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Introduction—Who is Jesus? Lesson 1 Jesus’ birth foretold Luke 1−2:38 Lesson 2 Growing with God Luke 2:39−52 Lesson 3 Jesus fulfils the Scriptures Luke 4:14−30 Lesson 4 Jesus’ first disciples Luke 5:1−11 Lesson 5 Jesus has power to forgive and heal Luke 5:17−26 Lesson 6 Jesus has power over nature Luke 8:22−25 Lesson 7 Jesus has power over death Luke 7:11−17; 8:40−56 Lesson 8 Jesus has power over the future Luke 9:18−22; 44b−45; 51 Lesson 9 Jesus has power over life and death Luke 22:39−53 Lesson 10 Jesus is more powerful than death Luke 24, 1 Corinthians 15

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Introduction—God's big promises Lesson 11 Big problems, big solutions Lesson 12 Promises to Abraham Lesson 13 Birth of Isaac Lesson 14 Abraham’s faith tested Lesson 15 God chooses Jacob Lesson 16 Jacob vs Esau Lesson 17 Joseph—Jacob’s son Lesson 18 Joseph in Egypt Lesson 19 God’s promises kept! Lesson 20 Mal Heap

Genesis 1–11 Genesis 12:1–9 Genesis 18:1–15; 21:1–8 Genesis 22:1–19 Genesis 25:19–34 Genesis 27:1–40 Genesis 29:31 – 30:24; 37 Genesis 39–40 Genesis 41–50 Matthew 6:25–34

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Special lesson–Coping with change

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Jesus has power to forgive and heal

Lesson aim ■■ To help students to understand that Jesus demonstrated that he is God’s son through his power to forgive and heal.

Lesson outcomes Students will learn about: ■■ people who were interested in what Jesus said and did ■■ how Jesus knew that the man needed more than physical healing. Students will learn to: ■■ explore some of the emotions of people in a Bible story ■■ begin to develop a basic understanding of the meaning of forgiveness.

Memory verse Jesus is the powerful Son of God. Romans 1:4 (CEV)

» Bible background The Pharisees make their first appearance in Luke 5:17. The Pharisees and the teachers of the law attempted to master the text and teaching of the law of Moses (Torah) using every detail. Their teaching was based on the belief that the cause of the Babylonian exile (597–445 BC) was Israel’s failure to keep the Mosaic law. The Pharisees had identified 613 commandments, which they interpreted and supplemented to avoid the possibility of breaking them by accident or ignorance and these were extended to cover

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Luke 5:17–26 situations not covered by Moses. They stressed the demonstration of observable behaviours instead of the development of a true and genuine understanding of God. One of the major themes in Luke’s Gospel is the opposition Jesus faced. Up until this point in the gospel, apart from in Nazareth, Jesus had not faced a great deal of opposition. This passage marks a significant change. Both the Pharisees and the teachers of the law had travelled a long way from many different places to hear Jesus and many of them were looking for evidence they could use against him. Jesus was teaching in a house in one of the towns in Galilee when a group of young men attempted to bring their crippled friend to Jesus to be healed. Unable to approach Jesus in the house, the men climbed onto the roof and lowered their friend in on his mat. We are expecting that Jesus, seeing the faith of the man’s friends, would heal the paralytic. But instead, in front of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, he utters the surprising words, ‘Friend, your sins are forgiven’. The religious leaders were rightly stirred up for they knew that the forgiveness of sin belongs to God alone. Jesus knew what they were thinking and questioned them, ‘Which is easier: to say, “Your sins are forgiven,” or to say, “Get up and walk”?’ (5:23). The answer is: it is easier to say, “Your sins are forgiven” because there is no way this can be visually verified. But Jesus did the harder, to prove that he has the authority to do the former. Jesus’ claim would have been blasphemy, punishable by death, if he had not in fact been God. But Jesus does have authority to forgive sins because he is God! And what should our response be to this? We should run to Jesus for forgiveness and, like the healed man, give thanks to God when we have received it.

✔✔ Visual aids on pages 56–58 of Face expressions, Flat-roofed house and Lesson 5 poem (see Before you start) ✔✔ A CEV Bible marked at Luke 5:24 ✔✔ Activity books ✔✔ Lesson 5 end play: track 18 and Jesus has the power: track 1 on CEP Infants CD ✔✔ CD player ✔✔ Materials for Taking it further (optional) ✔✔ Flat-roofed house and Jesus from the Coloured Visual aid pack ✔✔ The CD-ROM from this manual if you intend to use an interactive whiteboard to display the PowerPoints of either the lessons, song words or prayers.

