time for Erica and Brad to do a love song dance. It was beautiful. Now it was time to dance!! During the first ten songs I danced and danced and danced until I wore myself out. My mom on the other hand didn’t wear herself out. It’s probably because she does Zumba so much. Anyway, we did some fun songs while dancing. “YMCA”, Black and Yellow”, “Cuban Shuffle” and other songs that were good too. After I wore myself out, I decided to play more tag. The only reason I didn’t get tagged much is because I hid in the men’s bathroom. After a little while, it was time to go. Before you knew it, people were waving sparklers in the air for Brad and Erica to kiss. Then they got into their car filled with toilet paper. It was the best time ever! Kade Fontana Grade 5 Grace Academy Shana Ivarson


Halloween Party This Halloween is going to be the BEST Halloween ever! I am having a slumber party with Breanna Sexton. We are going Trick or Treating in a haunted neighborhood. Ding Dong! “ I’ll get it! “ I said. It was Breanna at the door. My mom went to get the mail and say “Hi” to Breanna’s mom. I walked Breanna up to my room. My mom yelled “dinners ready”. We have chips, candy, drinks, and popcorn for tonight does that sound good to ya’ll. Said mom. Sounds Great! We said. After dinner we cleaned the kitchen and went upstairs to get ready for the spooky night. Breanna is dressing up as a bee. I am going to be a blue Angry Bird. It is going to be great we also rented a spooky house. We invited all of our friends and family. We are going to have candy, chips and more. “MOM, it’s time to go,” I yelled down the stairs. We all got in the car I told my mom it was on 8976 Haunted Lane Chattanooga TN 37419. When we got there we said “Bye and Thank You” and we walked in the house. When we got in the house and it was dark, when we turned on the lights. It was beautiful; the floors were shining from the reflection of the light. The walls looked freshly painted the kitchen and bathroom had brand new appliances. Upstairs the bedrooms were beautiful and the living room was awesome it had brand new couches and a flat screen TV and a big chandelier. The front porch was pretty it had beautiful black crisp painted lawn chairs. Breanna started to look around. I said, “ Come on we have to set up”. OK! First, we put the signs and balloons in the yard. Then we got all the food out and cleaned the table off and then “Ding Dong” went the doorbell it was the pizza delivery guy. “Uh No the pizzas are going to get cold.” Said Breanna said, “We can put them in the oven it’s all good.” “ Hello your total is $45 dollars and 38 cents, “ he said. “ Thank You have a great day.” I said. I went inside and put the pizza in the oven, when I walked in the room candy was spilt everyone! “Breanna” I yelled, “What have you done.” “ A little magic trick.” We finally got more candy. After we finished we looked more around upstairs and in the basement. Finally they were all here. “Hide and go Seek time!” We said. Gracey and Makenlie was it we all jumped and scattered everywhere. Breanna and I found a room that had a sign on the door that said do not enter! Of course we entered the door was unlocked when we got in we left the door opened just in case there were spider webs and cobwebs everywhere. All of the sudden the door slammed shut; we walked in the dark to the door. We tried to open the door but as soon as we opened it shut. We climbed throw the air vents. We got out finally. Everyone was still hiding. They were still counting so we hide on the top of the refrigerator. Jessie was found first so she was it. Breanna and I were now covered in dirt and spider webs head to toe. But now we think we learned our lesson to go in the rooms that have a sign on the door. So we hide in the shower upstairs. No one found us and I was pretty happy to be out of the bathtub. Outside it was growing darker and darker by the second. Kids were running up and down the street with bags filled with candy. Ok it is time to go Trick or Treating. Yaaaaaaaa! Allie asked Breanna " Did you put the candy bucket outside?" No what candy? Said Breanna. I will put the candy outside. I said. We all headed for dark house only the ones with the porch lights on. We finished Trick or Treating and went back to the haunted house. We watched “ The Ghost” and went to bed. The next morning we cleaned up and went home. Allie Grace Gilliam, Grade 5 Lookout Valley Elementary School Bonnie MacDonald


Nose Break Blood was gushing down to my shoes. All I could smell was the blood. I cried real loud. Did I cry from the pain? No. Did I cry because I was scared? Yes. It all started on an ordinary day of kindergarten… At the end of the school day we go to recess. After our nap we went to the playground. “Bea, do you want to play tag with Gracie and me?” Dori asked me. “Yeah, but who’s going to be it?” I questioned. “I’ll be it!” answered Grace Cropper. (We had two Grace’s in our class, plus a Gracie.) We all started running while Grace Cropper counted to ten. Meanwhile, the boys were playing hide and seek tag. I ran under the playground set and halfway around it when I saw Mike right in front of me. I didn’t move fast enough! Mike’s forehead bumped straight into my nose. Let me tell you, he had a head as hard as a rock! “Her nose is bleeding!” Chali blurted out. Everyone heard her and gathered around the teacher and me. “Bea, are you ok? Chali and Austin, take Bea to the office now.” said Miss Fleming. I could tell she panicked. I couldn’t think straight. All I did was cry. It didn’t really hurt. I was just terrified of the blood. I walked to the school office. Miss Andrea was clueless so Chali told her what happened. Next thing I knew was tissues were stuck up my nose. We called my mom. No answer. Then the nurse called my dad, and he came as soon as possible. When my dad came Miss Andrea told him what happened. My dad wasn’t too worried, but when we got home, my mom was a whole other story. My mom kept telling my dad that I need to go to the doctor. You know moms, always get it their way. So, my dad took me to the doctor. When we got there my nose was bleeding, but not as much as it did earlier. The wait was long, but worth it. The doctor finally called “Bea Hinckley.” We went in and a doctor gave me an ice pack and felt my nose. It hurt a lot! I got an X-ray and then the doctor gave us the news “Bea’s nose is broken.” said the doctor. I was scared I’d need a shot, but I didn’t. My parents didn’t tell me that meant tweezers were going to be stuck up my nose by doctors while I’m asleep! A couple of days later I got my nose fixed. I was really nervous. When they did my surgery they gave me flavored air to make me fall asleep. It didn’t work. Then they gave me a stronger medicine. It worked. After the surgery I grabbed my nose because it hurt a lot. I realized that there is a blue cast on my nose! When we went home I couldn’t walk well from the medicine, I bumped into everything. My dad ended up carrying me. This was only the beginning of my nose story. When I’m 15 I’ll have to get my nose fixed again. Bea Hinckley Grade 5 Grace Academy Shana Ivarson


When I was Dancing Deer One day I was walking to the bus from the Indian mounds. I sat by my best friend Chelsea. “Hey Jessica!” she said. “What do you want to talk about, oh let’s talk about boys.” She said. As Chelsea talked on and on and on, I turned to the window and thought about the Indians. I thought about their houses, and their tools, and the huge mounds that they buried their people in. Then it started to sprinkle. As it started to rain harder I watched the raindrops run down the window. Suddenly it started to pour. Then I heard a huge rumble of thunder that shook the bus. Then a big flash of lightning hit the bus. The bus went out of control and jerked violently making me fall to the ground. When I tried to catch myself I touched metal and I felt the electricity go through my body then I passed out. When I woke up I saw trees everywhere. Everything was gone, the lightning, the thunder, the rain, the bus, my friends, my teacher, everything! Then I realized I was in the forest. I stood up and I screamed, “Help!” for what seemed like hours. Then I heard rustling in the tree tops, so I walked over to see what it was. Bam! A girl fell right in front of my face. She startled me when she fell. “Who are you?” I asked. “I’m Sprinting Horse,” she said. “But people call me Haley.” Then she took me to her village, where I met her Mom and her Dad. The next day they gave me an Indian name, “Dancing Deer.” Haley taught me to weave blankets, baskets, headdresses, and many more things. She also taught me Indian dances, cooking, children’s games, and much more. Then one day Haley was teaching me how to spear fish. While we were spearing, we saw white men in a small boat. We were very scared, so we stopped spearing and ran for our lives. Then Haley helped me up a tree while the white men kept walking toward the village. Hours later, we climbed down from the tree and went to the village. There we saw everything burned and many dead, mostly Indians. So we moved all the dead Indians to one area and made a giant hole and buried them all. We had a special ceremony for them. Then we gathered the supplies that where left and went to the Tennessee River and built a shelter. We planted crops and fished in the river. We made ourselves some spears by sharpening long sticks with rocks and hunted for squirrels. One night when we were walking back from hunting squirrels, some coyotes followed us. We ran, but not towards our house because we didn’t want them to know where we lived. I slipped on some ice and fell and hit my head and passed out. When I woke up I was in the hospital and they told me it was after the bus crash. After I recovered I went back to school. In history class my teacher was talking about the Indians. I couldn’t help myself. I jumped up and said. “That’s not how it happened. Let me tell you what really happened…” Isabelle Jackman Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary Wes Wood


