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December 2017

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Issue 30


Dear Friends, We hope you enjoyed the festival of Diwali and wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. The YPO and YPO Gold boards had their regional board meetings in October and November. Here are some of the highlights of the meetings: For the first time ever, YPO Gold South Asia, South-East Asia and North Asia regional boards had a tri-region board meeting in Kuala Lumpur in October. The meeting of the three boards was a huge success. This will be repeated next year. At the YPO Gold tri region meeting, four workgroups were formed based on portfolios, to brainstorm and discuss various issues and ideas relating to their respective portfolios. Some of the topics were: o

How can members be actively involved in sourcing qualified candidates for YPO?


What are some key indicators that might signal that it is time to start a new chapter either in a new or existing market? This was also discussed by the YPO board.


Is the Traveling Resource Program (TRP) still relevant for YPO Gold?


Identify possibilities of forum retreats, forum recharge venues in each region to be used by all


Engaging the disengaged members. Engaging Spouses


Asia Pacific Conference in 2020

The YPO board discussed ideas and came up with suggestions on o

How the regional board can provide more value and meaning to members; and


How the board can go further to ensure that the voice of the chapter is at the core of all regional board activities.

YPO will be focusing on growing the state based chapters in Gujarat and Kerala Learning will be focusing on sourcing of local TRPs. Membership is preparing a South Asia recruitment video and a membership processing document for chapters. In April the YPO and YPO Gold boards will have a joint meeting in Dubai. INTEGRATED CHAPTERS: YPO Chennai, YPO Kerala, YPO Hyderabad are now integrated chapters. YPO Punjab and YPO Rajasthan have been approved by both boards to become integrated chapters as well. REGIONAL AWARDS: Congratulations to our 2017 regional award winners! Each of these champions have created “Only in YPO” moments and experiences. Read more about the awards in this newsletter. ELECTED OFFICERS FOR 2018-2019: We congratulate all the elected officers for Fiscal Year 2018-2019, all of whom are required to attend the GLC or CLW. The GLC/CLW leverages peer-to-peer learning to develop extraordinary skills for officers as they prepare for their new roles. This year’s theme is “Journey to Authentic Leadership.” Here are details: o

The Global Leadership Conference (GLC) 2018 will take place in Singapore this year 5-7 March.

The Chapter Leadership Workshop (CLW) will be held in Chicago 15-16 April and in Glasgow 25-26 April. Eligible officers may want to consider attending the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in Singapore. o

GLC officers (and CLW officers) get a discount to attend the YPO EDGE (check the website for discount schedules).

2018 YPO EDGE “DEFY CONVENTION” Singapore 7-9 March 2018 Convention is the opponent of Innovation. The 2018 YPO EDGE challenges the status quo through presenting unique perspectives in innovation, disruption and creativity that defy convention and will inspire thinking to transform your business and your life. We encourage members and spouse/partners to sign up for this amazing event. Please feel free to call on us or any of the board members or management team for any information or help you need. Best wishes,

Ashish Bharat Ram (YPO Delhi) Regional Chair, 2016-2018 YPO South Asia Email:  

Ashutosh Garg (YPO Gold Delhi) Regional Chair, 2017-2019 YPO South Asia Gold Email:


YPO Bangalore Marathon with Milind: 23 September 2017

Day Chairs: Shruti and Pavan Ranga (YPO Bangalore); Shalini & Dinesh Malkani (YPO Bangalore)

03 Event Rating 9.5

When a remarkably good-looking man, who is also our country’s first male supermodel and Ironman is on a mission to make India a fitter nation gets a whole bunch of YPO’ers up and running and competing at 6 am, you know it’s going to be a fabulous event. Our resource for this event was none other than Milind Soman, who inspired and motivated us with his remarkable fitness journey that only started when he was 38, an age similar to that of our members. Milind was so engaged and giving of himself at this event that all of us were thoroughly charmed and fired up to become even fitter and healthier. We started the morning bright and early at 6 am, at the beautiful Cubbon Park in the heart of the city. Milind flagged off the 5 km run and joined in, running and encouraging us to keep up the pace and try our best. Many of the YPO’ers are remarkably fit, and we soon had a competitive race going which ended with members trying to outdo each other in pushups and planks – fantastic spirit indeed! After the run, we gathered at the hotel for a healthy breakfast and then settled down for what can only be described as a brilliant interaction with Milind. We watched a short video about Milind’s achievements, after which he spoke to us about his journey from a partygoing model to a man leading a healthier lifestyle and motivating others to do so too. He had many anecdotes to share, and we loved how totally frank he was in answering all questions that came his way with poise and good humour. It was inspirational and incredibly motivational to interact with a person who had upended his life and become a better person for it.

Come, Celebrate Navrathri: 12 September 2017 Day Chair: Arti Mody (Spouse,YPO Gold Bangalore)

Event Rating 10

Navrathri is celebrated with great fervour in Gujarat, and we tried to recreate this feeling at our event in Bengaluru by making it traditional, authentic and fun. YPO Gold Bangalore Spouses organised a Navrathri event to get the spouses in the mood for the upcoming celebrations and also give them a taste of Gujarati culture. We danced to traditional and modern Navrathri songs performed by a superb live orchestra, watched energetic dance performances by professionals and savoured some delicious Gujarati food. The event was nostalgic for some and a treat for those who had never experienced it before. The venue was dressed up beautifully, in rich gold and orange, with stunning backdrops and thematic decorations like umbrellas and diyas. Adding to the colour were the participants themselves, dressed in gorgeous traditional ghagra-cholis. The singers and music orchestra kept the tempo up while the dancing troupes expertly performed some of the traditional ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandia’ numbers. The dancers were a sight to behold as the tempo kept increasing, giving everyone a good workout as well! Some of our spouses are expert dancers and put on a dance show for us amid cheers from everyone. This was a highly interactive event, which witnessed the participation of all the spouses. Prizes were given out at the end for the best dancer and the best dressed. The event was chaired by Arti Mody, who grew up in Gujarat dancing the Dandia and Garba.



YPO Kerala

The Design Thinking Workshop- A “K” Affair : 6 October 2017 Day Chairs: Mariam Mathew (Spouse, YPO Kerala) A much awaited spouse event handcrafted by our “K”ottayam divas – Spouse Officer Sareeka John (Spouse, YPO Kerala), chaired by online diva Mariam Mathew (Spouse, YPO Kerala) and ably assisted by our ethereal “K”ochiite Asma Faraz (Spouse, YPO Kerala) was kicked off fabulously with a personalized video invite, the first of its kind in our chapter. It had the essence of being YOU in all its senses. Our resource for the day was Nandita Abraham (CEO, Pearl Academy), a non-resident “K”ottayam diva. Though better known for her creativity and design in the world of haute couture, it was her work among the inmates of Tihar Jail that stole the show. Her attempt to impart her knowledge and skills to the less privileged so that they can have a life beyond the prison was inspiring. The event began with a video of her journey breaking all taboos and moving on to follow her passion into the world of fashion, graduating from NIFT and carving a niche for herself. This was followed by an interview during which she elaborated on her work. After this there was a workshop wherein she applied her design thinking concept to our group and we were all asked to make handbags from the raw materials provided. Lo and behold, we had an exciting range of designer pieces customized for our client. Through this simple workshop, she made us realize the importance of the “customer” and the fact that he/she is the key to any marketing strategy. Her parting statement was “One should never stop learning” because that’s your zest for life. It was an eye opener and we all had lots of thoughts and ideas to share over a fabulous buffet at the Marriott. All of us got back rejuvenated with the fresh ideas in our minds, the urge to acquire new skills and maintain the zeal for life. Malini Eapen (Spouse YPO Kerala)

Event Rating 9.1

Against the Odds - Riding Very High: 11 August 2017 Day Chairs: Payal and Manish Bafna (YPO Kerala) How against the odds is it that the second time Deepa Malik gives a talk to a YPO chapter, she gets maximum attendance again? It happened in Calcutta and was repeated here. Two firsts for us: maximum attendance ever and highest rating ever for a learning event in Kerala. Whether it was the hand of God or our enthusiastic members, everything just seemed to fall into place and how! The event was organized meticulously to ensure a fabulous evening and was held at the member owned Ramada resorts. Deepa Malik, a Padmashri awardee is the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Paralympics. She has also won many other awards and accolades. On this day, she added the hearts of every YPO’er present to her list of conquests. What sets Deepa Malik apart from other paraplegics is her ability to inspire and energise her audience. Though quite a few members had read her profile before the event, we were all spellbound by her grit and determination. She was a great source of motivation to all of us.

Event Rating 9.85

We can no longer hide behind lame excuses to achieve our goals, after hearing her speak about how she pursued a case for 19 months and became the first person ever to receive a license for a modified rally vehicle. She subsequently became a navigator and driver in the – Raid-de-Himalaya 2009 and Desert Storm 2010. I can narrate at least a dozen tales of her passion and perseverance. But I would like to add that she brought a more beautiful, humane side to her story by narrating personal incidents. These were heartwarming and heart-rending, and will stay with us forever. We ended the session with a quiz designed by a professional quiz master on Paralympics, keenly contested.