Other resources If your lessons are longer than the standard, you may find the following resource useful. ■■ More like Jesus track 20 of Colin Buchanan’s Practise being godly CD.

Before you start

›› infants LESSON 5

» You will need


■■ Photocopy and enlarge the Visual aids on pages 57–58 of the Flat-roofed house and the Lesson 5 poem. ■■ The Jews at this time held the view that all sickness was caused by personal sin. This view is still held by some people today. Personal sin does sometimes directly cause paralysis or other disability (as in the case of a car accident as a result of drink driving). However, not everyone who suffers does so because of personal sin. Jesus pointed this out to his disciples in John 9. ■■ If students ask why God allows sickness, it is best to say that we do not know the reasons for all sickness, but we can be assured of God’s love and care. As Christians we look forward to being with God where there will be no more sickness.

» Teacher’s prayer Pray that you will form positive relationships with the students. Pray that the students will recognise that Jesus is the Son of God and love him above all else. Pray that you will be patient with your students when necessary.

■■ If you intend to use an interactive whiteboard, review the PowerPoint slide(s) for this lesson on the CD-ROM that comes with this manual. ■■ Photocopy the Visual aids of the Face expressions from page 56 and cut them into enough sets for half your class. Students will work in pairs for this activity and therefore a set of four cards is needed for each pair.




■■ The Bible focus for this lesson gives the students an opportunity to identify with the feelings of some of the people. At appropriate points in the story, you will give the cue ‘How would you be feeling right now?’ Students confer with a partner about the most appropriate card, which they then hold up. If needed, they may hold up more than one card. They must be able to justify their decision and you could call upon one or two to do so, depending on time available.




» Way in I’d like you to have a good look at this house. iconyou some time to really look I’m goingBible to give hard. I don’t want you to say anything about it until I askActivity you to.Books icon Display the Visual aid from page 57 or the Visual Aid icon Coloured Visual aid of the Flat-roofed house and allow around 30 seconds.

CD icon

■■ What are some things you notice about this house? Music icon (Accept responses and spend some time discussing similarities and differences between Word and iconour present-day housing.) this picture Be sure to point out: • The well& Logic icon Maths • The flat roofs • The steps Body iconup to the roof • Windows, doors and so on • Lack of & garden Space Visionand iconpaved roads.

›› infants LESSON 5


This is the kind of house that was around when Interpersonal icon Jesus was on earth and today’s lesson is about something that happened in a house just like this one. Self icon

Nature icon Bible icon

» Bible focus

Bible Exploration icon Activity Books icon

Divide students into pairs and hand out the Visual Aid icon copies of the Visual aid on page 56 of the Face expressions to each pair. Describe CD icon each (happy/excited, sad, surprised, angry) and explain the procedure for the students’ participation in the Music iconlesson (see Before you start). When Jesus was on earth, people gathered Word icon around him everywhere he went to listen to Bible icon what he said. One day, Jesus was in a town called Capernaum. Askicon the students to repeat the Maths & Logic Activity Books icon name ‘Capernaum’.

Body icon Display the Coloured Visual aid of Jesus if Visual Aid icon you have it. Space & Vision icon

He was in a house, but all the people had CD icon squashed inside the house because they didn’t Interpersonal icon want to miss anything that might happen. Music icon There were mothers and fathers, aunties and Self icon uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers, big icon As well, there were some kids and Word little kids. Nature important men icon who had come from towns

Maths & Logic icon Bible Exploration icon Body icon 52 • connect – & teacher’s Space Vision icon manual