Super Vision Boy "What's that thing out the window?" my mom asked. I looked. "It's an egg," I said. "You have such great vision. I wish I could see 500 miles away like you" said Mom. Bing bang ...rattled the door as someone knocked. It was the Mayor. I answered saying "Hi." He said, "We have a problem! " I asked him what it was, and he told me there was something in the Wood Pine Elementary School. Wood Pine Elementary is a large school in the suburbs of Houston, TX. It is a very safe place to live where everybody knows each other. "We can't tell what is in the school so we need you to come look since you have such great vision. I caught a glimpse of the creature when he entered Mr. Randy's classroom. It looked like it had lots of thick , dirty hair. There is no animal in our state of Texas that has ever entered a school. The real problem is that school starts in six days!" the Mayor said. I told him I would be there before a blink of an eye!!!! I ran all the way to the school as fast as lightning!!! I looked through the window and about a mile away I saw a creature as big as five cows! It was drooling like a baby and was as nasty as a pig in mud. It also had a nose like a pig and its body was gigantic. School starts in one day now. I need to find out what creature it is that is as big as five cows!!!!!!! I found out that it is a kid eating monster. School now starts in two hours. Nobody thinks I can get the monster out with two hours left , but I am willing to risk my life for these kids so the monster won't eat them. I then had to go into a school with a dangerous monster, and tie it up. They called me Super Vision Boy!!! I now entered the school. I walked about five steps , then BOOM!!!!! The monster jumped on me and I screamed as loud as a mouse in a mouse trap. It sunk its teeth in my neck. I then turned around and stuck a pencil in his back and as soon as I did, the monster was dead . My neck was in great pain. The venom from the monster was slowly killing me. The Mayor gave me a talking rubber ducky as a gift for saving the school. The next thing I know I'm on the ground with a rubber duck in my hand and no pulse. That was the end of Super Vision Boy. School started 20 minutes later and all the kids were as happy as a camel on Wednesday ....... HUMP DAY! Trevor Lewis Grade 5 Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School Mrs. Todd


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The Chronicles of Aea Chapter 1: Birth "WAHH,WA,WA,WAHH!" A beautiful baby girl was just born! She has deep, purple eyes and a peachy and creamy sort of skin tone, and her mark came in perfectly. But something is different about her mark. It developed on her cheek, which can only mean one thing. She is the chosen one to destroy Queen Lavasen. Chapter 2: Kioia Be Gone! "Let me go brother!" "It's training, get over it!" said Kioia, Aea's big brother did a roundhouse kick and she countered it with a wave of poison ivy. "She is a powerful one. No?" said a new voice. It sounded like millions of sleep-talkers at once, but a whisper in Kioia's ear. "Poof!" Kioia disappeared in a cloud of dust. "Kioia! Comeback! Kioia!?" Aea's purple aura became black. "LAVASEN!" she jumped up ten feet and ran into the woods. Chapter 3: The Woods "Come back here witch!" she screamed. All of a sudden, everything went black and she fell. She woke up in a canvas hut. She tried to sit up, a splitting pain in her cheek stopped her. She laid back down. "Hi, Aea. How was your rest?" the voice was sweet, confidant and very powerful." "Sarina?" "Yep, and I healed you too." "Thanks. Where's Kioia?" "With my minions." said a new distant voice. Aea, despite her pain, made a purple energy ball and threw it at Sarina's thigh. She passed out and a blue wisp came out of her mouth. "Let's find Kioia." Lyric Loggans Grade 5 Red Bank Elementary Paula Worley


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April 13, 1861 Dear Diary, You are my only friend. Today I found out that a war is starting. They call it the Civil War. The states have been divided for as long as I can remember, so this does not surprise me. I feel as if no one is safe. I, Elizabeth Colette, despise slavery, but my father owns slaves. I live in Westberg, Virginia, so that is why I found out about the war so suddenly. My mother is pregnant. She is struggling and wants to flee. We will see what happens. April 20, 1861 Dear Diary, Things are getting terrible. The battle is becoming awful. Many men have gone to fight. Mother was in labor. She was screaming all night. We were hopeful that the baby would come soon. Father was pacing back and forth as the doctor called him into the bedroom. The screaming stopped a few minutes later. A gasp made William and I smile at each other. The doctor brought our new sibling. He told us it was a girl, and they named her Leanna Grace Colette. June 4, 1861 Dear Diary, I am deeply sorry for not writing for such a long time. But I'm here now. My older brother, William, wanted to enlist in the Confederate army. Mother didn’t think it was a good idea, but I was pretty sure he was going anyway. And I was right. Next thing we knew, the family was saying goodbye. It was the saddest thing in the world. July 2, 1862 Dear Diary, I haven’t written in almost a year, so here’s what has happened: Father split up another slave family, Leanna is getting cuter and more annoying, William is still at battle, and father’s slave, Bett, had another baby boy. I am starting to worry about William. His letters have stopped coming but I choose not to tell mother because I don’t want to worry her. December 15, 1862 Dear Diary, Today I heard Frederick Douglass speak. I love his story. I was getting bread for mother at the market when I saw an anti-slavery rally. He was speaking about his experience with slavery. Gracie Lupas Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet Katherine Blake


Diary Entry of Lizzie McDuffin November 1863 My name is Elizabeth McDuffin and I’m 20 years old. I am currently a war nurse for the Union army. As I am writing this, we are going up Lookout Mountain, trying to take over Chattanooga. Some say it’s a lost cause, but I think there is hope. My teeth chatter as I am looking down the mountain. This weather will surely bring down the soldiers, with every blade of grass glazed with thick dewdrops and fog swirling around our shoes. It looks depressing. I slowly move from the peaceful area knowing that it will soon be a battleground, forever stained with the horrors of war. I do not like war; it is cruel and splitting up our great Nation, but I hate slavery. That is why I am here to help in any way I can. BAM! I spin on my heel afraid of what I will find. I race to the tent only a couple of minutes into battle, and wounded soldiers are flowing in like a river. My eyes widen with the sights I see. Cut, wash, wrap, wash, move to the next soldier. This is the cycle I must do. * After the battle* Yes! We won and took over Chattanooga. I sent a letter to mother and father to share to great news. Although we have won, I feel different, like a monster is creeping from my stomach to my head, making me feel nauseous. That scares me as I remember how horrible it felt. My heart beating so loudly that I thought someone might hear it beat along with the bursts of gunpowder. I worked along with screams and tears. How does my dear brother George do it? After the battle, lots of men sent letters to their dear ones. Thank goodness not as many people were wounded this time. About 400, which is still troubling. I hope that this cruel war will end soon and we will rebuild instead of taking lives and destroying. That is it for now, Lizzie McDuffin Nola Mak Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet Katherine Blake


One Surprising Morning One surprising morning at 6:00AM, I was woken up by the brightness of a light. Then a surprising yell from my dad which was: "We gotta take her to the doctor!" Then I said "What?" My dad said my mom was going through labor! My jaw dropped, then I got dressed in like one minute! Then we got ready and left. When we got to the hospital, we absolutely were going through labor. I was so happy because I could not wait to get a little sister that I got to live with! We had to stay in the hospital two and a half nights. The first night and part of the next day, I was at my nannies. When I was there I played with my cousins. The next day I got to see my little sister be born! She was born on January 27th of 2013.The next day my dad took me to school from the hospital. He told me that they were probably going to be there at least one more day. I said ''ok. ''But, I was really anxious. That day I did not pay attention to the teacher because I could not wait to see my little sister again. Whenever my dad came to pick me up from school, he said there was a kangaroo rat in the bedroom and he wanted to show me and I said ''yah right." He said you will see. I still didn't believe him, but I didn't say any thing. When we got home he covered my eyes. Then he led me up stairs. He led me to part of the room, then I saw my little sister in the play pin and my mom was hiding in the closet. It was like trick or treat! "This is what you call a kangaroo rat?" I asked. I was indecisive about my feelings. I was happy about my sister being at my house. But I didn’t like that he tricked me. Later, I didn’t really care. I was just happy! Whenever we were on the bed spending time with Emma, she kept crossing her eyes. It was hilarious! My mom showed me some videos of Emma were she had just woken up and started licking the pillow with her mouth because she was looking for my mom. Then, she was yawning. It was really funny. Now my half sister Emma is 10 months. I can't wait until she gets a little older! Elizabeth McRoy Grade 5 Red Bank Elementary Paula Worley