Manish Bafna (YPO Kerala)

YPO Chennai A Star Spangled Evening: Haute Diamantaire - Nirav Modi (YPO Bombay)

Event Rating 8.2

5 October 2017 Day Chair: Spouse Forum (Komal, Tina, Deepali, Sweta, Priya, Swetha, Saras, Sabine & Sandhya) When heritage meets refined craftsmanship, enhanced with fine couture, the end result is simply astounding! Set within the 100 year old heritage property Kingsley, Kanakavalli’s flagship store opened its doors to host haute diamantaire Nirav Modi - a jewellery brand par excellence; Sama Ali from the House of Kotwara- the international couture brand by filmmaker and painter, Muzaffar Ali, and his architect wife Meera Ali.  A majestic porch, towering white columns, flawless black and white marble floors, a gazebo, impeccably curated lawns adorned with breath-taking floral arrangements set the mood for a star spangled event. The evening opened with a dialogue with Nirav Modi (YPO Bombay) moderated by member, Ram Venkataramani (YPO Chennai). Nirav’s insightful pointers on brand building and strategic planning punctuated with timely quips kept the audience completely engaged. The talk was followed by a wonderfully choreographed walk by Lubna Adams. Members, spouses and the YNG of YPO and YPO Gold stepped up with heart-warming enthusiasm to take to the ramp alongside professional models. Nirav Modi’s (YPO Bombay) jewellery rightfully boasts of unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative mechanism. Emerald waterfall necklaces, cascade earrings, curved chokers, linear bracelets and nature inspired rings bedazzled all. The masterful cuts and sparkle of the rare, enchanting stones was enhanced with the sophisticated and subtle hued ensembles from the House of Kotwara. The lush green lawns of Kanakavalli gave way to a grand tented dining area. Chef Balaji from The Park Hyatt outdid himself by putting forward a delectable menu. The jackfruit rendang and the BBQ Pulled lamb Tawa Methi Croissant contested hard with Kari Sayor Kampur (Indonesian Home style curry with coconut milk). The spread of the Indian breads, Edamame beans with Dal Makhani and the Dum Gosht Biryani made it impossible to keep the palate in check. Ricotta and wild berry cheesecakes, basil orange frozen yoghurts and a plethora of other desserts closed the evening on a perfectly mellow note! Komal Palicha – YPO Chennai


Events YPO Gold South Asia Regional Chapter Closed-door Session with KC Verma, former Chief of RAW: 2 September 2017

Event Rating 9.7

Day Chairs: Anil Rai (YPO Gold Delhi and YPO Gold SARC) YPO Gold South Asia Regional Chapter (YPO SARC) hosted a closeddoor session with KC Verma, former Chief of RAW on Saturday, 2 September 2017 at Jamun Tree, Gymkhana Club, New Delhi. The event was open to YPO Gold members and spouses and young adults. KC Verma was appointed Head of RAW in early 2009. While he headed the external intelligence agency, he was simultaneously functioning as Internal Security Advisor to the Union Home Minister. The talk was all about India’s national security and the role of intelligence. Despite the classified nature of his work, in his one on one discussion, Verma was able to give members a peak into the world of India’s national security. He spoke about national security in terms of the ability to pursue policies independent of domestic and external pressures and influences. The interactive session brought to light the role of intelligence, in ensuring National security and securing a power balance with India’s neighbours. It was indeed a very inspiring session which would not have been possible without the energy and commitment of all participants.

YPO Greater India Goa Glimpses: 15 - 17 September 2017 Event Champions: Kekin and Nipa Shah (YPO Greater India)

Event Rating 9.88

DAY 1: Any event of our Chapter is always like a joint family reunion where chapter members and spouses greet each other like a favourite brother or cousin and it takes but a few seconds for all of us to bond like one large happy family! Day 1 kicked off with a sumptuous lunch in the salubrious surroundings of idyllic Goa, a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of big city life! Post a convivial lunch, members and spouses went off to their respective Forum meetings. Members who hadn’t yet joined Forums were transported to mini Vegas in the hotel’s casino where they also got special training in playing poker! The evening saw the distinguished and intellectual Chief Minister of Goa, Manohar Parrikar address our chapter with great honesty and candour. He was forthright, candid and discussed matters across the spectrum. His simplicity and humility shone through as he mingled with the chapter members and engaged with everyone in an extremely friendly manner. 



New members were then inducted warmly into the chapter with our trademark tradition of interesting introductions followed by shots!!! The after party then moved to Event Champions Nipa and Kekin Shah’s suite and went on till the wee hours of the morning, another tradition that is always such great fun! DAY 2 : Saturday morning literally blew our minds away! Aathi, the world famous mentalist mesmerized our group: unbelievable card tricks, to making our palms smell of the fragrances ONLY we had imagined, decoding ATM pins, even predicting which member would call up which friend in another city. He held us entranced and mesmerised. It was truly special to have met a man who actually works with intelligence agencies around the world. After the usual catching up, gossip and discussions about Aathi over another sumptuous and long lunch, we geared up for the event of the day which was the WHITE NIGHT. For a change, almost everyone had adhered to the dress code. Dressed in varying shades of white, we met on time to board a bus and huddled in and chatted non-stop with each other till we reached our destination - AHILYA BY THE SEA, a stunning treasure discovered by Nipa and Kekin Shah (YPO Greater India). Hats off to them. We were welcomed to a heritage French bungalow, cheek-by-jowl with the sea. The place looked like it was out of a fairy tale and was the perfect setting for some fun and games! The ice was broken with an absolute crazy team building Bollywood act which was done in groups! Move on Oscar nominees……. YPO Greater India has the best actors in the world! We laughed till our jaws hurt but it was so much fun and brought out the spirit of camaraderie. Rohit Puri then had everyone spellbound with his percussion instruments and his haunting voice. Everyone danced with gusto till the Goan curries with their local ‘pao’ beckoned us! Of course the night did not end there! We went back to the hotel, singing old hindi songs in the bus. Thich continued into the early hours of the morning in the clubhouse…YPO GREATER INDIA does not sleep!! DAY 3: Trying to shake ourselves awake, we reassembled next morning to meet one of India’s greatest fashion designers, Wendell Rodricks. His simple attire and unassuming nature did not prepare us for his story - his journey into the world of fashion and design, his celebration of everything Goan! A humble man with a compassionate heart and a great sense of humor, he even managed to keep the men entertained with his dramatic stories of the fashion industry. He showed us again that it is hard work and the ‘not to be missed’ opportunities that get you ahead in life. His presentation was informative, descriptive and extremely interactive which had more than the occasional bouts of laughter! Post the presentation, he was very approachable and chatted with everyone like a long lost friend. A lovely give away was a signed copy of his book.  This was followed by the mother of all pool parties, aided by a largely liquid lunch! :) It was time to bid goodbye, but no one wanted the trip to end! A big thanks to the Learning team led by Ed Chair Kaushal Kumbhat (YPO Greater India) and to Event Champions Kekin and Nipa particularly for a fabulous event!




YPO Delhi

Nobel Cause - Transforming Lives

- An Interaction with Kailash Sathyarthi, India’s Nobel Peace Laureate: 2 September 2017 Day Chairs: Pratiksha and Bejul Somaia (YPO Delhi) YPO Delhi & YPO Gold Delhi Chapter organized an inspirational talk by Nobel Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi. Satyarthi has waged a lifelong war against child exploitation. He has not only brought about a systemic change at a global level, but our learning from the evening was also about a mass awakening which he was able to bring about an amendment in the Constitution of India; the right to receive a free meaningful education has become a fundamental right for every citizen of India. Through his global march against child labour, he brought about a change in the international law and rescued over 80,000 children from exploitation and developed a successful model for their education and rehabilitation. This was followed by a moderated Q&A session by Vivek Gambhir and members were left with a thought as to how they can bring about a change at an individual or collective level.

Event Rating 9.5

Happiness Demystified - With Dr. Tal Ben Shahar: 3 August 2017 Day Chair: Devika and Yash Gupta (YPO Delhi) YPO Delhi and YPO Gold Delhi Chapter had an exclusive interaction with world renowned happiness guru Dr. Tal Ben Shahar. The event received an overwhelming response and was attended by 59 members and spouses. Shahar’s tone was positive and encouraging as he walked the members through setting challenging yet realistic goals, acknowledging the importance of failure in achieving success, managing expectations in work, parenthood and love. He drew from the teachings of great philosophers and the lives of notable individuals who conquered professional failure, prior to great success. He addressed issues like educating children, managing employees, and also about exercises and meditation techniques one could practice to fulfill one’s purpose: accepting oneself and others. The evening concluded with a round of Q&A and the members went back with some valuable life lessons. Our special thank you to Nandini and Abhishek Modi (YPO Delhi) for opening their home to members and for their impeccable hospitality.

