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PERSONAL INFORMATION Name: Caren LAM Major& Year: BBA (ACCT & IS), Year 2 Current Position: Local Committee Vice President of Finance Belief: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams I always believe that leadership is not only to say and give direction, but also to be a role model for them. A leader should walk the talk and uphold the values that he believes, for me, it would be quality and integrity. Only with this, people will have faith in you and be certain of you are the one.



Duties/ Responsibilities

Jun 2012 Present

HKUST Local Committee Vice President (Finance)

Budgeting and maintaining financial sustainability of AIESEC in HKUST Give advice and analysis to AIESEC in HKUST in financial perspective

Dec 2012

HKUST Winter Training Camp 2012 - Facilitator

Prepared and delivered a session with the objective of showing the synergy between teams in a LC

Nov 2012 – Hong Kong WNCF 2013 Jan 2013 -Organizing Committee Vice President (Logistics)

Coordinated all the OCs as the human resources of the whole conference to perform logistics tasks

Nov 2012

Hong Kong Train the Trainer 2012 - Delegate


Aug 2012

HKUST AIESEC Touch Orientation Camp 2012 - Organizing Committee Vice President (Finance)

Budgeting and maintaining financial sustainability of the Orientation Camp

Dec 2011- Cambodia GCDP Jan 2012 Butterfly Project EP

HIV/AIDS Worked on a project in an organization serving HIV/AIDS orphans

Oct 2011 – HKUST Finance Team Member Jun 2012

Financial Responsible of TM Team

AIESEC-LC-HKUST SESSION 2013-2014 PROPOSED PLAN AIESEC 2015 To engage and develop every young person in the world

AIESEC-LC-HKUST VISION To be the first choice exchange and leadership platform within the school campus

AIESEC-LC-HKUST 3 year MISSION We cultivate global-minded leaders with entrepreneurial spirit.

2013-2014 MISSION To provide quality exchange experience

THE WAY WE DO IT For session 2012-2013, it would be considered as a year of innovation and change. New initiatives were proposed and organized, for example, program-based recruitment for GCDP and the new structure of Executive Board. But after various changes, a time for consolidation is required in order to maintain the quality program experiences to AIESECers as well as push the organization forward and improve in the future. Therefore, foundation consolidation will be the main focus for session 2013-2014 and shift the focus of this organization back to exchange-focused since it is the most impactful way to develop global-minded leaders. 2012-2013 Innovation - Program-based Exchange - Change of Structure


Foundation Consolidation - Talent Pipeline - Exchange Focused LC

2014-2015 Continuity - Exchange Product Expansion


Foundation Consolidation – Maintain as Quality Entity In order to maintain as a quality entity among the national and international plenary, it is necessary for us to consolidate changes and learning that we have gained in the year of innovation. Thus, a better reserve of the resources that could lead us to better development for the future sessions can be maintained.

Talent Planning Since members are always the largest asset of our organization, we need to plan thoroughly how we should target these targeted groups, i) Salesperson (supported by MC direction); ii) Exchange; iii) Leader, and how they will affect the future development of our LC – exchange and leadership driven.



Develop review and feedback system in LC

i. Continuation of Winter Training Camp to develop leadership pipeline

i. Continuous review of operation will be held, especially for quarterly review for whole LC

ii. Develop Targeted Trainings for members by LST (TD)

ii. Develop a platform and culture for feedback to seek for continuous improvement

Exchange Focus – Develop Global-Minded Leaders Since exchange is the core-business of AIESEC and the most powerful tool for us to show the society what our impact is. Thus, we should put exchange as our focus back, in which each functional area should work towards supporting the exchange areas and more resources will be invested to develop a stronger exchange pipeline. a) i. ii. iii. iv. v. b) i.

iGIP Design Talent Pipeline for salesperson Market analysis for EP pool and general Hong Kong company market. Develop Sub-Products according to EP pool and markets that AIESEC-LC-HKUST has previous contact with before Develop ICX-focused Reward and Recognition system for enhancing motivation of ICX team Maintain relationship with current contacts oGCDP Develop sub-product for programme-based oGCDP for general HKUST Students ii. Maintain cooperation with student societies which deals with cultural or societal issues

iii. iv.

Cooperation between projects and oGCDP Develop LC-LC partnerships through exchange, CEEDership or conference relationship oGIP Market analysis for i) both AIESEC-LC-HKUST members and general HKUST Students and ii) TN pool Develop sub-product for general HKUST Students

c) i. ii.

PROPOSED STRUCTURE Executive Board: President and Vice Presidents Leadership Team: President, Vice Presidents and Managers LST-TD** ER Corporate Relations Alumni & Advisors 12-13 Summer ER



Finance & Legal*

ICXsubproduct 1 ICXsubproduct 2 ICXsubproduct 3 13-14 Summer ICX Raising





Marketing *




Communic ations & IM

XM @members



XM subproduct

GIP* 12-13 Summer XM 13-14 Summer XM

*Preferably to have higher proportion of senior members, at least 50%, since these are areas that requires more knowledge about both i) AIESEC’s program and values and ii) AIESEC-LC-HKUST’s operation. **LST – Talent Development It will be under the responsibility of LCP and the team leader of LST with the purpose of providing targeted trainings for members based on their performance management output. It is suggested to be seniors of AIESEC-LC-HKUST who have trainings experience before.


Proposed Plan of 1314 LCP candidate - Caren Lam