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Head-office address: kermel S.A.S. Speed sportswear 20, rue Ampère 68027 Colmar Cedex france

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KERMEL : an advanced technology aramid fibre dedicated to professionals… ®

First developed for the armed and police forces, today Kermel® fibre is used in heat and flame resistant protective clothing worldwide. Fire suits for fire fighters, together with protective coveralls for public order squads, combat suits for special forces or flight

Benefits from the SKEED underwear: ®

comfort, safety and design. Properties Non-flammability

…now available for you with the SKEED® range of underwear !

No direct contact with the liner that can melt in an accident causing aggravated injury (motorcycle racing and touring drivers, winter sports)

Thermal inertia

Greatly reduces the risk of being burned via heat generated from friction after a fall or a slide ; thermal comfort in cool and hot climate conditions

Softness Ventilated areas Fast drying Wear comfort Specific look

SKEED® is the new brand name from KERMEL for underwear and garments for high speed sports. Protecting against fire in automobile racing, greatly reducing the risk of being burned via heat generated from friction after a fall, and offering exceptional thermal comfort in winter, the SKEED® range of underclothing meets all your requirements and all the international standards.

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Benefits Protection against heat and flames (automobile racing drivers, motorcycle mechanics)

No melting

coveralls for jet pilots are some of the most popular applications.


Ventilated knit for hot climate conditions (real size)

Design and ease of movement Thermal comfort in hot climate conditions Moisture management, more hygienic than a liner Ease of movement under leather coveralls Design of the garment adapted to its specific use ; can be customized ; range of garments developed, tested and recommended by professionals

Half-season knit

Winter knit for cool climate conditions

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Motorcycle racing driver bodysuit “Moto Racer” FIM homologated

Motorcycle racing driver ventilated bodysuit “Moto Racer” FIM homologated

For competitions held in cooler climate conditions

For competitions held in hot or temperate climate conditions


Meeting the standards of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), SKEED® underwear are specially designed for motorcycle racing drivers. They provide protection against heat and reduce the risk of being burned via heat generated from friction after a fall. They exist in 2 versions: - For mid-season or cooler climate conditions. - For hot or temperate climate conditions.



Device to help maintain the sleeves in place while putting on the leather coverall

An original design: -N  o central zip but a double zip opening system for a better comfort when laying against the reservoir, designed to prevent direct pressure contact of the zip with skin and neck. - Direct skin contact with zipper is prevented by a knit flap and a slide guard.

High neck collar. Seamless, ventilated knit at the higher moisture armpit area.

Device to maintain coverage of the lower leg area, designed to avoid creating extra thickness at the ankle

Round-neck bodysuit. Seamless ventilated armpit and shirt front area.

Officially recommended by the FFM and the FIM

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Top and pants “Moto Rider”

T-shirt “Cool Rider” for men

T-shirt “Cool Rider” for women


The Skeed® motorcycle touring tops and pants are dedicated to leisure in cooler climate conditions (summer or mid-season). They are based on the advanced technology aramid Kermel® fibres, offering a soft, high thermal inertia, non-flammable and non-melting product, and on highabsorption FR modal fibres.

High ventilated T-shirts made out of Kermel® fibres to leisure in cooler climate conditions.


One version for men and one for women.

Device to maintain coverage of the lower leg area, designed to avoid creating extra thickness at the ankle.

An original design: -H  igh-rise cut for lower back protection in riding position. - Round-neck top.

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An original design: -T  wo high-ventilated long-sleeves T-shirts offering high comfort and protection in hot climate conditions. - Long-sleeves to prevent any direct and uncomfortable contact with the liner in summer.

14/02/11 17:14


Hoods “Auto Racer” CAGs Single layer, ventilated, SFI homologated

T-shirt and pants “Auto Racer” FIA homologated TSAB


T-shirt and pants “Auto Racer” SFI homologated Semi-ventilated version for temperate climate conditions


TSAV Maximal ventilated version for maximum comfort in cold climate conditions

Double-layer, FIA-type model

Socks “Auto Racer” CHAU The Skeed® range of T-shirts, pants and hoods is dedicated to automobile racing drivers. Skeed® underwear offer high thermal comfort, dry fast and manage moisture, while protecting against heat in case of fire.

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CLAB Combining protection and lightness.

clan Seamless ventilated armpit and undercollar areas.

clav Maximal ventilated areas for the front while the back (seat contact) is made in flat and soft knit.

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Winter bodysuit “Carbone” COHI

Winter top “Carbone” T-shirt


Winter pants “carbone” CLHI

Skeed® hat BONT

Inside of collar designed for wearing open.

Special feature: profiled design. Soft and comfortable to wear. 3D ear covering design for extra cold protection.

The Skeed® winter range is dedicated to motorcycle touring in cold conditions, winter sports such as skiing or any mountain sports in general. Skeed® underclothes are based on the high technology Kermel® fibre. They can be worn comfortably under a ski jacket or motorcycle jacket or leather coverall with no bulky look or feel.

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An original design: -S  pecial winter knit including also elastane fibres for an improved hold ; “carbone” design. - Thermal comfort for cold climate conditions. - No direct contact with the liner that can melt in an accident causing aggravated injury.

Side-opening neck with knit underflap and slide guard to prevent any uncomfortable skin contact. Thumb loops for holding sleeve in place when putting on the outer jacket.

High-rise cut for lower back protection in riding position. Seamless underpants area made with finer knit.

Seamless armpit area made with finer weave.

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