Event Rating 9.8

YPO Colombo



Event Rating 9 Family Karting Event: 2 September 2017 YPO Colombo had a day of fun for the entire family at the Sri Lanka Karting Circuit in Bandaragama, Sri Lanka. The event saw members, spouses and kids alike enthusiastically participating in the racing. The participants were divided into teams to compete against each other and several races took place in the adult and kids categories. The day comprised of many activities for the members and their families to participate in from racing and rifle shooting to arcade games and cooling off with a dip in the pool. This first event of the YPO Colombo Chapter kicked off the Learning calendar for this year and the feedback received from members regarding it was positive.

Proving the Impossible is Possible – An Entrepreneur’s Journey 19 September 2017 Day Chair: Vinod Hiradaramani (YPO Colombo)

Event Rating 9.6

YPO Colombo opened the opportunity to 15 members in an exclusive inside the boardroom event, to engage in a stimulating one-on-one discussion with Dhammika Perera (the billionaire businessman who controls the Vallibel One Group, also named as the richest Sri Lankan in 2013). The ninety-minute program was insightful and considered a rare opportunity as quoted by several members post event. The group networked over cocktails and spent more time with the resource gaining insights into the influences that moulded this highly successful businessman. This event was a huge success.



YPO Gold Mumbai

Event Rating 9.8

Creative Therapies : 27 August 2017

Resource: Paresh Maity & Team

Venue: ICIA Art Gallery, Kalaghoda

Day Chair: Harsh Goenka (YPO Gold Mumbai) Paresh Maity, Nitish Bhattacharya, Suryakant Lokhande are all well know names in the Art world. They played art mentors to the YPO Gold Mumbai members and spouses and YNG members at the art workshop held at an art gallery. Members bonded over paints and art techniques. Each had a work station to create their master piece with the guidance of the established masters of the game. One-on-one assistance and secret tips and tricks of the trade created a buzz in the YPO ART Masterclass. The arty afternoon ended with a beautifully curated menu at the art gallery.

Sonam Wangchuk: 19 August 2017 Resource: Sonam Wangchuk

Venue:The Great Room, Four Seasons Hotel

Sonam Wangchuk of the ‘3 Idiots’ fame is a Ladakhi engineer, innovator and education reformist.

Event Rating 9.6

He is the founding-director of the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) which was founded in 1988 by a group of students who had been in his own words, the ‘victims’ of an alien education system foisted on Ladakh. He is also known for designing the SECMOL campus that runs on solar energy and uses no fossil fuels for cooking, lighting or heating. Wangchuk was instrumental in the launch of Operation New Hope in 1994, a collaboration of government, village communities and the civil society to bring reforms in the government school system. He invented the Ice Stupa technique that creates artificial glaciers, used for storing winter water in form of conical shaped ice heap. Sonam shared with YPO members his vision for nature conservation and improving human lives and made an impressive presentation about his journey through the challenging education system in India and coming out successful.

YPO Gujarat



Coffee with Kriti Sanon: 10 October 2017 Day Chair: Shetal and Chirag Parekh (YPO Gujarat) YPO Gujarat had a glamorous event with the rising Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon. Chirag Parekh (YPO Gujarat) was instrumental in getting the actress exclusively for YPO Gujarat despite her busy schedule. The event drew inspiration from the famous television chat show “Koffee with Karan”. The actress had a red carpet entry and was very candid in her chat. An entertaining rapid-fire segment was the icing on the cake. With no starry tantrums, Kriti posed for pictures with everyone present and also danced with the kids to Bollywood songs. The kids and spouses left with fond memories and their phones carried their pictures along with their favourite star!

Dream Catcher – An Interaction with Gul Panag: 3 August 2017 Day Chair: Mehul and Ruchira Asnani (YPO Gujarat) YPO Gujarat had an exciting event with Gul Panag on 3rd August at Hotel Courtyard Marriott. It was aptly titled ‘Dream Catcher - An interaction with “Terrific” Gul Panag’. Gul represents the new India that believes in fulfilling one’s dreams and aspirations, living life on one’s own terms and doing what one believes in; be it representing India at Miss Universe, becoming a pilot, Formula racing, or being an entrepreneur. With her diverse experiences, it was interesting to listen to her journey and learn how she worked to achieve all her dreams. The event was moderated by Ruchira Asnani (Spouse, YPO Gujarat) who got the best out of Gul. As Ruchira puts it, her interaction with Gul was bold, candid, genuine, sensitive, friendly, fit and glowing. Members appreciated the new set-up for the event - Fishbowl format (the speaker and the moderator are seated centre-stage with members around them). This arrangement created the right ambience and enhanced audience interaction with the resource. LED screens on all corners of the hall added glamour and grandeur to the event. The event was attended by 64 members, spouses and children.

Event Rating 9



YPO Calcutta

Son of the Soil - Journey of Anil Agarwal: 2 September 2017 Anil Agarwal in Conversation with Sanjiv Goenka(YPO Gold Calcutta)

Day Chairs: Vikash Agarwal (YPO Calcutta) and Ram K Sharma (YPO Gold Calcutta) The evening of 2nd September at the Indus Banquet of JW Marriott, Calcutta was a memorable one. Not just for the bunch of young industrialists congregated at one of the most eventful conclave organized by YPO Calcutta, but also for Anil Agarwal, founder and chairman of Vedanta Resources. The man at the helm of one of the country’s largest mining companies shared the story of his journey from Patna to Mumbai to London and how he turned Vedanta into one of the largest metal manufacturers of the country. ‘Journey of the Son of the Soil’ was all about valuable and rich experiences and challenges that Agarwal faced along the way. In his talk, Anil Agarwal emphasized India’s rich natural resources and how the country can grow in the global market platform. He also commented on India’s varied culture and perspectives that add to the success of this great nation. Explaining the present market conditions, Agarwal went on to describe manufacturing, processing and storing of natural resources and how they are constantly evolving. Sharing anecdotes from a family, he went on to say how the ‘Son of the Soil’ is also the karta of the family and the ‘driver’ of all business decisions. His advice to the young industrialists in the audience was to take up every possible opportunity and make every challenge a success. He advised investors to analyze opportunities that can be drawn from natural resource markets. According to him, building healthy relationships, hard work, transparency, the vision to look beyond and having faith in one’s actions are the keys to success. He shared his personal experiences on how he chants the Bhagwad Gita and visits Lord Krishna temple every morning. Along with his spouse, Kiran Agarwal, he has Event donated 75% of his wealth to social causes. The guidance from the Vedanta head helped the audience to learn how to multiply big dreams by combining them with hard work. The open forum Rating questionnaire was more like a family discussion. The entire conclave echoed with the repetitive use 9.8 of the phrase by the metal king, ‘adjust and get adjusted…’ even after the event drew to an end.

Kashmir – Conflicting Views: 10 August 2017 Day Chair: Manoj Mohanka (YPO Gold, Calcutta) Kolkata and Kashmir connected in a way that was unprecedented. Kashmir - Conflicting Views, a conclave organised by YPO - Calcutta, saw two live-wire personalities share a common platform to debate the ‘Co-existence of National Security and Human Rights’ in the troubled Valley. Major Gaurav Arya, known for his firebrand rhetoric presented the soldier’s perspective, while Supreme Court lawyer and activist Shabnam Lone put the spotlight on human rights violations in her native land. Hosted by Manoj Mohanka (YPO Gold Calcutta) who was equally well versed with the Constitution and the Army’s role in the region, the debate held the audience in thrall for over two hours.



While Major Arya made a strong case for letting the army have a free hand in dealing with terrorists in the valley, particularly along the LOC, Shabnam Lone, urged all present to treat Kashmiri citizens with the dignity and respect they deserve. The discussion ranged from article 370 to the contentious plebiscite that had been promised to Kashmiris, the role of the Centre in roiling the waters and the aftermath of losing a family member to violence. There was no issue that was swept under the carpet or buried under self-censorship. Both speakers argued passionately for what they believed to be right with the audience pitching in too with sharp questions. The intensity was palpable enough to cut through, till both revered guests agreed - the solution to the Kashmir conundrum was not the use of more force and violence but to reach out to the average citizen, embrace him and win his trust. The evening had all the right touches to recreate a bit of Kashmir in the Crystal Ballroom of The Taj Bengal. From apricots and dates to the perfectly steeped Kahwa and even Rogan Josh and Saffron infused curries and rice - YPO members had a feel of all that is celebrated about Kashmir. There was also a short presentation of the exciting trek to Ladakh organised by YPO with the honourable guests handing out mementos to the members who had successfully completed the arduous trek.

