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Introduction—Who is Jesus? Lesson 1 The arrival of Jesus and John Luke 1 − 2:38 Lesson 2 Ready … set … Luke 3:1-4:13 Lesson 3 The one you’ve all been waiting for Luke 4:14−30 Lesson 4 How good are you? Luke 5:1−11 Lesson 5 Who do you think you are? Luke 5:17−26 Lesson 6 More powerful than the raging sea Luke 8:22−25 Lesson 7 Faith is … Luke 8:40−56 Lesson 8 The signs of life Luke 9:18−22; 44b−45; 51 Lesson 9 To die or not to die? That is the question Luke 22:39−53 Lesson 10 Even stronger than death Luke 24, 1 Corinthians 15

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Introduction—God’s big promises Lesson 11 Let the exploring begin Genesis 1–11 Lesson 12 Promises, promises, promises Genesis 12:1–9 Lesson 13 Waiting, waiting, waiting Genesis 18:1–15; 21:1–8 Lesson 14 Follow the clues Genesis 22:1–19 Lesson 15 Chalk and cheese Genesis 25:19–34 Lesson 16 Sibling rivalry Genesis 27:1–40 Lesson 17 Growing into greatness Genesis 29:31 – 30:24; 37 Lesson 18 Working for good Genesis 39–40 Lesson 19 Mighty to save Genesis 41–50 Lesson 20 Holly and Compassion Australia Matthew 6:25–34

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Special lesson—Coping with change

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The signs of life Luke 9:18−22; 44−45; 51

Lesson aim ■■ To help students to understand that Jesus’ miracles point to who he is and what he came to do—die and rise again to save us from our sin!

Lesson outcomes Students will learn about: ■■ how Peter recognised that Jesus was God’s promised king ■■ how Jesus must suffer, die and rise again because he is the Messiah. Students will learn to: ■■ acknowledge that Jesus’ miracles point to who he is and what he came to do ■■ recognise that Jesus came to die on the cross and rose again to save us from our sin.

Memory verse Sin pays off with death. But God’s gift is eternal life given by Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23 (CEV)

» Bible background This passage marks a significant turning point in Luke’s Gospel. Up to now the focus has been on Jesus’ ministry in Galilee and the surrounding areas. However with Peter’s confession that Jesus was the Messiah sent from God, Jesus set out for Jerusalem to achieve what he came to do—secure salvation for his people (9:51). It was on this journey that Jesus taught his disciples about what would happen to him when they reached their destination (Luke 9:22; 44; 18:31–33).

74 • connect – teacher’s manual

While the Apostles now knew that Jesus was the Messiah, they didn’t yet understand that the Messiah must suffer, be rejected and killed (9:22; 45). The fact that Jesus talked about these events before they happened reveals that not only did Jesus have power over the death of others (see Lesson 7), he also had power over the future and over his own death. Jesus knew what needed to be done so his followers could be forgiven by God and live forever with him. Death could not defeat Jesus! He would rise to life on the third day after he died. His death would be as real as any but his death would not be final! He would rise once and for all, conquering death and releasing those who had faith in him from death’s power. Readers are now grasping who Jesus is and what he came to do for all of us!

✔✔ A CEV Bible marked at 2 Samuel 7:16, Romans 6:23a ✔✔ Visual aids on pages 81–83 of a Sign, Match the sign activity sheet (optional) and Fireman (see Before you start) ✔✔ Outline of a person on butcher’s paper (see Before you start) ✔✔ Visual aid on page 80 of Super Saviour Bible comic 8 ✔✔ Activity books ✔✔ Materials for Taking it further (optional) ✔✔ J is for Jesus: track 1 on CEP Upper Primary CD (Ben Pakula) ✔✔ CD player ✔✔ The CD-ROM from this manual if you intend to use an interactive whiteboard to display the PowerPoints of the lessons, song words, or prayers.

›› upper primary LESSON 8

» You will need


■■ For the Bible focus you will need an outline of a person drawn on butcher’s paper as you did for lesson 1. Write the heading ‘Who is Jesus?’ at the top of the butcher’s paper. ■■ You will need to photocopy and enlarge the Visual aid on page 83 of the Fireman.

» Teacher’s prayer Thank God that Jesus came to die and rise again. Thank him that you have put your trust in Jesus and have been forgiven. Pray that students will recognise that Jesus came to die in their place and put their trust in him.

Other resources If your lessons are longer than the standard, you may find the following resources useful. ■■ Jesus is the King track 29 on Emu Music’s Meet the King CD.

Before you start ■■ If you intend to use an interactive whiteboard, review the PowerPoint slide(s) for this lesson on the CD-ROM that comes with this manual.




■■ You will need to photocopy the Visual aid on page 82 of the Match the sign activity for each student. This activity requires students to match the signs with a line. You could also play this as a whole class using the interactive whiteboard.




Bible icon

» Way in

Activity Books icon

Display the Visual aid on page 81 of Visual Aid icon the Sign. ■■ What is this? CD icon (Accept responses. It’s a sign.)