A Very Bad Birthday Present Last year, a week before my 10th birthday something terrible happened!!!!! I was in Knoxville at a soccer tournament. I woke up when all the stars in the sky had disappeared and the only light came from the moon, shining in from the window to my hotel room. I started moaning and woke up my mom, who was with me at the soccer tournament. She asked me what was wrong, but all I could do was moan and clutch the right side of my stomach. For a second she panicked and thought it was appendicitis. A second later she calmed down and said, “It’s probably nothing, maybe just a little gas!” I couldn’t believe her, a little gas, come on I was dying over there! I couldn’t play all day! My coach kept asking me, “Are you sure you can’t play? It would help the team a lot!” I kept telling him that I couldn’t play. Every time I said that he would make this face where his eyebrows touched, he pursed his lips, and sucked in his cheeks! (yeah, some real sympathy there!) At school the next day, I repeatedly told Mrs. Kemp that I was in excruciating pain! She didn’t believe me either! She would make up a bunch of excuses like, “ We’re in the middle of something very important!” or “ I would let you go, but we’re starting a test soon!” By one o’clock she had run out of excuses, and I could go to the office. In the office Mrs. Janie called my dad, and I could tell by his exasperated face that he was not happy with me! He took me to the doctor anyways. The usually short wait at the doctor’s office seemed like forever! After about five minutes they called my name, and I walked down the lonely hallway to Dr. Coffmin’s office. He kept pushing on my stomach! In my head I was saying, “What is he accomplishing by making my stomach hurt more?” He thought I might have appendicitis, but he wasn’t sure about it. He sent me to the hospital for an Ultra-Sound anyways. At the hospital my dad and I walked through the twists and turns of with a nurse and a doctor. Finally we got to a dimly lit room and the nurse told me to lay down on the bed. She turned on the Ultra-Sound and lathered this gooey gel on my stomach. They then rubbed it in with something that looked like a dog brush without the bristles. I wailed out in agony, but the nurse didn’t seem to notice. The grim look on the doctor’s face didn’t help! After they were done with that “stage” they sent my dad and I to the front desk, where the lady at the desk told me that I had been diagnosed with appendicitis! I was devastated! A nurse walked me down to a room and told me to change into the hospital gown. Right then my stomach probably could’ve been awarded a merit badge for tying knots! After what seemed like hours of waiting, the doctor came in and told me that I would be having an emergency appendectomy at 8:00 that night! I was freaked out because I thought they were going to cut me open while I was staring down at my stomach! Around five minutes later, my mom came in and I burst out into tears. She cradled my head gently and whispered, “It’s going to be alright.” Finally the doctor came in with a nurse. The nurse had a really fake smile, so right away I thought, “She’s going to do something that I don’t like!” I was right. She had to stick a needle up my arm, so they could give me fluids. Then they relocated me to a bigger room with more sunlight and gifts. Throughout the evening people came to visit me and bring gifts. I got two stuffed teddy bears, a stuffed puppy, balloons, crafts, and many treats. Everyone was super sweet, so I began to feel better and better. After what seemed like forever, the doctors escorted me to the surgeons. They put me in a high bed and gave me laughing gas. The last thing I remember before dozing off was a blurry picture of the surgeons pulling my bed into a small room with blinding lights.


When the surgery was over, I woke up in my hospital bed feeling grumpy and sore. The surgeons went in through my belly button instead of going across my whole stomach and give me a big scar. I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was so sore, and the nurses were making so much noise. I left the hospital at 10:00am feeling tender, grouchy, and drained of all my energy. The recovery went as planned. I wanted so bad to be useful, but my parents told me to rest. On my birthday we had a family party in the morning and the afternoon, I went to Kim’s Nail’s, and then I was too pooped to pop. I had my bandage removed at the end of the week, by a friend we know that works at the hospital. Every day for around two weeks, we had to apply disinfectant spray to my belly button, but eventually I got used to the sting. When I got back to school I had a surplus of work, but it felt beyond amazing to be up and going again. All of my friends had so many questions, and my teacher gave me many apologies. In no time I was playing soccer and doing round off back hand springs again. I was back in the game, and I knew that my friends and family would always be there for me. Hunter McVay Grade 5 Bright School Mrs. Everett and Ms. Jones


The Santa Story Santa was ill and everyone knew it…well not everyone, the children didn’t know. They didn’t even know it was their own fault he was sick. For more and more children had stopped believing in Santa, and his magic is running out. The reindeer lost their special power to fly, and if the reindeer can’t fly, how is Santa going to deliver presents around the world on Christmas Eve? The only reindeer with any flying power was Rudolph, but he couldn’t carry Santa and the sleigh all by himself. Santa is sick because he is going through a process of turning back to normal. Santa loses his big cherry cheeks, big belly, and his button nose. Worst of all, he will lose his memory of ever being Santa, and he will have no idea of the year 2013. He will just be normal. Mrs. Clause was getting very worried, and she already considered the matter of taking the job of being Santa Clause. The elves wouldn’t let her do it because it took Santa years to learn how to fly. Even the reindeer couldn’t fly without Santa. The elves had almost given up hope that there was any way to save Santa. All of a sudden, they remembered that there were going to be more elves arriving that night. The elves were going to need to be evaluated one by one to find out what their talent was going to be like cooking, cleaning, flying, guarding and of course toy making. There was a very peculiar elf coming and the elves might need to try extra extra hard to find his talent. Honk! Honk! Elf delivery. The elves were here and they couldn’t wait to get to work. So the elves were placed one by one from cooking, cleaning, flying, guarding, and of course toy making. And the elves soon found out that the king and the queen were not playing a prank on them. They tried as hard as they could to find his talent but he burnt all of the Christmas cookies he was making he didn’t know how to use a mop crashed using the jet pack in the first thirty seconds of using it fell asleep guarding and forgot how to make a stuffed bear. The very strange elf said that his name was Danny…Danny the elf. Danny was a very happy elf so the head elf sent him up to try and put a little bit of happiness into Santa Clause. Danny sure did cheer Santa up. Danny cheered him up so much that Santa got out of bed to go and see all of the new elves, and say hi. The head elf chief was very pleased with Danny. He was so pleased that he made Danny Santa’s personal assistant. Every day Danny would go up to Santa’s room and make him laugh. Christmas was coming up fast and Santa was getting sicker and sicker every day now. Danny kept trying to cheer Santa up, Mrs. Clause was really starting to like Danny. He kept trying to cheer people up whenever they are down. He was always willing to help out no matter what the problem was, or how difficult it would be. Now it was exactly a week until Christmas and all of the elves were very scared. Even the head elf looked like he was going to pass out whenever someone said Christmas, which was every five seconds. Danny the elf seemed to be the only one who didn’t look all that scared. He still went to see Santa every day and every now and then bring Santa a platter of milk and cookies from the


kitchen. He didn’t want to show it but he was secretly very scared about the whole problem with Christmas. The children nose. But how could she go all around the world and use it…of course she would have to use Rudolph! Why didn’t she think of it before, Rudolph was the only reindeer left with the power to fly. But she couldn’t fly him. She wanted to stay here with Santa and make sure he was ok, but she knew someone who would want to help do this job… Danny. It never took long for Danny to get to one place to the other, so when Mrs. Clause called for him he was there in a heart beat, like always. He got very excited when Mrs. Clause told him her plan to save Christmas. She told him that Rudolph would light the way if it got foggy or dark, and to use the dust only on children who didn’t believe in Santa. When he was done he was to tell Rudolph to take him right back to the North Pole. As Danny rode Rudolph, doing exactly what Mrs. Clause had told him to do with the dust, he wondered if maybe his talent was helping, that he might have a little of every talent. As he thought more about it he realized that he was a happy helper elf who could always cheer anyone up if they were sad. When he was finished with his job he did exactly what Mrs. Clause told him to do. Soon he was on his way back home to the North Pole. Mrs.Clause and all of the elves were waiting to congratulate Danny for saving Christmas. When they saw him they all broke into applause and thanked him for saving Christmas. When all of the elves were done celebrating and went back to their jobs Danny told Mrs. Clause what he thought his talent was. She said that he was right he did have a special talent. He was the very first caring elf. The best kind of elf there is. THE END Ally Mullins Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary Wes. Wood.