Event Rating 9.60

Embark on a journey of self-discovery to two ancient cultural and spiritual cities You are invited to experience the heart of Indian culture, Vedanta philosophy and Buddhist mindfulness. This retreat includes temple visits, bajra boat rides, the Ganga aarti, photo walks, Benarasi textiles, shopping and yoga.

12 - 14 February 2018

• • • •

The oldest inhabited city in the world, Varanasi is home to more than 330 million Hindu gods. According to Mark Twain “Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together” An art, cultural, educational and musical centre, many prominent Indian philosophers, poets, writers, and musicians live or have lived in the city. Near Varanasi, at Sarnath, Buddha delivered his first sermon, “The Setting in Motion of the Wheel of Dharma” around 528BC, thereby giving birth to Buddhism. • A two night stay at the Brij Rama Palace, a 200 year old heritage haveli and Varanasi’s most sought-after hotel located on the banks of the Ganges River. The original structure of the Brij Rama Palace, built as a fort by a Maratha minister, dates back to 1812 and is one of Varanasi’s oldest buildings. Open to: Women Spouse/Partners and Women Members Chair & Co- Chair: Samantha Reddy (YPO Gold Hyderabad) & Nandini Gupta (YPO Gold Delhi) For any further queries and to register, please contact Shivani at or 9830311167. Limited seats available! A5-Advert.indd 1

11/13/2017 3:24:36 PM


Events YPO Punjab

Murder Mystery : 28 July 2017 Day Chair: Spouse Forum Super Six : Gauri Nayar (Spouse YPO Punjab), Neena Dada (Spouse, YPO Punjab), Anjali Avasthi (Spouse, YPO Punjab) , Samita Munjal (Spouse, YPO Punjab), Ritika Talwar (Spouse, YPO Punjab) , Shuchita Aggarwal (Spouse, YPO Punjab) Har Ek Member Zaroori Hota Hai, following YPO Punjab’s Motto for the year 2017-2018, the first event of the year was hosted with the intention of encouraging participation of all the members. Traversing away from the conventional, Forum Super Six organised a sit down dinner theatre. During the ‘Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre’, YPO members had to cooperate with each other and interact with cast members to solve a fictitious murder scene involving the demise of the Patriarch of the Ahluwalia textile empire, Cotton India. The Dinner Theatre team, Leap of Faith Productions, was briefed to write a plot specially for the Punjab audiences to make the whole mystery more palatable. The Murder Mystery Dinner show, comedic in nature, was performed in coordination with the serving of drinks and Hors d’oeuvres. The goal of the Murder Mystery Dinner was for participants to gather clues provided throughout the plot and use them to deduce the identity and motive of the “murderer.”  In order to make this event as unconventional as possible, Members of Forum Super Six personally looked into all the arrangements. Even all the table numbers and menus were designed specifically for the event. ‘Blood Stains’ on all the placards and table tops added an extra touch of mystery and intrigue. The goal of organising this event was to steer away from the norm and to increase interaction between the members. All seating arrangements were done before hand, keeping in mind that no spouses or forum members would be seated together. A special effort was also put into the invites; no member attending knew what the dinner was about, thus keeping the whole thing a surprise. What was not a surprise though? The Murder Mystery Dinner being completely sold out! Ritika Talwar Singh (Spouse, YPO Punjab)

Event Rating 8

YPO Punjab


Electrify Your Business – With Anil Rai Gupta, (YPO Delhi) : 22 September 2017 Day Chairs: Member Forum 6 : Karm Singh (YPO Punjab) , Amit Gupta (YPO Punjab) , Amol Munjal (YPO Punjab), Ashwin Nagpal (YPO Punjab), Harkirat Singh (YPO Punjab) ,Iqbal Cheema (YPO Punjab), Sahil Bansal (YPO Punjab) There’s something about a YPO member being a speaker that gets more members to eagerly attend the event. We had the pleasure of hosting a fellow YPO member, Anil Rai Gupta (YPO Delhi), Chairman and Managing Director of Havells. We got to learn first hand from one of the best and most successful examples of two generations working together for more than two decades, of the sacrifices it takes for a family working together, to consistently grow their company to unimaginable heights. My very first lesson learnt was two weeks before the talk, during my visit to the beautifully appointed Noida headquarters of Havells to meet Anil Rai Gupta to detail the event. From the moment I walked into the office, there seemed to be a familial vibe and a lot of hospitality and warmth from everyone. That was the culture I could almost tangibly feel. Through my experience of walking around the office and interactions with him that day, I realized how important it is to live the culture you expect. It is passed on consistently over generations and it is the culture that sets apart good companies from the great. On the day of the event, there was a bustling turnout to experience what I did in my brief hour spent in Noida. I’ll be very honest, Anil was so good at delivering his talk that he eased me out of my nervousness of moderating. A fantastic engaging conversation. Majority of the members in our chapter, like most others I assume, are either the younger generation working with their fathers generation in business or have their next generation preparing to join. Compartmentalizing family and work, having well defined power centers, alignment of all towards the organization’s goal, meritocracy and a structured induction plan are some topics that drove a lot of engagement between the members and speaker and left us all with a lot of due introspection and encouragement. My personal favourite - ‘every entrepreneur is considered a little crazy. There would be times when your own team thinks you’re crazy but you still have to derive the best out of them. All it takes is to find one more believer in your thought to kick start the change. Leadership, is finding and engaging that first domino’. The night eased into a pool side dinner with a live band that was almost as integral as the event itself. Not only did we get to interact socially with Anil and his wife Sangeeta, we also discovered his passion for singing when he floored the audience with his 90’s melodies! I would urge everyone read the book Anil has authored, ‘The Untold Story of Qimat Rai Gupta’, to discover more on the topics mentioned Event above and get a first hand experience Rating of the toil and passion it takes to make a great company. 9.5 Karm Singh (YPO Punjab)



18 YPO Pune

Event Rating 9.8

In Conversation with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Dr. Shefali Tsabary: 29 July 2017 Day Chair: Ritu and Arun Nathani (YPO Pune) Motivate, Integrate and Energize (MIE), is the innovative theme of this year’s YPO Pune's opening event (Mie also means visible in Japanese). The prime intent of this theme was to encourage members to be noticeable and participate. An inimitable interactive session was orchestrated by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, a world renowned clinical psychologist, acclaimed author, and international speaker, during which she uncovered the myths and madness of marriage. Through an engaging interaction, which included various enthralling activities, Dr. Shefali made guests question their outlooks on marriage, leaving guests challenging themselves to step out of their comfort zones around this topic. She helped members unveil common obstructions to intimacy and discover strategies to energise their relationships with their partners. This was followed by a sensational session where the enigmatic Priyanka Gandhi Vadra shattered the myths of fame! Her conversation with Shefali, her childhood friend, who has seen the blessings and burdens of her fame from an interesting perspective was fascinating. For the first time ever in YPO, Priyanka shared her emotional journey and shed light on the reality of being a celebrity, and the trials of being born into the most famous family in the country! She spoke about the phenomenology of fame, which contrary to popular misconceptions, is not all rainbows and sunshine. The up-close session ensured that everyone got a peek into this public yet very private person's life! The presence of two versatile and inspiring personalities left the members enthralled! In keeping with the theme, guests were served a piquant Japanese dinner. Invitations were extended to the members of the YPO Bombay and Pune chapters for the after party at AER, the luxe, open air rooftop bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, giving guests a great opportunity to network and bond with each other. It was the ideal end to an exceptionally eventful day.

YPO Bombay



Legendary Banker – Uday Kotak (YPO Gold Mumbai) : 24 August 2017 Day Chair: Manish Kejriwal (YPO Bombay) The ‘In the Boardroom’ session with legendary banker Uday Kotak (YPO Gold Mumbai) was extremely inspiring and insightful. The talk was on various aspects such as •

His journey and a story of opportunities

Time bound partnerships

Evolution to financial services conglomerate

Industry structures

Key trends like financialisation, technology, new opportunities, worries

Paranoia of the future

Joint Ventures

And lastly, on people and culture, which he feels can be best explained by sticking to middle class values. An organization which believes in the same has the highest ability to retain people (closely aligned to culture). Essentially, an organization is a partnership of people driven by similar core values. The highest equity of a person is at the place where he is working. For motivation, a person should Event have enough for his need but never enough for his greed. At the end of the discussion, Uday Kotak interacted with individual members and answered their queries. This was followed by an Integration event over drinks and dinner at ‘Toast and Tonic’ where new members were invited and encouraged to mingle with older members.

