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For use with Connect B1 Infants, Lower Primary and Upper Primary curriculum.

01_Angel appearing to Mary

02_Baby Jesus in the manger

03_Simeon with baby Jesus

04_Jesus as a boy in the temple

05_Jesus baptised

06_Flat-roofed house

07_Herod’s temple

08_Jesus and his disciples in a boat

09_The big catch of fish

10_Jesus calming the storm

11_The widow’s son

12_Jairus and his daughter

13_Jesus praying in the garden

14_Jesus arrested

15_The empty tomb

16_Women at the tomb

17_Abraham’s family tree

18_Abraham looking at stars

19_Isaac and Rebekah marry

20_Jacob and Esau—stew

21_Jacob and Esau—Isaac’s blessing

22_Joseph with his coat

23_Joseph meets his brothers again

24_Places Jesus travelled map

25_Characters 1

26_Characters 2

27_Characters 3

28_Characters 4

Connect B1 Visual Aid Pack  
Connect B1 Visual Aid Pack  

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