Finding Bigfoot Once upon a time there was a Bigfoot whose name was Mossback. He lived in the remote and dark territories of the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington. Mossback liked to watch the littlefoots that would come into his territory. He continually saw people roaming around, searching for evidence that Bigfoots really do exist. Mossback, however, knew he was bound to keep the Bigfoot code – never let the littlefoots know about them – never. So Mossback did what all good Bigfoots did – he gave out clues for people to follow and they were always leading people the wrong way. He would lead them in the wrong direction, make fake footprints and make up fake sounds. Mossback had a lot of fun tricking the people. But lately there were getting to be too many people tramping around the woods. Mossback decided to take a vacation away from this place. He needed a break. He remembered his uncle Knock-head had also gotten tired of all the people and had moved to a place he called Tennessee. Mossback thought that sounded like a good place to take a vacation. He packed his backpack and headed east. One day Mossback had walked down a trail and saw a hiker, and the hiker saw him too. The hiker trembled in fear and ran off, leaving his backpack in the middle of the trail. Mossback picked it up and thought it might be useful someday. Inside the backpack he found two Clif Bars, a bottle of water and a small black box that talked when you pushed a little button. Now Mossback was using that backpack to help him travel. He got out the small black box and was playing with it. He pushed a button and suddenly a voice said, “Where would you like to go?” Mossback got a little scared because he did not understand how a person could fit into a little black box. Then the box said, “I am sorry, I did not get that.” So Mossback told the box, “Tennessee”, and suddenly the black box started magically giving him exact directions of which way to go. He was astonished, but decided that this was cool! So Mossback listened to the directions from the black box and started his journey. He could travel in the woods by day because no one could see him, but when he reached the roads, he realized that he was going to have to travel by night. He did not want to be seen by the littlefoots. When he got to a road, he saw tons of cars going back and forth very fast. Mossback noticed a car that had three bikes hanging on a rack in the back. One bike suddenly fell off and he picked it up. He had seen people ride these before, and it looked like fun. Mossback decided to use the bike to ride to Tennessee. Mossback started his journey that night. Mossback had a hard time learning to ride a bike. His feet were too big for the pedals, but finally he got the hang of it. He could go thirty miles an hour on the bike. He was pedaling along when he noticed a welcome to Colorado sign. In the distance, Mossback heard a train whistle and decided to ride toward the sound. He came up to a train that was parked at a station. Secretly, Mossback peeked in a window to find out where the train was headed. He couldn’t believe it – the train was headed east toward Tennessee! Mossback looked on the train for an empty boxcar, because the train seemed a lot easier than riding a bike all that way. In the very back, he found a boxcar with some hay. He jumped in, and the train started its engine and they were off. Mossback was hungry after the long bike ride to Colorado, and he decided it was a good time to eat his Cliff Bars. He enjoyed seeing all the territory on the way to Tennessee.


Mossback was in the middle of a nap when he heard the black box say, “You have reached your destination”. He was finally in Tennessee. Mossback jumped out of the boxcar and landed right in mud. Tennessee was so beautiful! Mossback looked up into the mountains and headed off into the woods to start his vacation. Mossback forgot to hide his footprints like he always did at home. Later, some people were hiking some trails in the Great Smoky Mountains, and discovered Bigfoot tracks along the way. There were also tracks of a large unknown animal found down by the railroad tracks, and they led to the mountains. Someone called the “Finding Bigfoot” team from the television show, and they were soon on the trail of Bigfoots in Tennessee. If only they knew. Ryan Petty Grade 5 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Renae Marcus


Why dogs are better than cats Just think waking up every morning with a warm bed and a curious nose investigating your ear. Also think waking up in a cold bed with claws kneading your leg trying to find a comfortable place for them and not you. Which one would you like more? I know I would definitely want the first one. Guess what the first animal is? Ding ding ding! We have a winner! It's a dog! The second animal is a cat. True I know some cats will snuggle up with you but the majority of cats will just ignore you. I would rather have a cuddly dog than a cat that will ignore you. Dogs will try to please you and make you happy. They will lick your face so you know they are happy to see you and try to play with you. Cats will just try to claw your face. Dogs will also want to do things with you. You are the master not the animal. You can control a dog , he does what you ask. Cats will just ignore you. When you come home from school or work, you can know that your trusty companion will be waiting for a friend to come home. They actually care for you and completely love you with all their hearts. Cats will still ignore you. Lillian Richardson Grade 5 Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts Jonathan Johnson

The Magical Present As soon as the brightly wrapped present was put under the tree, it seemed to jump and buzz. It was shaking rapidly and glowed radiantly. The present sounded like one thousand angry bees. It seemed to get brighter and brighter. I shielded my eyes from the bright yellow glow. The lights began to dim. I removed my hand from my eyes to find myself lying next to a tall tree. A crowd of short people were standing around me. I immediately realized I was at the North Pole in Santa’s Workshop. The group of small, pointy eared people surrounded me. The ends of their shoes were curly followed by the craziest looking socks, perfect doll hair, and red Santa hats. That's when I realized they were elves. The elves were whispering to each other in high-pitched voices, almost like they were pinching their noses. “How’d she get here?” one elf asked. Another elf raised her index finger to her lips, motioning for the elf to be quiet. She quickly whispered back to the elf, “Shhh, be quiet Eli. She’s waking up!” I sat up and looked at the elves. “Why am I in Santa’s Workshop?” I asked. The elves squealed with delight, and one by one each elf told the next, “Alert Santa!” A man in a big, red coat stepped out from the crowd. The large man laughed, “Ho, ho, ho, now what are you doing here?”


Santa had a deep, friendly voice. I stood up, as Santa approached me. He had a pleasant smile that greeted me like a warm hug. He raised his hand to shake mine. I grasped his warm hand. Through his thick, white beard he spoke, “You must be Molly. I’m Santa.” Santa didn’t seem confused at all! I smiled and answered, “Nice to meet you. How did you know my name?” I was intrigued by Santa and the elves. “You wouldn’t happen to know how I got here and why?” I asked, trying to be polite. Santa clapped his hands together, “All of your questions will be answered soon. In the meantime, Eli and Randy will show you around.” The two elves that were talking earlier approached Santa. “Sure thing, boss!” the elf-that I assumed was Eli-said with joy. Santa spoke one last time, “I hope you have a fun time!” Santa winked and made his way through the huge crowd of elves. Once Santa disappeared in the crowd the elves scattered heading for a bunch of little tables covered in toys. The huge room had desk-sized, wooden tables lined up in rows covering most of the floor. At one end of the room was a fireplace, and at the other end were joining staircases that led to a long hallway. Christmas decorations were everywhere. Christmas music was played. I was so consumed in the incredible structure that I’d forgotten all about the two elves in front of me. “Hi, I’m Randy,” the girl elf said. “And I’m Eli,” the boy elf said. Randy had a red dress, red and white striped tights, green shoes, green gloves, a Santa hat, and brown hair in two braids. Eli had a long, red, fur-lined coat, green gloves, belt, pants, a Santa hat, and brown hair. “Okay then, let’s start off the tour!” Randy said as she motioned me to follow. Eli just walked next to me. I could tell Randy liked to be the leader. She pointed to the elves work stations and stated that the joining staircase led to the elves rooms. “Do you have any questions?” Randy asked once she was done talking. I nodded, “Yes, how did Santa know my name?” Eli chuckled. “Don’t you know? Here’s a hint. He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake.” Eli sang Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Randy stepped in front of me, “Alright, lets get you back to Santa.” Eli, Randy, and I headed outside. The snow piled a couple feet high at least, and I only had socks on so the wet snow drenched my feet. We headed for a barn next to the workshop. Randy pushed opened the barn doors (for a tiny elf she sure was strong) and we stepped inside. Santa was in there on a huge, red sleigh, and nine reindeer in two rows in front of it. “These must be the reindeer stables,” I said in awe. Santa pat the spot next to where he sat. “Climb aboard!” he said. I climbed into the sleigh and sat on the bench. Eli and Randy followed. Santa smiled down at us. He grabbed hold of the reins and the reindeer started jumping up and down, jumping higher each time. Suddenly, the sleigh began to hover above the ground. Then the reindeer started running in mid air out the barn doors and they were off. The sleigh rode so smoothly I fell asleep and when I woke up I was in my house under the Christmas tree, holding two familiar plush elves. Molly Stanfield Grade 5 St. Nicholas School Adam Webb


