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iRobot manufactures a wide range of robotic vacuum cleaners, each designed to suit different cleaning needs and to fit different budgets. Over the past few years, several models have proven to be their top sellers. Roomba 530, Roomba 560 and Roomba 610 are three of the most soughtafter robotic vacuum cleaners on the market today. They differ in terms of price and technical specification. The most affordable one is Roomba 560 vacuum cleaning robot. It has two cleaning modes and is suitable for vacuuming up to four rooms with a single battery charge. Roomba 560 benefits from an automatic self-charging feature, which means the robot will simply dock on its base unit and recharge its battery after each cleaning session. It also has a scheduling module and comes with anti-tangle and light-touch bumpers. Probably the only disadvantages of this model are that an extra high-capacity vacuum bin is not included in the set and its short warranty - only 90 days. Those looking for a robotic vacuuming cleaner with longer warranty can consider purchasing Roomba 530. Although it is slightly more expensive than Roomba 560 and doesn't have an onboard scheduling system, Roomba 530 is likely to provide better cleaning through its 2-stage cleaning mode and advanced cleaning technology. Roomba 530 comes with a full year of warranty. One of the newest models is of iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners is Roomba 610. The model is part of iRobot's professional product range and is perfect for high-traffic areas. It features three cleaning modes, a self-charging battery, scheduling system and room-to-room navigation. Roomba 610 comes with an additional high-volume vacuuming bin, an extra bristle brush, an extra beater brush, two additional side brushes, two filters and two brush cleaning tools, anti-tangle and light-touch industrial strength bumpers and two years manufacturer warranty. This is primarily used within a small or medium business, so if you are looking for something for home use you should get the Roomba 560 or 530 instead.

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==== ==== Welcome to the World of Robotic Vacuums! ==== ====

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