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“More theatre! More brave theatre with insightful messages and lessons to be learned.” – 24, SA – -----

“I would like to see more work that incorporates & engages people from broader groups in society; theatre for non-theatre audiences” – 21, qld –

“A more diverse crowd at all types of performances – including young people enjoying classic theatre, and older people appreciating new, modern theatre.” – 22, SA – -----

“More young people and children being exposed to theatre as a tool to create social dialogues.” – 22, act –

“I would also like our youth to have the opportunity to devise and co-create more new works that provide them with a voice” – 24, NSW – -----

“An open, transparent union of artists and organisations that encourages national growth.” – 25, NT –

“Colour-blind casting. I want to see an Aboriginal Hamlet!” – 24, SA – -----

“More shows to regional areas.” – 22, QLD – -----

“Female and indigenous artists being well represented.” – 20, SA – -----

“Reduce red tape and administration costs necessary to be a small arts company in Australia” – 24, NSW –

“To break the stereotypes around the kinds of people who create or enjoy art.” – 22, SA – -----

“I would like to see young Australian theatre practitioners embrace, celebrate and exploit the power theatre holds and cause theatre to become an essential part of our artistic culture. One that we can relate to and be proud of” – 23, WA – -----

“More encouragement and more opportunities [for young people] to enter an arts based career path.” – 21, tas –

“The future of theatre depends on grassroots productions growing in the reach they have within the community” – 21, NT – -----

“I would love to see more outreach programs designed to give disadvantaged communities, particularly youth, an opportunity to both experience and be involved in drama and theatre” – 24, NSW – -----

“I would like to see Australian young people and children with equitable access to their share of high-quality theatre” – 25, QLD –

“I would like more trust from audiences that even though I am young I can still create sophisticated, important work that should be seen and appreciated.” 20, sa

“In the future, I would like to see all states and territories in Australia recognise the value and benefits of youth arts and formally support it through government policy and funding structures.” 21, qld

“I want to be involved with theatre that is about a strong and intimate relationship between the storytellers and the audience.” – 21, ACT – -----

“Theatre provides a great platform to create dialogue and I would like to see more young Australians join the conversation.” – 22, ACT – -----

“I would love to see a more young and diverse theatre-going crowd.” – 22, SA –

“I would like to see more contemporary Australian stories being told, particularly Indigenous and rural stories” – 20, SA – It would be great to have a program about arts careers attached to school. I wasn’t told [in my regional town] there was a possibility of an arts career properly until I was twenty! Most parents I would think are against it, so who is going to support and inspire those who don’t understand the path? – 23, QLD –

“Funding initiatives should “I would like to see a put more focus on more promising future in creating quality processes the theatre industry, not of engagement and give just in major cities, but artsworkers the freedom in the regional areas of to genuinely listen to Australia as well” what young people want & – 20, WA – need, rather than forcing ----artificial outcomes” – 21, qld – “More accessible and ----consistent spaces “I would like to see more that youth theatre theatre companies working groups can provide for to help create pathways their workshops and for new graduates” – 24, sa – rehearsals.” – 24, NSW –

“Mental space is important... not having your mind full of questions and statements such as ‘Will this sell to an audience?’, ‘Why am I working for $3.50 an hour?’, ‘How will I get this staged anywhere bigger than my bedroom?’ and ‘I have 5 huge grant applications due this week!’. I often dedicate so much time to these thoughts that I’m not artistically present for major parts of my own productions.” 24, NSW

“There should be Centrelink available for artists...Auditions, art creation, networking events, pitching and training should all be recognised as legitimate job-seeking activities.” – 21, QLD –

“More opportunities for Mentorships for young people to be able to practice in the arts and to learn directly from our Industry Professionals.” – 24, NSW –

“Short courses in effective grant application writing particularly for small or emerging independent theatre companies.” – 23, NSW –

“Being a circus performer, it is very hard to find an insurance company to cover me. I have one such insurance company, however it doesn’t cover me when I hire out venues. So every venue I book needs to have insurance that can cover me while I’m performing there, which makes it hard.” – 23, QLD – -----

“Artist in Schools programs are fantastic, particularly when these programs can be sustained through training teachers” – 24, NSW –

“drama programs (can be used) as a tool to create and develop inclusive communities, awareness of cultures, and opportunities to access drama and the Arts.” – 24, NSW – -----

“I think a lack of transparency in the industry is a major barrier in accessing the arts, as well as the vastness of country, touring expense and unwillingness / inability to collaborate.” – 25, NT –

“Sometimes all artists need is psychological support – government policy and grants do more than just fund the arts, they re-assert the value of the arts which can serve to bolster confidence within art communities to continue creating their work.” “To be an effective artist working within the theatre the most important resource is space, both physically and mentally.”