Rating 10

YPO Bombay Closing and Opening Event: 4 August 2017 Day Chair : Sandeep and Gauri Tandon (YPO Bombay) ; Samrat and Shalini Zaveri (YPO Bombay) YPO Bombay marked the end of yet another successful year and the start of an exciting new one with a Surrealist Ball held at the Taj. Members had received teasers with a surrealist ‘augmented reality’ invite which set the tone for the largest ever turnout for an opening closing event.Glamorous members entered through an illusionist passageway (where you rang for a glass of chilled champagne) into a beautifully decorated crystal room.Giant flowers, a mist curtain and beautiful portraits set the mood for a fun evening. Sameer Mehra (YPO Bombay) signed off as chapter chair and passed the baton to Samrat Zaveri (YPO Bombay). This marked the end of Samrat and Shalini's fantastic year as learning chairs and their theme of 'Unlearn to Learn' handed over to Sandeep and Gauri Tandon's ‘Be Legendary'. We said goodbye to 13 members who move on to YPO Gold and warmly welcomed 11 new ones. During the speeches, Sandeep presented a short AV with some fun facts about our chapter. The members then got to know each other better through an augmented reality quiz played through an specially designed app for which the answers were members themselves. Of course, this was followed by a delicious array of different cuisines and a flowing bar. Members then danced the night away to the music of DJs Ganesh and Maultek and percussionist Pro Beat.

Event Rating 9.84


YPO Chennai Gateway

A 24-year-old Chapter, YPO Chennai has maintained its ability to expand, grow and at the same time retain its closeknit culture. All members and their respective families know each other well and maintain a strong bond. As the YPO and YPO Gold strength reached 100, the Executive Committee began discussing options for growing without compromising the close-knit culture that exists in Chennai. YPO International also recommends that once a chapter has more than 100 to 125 members, the city should look at starting another Chapter. From all the discussions the idea of creating the new YPO Chennai Gateway Chapter was born Rajeev Mecheri, Sriram Sivaram, Vijay Sankar and Harish Lakshman from the YPO Chennai Chapter took on the responsibility of launching the Gateway Chennai. Vijay Sankar took on the role of Finance and Membership Chair and Harish Lakshman that of Chapter Chair and Learning Chair. In a span of 9 months, the Chapter was formed with the necessary approvals of YPO International and 19 new members were on-boarded. It was a moment of celebration and excitement for YPO Chennai to help create the second chapter. The launch event was held at the Madras Club on 25th August with an attendance of close to a 100 members and spouses from both the Chennai Chapter and the Chennai Gateway Chapter. Ashish Bharat Ram, Regional Chair, Harsh Bansal, Regional Forum Chair and Preeti Singh, Regional Director were in Chennai for this occasion. After a brief introduction about the launch of the Chapter by Harish and Vijay, Ashish was called upon to formally launch the Chapter with a Champagne toast. All the 19 new members were invited on stage for the toast. The launch was then followed by the main event – “In conversation with A.Vellayan, Executive Chairman, Murugappa Group.” The talk was moderated by Vivek Chandrasekaran, a Chennai Gateway member. It was a very interesting session with the resource sharing Murugappa Group’s journey to a successful multi-billion dollar conglomerate and his own leadership lessons. The Chennai Gateway Chapter is planning to organize 5 events this calendar year, including a retreat. The two Chapters are also planning several joint events in the coming years. We hope that the Chennai Chapter and Gateway Chennai continue to grow and maintain a healthy relationship for further development and strong connectivity amongst YPOers.

Malavika Harish Lakshman (Spouse, YPO Chennai)

YPO Chennai Gateway


YPO ALLIANCES The South Asia Region is committed to providing extraordinary benefits and value to our members. By developing partnerships and alliances with premier brands, airlines and hotels, we are pleased to bring you exclusive benefits available only to YPO and YPO Gold members. Below is a consolidated list of our current alliance partners, details of which have already been circulated to you. For details of the offers and how to avail of them you may contact your Chapter Manager. Complimentary personalized membership to the Gold Tier of Club ITC. Discount on room rates, F&B, Spa. Offers for forum meetings.


Discount on room rates and Upgrades


Discount on room rates, F&B, alcohol, Spa,

Discount on room rates and F&B



Discount on room rates, F&B, Spa, and upgrades.

Azure Hospitality Group

Enjoy up to 15% off on First and Club World, business class fares and 10% off on World Traveller Plus, premium economy fares for travel from India to UK, US, Canada and Europe.

Discounts on airfares

" "

Club Vistara Gold Card Discounts on airfares


Discount at group restaurants

Discounts on domestic and international fares



" ONE itinerary, ONE fare, choice of FOUR airlines


Discounts on fares

Special pricing offer on membership


! L I F E S T Y L E



15-25% discounts on purchases


Complimentary membership to Riche tier.

The First Step


Date: 6 October 2017 Champions: YNG Ex-Com (Srish, Atishe, Roshni, Sangeetha, Sanjay, Nayaab & Muthu)


Event Rating 9.2

YPO has proven to be an extraordinary resource for professional connections and networking across all industries. Through this event, we encouraged the first step towards building a more informal and open relationship between YNG’ers and YPO’ers, facilitating enthusiasm towards different avenues of business and other opportunities. The intention was to be able to use the connections and the personalities that we have access to through this organization and help shape our professional and personal lives. Unlike a regular YPO event where only one champion is nominated to day chair the event, at YNG, the Ex-Committee extend support in planning each experiential event. Using the concept of “speed dating,” we planned to have multiple one-on-one discussion between select YPO’ers and YNG’ers, with each spending 3 minutes speaking about themselves, their aspirations, goals, and various experiences. During the networking (pre-event) and dinner sessions, various topics and themes discovered during the “speed dating” phase were further explored. The panelists from YPO offered diversity in terms of industry, business backgrounds and personal experiences. During the one-on-one sessions, the panelists took the lead in starting the conversation and also probed the YNG’ers to speak more about what was on their mind or questions they may have. They led the YNG’ers into an easy, uninhibited conversation. Most of us not only got the guidance we came looking for but also new directions and different perspectives on our existing businesses. At the end of the event, the YNG’ers felt closer and more confident about approaching the YPO community for mentorship. Srish Bala Krishna (YNG Chennai)

YNG Regional Forum Launch Championed by Vivek Ishwar, YNG Regional Forum Chair On 9 and 10 September 2017, we had our first regional forum event of the year in Hyderabad with14 YNGs from all over India in attendance. The one-and-a-half-day event consisted of ice breakers, forum training, basic moderator training, forum values, vision, and rules definition, and an evening social. What came out of it was two newly formed mixed gender forums, which have had one meeting each since then. We hope to organize more such events in the year and keep the YNG regional forum spirit alive! Testimonials: Dr. Vritika: I had a great experience at the training session. My whole concept about a forum changed over a few hours of training. Venkat Gaddam: I had a great time at the YNG forum training session in Hyderabad! Being an introvert, I was a bit apprehensive about opening up and sharing my thoughts in a forum set up. I think I made progress and the training with the group was really engaging and helped me open up. The group and especially Sanjay, our coach really made me feel comfortable and grateful for joining the forum.


Learning Inside the Boardroom with Adi Godrej

Continuing with the successful learning format, Pritam Doshi (YPO Bombay) championed YPO South Asia’s Inside the Boardroom with Adi Godrej at the state-of-the-art Godrej One office in Mumbai. The event began with a wholesome lunch at the Vikhroli Social, offering a private networking opportunity to members. Followed by an exclusive interaction with Adi Godrej where he spoke about his entrepreneurial journey, factors which attributed to the success of the Godrej Group from generation to generation, challenges faced by him in the early years and the dynamics of a family run business. Adi Godrej’s daughter, Nisa Godrej (YPO Bombay), Chairperson of Godrej Consumer Products, also joined her father during the interaction. She candidly shared her outlook and perspective of the next generation on running a successful business. It was a once-ina-lifetime opportunity for the attendees to interact with members of the Godrej family across two generations and learn from their life experiences, get an insight into their management practices, values of sustainability and emphasis on greener, cleaner and more energy effective operations. They also touched upon the importance of teamwork, innovation, integrity and corporate social responsibility. This interaction was followed by a tour of the Godrej One office, which is their new global headquarters, at Vikhroli in Mumbai. Attendees were escorted through the 750,000 square feet of open, flexible spaces and world-class amenities with platinum rating for sustainability. After the tour, the participants were taken to Godrej Archives where members witnessed Godrej history and legacy. Overall, the participants had a unique and unparalleled experience in an intimate setting. This format has been very successful in the past and yet again this event offered the attendees with amazing learnings, great conversations and truly an ‘Only-in-YPO’ experience.

ALO Bootcamp South Asia’s First YPO Assistant Learning Officer Bootcamp!

As a new initiative, YPO Regional Learning Officer, Pritam Doshi (YPO Bombay) organised and facilitated a daylong ‘Assistant Learning Officers [ALO] Bootcamp’ in Mumbai on 18 November 2017. We had a fantastic turnout of 19 members and spouses across 13 YPO Chapters. The Bootcamp focused on peer-to-peer connections, planning for their FY19 role as Chapter Learning Officers and sharing of tools and best practices available to support them. Participating in an extremely interactive workshop, the ALOs got comfortable as nervousness transitioned into enthusiasm and excitement! Chapter themes, goals, calendars, resources, sponsorships, events, budgets and lots more was discussed! All the officers are now geared to attend the GLC in Singapore. This unique group of individuals, bring remarkable enthusiasm for their upcoming responsibilities, creativity for their programs and focus to their vision. In their own words, they plan to take Learning to the next level in their chapters! We wish them well in their endeavours! The Regional Learning portfolio is considering making this a recurring program for the ALOs as it seemed to kickstart planning and preparation leading up to the GLC, easing last minute stress.




