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MAY 2014 路 EPISODE 11

#DOINGITRIGHT RAPTORS #FTW on and off the court this season


$3.2 MILLION deal makes Dr. Dre the richest man in rap


A-1 Sauce breaks up with steak



The Youzus Report

CREATIVE DRIVER What an incredible month! This was truly a month of transformation. It started with a weekend course at Landmark and ended with not only two new office spaces, but some new players on our team – and to say they are rock stars would be an understatement. It’s funny because just when I thought I was trekking along at a relatively good (persistent) speed, life threw me a pair of pliers and said, “Nope, you’ve got more work to do.” And as I sit here and write this and think about all the amazing things that are happening around me, I still can’t help but wonder, “What does this all mean? NOW what I am suppose to do?” But then I remember, this is how all of my transformations start. It starts with a thirst for knowledge and I just constantly need to remain hungry. So I encourage you, our readers, to remain hungry in all you do and never settle for anything less than an answer that you are 100% satisfied with. If your life is not going the way you imagined it, it’s never too late and it’s never too early; you simply just have to begin.

In the famous words of Steve Jobs: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.



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PR News’ Social Media Summit with Taste of Tech + SEO Workshop Grand Hyatt, New York


Digital Video Strategy for Marketers Seminar The Advocates’ Society Education Centre, 250 Yonge St., Suite 2700 Toronto, ON


Social Media 101 Workshop Holiday Inn Toronto Yorkdale 3450 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON


Social Media Strategies Summit New York, NY


Corporate Social Media Summit New York, NY

TWITTER GOES MUTE Now you can MUTE those annoying tweets! BY: @VIVIANAMY We all have that particular friend who tweets pretty much every second of the day about every little detail of their life. So annoying, right? Your Twitter feed gets flooded with all these useless tweets… like seriously, you just want to yell, “NOBODY CARES!!” How great would it be to just click that “Unfollow” button? But, with social media being such a big part of our daily lives, this friend that you would love to “unfollow” could take it as a sign of the end of your friendship. THANK YOU Twitter team because now you can finally “mute” that friend, or anyone you don’t care enough about to have constant updates on. As of Monday, May 12, 2014, Twitter introduced a mute option that allows Twitter users to selectively customize the content they see in their Newsfeeds. What’s the upside of this? 1. You won’t have to unfollow the user, and 2. The “muted” user won’t even know that you’ve muted them. Now you won’t have to read about every thought that runs through their head or unfollow them and hurt their feelings. That’s a win-win in our books!


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On The Run Tour One of the most powerful couples in music are on the run with our money as ‘Jayoncé’ has officially announced their North American summer tour together (O-M-G, totally fangirl-ing right now).

They are set to start in Miami in June, and will make stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, and New Jersey before ending their tour in San Fran in August. Both Jay-Z and Beyoncé have extraordinary and creative performance concepts, being the remarkable artists that they are, so we eagerly await to see what they have in store for us (hopefully some old school Bonnie & Clyde <3).


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Cristina’s Big Farewell One of the best TV characters in the history of TV shows has bid farewell. Cristina Yang, from the popular medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, says

goodbye to the show after 10 seasons. Many fans

shed tears, as Yang was one of the most influential TV characters of this day. She is brutally honest, intelligent (and she knew it), practical, confident, so emotionless yet so emotional, and last but not least the best, best friend ever. Thank you Sandra Oh, for playing one of the wisest TV characters ever made – you will be missed!

Barbara Walters Says Goodbye to ‘The View’ After

16 years of co-hosting the daytime talk show, Barbara Walters leaves The View. For

her final show, all co-hosts past and present came together to celebrate all the great memories they have made on the show, marking the very first time in history that all 11 co-hosts were reunited. Although Barbara is saying goodbye as co-host, she will still continue to be the executive producer of The View.

84 years old and still working hard – inspiring! 7

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You deserve a personalized tailored approach when insuring your valuables. At JSB Insurance our experts offer one on one advice and care for your home, business, and family. Our service isn't limited to your policy purchase as we go above and beyond to ensure you have the best coverage based on your evolving needs.

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CMYK / .ai

Facebook “f ” Logo

CMYK / .ai

7320 King George Blvd, Unit 110, Surrey BC, V3W 5A5 | T 604-592-5454 | E 8 The Youzus Report


APPLE BUYS BY: @PRIYAAMM We’ve all been there; You just bought the new iPhone, shiny out of the box with all it’s beautiful features, but what’s the draw back? - those sucky headphones it comes with. Well it seems like Apple decided enough is enough and bought the leading name in all things music; Dr. Dre’s beats for $3.2 billion dollars! Peter Csathy, former president of Musicmatch says “ Beats had a unique brand- it speaks to a nice young demographic, which is really interesting to marketers,”. This investment would bring great success to Apple as well seeing as Beats represents a lifestyle among youth in society today, more immersed in media along with serving it’s purpose in hardware and music.

