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Extimidad. De 多ex-timar?



Extimacy. From ex-cheating/ ex-timin

independiente trimestral de libre distribuci贸n c rea t i ve c o m m o n s b y - n c - s a

ke those women aux chagrins bizarres a love poem by Paul Eluard, o erase myself I have painted on my face hat you see.

ou have always known hat what I am now showing to your senses an unimaginable nonsense, and still you ant to look at me?

I will soon leak hrough the pores of a wall this dirty and ugly suburb nd a yellowish stain, erhaps a deadly grin, ill be the only bread to share.




Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #20, extimacy  

_YSE #20: Extimidad. De ¿ex-timar? Vínculos mutantes, hydralizados, relaciones translúcidas… filtradas, en plena alborada de reencuentros. M...

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