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A Christian Education curriculum for children aged 5–7 years.

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Introduction—Who is Jesus? Lesson 1 Jesus’ birth foretold Luke 1—2:38 Lesson 2 Growing with God Luke 2:39−52 Lesson 3 Jesus fulfils the Scriptures Luke 4:14−30 Lesson 4 Jesus’ first disciples Luke 5:1−11 Lesson 5 Jesus has power to forgive and heal Luke 5:17−26 Lesson 6 Jesus has power over nature Luke 8:22−25 Lesson 7 Jesus has power over death Luke 7:11−17; 8:40−56 Lesson 8 Jesus has power over the future Luke 9:18−22, 44b−45, 51 Lesson 9 Jesus has power over life and death Luke 22:39−53 Lesson 10 Jesus is more powerful than death Luke 24; 1 Corinthians 15

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Introduction—God's big promises Lesson 11 Big problems, big solutions Genesis 1–11 Lesson 12 Promises to Abraham Genesis 12:1–9 Lesson 13 Birth of Isaac Genesis 15:1—18:15; 21:1–7 Lesson 14 God’s family grows Genesis 24 Lesson 15 God chooses Jacob Genesis 25:19–34 Lesson 16 Jacob vs Esau Genesis 27:1–40 Lesson 17 Joseph—Jacob’s son Genesis 29:31—30:24; 37 Lesson 18 Joseph in Egypt Genesis 39–41 Lesson 19 God’s promises kept! Genesis 41–50 Lesson 20 Mal Heap Matthew 6:25–34

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Easter assembly

John 19–20


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Jesus is more powerful than death Luke 24; 1 Corinthians 15

LESSON AIM ■■ To help students understand what the Bible says about how Jesus was able to overcome death because he is God’s powerful Son.

LESSON OUTCOMES Students will learn about: ■■ the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection and ascension ■■ the Bible’s description of how Jesus defeated death with God’s power. Students will learn to: ■■ recognise the Bible’s teaching that Jesus’ resurrection makes it possible for people to be friends with God and have eternal life ■■ see that Christians believe that Jesus’ resurrection is one of many signs that demonstrate he is God’s Son.

MEMORY VERSE Jesus said, ‘I am the one who raises the dead to life!’ John 11:25 (CEV)

» Bible background Paul describes the resurrection as being at the heart of the Christian faith (1 Corinthians 15). Without it, there is no hope for Christians. If Jesus did not rise from the dead then we are to be pitied more than any other people (1 Corinthians 15:19). Moreover, if Jesus did not rise from the dead then not only do we trust in a dead saviour, but we trust in a madman or a liar, for he promised that he would rise again three days after he died (Luke 9:21–22, 44–45; 18:31–33).


But the truth is Jesus did rise from the dead. It was recorded by four different people and witnessed by hundreds (1 Corinthians 15:38). The disciples and others were so convinced of this truth that they died defending it. Jesus’ resurrection establishes a number of things: 1) that Jesus was innocent and not deserving of death; 2) that he was in fact who he had claimed to be—the Messiah; 3) that Jesus is alive now; 4) that there will be a general resurrection (John 5:28–29); and 5) that Jesus is Lord and ruler of all. Since Jesus did rise from the dead and these things are true, Jesus is alive ruling in heaven right now and this must affect the way we live. If Jesus is King over all now, then we must worship and obey him (Luke 24:52). This will mean putting God first in everything (Matthew 22:37–38), listening to his word and doing what it says (James 1:22), and trusting him with our whole lives (Proverbs 3:6–7). Moreover, having seen that Jesus is the Messiah and fulfils all promises made in the Old Testament, Jesus’ followers can be confident in the promises made in him for our future—that we will live forever with our Lord and Saviour. The truth about Jesus and his resurrection, however, can only be understood by those to whom the Spirit has revealed it. Jesus had to open the minds of the disciples so they could understand the Scriptures (Luke 24:45). Even though Jesus had told them at least three different times (Luke 9:18–22, 44–45; 18:31–33) that he would die and rise again, they did not understand until it was revealed to them (Luke 18:31–34).


If your lessons are longer than the standard, you may find the following resources useful. ■■ Jesus is alive today (track 7) on CEP’s Connect B1 Music and Drama CD. ■■ I am the Way, the Truth and the Life (track 3) on Quiz Worx’s Rise Up and Rock album. ■■ Boss of the Cross (track 2) on Colin Buchanan’s The Jesus Hokey Pokey album, (track 6) on Boss of the Cross album or (track 11) on Colin’s Crackers album. ■■ The Story of Jesus for Children DVD has scenes covering the women at the tomb (Luke 24:1–12), on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:33–35) and Jesus appearing to the disciples (Luke 24:36–47).

