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This issue focuses on the making of today’s Yale Nurse. We follow the trajectory of Yale Nurses from student to graduate. Those profiled demonstrate the characteristics that define Yale Nurses. While we receive hundreds of applications each year, the hardest task is to choose those who have what it takes to be a Yale Nurse. All are highly intelligent and motivated, but what separates them is their uncommon social conscience. They want to change the world, and they want to assure that all have access to high quality health care. They are unafraid of challenging the status quo, of questioning “why,” and of creating new models of care improving the health of their patients and families. They come to Yale because they know that they will graduate prepared to navigate complex systems of care, to care for individuals and families, and to advocate for their patients and communities. I recently spoke with an alumna who related an experience she had a number of years ago. She was the nurse in charge of staffing in a large urban clinic. During a particularly busy clinical day, they were short-staffed and one of the clinicians impatiently requested additional nurses. The clinician added, “…and get me a Yale Nurse.” To provide the best in education for our students requires commitment, vision, and resources to assure that the educational experience is excellent. That is why YSN is an active participant in the University’s $3 billion campaign, Yale >> tomorrow. The Nursing >> tomorrow campaign seeks to raise $20 million to strengthen and build on our programs to maintain excellence. Chief among our goals is to increase financial aid to our students and provide support for our new PhD program. Secondly, continued investment is needed in our faculty and their research to recruit and retain the profession’s leading scholars in this era of a looming faculty shortage. Lastly, we will invest in new and diverse technologies to enhance our ability to prepare future leaders. I look forward to reporting to you on our progress during the five years of the campaign.

Margaret Grey, DrPH, RN, FAAN Dean and Annie Goodrich Professor of Nursing Research



There will always be a need for good nurses. But there will be a demand for Yale Nurses so that we hear the call from all corners of the globe… “Get me a Yale Nurse!”

Yale Nursing Matters Summer / Autumn 2006  

Yale Nursing Matters is the magazine of Yale University School of Nursing, New Haven, Conn.