This could be the opportunity Dr. Dre was waiting for all along, seeing that this offer now put him on the top of FORBES latest rankings of hip-hop’s richest artists. He claimed second position as his net worth soared to an estimated $550 million. The Financial Times reported that Apple’s deal would be the artist’s largest acquirement ever. It will double the value of Dre’s possessions, though capital gains taxes could take a bite out of his big payday, likely leaving him with a net worth around $800 million. It would easily make him hip-hop’s richest man, beating current champion P-Diddy by $100 million.


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The Raptors win! Well, at least in our books. They may not be NBA champions but they definitely win the prestigious award of #DoingItRight for PR & social media. From a strong hashtag that went viral internationally to lint rollers, this season was like no other. This has not only been an incredible season for the boys on the court but also an amazing experience for those cheering them on. Fans and bandwagoners alike came together on Twitter and Facebook to create one of the biggest team hashtags endorsed by Drake, #WeTheNorth. It is always important for traditional PR and social media to go hand in hand and this is exactly what the Raptors media team did. With a TV commercial, posters, and an online hashtag, they created an international campaign that pushed the Raptors to the front page of NBA stories. The campaign brought Toronto together as a community; even our competitors were jealous, as Pierce and Garnett from the Brooklyn Nets tweeted and talked about how they wished their fans were the same. The Raptors really looked at fan passion and used it to better push the team and its media.


The Youzus Report

The winner of this story isn’t only the Raptors; we’ll have to give some credit to real time campaigns played out by both Bounce and Ikea. Lint rollers have never been so popular. Thanks to Drake trying to stay fresh at a game and rolling away at his pants, lint rollers are almost as famous as Rob Ford. The video of Drake cleaning his pants went viral within minutes, and of course Twitter blew up with fans asking if there will be OVO lint rollers at the next game. In walks Bounce – a company whose target usually is moms switched up the game by providing fans OVO branded lint rollers! It didn’t stop there. Ikea, although not the official sponsor, made a cameo across the street with their own take on lint rollers. It went as far as making it into top news internationally. Within days, both companies turned around a product and created buzz around their brand. Simply put, it was almost as amazing as DeRozan’s left handed dunk! It does sadden us that the Raptors lost, especially with all this good PR, but we couldn’t agree more with Bryon Abalos’, actor/playwriter and fan since ‘95, love letter to the Raptors,

“I’m not sad anymore. I’m proud. I’m proud that Lowry was still wearing his uniform 45 minutes after the game. I’m proud of how quickly the silence of the loss was replaced by applause and gratitude for an unforgettable season. I’m proud that Torontonians came out to support the individual and collective efforts of a team that reminded us what it was like to be passionate about something. I’m proud. And I’m thankful. Because I got to be a part of it. Stand up Raptor Nation… this isn’t the end. This is the beginning.” ‘Till next time, Toronto! #WeTheNorth #OVOLintRoller #NoLintInOurHouse #NortherUprising Byron Abalos is an actor, playwright and co-creator of the 6th Man Collective’s MONDAY NIGHTS, an interactive basketball and theatre performance. To read the full Love Letter to The Raptors visit


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You’ve turned thirty and you’re satisfied with everything you’ve accomplished. You are in a serious relationship - thinking about marriage, you’re making a decent wage, and you just went on a shopping spree and bought yourself a nice new doublebreasted suit. Life is as good as it gets. Wrong. Facebook CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is making an annual salary of $1.00 and owns a total of three hoodies. Yet, his net worth is $25.3 billion. This man whose legacy turned 10 years old this year has just turned 30! He has created more of an impact on the world within 1/3 of his life than, hate to say it, any of us will in our lifetime!

Happy Birthday Mark, you rich man! This infographic by Mashable compares your average 30 year old Joe to the man himself, Mark Zuckerberg.


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The Youzus Report

Have an idea that could change the world? The Next Einstein is a place where North Americans can be inspired and inspire others to think, share and discuss ideas on how to make the world a better place. We want to do more than talk about change, we want to facilitate it. The most original, innovative and feasible ideas as selected by our judging panel, will win cash prizes, mentorships and scholarships. These prizes will help take innovative ideas from the drawing board to the real world. You could win;

• • • •

$10,000 Seed Money and Start- Up Program $5,000 Schlorshop to Draper University of Heroes $5,000 Fellowship to the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University Bernard Persiko & Darren Kendal Merit Student Schlorship at The Hebrew University- up to $15,000 | thenexteinstein | @TheNxt_Einstein | @TheNxt_Einstein 14

