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Yseop is a pioneering solution which uses artificial intelligence to deliver real-time expertise to customer-facing teams automatically. Yseop writes comments, personalized recommendations – and targeted actions plans on their behalf !

Turn Your Service Team into Instant Experts ! Yseop does this by applying business rules to information and expressing the conclusions of the reasoning process through comments and recommendations in natural language

just like a human being would but automatically and at the speed of thousands of pages per second.

Limitations of TODAY’S VALUE-ADDED SERVICES The pervasiveness of the Internet and the digitization of information and knowledge have changed the way consumers look for, make decisions about and purchase products or services. Generic sales pitches no longer influence consumers. Consumers are overwhelmed with information and are looking for simplicity and ease when making online purchasing decisions.

To guide them in the decision-making process, consumers seek out personalized expert guidance, a veritable challenge to find in today’s shopping environment (whether online or in a physical store). Moreover, operational teams in direct contact with customers are faced with the incessant challenge of delivering continuous high-quality services and individualized advice for an everwidening array of products and services.

The Yseop Approach Yseop delivers real-time expertise to your customer-facing teams by reasoning on structured data and automatically writing individualized diagnoses, recommendations and targeted actions plans on their behalf, just as an expert would – but instantaneously. Yseop provides an invaluable link between the business experts and the sales, technical and administrative teams who are in touch with customers on a day-today basis – ensuring that customers get exactly the type of personalized service they demand and deserve.

Consumers are looking for

simplicity when making purchasing decisions, and

they want experts to guide them.

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Yseop is the first patented artificial intelligence software that writes reasoned and non-repetitive texts at a rate of thousands of pages per second and in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French and German (with Asian languages planned for 2013).

Yseop models the knowhow of a company’s leading specialists and experts in business rules and applies them to contextual situations. Yseop then expresses the results of this reasoning process in the form of personalized comments, recommendations, selling points, analyses and advice.

Yseop expresses the same ideas differently each time from the same data set. Each output is unique and produced dynamically. A rich array of synonyms ensures a diversity of vocabulary and sentence structure in the generated output (such as a report, diagnosis, sales recommendation, action plan, letter, email, etc.).

Yseop Consultants Our consultants support our clients during the entire lifecycle of their business solutions. They provide expertise in consulting and system integration.

Yseop Solutions Yseop Provides Personalized Recommendations and Selling Points Yseop reproduces on your website or kiosk the same type of exchange that would take place between a customer and an experienced salesperson in a physical store by asking customers the right questions to precisely identify their needs. Yseop then offers personalized recommendations, suggesting the most relevant products and services which correspond to the customer’s needs and explaining the reasoning behind these suggestions.

Yseop Revolutionizes Online Self-Care, FAQs, and Q&As. Yseop revolutionizes online self-care by assisting customers in creating their request and automating the company’s response. Yseop also generates personalized FAQs and customer login pages with one-to-one marketing messages. Finally, Yseop builds interactive Q&A sessions where customers ask experts questions and instantaneously receive personalized and high quality answers (contacting a virtual doctor, for example, to diagnose an illness).

Yseop Makes Big Data Speak. Yseop applies business rules to structured data and interprets the data as comments and recommendations. Yseop does more than just explain what data means in natural language, it provides personalized recommendations and analysis based on a user’s particular profile.

Yseop Suite




Yseop Rules is a powerful inference engine. It is fast, easy-to-use and permits users of all types to define business rules without having to pre-determine their sequential order.

Using dialogue rules defined by Yseop Rules, Yseop Dialog questions the user to collect any missing contextual data needed for the reasoning process to continue.

Yseop Text is a sophisticated text generator that automatically and instantaneously writes reasoned and non-repetitive texts. Generated reports are personalized, structured and of the highest quality, both in terms of form and content.

Yseop ROI Yseop reduces the cost of running any business based on service activities as well as dramatically improves the productivity and the level of service of operational teams.


YSEOP IS MIDDLEWARE Yseop is a versatile and comprehensive middleware which allows companies to rapidly develop applications specialized to their specific business environments.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Yseop Suite runs on Windows and Linux. Services can be accessed in Web Service mode (XML over http) using Tomcat or as a Batch process. Yseop Rules is JSR-94 compliant. Yseop is scalable and includes features for real-time deployment of new business rules or texts.

CONTACT US Yseop, Inc. 4144 N. Central Expressway – Suite 1250 Dallas, TX 75204 +1 214-393-9719 E-mail : Watch a Demo of Yseop Technology in Action

Yseop: Turn Your Service Team into Instant Experts!  

Yseop is a pioneering solution which usesartificial intelligence to deliver real-time expertise to customer-facing teams automatically. Yse...