YPO Gold Joint meeting between South Asia, South East Asia and North Asia At the CLW meeting in Bangkok in April, Hester (South East Asia), Marc (North Asia) and I decided that it would be a good idea for all our REX officers and Chapter Chairs to come together for a joint meeting in Kuala Lumpur. It was felt that our members had started to look for connections beyond their chapter and their region. We outlined the following broad objectives for our meeting: 1. Introduction - Get South Asia REX and Chapter Chairs introduced to their counterparts in North Asia and South East Asia. Expanding the horizons of our members beyond our region would be a huge achievement for us 2. Forums - We can look at setting up super forums for members, spouses and YNG members. 3. Learning - can be a big opportunity if we can develop our members as resources within the region. We can also consider opening up events for our members if they happen to be visiting another chapter in one of our regions. 4. Mentoring - Can we open up mentoring specifically across the three regions? 5. Connection - Chapter Chairs will be able to connect with one another and hopefully we will see member-tomember engagement as well. We could also consider “twinning” of chapters for closer association. 6. Events – We should try to hold one super region joint event each year. 7. Networks and Alliances – Can we look at setting up networks and alliances that address the needs of our three regions? The meeting was held from 27 to 29 October in Kuala Lumpur. Rick Duha, Chair of YPO Gold CRC and YPO board member and Justin Taylor, YPO board member also attended the meeting. We had three joint sessions and each region had separate sessions as well. The Idea Jam, which addressed the following two questions, came up with some interesting insights: •

How can members be actively involved in sourcing qualified candidates for YPO?

What are some key indicators that might signal that it is time to start a new chapter either in a new or existing market?

The interest and excitement of all the participants was palpable. Strong bonds were developed among the members and I am confident we will see a lot of super region forums and events start to take shape. It was agreed that we need to significantly improve communication within our region and beyond. We also agreed to follow up on the meeting by asking the three Regional Chair’s (RC) and the RC Elect to lead the four groups as follows:

1. Ashutosh Garg: Chapter Chairs 2. Marc Castagnet: Events, Family and Spouse Partner 3. Hester Chew: Forum and Membership & Integration 4. Alan Hepburn: Learning, Network & Mentoring group The next three region joint meetings are scheduled for October 2018 in Shanghai. Ashutosh Garg (YPO Gold Delhi & Regional Chair YPO Gold South Asia)

Join a Regional Forum Member/ Spouse Forums • • • •

Great networking Greater cultural diversity of members Lesser conflicts of interest Reduced time commitment (meet 3-4 times a year)

Regional Couples Forums • •

Allows couples to harness the power of forum to build intimacy in their relationships Meets two to three times a year

Professional Spouse Forums/ Male Spouse Forums • • • • •

Business focused Great networking beyond chapters Focused learning Personal growth and support across borders Meet 3- 4 times a year

New Forum Initiatives Forum in Family:

Business Powered by Forum:

“Forum in Family’’  is a highly experiential 4-hour session aimed to enable YPOers to use powerful forum principles to conduct family forum meetings at home with their teenage and young adult children. You will walk away with powerful facilitation techniques and familiarization with forum principles which can be used with your children and other family members on an ongoing basis to conduct family forum meetings which can lead to: • Creation of family vision and norms & Greater trust amongst your family members • Deep sharing and bonding within your family

High performing teams. Inspired by leaders. Powered by Forum.

Audience: YPO South Asia Members and Spouses who have teenage and young adult children and have been part of a Forum for at least six months

Increase trust and transparency, improve engagement and build a stronger business culture.

YPO members who have adapted forum practices and protocol for their businesses see relationships built on trust, greater innovation, productivity and generally, higher-performing trusting teams.

To be rolled out in South Asia for the first time in February 2018, this program will teach you how to shape the culture of your team, regardless of your industry, company size and structure.

Testimonials My journey with PSF in the last 2 years has been wonderful.It has helped me grow professionally and personally. Its given me an opportunity to network with wonderful women from different professional and personal backgrounds which is helping me to enhance my skills. It has become an integral part of my life.

Being involved with Regional Forum for the last 4 years, I can say that its been a challenging experience with different nationalities and ethos of running businesses, terrific exposure to other regions and business insights, found a great group of new friends.

Babita Baidya (YPO Spouse Nepal - Regional PSF)

Nirmal Madanayake (Member, Colombo Chapter)

For more information contact Harsh Bansal (Regional Forum Officer): or Saranya Gogineni (Regional Spouse Forum Officer): or Elaine Chen (Regional Forum Manager, Asia Pacific):


Personal Investing The true nature of investing – has nothing to do with investing Investing in its true sense is a systematic approach towards (first) wealth preservation, and (then) sustainably growing of wealth, over a generation. It is farthest from stock-tips or other financial products in an ad-hoc manner which may tantamount to speculating. In today’s instant coffee world, many of us are tempted to get myopic and don’t adequately understand the implications of what this means. In Einstein’s own words, compounding is the eighth wonder of the world. The most basic flaw that I perceive in today’s approach is ignorance of the frictional costs and  taxes while making investment decisions. Let us do a small and quick trivia here. The First Option: Your wealth manager promises you a product which gives a 20% gross return with a 3% fee and obviously you pay a full tax before you arrive at your net return (all such structured products are always taxable at the highest rate). This also entails making choices on the different bouquet of products on offer, and making them every few years. The Second Option: Your friendly well-wisher advises you to invest in Equity Mutual Funds. The fee here is 1.5% and the returns are tax-free. There is no indicative future return here. Of course you need to choose the right one, and maybe also make some course corrections along the way.  Which option might one take? Well because the human mind likes certainty and cannot handle complexity leading to irrational choices (incidentally there have been many Nobel Laureates who are writing papers on why the ‘rationality’ assumption ought to be questioned while framing Economic Policy), one may end up taking the first option. 20% isn’t bad right? And it’s not just this, but also the variety of products to choose from which gravitates one to go for this option; after all variety is the spice of life! Over a generation (say 25 years), you end up with 17x your initial capital. Not bad! But the other more dull and boring option may multiply your capital to a whopping 70x assuming a 20% return with 1.5% fee and no taxes. Let us scale down the return in the second option to 18% from 20%, and still you get 45x. 16% gives 30x. A mere 13.5% gives you the same 17x as the first option! Very simply, the first option compounds your wealth at 12% even though the promised 20% gross return nudges one to make an inferior choice. The other aspect that needs a little more attention is the idea of risk. Again, since it is harder to quantify risk, very few end up assessing risk in a given investment opportunity. The dominant focus is on the expected return. Unfortunately, life is not as simple. PSU banks didn’t assess risks appropriately and they are almost bankrupt. Well if you think PSUs are doomed anyway, replace PSU with Citibank and we had the same situation a decade ago. And it is in such situations where Warren Buffett makes all his bucks; by pricing risk appropriately; and until he comes up with such pricing, he, in his own words, sits on his ass and sucks his thumb! The last link between us and making a rational choice is the inability to distinguish between taking some action and taking the right action. Just as in business, sometimes the right decision is not to take any decision. And that’s a conscious choice and not indecision or procrastination. But just as they instil aging fear in us to buy creams, similarly peers or wealth managers push us to take some action at all times. Just rocking on a chair doesn’t make us go anywhere except fooling us into believing we are not idling. The investment we make doesn’t know that we have jumped-in and therefore it must only go up, that too in a linear fashion. It almost never works that way. Right now I am getting investment ideas from aunties, my physio, etc. The word risk has been eradicated from the psyche of most people. With due respect, perhaps it is time to take a breather, sit back, and evaluate the risks in any opportunity before pulling the trigger. After all a few slow months or years in a generation would not do much harm. But surely a few reckless decisions can make a big dent. Google Martingale (betting system)! Chaitanya Dalmia (YPO Delhi) Chaitanya has been in the financial markets for almost two decades and has been rated as one of the top investors by Forbes, India


YPO - Learning


Best Community Event:

Best Business Event:

In Conversation with Asaduddin Owaisi & Rajdeep Sardesai

Breaking Barriers Women In Leadership

YPO Pune

YPO Delhi

Learning Officers: Aarti & Gaurav Sekhri Day Chairs: Sonal & Manit Rastogi

Learning Officers: Kiran & Rupali Karnawat Day Chairs: Kiran & Rupali Karnawat

Learning Officers: Aarti & Gaurav Sekhri Day Chairs: Sonal & Manit Rastogi

Best Retreat:

Best Personal Development: Citius Altius Fortius

Best Breakthrough Event: From Twilight to Moonlight

YPO Delhi

Moscow Retreat

YPO Bombay

YPO Calcutta

Full Program New Chapter YPO Greater India

Theme: Transform Through Diversity Learning Officers: Bonita & Vivek Bulchandani

Learning Officers: Samrat & Shalini Zaveri Day Chairs: Samrat & Shalini Zaveri

Learning Officers: Rashmi & Devashish Poddar Day Chairs: Avantika & Raghav Gupta

Full Program: Large Chapter

Full Program: Medium Chapter

Full Program: Small Chapter

Chapter: YPO Bombay

Chapter: YPO Calcutta

Chapter: YPO Kerala

Theme: Unlearn to Learn

Theme: Imagine

Theme: Ascend

Learning Officers: Samrat &

Learning Officers: Rashmi &

Learning Officers: Mithun

Shalini Zaveri

Devashish Poddar

Chittilappailly & Joshna Johnson

Awards YPO Gold - Learning


Best Business Event:

Best Breakthrough Event:

An inspiring interaction with Shri Baba Ram Dev Ji

Amul & Kai Po Che Festival

YPO Gold Mumbai

Learning Officers: Aneeta & Sanjeev Malhotra Day Chairs: Aneeta & Sanjeev Malhotra

YPO Gold Delhi

YPO Gold Mumbai

Learning Officers: Priti & Umesh Saraf Day Chairs: Priti & Umesh Saraf

Best Retreat: Breakfast at Everest YPO Gold Delhi

Learning Officers: Priti & Umesh Saraf Day Chairs: Seema & Vivek Khushalani Natasha & Ajoy Khandheria

Full Program: Large Chapter Chapter: YPO Gold Mumbai Theme: Stay Relevant! Learning Officers: Aneeta & Sanjeev Malhotra

Best Personal Development: The Life & Times of Sanjay Dutt

Learning Officers: Aneeta & Sanjeev Malhotra Day Chairs: Aneeta & Sanjeev Malhotra

Best Community Event: In Conversation with Mr. Amitabh Kant, Niti Ayog

YPO Gold Delhi

Learning Officers: Priti & Umesh Saraf Day Chairs: Preah & Devin Narang

Full Program: Medium Chapter Chapter: YPO Gold Bangalore Theme: Let’s Rediscover Ourselves, Together Learning Officers: Shubha and Sheshagiri Kulkarni


YPO - Forum


YNG Awards

Best Chapter Forum Health Chapter: YPO Greater India Officer: Parikshith Jhaver

Best Chapter Forum Innovation Chapter: YPO Bombay Officer: Namrata Shroff YNG Full Program Event: YNG Full Program Chapter: YPO Gold Mumbai

Best Chapter Forum Innovation Forum

Officer: Bela Dalal Day Chair: Bela Dalal

Chapter: YPO Gold South Asia Officer: Malvika Rai Best Spouse Forum

Best YNG Event: Chennai Shark Tank

Chapter: YPO Chennai

Chapter: YPO Chennai

Officer: Deepa Arvind

Day Chairs: Muthu V. & Pavitra Sriprakash Deepali & Vinish Goyal

YPO Family and Spouse Partner Awards

Parent-Child Chapter: YPO Chennai Event: Amazing Andamans Officer: Meenakshi Ramesh Day Chairs: Sara & Harsha Viji

Best Family Retreat

SP Full Program Chapter: YPO Gold Bangalore Event: SP Full Program Officer: Dr. Arti Mody Day Chair: Dr. Arti Mody

SP Best Personal Development Chapter: YPO Gold Bangalore Event: Flower Power Officer: Dr. Arti Mody Day Chair: Dr. Arti Mody

SP Best Experiential Chapter: YPO Gold Bangalore Event: Sacred Dance & Whirling Mandala Officer: Dr. Arti Mody Day Chair: Dr. Arti Mody

SP Full Program Chapter: YPO Kerala Event: SP Full Program Officer: Joshna Johnson Day Chair: Joshna Johnson

SP Best Personal Development Chapter: YPO Kerala Event: Meditation & Mindfulness Practices Officer: Joshna Johnson Day Chair: Joshna Johnson

SP Best Experiential Chapter: YPO Rajasthan Event: Legally Blonde Officer: Archana Saboo Day Chair: Archana Saboo

Chapter: YPO Chennai Event: Eat, Pray, Love Officer: Meenakshi Ramesh Day Chair: Meenakshi & Ramesh Mangaleswaran

Best Day Event Chapter: YPO Gold Calcutta Event: Holi ke Rang Parivar ke Sang Officer: Prashant Goenka Day Chair: Vivek Kajaria

Best Family Day Chapter: YPO Kerala Event: Back To Kuttikalam Officer: Alex Ninan Day Chair: Nisha & Alex Ninan

Best Youth Only Chapter: YPO Bombay Event: Absolute Champion Officer: Ami Ambani Day Chair: Ami Ambani



Deal Talks at Hyderabad - 20 Sept 2017 Day Chair: Hari Buggana (YPO Hyderabad)

Event Rating 9.2

Another successful Deal Talk event at Hyderabad – big thanks to Hari Buggana (YPO Hyderabad) Regional Network Chair, Deal Network, for organizing it. Special thanks go out to Deal Moderator and Deal Series Chair, Tim Brown (YPO Rocky Mountain) who flew in to moderate and ensure a powerful and valuable experience for all concerned. He was accompanied by David Spencer (YPO ASEAN United), Deal Network Super Regional Chair for Asia.

A look back at our highly successful Deal Talk Series Tour in South Asia!

One of Deal Network’s most effective business tools and a mainstay of our member’s continued transactional success - the Deal Talk Series, continues to help YPO members engage, learn and create powerful peer-to-peer connections. Three cities in the South Asia region, guided by expert moderator and Deal Talk Series Chair, Tim Brown (YPO Rocky Mountain, YPO Aspen) and David Spencer (YPO ASEAN United), Deal Network Super-Regional Chair for APAC, played host to this unique in-person business event and in just a matter of hours, members were able to engage and assist one another, forging invaluable business connections. “I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the Deal Talk series. It brought immense and otherwise latent potential amongst members to bring value to each other’s business. This can only happen under the YPO umbrella, given the confidentiality and spirit of cohesion we worked in around the table.” Priti Gupta (YPO Mumbai Connect) The South Asian leg of the Deal Talk Series kicked off in Mumbai on September 18, before heading to Bangalore on September 19 and finishing off in Hyderabad on September 20.

Regional Chapter Network Officers Meet An in-person strategy meeting and training for all YPO and YPO Gold CNOs was held on 26 -27 September 2017, at Mumbai


Members in the News Anant Bajaj (YPO Mumbai Connect) Anant Bajaj, Joint Managing Director of Bajaj Electricals believes his organization has always been light years ahead of the competition. Way back in 2003, the company created the CIDCO Kharagar electric circle when the concept of smart lighting was but a whisper. The FMEG company, as Bajaj likes to call it, has been lighting up iconic city buildings and landmarks like the CST station, Worli sea face, Rajabai clock tower and Wankhede cricket stadium. Bajaj officially started his journey in the family-owned co mpany in 1999. However, he jests that he was unpaid, "not even a stipend" as a salesperson in the company since 1996. Having been instrumental in setting up the company's website two decades ago, Bajaj says he has been lucky in identifying the right trends before they came into vogue. The future holds many mysteries and he cannot wait to unravel them. A self-confessed tech geek, the joint MD of Bajaj Electricals has been exploring new age technology, which he possesses "exclusively". One of them, Bajaj tells ET Panache, is a self-healing polymer. "Can you imagine a world where you will not require medicines to heal a wound? The technology already exists, but it is not available commercially yet. However, I have already tested it," he said. Bajaj added that the polymer was injected into him and now he can track what's going on in his body through an app on his phone.  While medical technology has caught his attention, it's a Star Trek-esque transporter that Bajaj would want to see turn into reality. Wouldn't we all?  Read more at:

Nitish Mittersain (YPO Mumbai Connect) Nitish Mittersain, MD & Founder of Nazara Games , India’s largest gaming publisher is based out of Mumbai, India and has operations in 61 countries across emerging markets. Nazara products & services span the entire gaming ecosystem right from casual mobile games to the fast developing world of esports. Nazara works with well known personalities and brands such as Virat Kohli, Hrithik Roshan, Chhota Bheem, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Motu Patlu, Mighty Raju & Amar Chitra Katha and has been the fastest growing publisher in 2016 (by downloads) in India on Google Play. Times of India recently reported that Nazara Technologies is preparing for an IPO in early 2018, making it the first gaming company in India to tap the capital markets with an estimated market capitalization of Rs 3500 crores. According to Nitish, the mobile-first digital entertainment opportunity in emerging markets, with a reach of over 2 billion consumer, is massive. Given that a large part of the growth in emerging markets is still ahead of us, Nazara is focused on continuing to execute its vision at a fast pace,” said Mittersain. Read more on

Sasha Mirchandani (YPO Bombay)

Members in the News

Sasha Mirchandani of Kae Capital belongs to the family of

entrepreneurs that built the Onida brand, ground up. His family started MIRC Electronics and created the Onida brand — one of the most aspirational TV brands of the 1980s. Sasha also started his training as an entrepreneur at MIRC Electronics and worked there till 2002. Later, when the company decided to separate ownership and management, Sasha moved out. He started his own BPO business which he ran till 2006 and then joined BlueRun Ventures (formerly Nokia Ventures), where he worked till 2011. Today he is the founder and MD of Kae Capital, a VC firm that makes investments in early- to mid-stage companies.