Christmas On a white Christmas day, I was at my Mother’s house. I was outside in the snow playing with my dogs, Diesel, Gator, and Little Mama. Little Mama is a dirty blond lundhund with one of her ears torn off, by a wolf. She loves birds and kids. Diesel is in the middle. He is a black flat coated retriever who loves anyone or anything that gives him food. Gator is the oldest. He is a red Chesapeake Bay retriever with short curly hair who does not like kids. While we waited for dinner, my brother came out and started to play with his toy tucks while I made a snow angel. Then we made shaved ice from the snow we had gotten in our buckets. We used cool-aid mix to flavor it, yet it still tasted like dirty snowball and wet dog. I went to spit mine out, and Diesel jumped on top of me and licked my face. After a while Gator and Little Mama joined in too. Soon I smelled like wet dog! My mother finally called me in for dinner. However, still being pinned to the ground by the dogs, I wasn’t going anywhere! I struggled to get up, but they were too heavy! They were the grossest dogs I’ve ever smelled. They could have been in the Guinness Book of World Records as the foulest smelling dogs! Finally, I managed to push the dogs off one at a time, and discovered my jacket had a hole in it. Great! I wondered who my mom would be mad at, me or the dogs, probably all of us. I tried to put the dogs in the barn where they would be warm and dry. Diesel wouldn’t go. I finally had to pick him up and carry that heavy 154 pound dog! And Little Mama wasn’t such a cake walk either. She kept chasing birds while I chased her for ten minutes! Gator watched the whole thing just lying there in the barn… that’s why I like him best! I felt drained of all energy, but when I went in, dinner was shepherd’s pie. It was like God sent it from Heaven, and life had never felt so good! I love my dogs so much, and I need them. Yet… if I had that to do all over again, I’d pass! Priyanka Sud Grade 5 Bright School Mrs. Everett and Mrs. Jones


Eight Days When I went on vacation this summer it took eight days to drive to Alaska from Georgia! My Mom, brother and I went with my Grandma and Grandpa in their motorhome. The motorhome is awesome because you can lay down, walk around, eat, go to the bathroom or watch a movie all while we are driving! My Mom did all the driving this year. We picked up my Aunt Jan in Saskatchewan, Canada and kept on moving. She thought we were all crazy because we weren’t flying, but I think she decided the motorhome was pretty cool, too, because of all the neat and different things you get to see! She took a lot of pictures. Really, eight days goes by pretty fast when you are having fun. We got to go to Valdez while the Silver Salmon were running and I got to catch one with my bare hands! We also got to see a Grizzly mother bear with 4 cubs fishing for salmon, too! It was super cool, but also a little bit scary! Then we went and hiked on a real glacier! It was pretty cold the closer we got to it. It was a really pretty shade of blue and white mixed. Part of it looked like a tunnel. My other Aunt , Jo Lynn and her family just moved to Soldotna, Alaska in May. She is a baby Doctor. I hope she likes cold winters, because it gets cold in Alaska! It was cold when we got there this time, but just a mild cold. This year I only went salmon fishing on the Kenai River one time and it smelled like fish guts and rotten fish! Ick! It was fun to play with my cousin, Dana and see her new home. We parked behind her Mom’s office and stayed there for a couple of weeks. It rained the last week in Alaska and I was ready to come home! For some reason the eight days it took to drive home seemed longer than when we went. I think it is because I was homesick and as my Mom and Dad always say "There is no place like home!" Matthew Thomas Grade 5 Hilger Higher Learning Shelley George

Thorns I was running, running for my life. Running from my life. Away from the castle. Away from my stepmother who wanted to kill me. Suddenly, I felt a stinging pain. A thorn bush! I tore off my coat, wishing it wasn’t ripped into bits by the thorns. I wished for luck, any luck, in this vast forest next to the salty sea. The wind teased me, trying to brush me down into a cold whimpering mess. But I held my ground, walking like a stealthy raccoon through the black night. Every so often I felt a salty tear slither down my face.


Then I heard thunder rumble and broke into a sprint, tripping on rocks and roots. Sticks batted and clawed at my face as rain poured into muddy puddles on the dirt path. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, I was in a small clearing. It had seven small houses, each a bit bigger than a doll house. They were all different sizes and all very dirty. The roofs were caved in and the windows cracked. But there glittering jewels scattered on the ground. Gleaming emeralds and glistening rubies. Rainbows danced across the sky reflecting off crystals. In the distance, lightning flashed. I dove into the first house, the biggest one there. I thought it would be cramped and dirty inside. But with a loud “POP!” the house expanded. Suddenly my eyes grew dreary. I wished for a bed, a nice fluffy one just my size. A low rumble arose from upstairs. My eyes glanced at the narrow staircase, and in a flash, I was in a long, dark hallway. One door way was open, so I dove inside. I moved my elbow. I felt something comforting. A bed my size! I fell asleep knowing, in this magical residence, the queen couldn’t find me if I willed the house not to let her. I opened my eyes to fourteen more of them boring into me. I felt like a weakling despite being three times taller than the little people taking care of me. Beside me was a tray with smoking biscuits and sausage. In my fingertips lay a blood red rose. I picked it up and sniffed it. “Don’t!” said one of the strong dwarves. But it was too late. Blisters erupted on my arms like a volcano. My stomach felt queasy. I gasped. “Doc, get your bag!” exclaimed the tiniest dwarf. He had sloppy posture with a droopy beard and long mustache that he tripped over as he stumbled over. I knew at once his name was Sleepy. Sleepy flopped on my bed, and he conked out. Soon enough, I did too. When I woke, I felt much stronger and I knew what I had to do. I also could tell it had been more than a day since the queen had tried to kill me. I knew she gave me that rose. Therefore, I had to kill her. I sat up, and I heard a cheer. Seven dwarfs and about one hundred animals were peering at me. The tallest dwarf spoke, “What would you like to do, madam?” His cheeks turned red. I answered quickly, talking in a low voice. “Would these shy animals like to help? I need to somehow conjure up an army, march out with forged weapons, and kill her...” The dwarfs nodded, knowing who I meant. Then, we prepared. I used one of the dwarf’s forges, so we could weld bows, shields, and swords. Doc and two other dwarfs named Grumpy and Sneezy helped build helmets for the animals. The slugs had diamond-studded razors to stick in people’s feet. The birds would drop rocks from the highest point. The dwarfs would ride deer and wear heavy armor. And when tomorrow comes, I would ride in on a moose and kill my step mother. And I would be safe .Night fell, and the clattering of weapons being built rang into my ears. I fell asleep with fear swelling inside me. The sun came up too soon. But everyone knew it had to be done. Armor was thrown on and we all mounted. I climbed on the moose, and then I raised my sword. “Let’s kill the queen!” Everyone roared in agreement as we rode off into the sunrise. Ellie Tomisek Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Julie Spino