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SUPERWOMAN Everyday Lilly Singh aka Superwoman influences youth globally with comedy and her positive outlook on life. Her YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and her fame has taken her places she’s only dreamt of. We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lilly about social media and what’s next for this YouTube star. INTERVIEW BY @PUJSTER


The Youzus Report


The Youzus Report

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how/ why you got started with YouTube? I’m a 25 year old unicorn who loves to be in a studio, behind a camera or on a stage. I grew up in Scarborough, ON in a very multicultural community, which is often reflected in my videos. Growing up I dreaded the idea of having a 9-5 office job and as a result I had a really difficult time choosing a direction in school. After 4 years of studying, deferring exams and forcing myself to read things I wasn’t interested in, I obtained a psychology degree. I was faced with the decision to either get a job or obtain my master’s degree, the latter being a choice my dad was very keen on. During this time I was also coming out of a severe depression and really wanted to genuinely do something for myself. At this point I had only a few videos on YouTube and something told me to continue on this path. I decided that I wanted to be a full time entertainer because I knew first hand how important it was to laugh during the hardest times. I rounded up the courage to tell my parents and they said the best thing ever: “If you want to do it, do it well.” And here I am. I haven’t been kicked out yet so I think I’m doing well!

You’re very inspirational and give motivation to young people everyday what motivates you? Thanks for the compliment! A number of things/ people motivate me actually. At the top of the list is definitely my mother. She’s the strongest person I know and I don’t even think she realizes how many wonderful things she’s taught me. I get a lot of my confidence because of her. One of my biggest motivations for succeeding is to hopefully give back to her in whichever ways I can. Also, a lot of my viewers and supporters don’t realize that when they ask me “who motivates you?” the answer is them! I have a great relationship with my viewers because although we don’t know eachother personally, we treat each other like family. Reading emails and hearing stories firsthand about how I’ve changed someone’s life or helped them out of a difficult time really motivates me to continue doing what I do. After all, that’s why I started.


The Youzus Report

If you had to pick one social media channel outside of YouTube what would it be? Oh no. This question has me sweating. I think I’m going to have to go with Instagram just because I am such a poser. Also, the captions could replace tweeting I guess? Right? Ugh, don’t tell twitter I said that.

What are your top 3 favourite YouTube channel?

What advice would you give to young people following in your footsteps? Don’t follow in my footsteps because you’re soawesome and unique that you deserve your own fresh pair of footsteps. Whatever your dream is, decide it and then work really hard to achieve it. Having said, I would tell anyone striving to be in the public eye/entertainment industry that they should be well aware of its pros and cons. I get to travel the world, meet wonderful people and of course recognition always feels great, but the job has its downfalls as well. It is tiring, a lot of hard work and you will be constantly judged no matter what you do. Also, gaining fame on the internet can be exceptionally harsh and you need really thick skin. Ultimately I would say, love what you do more than what you are scared about other people think and reach for the stars.

Sweating again. I love a lot of YouTubers because I know exactly how hard it is to put yourself on such a huge platform to be judged by the world. My top 3 would have to be Kingsley, It’s Grace and Jenna Marbles. That decision is not only based on their awesome content but also on the fact that they’re genuinely wonderful people off camera as well. But again, I could list 20 channels I love easily.

What’s next for iiSuperwomanii? Hopefully not unemployment! I have so many projects and opportunities floating around and I’m trying to get my foot into all of them. I have no idea where exactly I’ll end up but I would love to try acting on a more serious level. I also want to give my rapping a serious chance because I enjoy writing music so much. Amongst all else I’ll still be making my YouTube videos every Monday and Thursday (wuddup shameless plug?!) and travelling the world meeting awesomesauce people.

What’s your proudest achievement? Growing up I was obsessed with Madhuri Dixit. I must have watched her film “Hum Apke Hain Kyoon” at least 20 times. Every picture of me as a child around my house is of me doing her signature dance move from that movie. Yeah, I had issues. During my recent trip to Mumbai I not only got the opportunity to meet her but to work with her. She featured in one of my YouTube videos and it was absolutely unreal to act next to my childhood icon. Minor detail, she said, and I quote, “Lilly you have swag.” Yup, I instantly tweeted that. Also, being personally invited to Shahrukh Khan’s house in Mumbai was a sweet finish to my trip!