Recently, Kae Capital closed its second fund with a corpus of $55 million, exceeding the initial target of $40 million as it got the backing of some of the country’s top entrepreneurs and global Fortune 500 companies as well. With the new fund, Kae Capital will also invest in nontech consumer brand startups besides continuing the focus of backing consumer internet and software startups. Kae has already made such investments backing companies like nutraceuticals maker Innovcare and Timla Foods, makers of ready-to-eat popcorn sold under the brand PopiCorn. Kae has also invested in 1MG, an online pharmacy among others. Mirchandani was one of the first angel investors in the country backing companies like analytics player Fractal, mobile advertising player InMobi and online fashion retailer Myntra. He formalised his angel investment by setting up Kae Capital, which raised its debut fund of $25 million in 2012 and now manages $80Mn. Read more at:

Young Achiever Eesha Chordia, daughter of Sagar and Shribala Chordia (YPO Pune) Eesha is a 14-year-old budding artist and has been art inclined from age of 7. Just recently, her artistic spirit has found international recognition. Eesha’s creative and inspiring designs are now part of the prestigious 2018 INKIOSTRO BIANCO Catalogue – a leading Italian design house known for its innovative interior wall coverings. Eesha is now the youngest designer worldwide to feature in this international catalogue. Congratulations Eesha on this achievement!



New Members YPO Chennai Gateway Name: Samir T Mappillai       Industry: Manufacturing       Company: MRF Corp Ltd.        Family: Spouse: Shweta Children: Nihara Interests: Travel, Golf         What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? Belonging to a 7 decade old family business that continues to be an industry leader, I could give insights into what makes our family business relevant/ competitive. Name: Jaikumar Krishnasamy           Industry: Integrated Textile Manufacturer from Yarn to Garments Company: Sri Saravana Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd.         Family: Spouse: Vanitha Children: Nithin and Sanchanaa Interests:  Business / Books / Holidaying           What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? Experience of 22 years in managing and scaling up a labor and capital intensive manufacturing business

Name: Muthu Murugappan      Industry: Nutraceuticals Company: E.I.D. Parry (India) Limited     Family: Spouse: Solachi Interests: Sport, Yoga, Travel and Music What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO?  Good experience in working across different cultures and well travelled. Have worked in a number of industries – Ceramic Materials, Health & Wellness, FMCG

Name: Arundathi Krishna         Industry: Automotive Components Manufacturing​​      Company: TVS Upasana Limited       Family: Spouse: Vinod  Children: Kavya and Maya  What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? People Management, especially in an industrial environment.

New Members

YPO Punjab


Name: Vishal Anand             Industry: Automotive, Education, Real Estate and Media                Company: Anand Autocare Pvt ltd     Family:  Spouse: Nishtha Children: Vivaan and Anay         What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO?  I am a social entrepreneur and enabler. I strongly believe in the immense potential that rural and semi-urban India holds. My core USP lies in being an enabler to institutions, corporates and, most importantly, individuals.

YPO Bangalore Name: Andy Khandwala Industry: Hi technology electronic components and sub-systems Company: Syratron Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Family: Spouse: Priya Children: Jay and Ananya Interests: Golf, Photography, Rum, Travel What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? More than 25 years of experience in technology marketing, running complex sales organizations and consulting in transfer of technology arrangements. Cross cultural negotiations and international business development goes hand-in-hand with the above. Name: Sanjay Wadhwa Industry: Engineering and Manufacturing Company: Nash Industries Pvt Limited Family: Spouse: Nain Children: Jeev and Saachi Interests: Running , Golf What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? My keen interest from a business side lies in exploring what Industry 4.0 has to offer in terms of opportunity and impact and would look to further that. Name: Siddharth Sood Industry: Outdoor Products Company: Wildcraft Family: Spouse: Amita Children: Nishka Interests: Travel, Food, Books What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? •

Building a Consumer Brand in India from the ground up.

Experience in Capital raising & Deal structuring.


New Members YPO Bombay Name: Sandeep Naik Industry: Private Equity Company: General Atlantic Pvt. Ltd Family: Spouse: Dr. Bhakti Children: Naman and Kian What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? Working with entrepreneurs all over the world and helping them scale their companies. Having been an entrepreneur myself and an investor now, I understand and can help on both sides of this equation.

Name: Shaunak Amin Industry: Manufacturing Company: Shreno Limited (Alembic Group Company ) Family: Spouse: Krupa Children: Naintara and Inaaya What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? Have a passion for organisation building, through strategic re-orientation, team building, and constantly working on combining the two with the right culture throughout the entire company. For driving both short and long term business objectives, to create value for shareholders.

Name: Sumeet Narang Industry: Private Equity Company: Samara Capital Family: Spouse: Shivani Children: Sidharth and Shreya What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? I bring strong mid-market control oriented private equity investing skills in situations of both management buy-outs and buy-ins.

Name: Vishal Kampani Industry: Financial Services Company: JM Financial Limited Family: Spouse: Madhu Children: Shiv and Avantika Interests: Playing Chess What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? My 20 year career in managing capital market, private equity, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring transactions brings to YPO an individual, who has immense experience and value in finding creative solutions to complex business and finance problems.

YPO Greater India

New Members


Name: Gaurav Atha Industry: Mining (Iron Ore & Coal), Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind)         Company: M/s. Narbheram Power & Steel Pvt. Ltd.       Family: Spouse: Grishma         Interests:Travel, Food, Sports, Business Investing.     What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? I am here for collaborative learning and could bring a balanced view on the energy and on global resource industry to the chapter and business in Africa and general risk management are my key skills. Name: Kartikeya Kalani    Industry: Technical Textiles    Company: Flexituff International Limited    Family: Spouse: Devakshi Interests: Travelling, Cooking and Cricket

YPO Calcutta

What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? Having spent a decade studying in UK and the US, I believe I can bring an international perspective to YPO. I started my career on the factory floor which has enabled me to understand the production process and become a useful problem solver. Additionally having to manage people who are significantly older and more experienced than me has taught me how to be tactful and manage large teams. Name: Siddharth Bansal          Industry: Plastics          Company: Skipper Limited Family: Spouse: Shruti Interests: Networking, Travelling, Golfing.         What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? I believe in the concept that knowledge multiplies when shared. I’ve joined YPO to share as well as learn. I plan to be actively involved and I’m sure over time I’ll prove to be a good asset to the organization. Name: Aditya Khaitan Industry: Tea    Company: McLeod Russel India Ltd     Family: Spouse: Kavita Children: Apurvi and Akhil Interests: Playing Golf What is the special skill or USP you bring to YPO? Having been in active business for over 30 years I bring in the experience of managing the business environment and building of a world class company. With my in-depth experience in management and other related areas I believe in a set of values and commitment and I impart the same to those I lead and guide to building successful relationships in business.

Leadership. Learning. Lifelong.



Global Leadership Conference (GLC) 5-7 March 2018 SINGAPORE



Chapter Leadership Workshop (CLW) 15-16 April 2018 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA

Chapter Leadership Workshop (CLW) 25-26 April 2018 GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, UK




FY18-19 OFFICER POSITIONS Chapter Chairs (CCW) Chapter Learning Officers (LOW) Chapter Assistant Learning Officers (ALOW)


Chapter Membership Officers (MOW-YPO) Chapter Member Engagement Officers – (MEOW) replaces Chapter Network Officers and Membership & Integration Officers (YPO Gold)

Chapter Forum Officers (FOW) Chapter Spouse Forum Officers (SFOW) Network Forum Officers (NFOW) Chapter Family Officers (FamOW) and Chapter Spouse/Partner Officers (SPOW) Regional Officers (ROW) Regional Chairs, Regional Area Officers, Regional Learning Officers, Regional Membership Officers (YPO), Regional Member Engagement Officers (replaces Regional Network Officers and Regional Membership Officers (YPO Gold)), Regional Forum Officers, Regional Network & Events Officers (formerly Regional Events Officers), Regional Family Officers, Regional Spouse Forum Officers, Regional Spouse/Partner Officers

Network Officers (NOW) Network Chairs, Network Vice Chairs, Network Learning Officers, Network Engagement Officers (based on network size)

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