Bible icon usually used for? ■■ What Music are signs icon (Accept responses. It points us to Activity Books icon something else.)

Word icon

Hand out the Match the sign activity sheets Visual Aid icon from page 82. Ask the students to match Maths & Logic icon the sign with its corresponding partner.

CD icon

›› upper primary LESSON 8


Picture 2: Jesus asked them, ‘What do people say about me?’ They replied, ‘Some say that you are John the Baptist or Elijah or a prophet from long ago who has come back to life.’ Picture 3: Jesus looked at them and said, ‘But who do you say I am?’ Peter responded for all of the disciples: ‘God’s Messiah—the promised king.’ Picture 4: Then Jesus then told them something very important.

iconand important because they Signs areBody helpful usually point to something we need to know. Music icon Space Visionlots iconof amazing things Now, Jesus has&done and they look very impressive. But it’s more Word icon what Interpersonal iconthey point to! important to know

He said, “God’s Messiah must suffer many things, and be rejected by the leaders of God’s people. He must be killed but three days later he will rise to life!” The disciples did not like what they heard.

Before we get to our next chapter of our Super Maths & Logic icon Self icon Saviour Bible comic, let’s remind ourselves of what we’ve learned so far this term.

Picture 5: Just over a week later, Jesus told them the same thing again! But they still didn’t understand the meaning of Jesus’ words. They were confused but they were too scared to ask Jesus about it.

Body Natureicon icon

Space & Vision icon Bible Exploration icon

» Bible focus Interpersonal icon Bible icon

Display the Outline of a person and hand Activity Books icon Self icon out the Activity books ■■ What Nature have we learnt Visual Aid icon about Jesus so far? icon (Accept responses. Encourage your students to look back through their Activity books and write Bible Exploration icon CD icon their answers on the outline of Jesus.) Jesus has doneicon some pretty amazing things; Music we’ve seen he is no ordinary person. But did Jesus only come to do amazing miracles? Or Word icon did he come for something more? Our next chapter of ouricon Super Saviour Bible comic will Bible Maths & Logic icon help us!

Activity Books icon The Comic Body icon

Display the Visual aid of Super Saviour Visual Aid icon Bible comic 8. icon Space & Vision Picture 1: CD icon Interpersonal icon and his disciples Jesus was praying in private were with him.

Music icon Self icon

Word Natureicon icon Maths & Logic icon Bible Exploration icon Body icon Space Vision icon manual 76 • connect – & teacher’s Interpersonal icon

Picture 6: After he told them what would happen to the Messiah, Jesus headed for Jerusalem. The time was coming near.

Bible icon Comic ends here Ask the students to open their Activity Activity Books icon books to Lesson 8. ■■ We learned in Lesson Visual Aid icon 3 that God’s people were waiting for someone. Whom had they been waiting for? CDresponses. icon (Accept The promised king—the Messiah. Explain to the students that Messiah meansMusic God’sicon promised one, the king who will rescue his people.)

Word icon

God’s people were waiting for the Messiah, God’s promised king, to arrive. & Logic This wasMaths the king that icon God promised to King David when he said ...

Body icon Bible icon Space & Vision icon Activity Books icon Interpersonal icon

Read 2 Samuel 7:16 from your CEV Bible.

Visual Aid icon Self icon CD icon Nature icon Music icon Bible Exploration icon Word icon

■■ What might Peter and the disciples have been expecting Jesus to do? (Accept responses. They may have expected Peter to become the physical king of Israel. At this time the Romans were in charge of Israel so many Israelites were waiting for their own king who would help them become their own free nation.) Let’s have a look at what Jesus, the Messiah, Bible icon had really come to do ... Ask four students to each read aloud the Activity Books icon printed Bible verses from Mark 10:45, Luke 19:10, Matthew 1:21 and John 1:29 VisualinAid icon from Lesson 8 their Activity books. Explain that one of the titles Jesus often gave CD the iconSon of Man. himself was ■■ What Music do these iconverses tell us about what Jesus came to do? Mark 10:45 – The Son of Man did not come to be Word icon a slave master, but a slave who will give his life to rescue many people. Maths & Logic icon


■■ What is the consequence for our sin? (Accept responses. Death.)

›› upper primary LESSON 8

When Peter said that Jesus was the Messiah, he was saying that Jesus was the king that all Israel had been waiting for.

Remember our lesson about Ryan, Louisa and Con? Louisa stole and ate Ryan’s muesli bar and it didn’t seem fair that she should be forgiven so easily and not punished for her naughty behaviour. Well, Jesus came to save us from our sin. And to do that, he needed to take the punishment we deserve. He needed to die on the cross.

» Connections Jesus’ miracles look great! They would’ve been amazing to see! But they are only signs that point to something much greater. They point to who Jesus is and what he came to do... save from our sin! Bibleus icon If we put our trust in Jesus and follow him, our Activity Books icon sins can be forgiven too. Display the Visual aid from page 83 of the Visual Aid icon Fireman.

Luke 19:10 – The Son of Man came to look for and to save people who are lost. Body icon

Firemen rescue people. That is their job.