Two worlds apart September 12, 3013 World War 3 has ended 998 years ago. Nature isn’t nature it is technology made to look like nature. The world is full of Nature Police. Where did the Rebels go after being defeated? “Oh, my head hurts, I feel dizzy, and it feels like the world is spinning around me!” I said trying to get up. “Where am I?” I asked looking at the chains around my wrist. “Calm down, your safe here,” said a friendly voice. “What?” I asked confused. “Oh, hi my name is Nina.” “Mine is …is…?” I said trying to remember. “Chandler Holt,” said Nina. “Yeah,” “How did you know?” “Name tag,” she said pointing close to her shoulder as if she had one too. “How did I get here?” “Uh, I don’t know exactly,” she said as if she were trying to hide something from me. “Well, I went outside to get some fresh water and …” “You were laying on the grass (or so you think) you opened your eyes I got scared, I thought you were the enemy and hit you in the head with a twig.” “What?” I asked confused again. “I’m not your enemy!” “Yes, you are!” “You don’t know how hard it’s to run away from your enemy in order to survive nor have an education!” Nina said almost crying. “You’re just like the others!” “I thought you were … different!” then she burst out crying. “You have been living a lie your whole life!” said a familiar voice coming from the back of the dark room. When, she came closer I noticed she was a girl with bluish greenish eyes with brown curly hair. It was, Jade, Jaden’s twin sister! “Jade?” I asked. “Chandler?” “It has been one year we’ve been looking for you.” I told Jade. “Wait,” interrupted Nina “you both know each other?” “Yes, Chandler is my twin brother’s best friend,” said Jade. “So, how did you get here Jade?” I asked. “One day my spoiled brother and I were playing hide and go seek. He found me and when we were walking home I had forgotten my jacket at the tree I was hiding in. “So, I went to go get it, I saw something shinny I get closer, and someone grabbed my leg, I hit my head, and I am unconscious.” “When I’m awake I meet, Denmark, we become friends, and I become one of the rebels.” “What?” “Denmark?” “Rebels?” “Are you all… rebels?” “Yeah, duh!” Nina said. “But you all are mean people.” I said. “Do you even know what your people did to our people?” said a mannish boyish voice coming towards me. “That’s Denmark,” said Nina. He was tall, around the age of 14, like me, green eyes, and dirty blond hair. “Where am I?” I asked once again. “You’re underground,” Denmark said. “Where are the others?” I asked. There was a deep silence before they answered. Nina, Denmark, and Jade looked at each other waiting for someone to answer me. Nina stood upright from the 21st century shelf, she was leaning on. She looked straight at my eyes with envy, her ponytail tangling from her back and said, “It’s only us three, the others were executed by the Rebel Police.” “With the help of Denmark we survived,” said Jade. Then, Denmark began telling the story of the Rebels and the Rebel Police. That back in st the 21 century there was real nature, some were dangerous and others weren’t. In order for children to be raised safely there began a World War 3 in December 15, 2015. Things have changed year by year. I have become a Rebel. We will never surrender; we will die for our freedom of nature. Every day is harder. We have to run for our lives through woods from the Rebel Police. We have


found two new Rebels. Jadeon, Jade’s twin brother, and my best friend. Also, Angela, Denmark’s younger sister. Nina and I will work for the Rebel Police, though inside we’re still Rebels. We’re like spies in movies who work for their enemy, but are against them. Spies who would give their lives to help others. You never know there might be other Rebels out there. Now it’s time to leave, Denmark was driving. Jade, Angela, and Jadeon were waving good-bye. It was time to be heading to the worst place on Earth (Rebel Police Headquarters). Nina and I were in the back seats with our fake I.D.S. As we see Angela, Jadeon, and Jade vanish through the distance Nina says, “This is soon going to end and we will have nature back.” “No,” I said “It’s just the beginning.” Noemy Torresl Grade 5 Lookout Valley Elementary Bonnie MacDonald


Jack and the Tournament “Beep,” went the scoreboard. Jack was pinned again. It was 15 to 6. Jack 6, Bruce 15. Bruce was on the Loftis Cougars and Jack was on the Hixson Lynx. Jack got back on the mat after getting a drink of fresh Gatorade. After three seconds he was pinned again. He thought to himself, “If I only had of sprawled, I wouldn’t have been pinned.” He was frustrated! The next day was wrestling practice. His coach asked why he didn’t double leg him. He said “He was to strong.” Coach said “He can’t hold you down unless you let him, you have to fight.” Jack said “ok.” Then his coach gave him a very serious look. Jack was wondering why he gave him the serious look. He went home and looked on his wrestling schedule then he saw it. The next tournament was Friday. He asked his mom what day it was. She said it was Wednesday. “Oh no” he said in disbelief. He had no clue what to do. The next day he got up early. He put on five jackets and ran on the treadmill for five minutes. He lost two pounds. He was 85 pounds now he was 83 pounds. Next he got some orange juice and ran up and down his road three times. After that he lifted his dad’s weights. The day was almost here. He practiced with his brother Brandon and went to practice that night. At practice his coach went over most of the moves. Jack was getting good. It was one more day before the big day. Jack exercised his heart out. Jack really wanted to win the championship wrestling match. Jack was ready. That night he dreamed he got the biggest trophy in the universe. The day of the tournament Jack was very nervous. They were going to face the biggest and best team. They were the Lake Wood Lions and they were undefeated. He was ready for whatever came his way. The day of the match was great. He went up against a few kids and won all the matches. Then it was time. He got on the mat ready to wrestle. As the whistle was blown Jack made the first move. He went for the buck hunter and got 2 points. Then he shot Jack across the face and circled behind him and got 2 points. By the end of the match Jack had 24 points and the other guy had 5. Jonas Vandergriff Grade 5 Ganns Middle Valley Elementary Mrs. Lisa Todd

Zack's Small Act of Kindness Once upon a time there was a boy named Zack. Zack was very smart, and he was in sixth grade. He really liked going to middle school, but there was one thing he didn't like. There was something creepy about the library teacher, but it wasn’t just the wart on her face or the fact that she was very old. She was really grumpy and hardly ever smiled. All the students wondered why she was so unhappy.


Everyday when Zack went to the library, Mrs. Vickers was holding a really old book. The book was an average sized book and about two inches thick. The cover of the book was red. Its edges were burnt in some places and the cover was worn. It must have been read many times because the pages were yellowed. Zack could never read the title because it had been worn off. He never saw Mrs. Vickers put the book down. Zack was very curious about this book. He tried many times to get a look at the book during library class, but never could. Zack decided that he was going to sneak into school after dark. There was one window in the library that was broken. He was going to crawl in that window after dark to look at the book. While Zack's parents thought that he was asleep, he snuck out his window and got his bicycle. He rode his bike a block to the school and parked it behind some bushes. He found the window in the library that was broken, opened it, and crawled into the library. Zack looked on Mrs. Vickers' desk, but the book was not there. He was about to give up, but spotted the book under her desk. Zack opened the book, and a note fell out onto the desk. He read the note and it said that there was a secret passage located in the school. On the first few pages of the book, it told him the passage was in the cafeteria behind a painting of a flower. Zack went to the cafeteria and found the painting. He took the painting down and there was a passageway with torches along the wall. Carefully, Zack started down the passageway. He was very scared and nervous about what he would find. Then he saw it, a blue portal-should he enter the portal or not? Zack had to know where the portal would take him. He held his breath and said a prayer. Bravely, he stepped into the swirling blue light. Immediately, Zack found himself in his own middle school when it was brand new. A calendar on the wall said that it was 1959. There weren't any computers or smart boards, instead there were chalk boards. Zack turned to see two students bullying a small girl. Something about the girl seemed familiar to him. She had a wart on her face just like Mrs. Vickers. It made Zack sad to see the girl cry after the two students had been so mean to her. Then Zack realized that the girl must be Mrs. Vickers when she was a student at the school. Nobody had stood up for her when she was being bullied. Zack understood that Mrs. Vickers must be so unhappy because she had been bullied as a child. She must have kept the book with her so that nobody would know that she was bullied. He couldn't believe what he had seen. Zack went back through the portal to the present time. He put the book back where Mrs. Vickers had placed it under her desk. Carefully, Zack climbed back out the window. He got his bike and rode back home. The next morning, Zack stopped and picked some flowers to take to Mrs. Vickers. He returned to the school for his classes. When he went to the library, Mrs. Vickers was sitting at her desk holding the book. Zack went up to her, gave her the flowers and told her that she was the best librarian ever. For the first time in his life, Zack saw Mrs. Vickers smile. Zack was glad to see her smile. Her smile was a wonderful reward for a small act of kindness. Zack decided right then that he would never bully anyone because it could cause someone to be really unhappy. Carson White Grade 5 Silverdale Baptist Academy Mrs. Jennifer Westcott