Interpersonal icon

far away. They had all come to see Jesus. It was hot, dry and dusty. Everyone was rather squished and squashed. ■■ If you were there, how would you be feeling right now? (Ask students to respond by holding up a card. If you have time, ask one or two why they would be feeling that way. Briefly summarise the responses.) On the outside of the house were some steps that went up onto a flat roof. Indicate the steps on the picture. People liked to go up the steps and sit on the roof after a hot day because the evening breeze was cool. ■■ If you were there on that roof, how would you be feeling right now? (Ask students to hold up their cards.) In another part of the town there was another house. In that house lived a man who couldn’t walk. He was lying on his mat. He had to lie on his mat all day and all night, all week and all year. He couldn’t get up. How he wished that he could walk! ■■ If you were that man, how would you be feeling right now? (Students hold up cards.) The man had four friends. ‘Some people are saying that Jesus can make people better,’ they said. ‘Let’s take our friend to see him.’ So they each picked up one corner of the man’s mat. They carried him out the door, up the street and around the corner. Then they came to the very crowded house. Some people were pushing and shoving at the front door. Other people were stretching up on their toes so that they could look through the window. The friends could tell that it was no use. They wouldn’t be able to see Jesus. ■■ If you were one of the friends, how would you be feeling right now? (Students hold up cards.) But they weren’t going to give up, so they started to think of a plan. The four friends carried the man up the stairs on the outside of the house and onto the roof. They started to make a hole. Soon the crowd inside the house heard scratching, then scraping, then bits of dust fell on their faces.

‘Wow! Look at that!’ shouted the people in the very crowded house. They said, ‘Thank you, God! Today we’ve seen Jesus do amazing things!’

Next the four friends tied some ropes to the corners of the mat.

Today’s story has shown us that Jesus has power to forgive and heal people. This is because he is the powerful Son of God.

Slowly, carefully, down, down, down through the hole in the roof, the man was lowered on his mat until he was right in front of Jesus. Jesus looked at the man. The man on the mat looked at Jesus. ‘I hope Jesus can make me walk,’ he thought. But Jesus knew that the man needed something else. Jesus knew that the man needed to be friends with God. So he said, ‘Your sins are forgiven’.

» Connections Wow! What an exciting story! ■■ What was your favourite part of today’s lesson? (Accept responses. Be sure to ask why.)

■■ If you were one of the people in the house, how would you be feeling right now? (Students hold up cards.)

Every time I hear that part of the Bible, I think it’s amazing that Jesus was able to forgive that man and make him walk.

Jesus wanted the man to know that he could be part of God’s family even though he had thought and done things that were wrong, especially not loving God more than everything else.

■■ What does it mean to ‘forgive’? (Accept responses.)

Read Luke 5:24 from a CEV Bible.

Bible icon

Straight Activity away the manicon stood up in front of Books everyone. He picked up his mat and walked out of the house.

Visual Aid icon

■■ If you were one of the people in the house, how would you be feeling right now? CD icon (Students hold up cards.) He ran upMusic the street icon shouting ‘Thank you God!’ all the way. ■■ If youWord wereicon the man, how would you be feeling right now? (Students hold up cards.) Maths & Logic icon

Body icon Space & Vision icon Interpersonal icon

We can then ask Jesus to help us not to think, say and do those Bible iconwrong things again. Revise the stanza from the poem learned last Books icon this week’s stanza: week, andActivity teach the students Display the Visual aid on page 58 of the Visual Aid icon icon Lesson 5 Bible poem. Who has the power CD iconActivity Books icon To make men walk again And to forgive all our sin? Music icon Visual Aid icon Bible icon It’s Jesus! Distribute the Activity books and Word icon Activity Books CD iconicon

direct students to Lesson 5. They should firstly complete the Maths Aid & Logic icon Visual iconmove icon poem activity andMusic then onto the other activities. You may like to play Jesus has the power Body icon (track 1): CEP Infants CD during this time. CD icon Word icon

Space & Vision icon Music icon Maths & Logic icon Interpersonal icon Body icon Word icon Self icon Vision icon Maths &Space Logic&icon Nature icon Interpersonal icon Body icon


But Jesus showed everyone that he was the Son of God. Let’s hear what happened next from the Bible.

■■ If you could hold up your very own card, which one would you be holding up right now to show how you feel about being forgiven? Why? (Accept responses.)


■■ How might those people be feeling right now? (Students hold up cards.)

The Bible tells us that when we tell Jesus that we are very sorry for the wrong things we think, say and do, he forgives us. That means it is just like it never happened. Jesus forgets all about it.


But some of the people didn’t believe Jesus was the Son of God. They thought he had no business forgiving people or making them well again.

›› ›› infants LESSON 5

■■ If you were one of the people in the house, how would you be feeling right now? (Students hold up cards.)