Matthew 1:21 – Then after her baby is born, name Space & Vision iconsave his people from him Jesus, because he will their sins.

■■ If you were in trouble and you saw a fireman coming to help, Music icon how would you feel? (Accept responses. Relieved, happy, safer.)

John 1:29 – The next day, John saw Jesus coming toward him and said: Here is the Lamb of God iconthe sin of the world! who takesSelf away

Word that icon as the fireman comes to pick Now imagine you up and carry you out of danger, you say, ‘No thanks! I’ll & beLogic just icon fine on my own!’ Maths

Interpersonal icon

Jesus, the Messiah, Nature icon came to save people from their sin. ■■ But how was Jesus going Bible Exploration icon to save people from their sin? (Accept responses. Direct students to the comic and Bible passage in their Activity books. The Messiah must suffer many things, and be rejected by the leaders of God’s people. He must be killed but three days later he will rise to life.) Read Romans 6:23a from your CEV Bible.

Bible icon

CD icon

■■ It doesn’t make sense, does it? Body icon (Accept responses. No, it doesn’t make sense. The fireman is there to help you and to rescue Space & Vision icon you from danger.) You need to trust the fireman. You need to Interpersonal icon trust him to carry you out and save your life. You need to trust that he can do that. You need icon you! to let himSelf rescue

Nature icon Bible Exploration icon

Activity Books icon Visual Aid icon


CD icon

Word icon



Music icon CO



Activity Books icon Visual Aid icon ■■ What would happen if you didn’t let the fireman rescue you? (Accept responses. You might be in danger and could be seriously hurt or even die!) It’s the same with Jesus.

Bible icon

Jesus is the promised king. He came to save us from our sin. But we need to let him rescue Activity Books iconhe died in our place us. We need to trust that so our sins can be forgiven and we can live as Visual Aid icon Bible icon his followers. Play J is for Jesus (track 1):

Activity Books icon CD icon CEP Upper Primary CD while students read the lyrics in their Visual Aid icon MusicThe icon Activity books. solution to the Find-a-word is as follows:

CD icon Word icon Maths &Music Logicicon icon Body icon Word icon Space &Maths Vision&icon Logic icon

›› upper primary LESSON 8


Interpersonal icon Body icon Self iconSpace & Vision icon Interpersonal icon Nature icon Bible Exploration Self icon icon Nature icon Bible Exploration icon

» Concluding prayer Dear God, Thank you that Jesus is the Messiah, the promised king. Thank you that he came to die on the cross and rise again. Thank you that he did that for us. Please help us to put our trust in him and follow him. Amen.

78 • connect – teacher’s manual

» Taking it further CD icon

Music icon Bible icon

SING IT OR RAP IT Word icon Activity Books icon

Ask the students to come up with a song or a rap Bible icon Maths & Logic icon (or some Visual other method) Aid icon to help them remember the memory verse.

Activity Books icon Body icon CD icon Bible Bible icon icon Visual Aid icon icon Space & Vision SINGING Music icon Activity Books icon Activity Booksicon icon Interpersonal CD icon Who is Jesus? (track 2): CEP Upper Primary CD. Word icon Visual Aid Visual songs Aid icon icon Supplementary Music icon are suggested in Other Self icon resourcesMaths at the&start the lesson. Logicoficon CD icon CD icon Nature icon Word icon Body icon PLAN OF SALVATION Music icon Music icon Bible icon MathsExploration & Logic icon Space & Vision icon Word icon To some people, God’s plan of salvation doesn’t Word icon Body icon make anyInterpersonal sense. Teacher leads a discussion icon on what the ‘message the cross’ is Maths & Logic icon Maths & Vision Logicabout icon Space & icon (1 Corinthians 1:18). Self icon Body icon Body icon Interpersonal icon Nature icon MESSIAH BUSINESS Space Space & & Vision Vision icon icon CARDS Self icon Bible Exploration icon Interpersonal As a class, discuss howicon Jesus is the Messiah, Interpersonal icon Nature icon ensuring the class understands the meaning of this title. Students Self icon could then design a business Self Bibleicon Exploration icon card for Jesus—the Messiah.

Nature Nature icon icon

heading heading Bible Bible Exploration Exploration icon icon

Read Isaiah 52:13−53:12. What was the servant of the Lord like? What would he do? Why did he do this?

■■ Do your students feel comfortable about asking questions during the lesson? ■■ Are you presenting the right amount of material for the time that you have for the lesson?


» For next lesson

›› upper primary LESSON 8

» Teacher reflections

■■ Next week’s lesson is about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. As part of the teaching you will need to be explaining the ‘Cup of God’s wrath/ anger’. If you aren’t sure what this means, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to read the Bible background, read a Bible dictionary article or discuss it with your minister.




» Notes




© 2011 The purchaser of this manual is entitled to photocopy this page for classroom purposes.

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© 2011 The purchaser of this manual is entitled to photocopy this page for classroom purposes.

82 • connect – teacher’s manual

Š 2011 The purchaser of this manual is entitled to photocopy this page for classroom purposes.


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