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Sir Phillip and the Attack of the Goblin Warriors Once upon a time there lived a young knight they called Sir Phillip who guarded the King and bunkers for the King's army. One time, on a very warm day in spring, the King called for his trusted servant. "Sir Phillip! Sir Phillip! Where art thou?" Sir Philip replied, "I am here my King!” The King exclaimed, " Our gold has been stolen and we are about to be attacked! Our archers have reported a large amount of goblins heading our way. I need you to command my army and save the Kingdom of Galekin!” ”I will not fail you, my King!” Sir Phillip replied. The next morning, Sir Phillip dashed into the bunkers. "Alright boys, wake up! We have a goblin army to defeat!” he screamed. As the army heard the sounds of marching, the people in the village stayed in their homes until it was safe to come out. Once the army came to a stop, Sir Phillip assigned groups. "Alright! Altas, you lead the archers into the treetops. When I give the signal, launch your arrows and distract them. Sir Jacob, I'll give you the signal, go forth with your knights and help the archers distract them! The rest of you will come with me and destroy the goblin fortress. Men, are you with me?” "YES SIR!” they all replied. When everyone was in position, Sir Phillip gave the attack signal to Altas and Sir Jacob. "RAAAAHHH!” they all screamed. Altas's and Sir Jacob's men began to execute their part of the plan. Meanwhile, Sir Phillip's part of the army was slowly sneaking through the woods, defeating everything that got in their path, getting closer and closer to the fortress. "There it is!” whispered Sir Phillip. "Now, when I give the command, attack the front of the fortress. A few of you will come with me to attack the back wall, where we will defeat the Goblin King and save the Kingdom of Galekin once and for all!” The battle was intense. Half of the front men were down and Sir Phillip was getting worried. After breaking down the wall, Sir Phillip finally got into the throne room. It was empty, except for the sight of the huge Goblin King. "WHO DARES DISTURB ME?!” he said. His voice sounds like cat claws scratching a chalkboard. "We do!” screamed Sir Phillip. "And we have come to defeat thee once and for all!" ”MWHAHAHAHA", the Goblin King replied. "You think you can stop me?” After that remark Sir Phillip charged at the horrid beast, stabbing him square in the chest.


"NOOOOO!” screamed the Goblin King as he slowly melted into a pile of green goo. Behind the throne, Sir Phillip discovered the Galekin’s missing gold and an orb keeping the goblins alive. Sir Phillip destroyed the orb and all the goblins melted just like the Goblin King. Sir Phillip returned the gold to Galekin and presented it to the King. "Thank you, Sir Phillip! You have rid the land of evil and retrieved our stolen gold. You have truly proven yourself. You may keep the gold and do what you want with it." Sir Phillip thought for a moment, thanked the King and left with the gold. Sir Phillip gave the gold to the poor and homeless. He was so happy to give the gold to them and to know that no more evil would come back to Galekin ever again. Jacob Wildman Grade 5 Hilger Higher Learning Shelley George


The Haunted House One night there were three kids, Jude, Blair, and Blakely. They were playing Truth or Dare. It was Blair's turn. "Jude, I dare you to go spend the night in the haunted house that nobody comes out of," said Blair. "Are you kidding, did you hear what you just said? NOBODY has ever come out once they go in. I am not going in there," said Jude. "Blair, do not dare him to go in there. It's not cool," said Blakely. "It’s a dare and what I recall you have no more chickens, Jude," said Blair. Jude was really scared. He knew Blair didn't really like him, but he didn't think she would go this far! He really did not want to go in that house. Jude finally decided to because he did not want Blair to spread rumors at school that he was a chicken. He went home and told his mom and dad he was staying at his friend Liam's house. That was a lie! He met Blakely and Blair at the gas station at the end of the street. They all walked towards the house. When they got there it was dark and very creepy. "Go in," whispered Blair. Jude was very scared! He went inside and it was dark and had spots all over the walls, and dents in the floors. He heard a loud scream! He rushed upstairs. He looked in the closet and there was a girl tied up. "AHHHH, GET AWAY FROM ME. PLEASE DO NOT HURT ME!" said the little girl. "I’m not going to hurt you." said Jude. “What is your name?" said Jude. "I’m Caroline," said the girl. "I'm Jude," said Jude. "Why are you here?" asked Jude. "Well, I was coming in here for a dare and then something just grabbed me and then I woke up and I was in here," said Caroline "A girl dared me to come in here and now I’m really scared." said Jude Jude was super scared now. He was scared something was going to grab him. He untied Caroline and they sat in the old creaky couch. They heard a loud bang! Jude just thought it was Blaire playing a trick but she was nowhere in sight. They heard it again. It was coming from the closet where Caroline was tied up. They walked up to the closet and opened it! There was nobody there. So, they went and sat back down. They were super scared now! They both got tired but neither one of them wanted to go asleep. They were talking and then Caroline slowly fell asleep. He was scared. He heard something. He walked to the closet again and opened it. Something put its hand over Jude's mouth from behind and he slowly closed his eyes. When he woke up, he was hanging upside down over a pot of fire! He screamed Caroline's name as loud as he could. He heard her. "I’m up here in the fifth room to your right!" said Jude. He heard footsteps running. It was Caroline! She found him! "Get me down! You can use that knife over there!" said Jude. Caroline got the knife and started cutting him down. "WAIT! THERE IS A FIRE RIGHT UNDER ME!" said Jude. Caroline got the bucket of water that was by the door and put the fire out. She cut Jude loose. They both started running out the door, down the stairs, and outside.


"HAHA I knew you could not stay in there for one night." said Blaire. "I guess not,” said Jude. “Blaire why don't you go tell everyone at school I'm a chicken. You're good at that are you not? As soon as you do, I will just tell everyone you dared me to go in there!" said Jude. Jude wanted to tell them what had happened in that house but he knew they would not believe him. He didn't even bother. Wait a second, Caroline was not with him! He rushed back inside! He could not find her. He found her in the room that he was in! "Please go Jude! Before I saved you, he told me that I would have to give myself over to him. So I did. I know you saved my life and I thank you for that. This is why I'm doing this for you. I'm sorry! Please leave! He's coming. If he finds you he will take us both," said Caroline. Jude listened and ran outside. He knew that Caroline was a good friend. His other friends asked him why he went back in there. He told them that he forgot something. He lied. He did not want to tell them about Caroline. He knew something about that house was freaky. Jude turned around, the house smiled at him. He heard a scream! It was Caroline! He tried to go back inside but everything was locked. He started crying. He wanted to save her! He knew he could not. He felt horrible. He went home crying. He noticed his mom wasn't home so he cleaned off all the rope burns so she did not ask him questions. He wished he would've found a way to save Caroline! He now felt guilt for not finding another way. He knew that Caroline was a person he would never forget! Carissa Wilson Grade 5 Red Bank Elementary Candace Russell


[ Grade  5  Poetry  ]   Parmesan Parmesan, oh, Parmesan! So sticky and so nice. Give me some please. THAT would be nice. Parmesan, oh, Parmesan! Like a cube, but oh you taste so nice. For a holiday. Is that a good day? Just anytime. For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. Hope you're everywhere I go. Oh, Parmesan, I love you so! (Note from author: Everyone should love Parmesan.) Olivia Calhoun Grade 5 Red Bank Elementary Candace Russell


Some of the Simplest Things Some of the simplest things in life can make you the happiest person in the world. Like if someone simply says that you make them smile. To me it’s important not to dwell on what could happen, Instead live for today, Tell your best stories, And remember that the day that is today, Will never, ever happen again. Life is not easy, All the bad things that give you nightmares, You know for sure that it was hard. But, everything gets better, No matter what it is. Life is a legacy of different things that either make us happy Or make us cry. No matter what we do, it doesn’t mean we are bad. Even though everyone is made of selfishness and greed, Not everyone acts out of selfishness and greed. No one is perfect. No one will Ever Be perfect. That’s the way that we are made. We are made to have differences. Personalities. Friendships yet enemies. Always. But it’s not always dark inside, ONLY If you believe. Camille Conley Grade 5 Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences Kelly Davis


The summer breeze blows. Flowers pop up. Kids swim. Splash! Goodbye spring. Leaves fall. Whoosh! Jackets come out. Cool winds blow. Goodbye summer. Snow falls. Whoosh! Hot chocolate is slurped. Fires crackle. Goodbye fall. Cool winds blow. Warmth comes back. So is school. Goodbye winter. Dylan Edwards Grade 5 Hixson Elementary School Mary Brown


Writers Block Writers block Clickity clock One minute, two Oh! When will it end? Tapping my pencil on the side of my head Writers block Clickity Clock Read, Read, Read, as much as you can Hip hip! Horray! At last! I have a poem! It goes... Writers block Clickity clock One minute, two Oh! When will it end? Tapping my pencil on the side of my head Writers block Clickity clock Read, Read, Read, as much as you can Hip hip! Horray! At last! I have poem! It goes... Cora Frost-Helms Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet Catherine Cox