“We need more spaces like La Mama. Venues that offer opportunities for emerging artists to use their place of performance to put on shows, and with them, offer a tech and a percentage of the box office. Venues are too overpriced, and I believe if there were more initiatives available, to assist with funding, such as a kind of venue rent-assistance, that would prove to be effective with creating more new exciting work.” – 24, SA –

“We need to be more self-sufficient as an industry, not only for ourselves, but to help educate those less fortunate or with not as much knowledge of the system to do them same and stand up for the work they are hoping to achieve, and I firmly believe that this National Cultural Policy will assist with that.” – 24, SA – -----

“More guidance and feedback from funding bodies when applying for, and being either successful or unsuccessful with applications.” – 24, NSW –



“I believe the digital frontier is currently our greatest challenge...and yet it could also be the major player in bringing regional arts to the national stage” – 25, NT – -----

“The arts precinct (in my hometown) lacks access to industry professionals and in turn, this can effect the professional development of emerging artists” – 23, QLD –

“I would ask him to come and experience youth theatre and the effect it can have on an audience, especially other young people.” – 21, SA – -----

“I’m very glad that someone has finally brought forward a proposal about changing the way Australia is culturally functioning. Thank you for asking us what we want from this, and how we want it all to work.” – 24, SA –

“Encouraging young people to explore themselves, their lives and express themselves through the arts will lead to a much healthier, well rounded society. It’s an integral part of our culture and needs to be nurtured”. – 22, SA – -----

“There needs to be a theatre company in Darwin if we are to build on our links with Asia. This company needs to be funded in a way that it is fully supported until such a time as it can attract sponsorship through demonstrating past successes.” – 25, NT –

24, SA “I believe we need to build a culture of philanthropy in Regional Australia. Our resource dollar, which is ‘harvested’ locally, is being used to fund bigger companies in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Whilst these companies also need support, perhaps the dollar should stay local and the government can go part of the ways to bridging this discussion by encouraging community investment.” – 25, NT – -----

“(How can the government) build and encourage a culture of philanthropy.” – 25, NT –

“I am hoping that Simon Crean will follow through with the ideas he has within this new policy, and the performers, creators, and audiences within Australia can have a revitalised industry to re-create and help flourish.”


â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are not enough stories being told about this amazing culture. As an Indigenous young person we are in dire need of stories and history, because too much of it is being lost. theatre is such an effective way to educate people of our history. To appreciate the struggle, to vent and feel like these people are being heard. Although we have wonderful dreaming and family stories being passed down through visual arts, there are a lot of unmotivated performers and directors within this culture who are feeling like there are no avenues for them. We should be proud of these wonderful ancestors and the survival of both white and Indigenous Australians. Moreso than any cheesy imported musical or stuffy history that belongs to some other country, we need to remember the custodians of this land, and give them access to mentorships, internships, further funding, and any other assistance required to help them emerge into the arts. And even to assist companies such as Ilbijerri in Melbourne to create more works for main stage and school projects, as it is a vital part of our country.â&#x20AC;? 24, SA

“We need to get back to appealing to the youth within society, create and develop shows that are more appealing to them, with valid points and experiences that they can relate to and learn from, and they will grow to love theatre as a place they can observe mistakes and consequences without having to make them, and to most importantly, never ever be judged for it.” – 24, sa – -----

“I love the intimacy of theatre and the way audiences are confronted by new worlds within a single room” – 22, ACT –

“I like the potential for social change/ benefits for the community, especially small communities”. – 20, SA – -----

“I would argue that programmers are being too safe. Program unexpected, amazing work and audiences will come.” – 24, nsw – -----

“I think it’s important that we help people who are not involved directly in the arts understand how powerful art (especially youth art) can be.” – 20, SA –


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