Activity Books icon Visual Aid icon (Optional) Play the Lesson 5 end play CD icon CEP Infants CD. In this play, (track 18): Joshua and Naomi reinforce the fact that Music icon Jesus is the best friend, an even better friend than the four who lowered the man through the ceiling to see Jesus! Word icon

Maths & Logic icon

» Concluding prayer Body icon

Dear Jesus, thank you for showing us that & Vision iconThank you that you you areSpace the Son of God. love us so much that you can forgive our Interpersonal icon sins so we can be your friends and love you in return. Amen.

Self icon Nature icon Bible icon Bible Exploration icon Activity Books icon

›› infants LESSON 5


» Taking it further Visual Aid icon Bible icon CD icon


Activity Books icon Music icon Bible icon

The Saviour of Aid theicon world (track 5): CEP Visual Activity Books icon Word icon Infants CD. Supplementary songs are also included in Other Visual Aid icon CD icon Maths & Logic icon resources at the start of the lesson.

Music icon Body icon CD icon

Clapping rhythms Space & Vision icon Word Musicicon icon

Students Interpersonal work in&small groups Maths Logicicon icon to create a clapping/ Word icon body percussion arrangement for the poem.

Body icon Self icon Maths & Logic icon


Space &icon Vision icon Nature Body icon

Invite theInterpersonal students to make mats. Give them a Bible icon SpaceExploration & Visionicon icon sheet of A4 paper each and show them how to cut the edges into a fringe. Then they can draw Interpersonal icon icon a pattern Self in the middle of the mat and copy the Memory verse onto the mat.

Nature Self iconicon

Alternatively, they can make woven mats as per the illustration; please see page 59 for instructions.

Bible Exploration icon Nature icon Bible Exploration icon

54 • connect – teacher’s manual

CD icon Activity Books icon Maths & Logic icon Bible icon Music icon Visual Aid icon Body icon ActivityWord Booksicon icon Houses/Villages CD icon Space & Vision icon Visual Aid icon& Logic icon Maths icon Students Music could make Interpersonalhouses icon similar to the one in Bibleand icon today’s story display these in a corner of the CD iconBody icon classroom. Word icon Self iconBooks icon Activity Space & Vision icon Music icon Maths & Logic icon Nature icon VisualRecall Aid icon Interpersonal icon Word icon Body icon Bible Exploration icon icon into groups of three or four. Divide theCD students icon Maths &Self Logic icon Give themSpace approximately two minutes to tell each & Vision icon other oneMusic thing icon they learned in the story. Nature icon Body icon Interpersonal icon Word icon Exploration icon Space &Bible Vision icon Friends Self icon Maths & Logicicon icon Interpersonal Ask students the following questions for verbal or Nature icon written responses: Body icon Self icon ■■ Who areExploration my friends? Bible icon Space Vision ■■ Why are & they myicon friends? Nature icon ■■ What makes a good friend? Interpersonal ■■ What things do icon I like to do with Bible Exploration icon my friends? ■■ Ways could be a better friend … SelfIicon ■■ If I could help one friend, I would ...

Nature icon

JESUS FORGIVES Bible Exploration icon

Read Nehemiah 9:17: ‘But, our God, you are merciful and quick to forgive; you are loving, kind, and very patient.’ Define each characteristic of God in this verse and discuss how these characteristics also apply to Jesus. Refer back to the content of the lesson and point out that it is God who forgives, and so Jesus’ actions and words show that he is God!

■■ Did the students gain an understanding of forgiveness through this lesson? ■■ Was the teaching strategy of involving students with the cards successful? Why or why not?


» For next lesson

›› infants LESSON 5

» Teacher reflections

■■ You will need: ✔✔ a length of light rope or string (approx 6 metres) ✔✔ a class set of scissors.

■■ Did any students insist on showing the ‘angry’ card? Could there be an issue with these students that may need following up?




» Notes




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56 • connect – teacher’s manual

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It’s Jesus!

And to forgive all our sin?

To make men walk again

Who has the power

© 2011 The purchaser of this manual is entitled to photocopy this page for classroom purposes.

58 • connect – teacher’s manual

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argin all the m a w ra D . knife. ardboard with a craft f paper or c in o rg t a e e m h s to a Take m margin Cut slits fro . it d n u ro a way length r, the same e p a p d re u nt colo e ends s of a differe t. Fasten th ip u tr o s d n w a o rr in a Cut n e strips et. Weave th e h s t rs fi e as th e mat. e back of th th n o e p ta with make of paper to rs u lo o c l severa You can use resting mat. a more inte

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