Purple Mohawk Riding his bike With his purple rubber mohawk It looked like real hair Watching it flopping back And forth Hitting his helmet Imagining it like the bristles on a tooth brush Laughing so hard Hearing me die Me not able To breath My eyes closed shut Kendall Gentry Grade 5 Bright School Mrs. Everett and Ms. Jones

School School is awesome, School is great. You learn something new. Never be late, Always do your work, Unless you want homework. Never procrastinate. School is not something to hate! Kevon Green Grade 5 Boyd Buchanan School Mrs. Jane Beasley


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Live the Present If you’re scared to do something, Just standing there, trembling. Don’t be scared, Be prepared. If you wait, You’ll be fear’s bait. Close your eyes, then say this, Then give yourself a kiss. “Don’t live the past, nor the future, Live the present, It will be a feature, And very pleasant!” Then go and do it, So you’ll be through with the snake pit. Then kiss yourself, Then put that picture of doing it on your imaginary shelf. Charlie Guagenti Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Deborah Colen

The Start of School The summer brightness is over. The world leaves are falling. School is starting. The bus is coming. Kids are running. I’m nervous. My mom says “Bye” with the wave of her hand. School will start with the ring of a bell. Madi Holmes Grade 5 Boyd Buchanan School Mrs. Michelle Rudolph


Eggs for Breakfast Tummy growls. Gather eggs, butter, pan. Butter sizzles on hot stove. Crack go the eggs. A shake of pepper, a dash of salt. Delicious smells fill the air.. Tummy growls again Waiting, hungry, Eggs yellow, white, fluffy Melt in your mouth Tummy happy. Alex Johnson Grade 5 Boyd Buchanan School Mrs. Jane Beasley


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The Little Field Mouse on Christmas Day As my little feet guide me to this shining star, I know that I can’t get very far. Little baby in a manger sleeping in his bed. Mother stand beside him, light shining of his head. Wise men and shepherds bring the baby gifts. The mother told the men his name is Jesus. Father and mother smiling as they stand in pose, the mother wraps the baby in warm and white clothes. Bethlehem is shining as the bright star, everybody is seeing from a far. The animals in the manger are clueless of what is going on. Donkey and oxen and sheep are in the hay. The inn keeper is regretting not letting Joseph and Mary stay, to have this child born in the inn on Christmas day. Shepherds are crying, wise men feel delight. Herod is very angry to hear a new king is born. He sends these men to find him, but they are overwhelmed by this little baby with his mother and father in a little manger. I guess they can not see me because I’m a little mouse. Without a family, without a house. Jesus Christ they say was born on Christmas day, in a little manger asleep in the hay. His head resting in his little bed. Wise men, Shepherds, animals, mom, and dad with this little baby, Jesus. While everyone is looking at this baby, peaceful, cold December night under a shining star people would come from far to see this little baby asleep in the hay. Hark the herald angels sing glory to the newborn king baby, Jesus. Goodnight. I am a little field mouse watching as they all pray to this little baby, Jesus sleeping in the hay. Everyone shall celebrate on this December day, shall pray for this little baby asleep in the hay. As my little feet guide me to this shining star, I know that I can’t get very far. Erin Kanavos Grade 5 St. Nicholas School Ms. Webb


Bananazoid I was walkin’ along the street singin’ to the beat of the new Mexican song called "Everybody Sing Along." And then it had to happen Banana wings a'flappin a trapezoid with no legs comes up to me and begs, "Got any food? I’m really in the mood." So I said, "Actually, yes, I do. And I’ve been savin’ it for someone just like you." Jaxson Keller Grade 5 Red Bank Elementary Paula Worley

Baseball Baseball sport, game throwing, catching, hitting bat, ball, net, rim shooting, scoring, running sweaty, fast-paced basketball Aaron Martinez Grade 5 Hilger Higher Learning Shelley George


Mountain Hike The trail is steep and rocky. My shoes do not slip. I lie down on a mossy rock. A cool breeze refreshes me. I continue on down the slope. A black snake slithers along the creek bed. The water flows happily over the rocks. A doe and her fawn drink peacefully. I lean against a tree and smile. Lauren Massey, Grade 5 Boyd Buchanan School Mrs. Michelle Rudolph

Little Brother Little brother, your eyes are like shiny gold coins. Little brother, when you look up at the sun, it shines like a diamond and it smiles at you. Little brother, you are like the beauty of a rose, with soft skin that smells so good. Little brother, when you are at age 4, we will drink fresh-squeezed juice on a Sunday morning. We will play together, my little brother. When you are crying, I will take good care of you, little brother. Do you know how much I love you? Do you love Me? I love you more than anything. Rocky Nolasco, Grade 5 Red Bank Elementary Candace Russell


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Watch the Fire Crack We look through the darkness. Scared of what’s out there. Watch the fire crack. Don’t go out in the woods. Sit by the trailer. Watch the fire crack. Wait for dad to come. From the darkness, we hear twigs snap. Watch the fire crack. See a figure. It’s dad! It’s dad! Watch the fire crack. He says we need to leave. I remember hurrying away. Watch the fire crack. Get in the trailer. Dad turns the keys. Watch the fire crack. Sister beside me. Look out the windows. Watch the fire crack. We get home. I lay in bed fast asleep. Watch the fire crack. In my dreams, There I am, Watching the fire crack. I suddenly wake up! With a snap I realize, it was all just a dream. Watch the fire crack, pop and go out. Mady Oliver Grade 5 Bright School Mrs. Everett and Ms. Jones


Words flow Words grow on the page from your hand to create the story meant to be told stories read by everyone young or old meek or bold love the story you have told Carson Steele Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet Catherine Cox

Falling I’m falling up I’m lying down The time is passing For me to hit the ground I’m left in a hole for an hour or so I’m talking to myself “Just let me go…” I stare in the dark I can’t see at all Now life’s just waiting For me to fall Priyanka Sud Grade 5 Bright School Mrs. Everett and Mrs. Jones


On The Peak of the Mountain On the peak of the mountain Where the snow solemnly lay A windstorm blows a blizzard into stay And when it stops, the snow after flight Kisses the mountain side to say goodnight On the peak of the mountain On the peak of the mountain Where birds echo their cries The air whistles out soft lullabies And as the trees sway in the distance You might just hear a rabbit’s soft sigh On the peak of the mountain On the peak of the mountain The wintry blanket softly falls With the crooning of doves on tall white walls While the bear cub is warm and safe at rest The other animals feel secure and warm in the nest On the peak of the mountain On the peak of the mountain The tired sun starts to fail A new brightness in the night Rains down from the moon But the rocks know he will fall asleep soon On the peak of the mountain Ellie Tomisek Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Julie Spino


Fall Colorful trees Piles of leaves Mountains no longer green Halloween Cool breeze No buzzing bees Fall fair In town square Baseball Shopping at the mall Thanksgiving Time for forgiving Almost time for hibernation Fall is the new sensation! Jacob Wildman Grade 5 Hilger Higher Learning Shelley George


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I am! I am the baby of my family I am eleven years old I am an inventor I wonder if I can make a boat I wonder why I never got to meet my brother I hear my mom, she loves me I love to eat Chinese food I really like the movie Epic I want to visit Hawaii one day I love the color blue I am very interested in animals I see a wild cat going for his prey I want a puppy I am a child of God I love my Sunday school class I pet my dog that is hurt I am tired I feel sleepy I try to be funny I hope I will have a good day I dream that I am a cat I understand that kids are sometimes sad I cry because I get hurt I pet my cat Allyson Wilkey Grade 5 Gann’s Middle Valley Elementary Lisa Todd


The Turtle The turtle can not go out to play, rent or sell his house. When he moves, his house moves. Hiding in his shell doesn't make him shy. It is his protection from the open skies. The seasons change and he prepares to stay warm. So, when Winter shall appear, he crawls in his den, tucks inside his shell, and is snug as a bug. The turtle awakes to the Spring's warm breeze. He sees birds dancing and prancing with every chirp. Carrying his home as he explores the pond. Looking for food on land and water beyond. He swims and eats many things that do not seem to be meat. And at the end of the day, his house is ready. To sleep he goes basking in the Springtime sun. Dylan Wolfgang Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Mrs. Crosby


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