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INSTA-LINGO #wcw woman crush wednesday

#mcm man crush monday

#foodporn images of deliciously mouth watering foods

#selfiesunday sunday’s picture of yourself

#tbt throw back thursday

#instadaily photo of the day

#ootd outfit of the day

#tgif thank god it’s friday

#gg good game

#nofilter picture without the use of filters


Instagram had barely celebrated their second birthday when Facebook acquired it for $1 billion in cash and stock. If Instagram had waited another two years when its popularity was sky high at the end of 2013, it could have IPO’d for $5 billion (Forbes, 2013). So what is it about this hipster, photo-sharing app that has everyone itching to share their #ootd, #instadaily, or #tbt? And what does this mean for businesses that are trying to hop on the bandwagon of social media marketing? For the 200 million active users each month, Instagram provides a user-friendly platform for people to stay up-to-date with their friends and favourite brands with relatively low commitment. For example, if you really like the Nike brand and “like” their photo, you become 1 of the 174,295 people who have also liked their photo. For those who post, Instagram is the photo- and video-sharing app of choice not only because of its cool filters (although no filter is one of the most popular), but also because people want to find others with whom they share common interests and provide visual status updates for their followers. Communities evolve on Instagram, be it through #foodporn or #selfietuesday.


Number of Daily Instagram Users


The Youzus Report

The bigger question, though, is how businesses leverage the 200 million Instagram users to benefit their brands. According to Forrester research,

Instagram boasts the highest rate of engagement among consumers across all social media platforms. Specifically, engagement on Instagram is 60 times higher than that of their parent company, Facebook. Why? In the absence of ads and a filtering algorithm like Facebook’s Edgerank, a brand’s followers will literally see every single thing they post to Instagram. Using our previous Nike example, Nike’s followers will see every single photo or video they post, no matter what level of interaction a particularly follower has with Nike. As well, with fewer marketers currently on board, there is less branded clutter for users to work through before they reach a certain post in their newsfeed. This makes Instagram the best social channel to launch contests, share rewards, and post customer features because it has the greatest chance of generating engagement. In the last year, Instagram grew by 23% while its parent company, Facebook, grew by only 3%. So, for businesses trying to build their brand on social media, Instagram may be the best bet for consumer engagement. That is, until every brand jumps on the bandwagon or the ads take over in “late spring.”


of people post on Instagram once a day




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The Youzus Report


The Youzus Report

QUESTION OF THE DAY BY: @NANCILYNSELVA We asked a few entrepreneurs and small business companies, which social media platform they used the most to represent their brand and why it works best for them. Here is what they had to say:




The Youzus Report

Facebook, because we like pictures and sharing the latest happenings in #digitalmarketing





it depends which brand you’re promoting. Worked on projects where FB, Twitter & LI have been #1

we are still learning which works best and why @twitter and @YouTube get us most visibility



IG has been great to creatively broaden our audience!



it varies depending on the content you’re producing & the target audience. Twitter’s big for us.




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The Youzus Report

#AdofTheMonth: A.1. Original Sauce BY: @AGNESWONG_

For the month of May, A.1. Original Sauce’s “New Friend Request” takes the title for Ad of the Month. These two minutes of genius present a triple whammy; not only does it promote the product, but it also demonstrates its fluency in social media and introduces a brand change. It will bring a smile to your face and make you rethink generations of tradition. “New Friend Request” gives A.1. Steak Sauce and other foods like Steak, Salmon, and Quinoa a Facebook identity, and subsequently follows A.1. Steak Sauce’s Facebook life. This was a job-well-done by A.1. because by taking a topic on Facebook that we can all relate to, they instantly expanded their target market. Originally, A.1. Steak Sauce is “In A Relationship” with Steak, but they break up as A.1. Steak Sauce confirms more friend requests from other Foods. To try reconciling with Steak, A.1. Steak Sauce holds a potluck event to show Steak that they can each make great pairings with other Foods. For example, A.1. Steak Sauce is great with Fries, and with Steak and Lobster, it makes a mean Surf and Turf. This all led up to the flagging of A.1. Steak Sauce’s new Life Event: changing its label to A.1. Original Sauce.

This brilliant ad takes a silly, yet effective approach to change its brand and diversify its market. In this ad, A.1. speaks a common language with their consumers – it creatively transforms something as simple and relatable as a breakup on Facebook into a brand change announcement. By branding itself as A.1. Steak Sauce, it was only able to attract a very niche market of steak lovers. However, by introducing the “A.1. Original Sauce” name, it opened up the possibility that it can be compatible with other foods. Within the ad itself, A.1. suggests unique foods like quinoa to be paired with their Original Sauce. People now have new recipes they never thought about to try out with A.1. Original Sauce. Simultaneously, by integrating the popular social media platform Facebook, A.1. Original Sauce identifies with its audience and creates a connection. As viewers, we are able to easily understand the ad’s story because terms like relationship status changes, friend requests, Facebook events, and Life Events are parts of our every day lives and vocabulary. Most importantly, this identifies A.1. as a brand that keeps up with the ongoing digital revolution and innovates to continuously improve their products. A+ to A.1.


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