■■ The Happy/sad faces should be stuck back to back on the top of a craft stick. The Yes/no discs should also be stuck back to back on the top of a craft stick. If time allows, the students could cut them out and do this themselves. If time is limited, have the discs pre-cut and add a strip of double-sided tape to the back of each disc. The children can then peel the backing off the double-sided tape quickly and attach the discs to their craft sticks. ■■ The students will use these ‘flip puppets’ to interact with the story in response to your questions. To manipulate the flip puppets, students could hold one in each hand and flip the relevant side toward you. The opportunities for students to use the puppets are marked throughout the lesson with a disc ✪. ■■ Photocopy and enlarge the Visual aid on page 103 of the Lesson 10 poem.

» Teacher’s prayer Thank God that Jesus defeated death. Pray for all who teach about the risen Lord over the Easter period. Pray that the students will understand why Christians consider Jesus’ victory over sin and death to be so significant.



■■ Photocopy and cut out enough of the Visual aids of the Yes/no discs and Happy/sad faces from pages 104–105 for each student in your class.


✔✔ Visual aids on pages 103–105 of Lesson 10 poem, Yes/no discs and Happy/sad faces ✔✔ Visual aid on page 96 of This term’s poem ✔✔ Double-sided tape ✔✔ Craft (paddle-pop) sticks ✔✔ Scissors (if you’re not preparing the puppets prior to the lesson) ✔✔ A CEV Bible marked at Luke 24:6–8 ✔✔ Activity books ✔✔ Lesson 10 end play (track 21) and What do I know about Jesus? (track 11) on CEP’s Connect B1 Infants Music and Drama CD ✔✔ Materials for Taking it further (optional) ✔✔ Jesus from the Coloured Visual aid pack

■■ If you intend to use an interactive whiteboard, review the PowerPoint slides for this lesson (see page 6 for details on how to download these).


» You will need






» Way in We’ve been learning all term about how Jesus has God’s power to do anything! But the best is yet to come. Let’s find out about that. Bible icon In today’s lesson you will be helping me to tell the story.Activity Books icon Distribute the materials for the flip puppets Visual Aid icon and assemble them if they are not prepared already.

CD icon

Allow the students a few moments to practise flipping the Yes/no discs and Happy/sad faces in Music icon response to the following statements (choose a few or make up some of your own):

Word icon

✪ The school fete will be fun tomorrow, won’t it!

Maths & Logic icon

✪ I believe there’ll be some fun rides there!

Bodyiticon ✪ Oh, I hope doesn’t rain or it will most probably be cancelled. How will you feel Space & Vision icon about that?



✪ Do you think it will still be fun if it’s raining?

Interpersonal icon

Ask the students to hold their puppets without fiddling with them and to listen carefully for the Self icon parts of the story in which they will use their ‘puppets’.

Nature icon

Bible Exploration icon icon

» Bible focus Activity Books icon

Display the Coloured Visual aid of Jesus if Visual Aid icon you have it. At the end of our last lesson, we heard about CD icon how Jesus made a very difficult choice. Jesus choose take the consequences for Musicto icon the wrong things people have done and die on a cross, even though he hadn’t done Word icon anything wrong. But that Maths wasn’t&the end of the story. Logic icon After Jesus died, his body was taken and put Bodylike icon into a tomb, a cave in the side of a hill and a big, heavy stone was rolled in front of Space & Vision icon the opening. A few days later, some women went to Jesus’ Interpersonal icon grave but when they got there, the stone had been rolled away from the opening.

Self icon Nature icon 100 • CONNECT TEACHER’S Bible –Exploration icon MANUAL

✪ Do you think something might have happened? The women went in, but Jesus’ body had gone! The women didn’t know what to think. ✪ How do you think they might have been feeling? Suddenly two angels appeared to the women. ✪ That’s a very strange thing to happen, isn’t it? The angels told the women that Jesus wasn’t dead anymore—he was alive! ✪ How would that news have made the women feel? Then the angels said this: Read Luke 24:6a from a CEV Bible.

Bible icon

The angels wentBooks on to icon remind the women that Activity Jesus had told them that he would die on a cross and rise to life three days later.

Visual Aid icon

✪ Do you remember hearing this in one of our lessons?

CD icon

Here it was, three days after Jesus had died, and he had come Music iconback to life! This is exactly what Jesus had said would icon about that in the lesson happen! Word We learned where Jesus told his disciples how things would work out& in the icon future, before it Maths Logic even happened!

Bodyiticon ✪ How does make you feel to know that Jesus’ prediction about rising from the dead Space & Vision icon was right? The women were so confused, and I expect a Interpersonal icon little excited as well, so they ran to tell Jesus’ friends what had happened.

Self icon

Sure enough, when these other friends came to the tomb, it was empty!

Nature icon

✪ Do you think the disciples understood fully what hadBible happened? Exploration icon They were quite confused. But later, as two of them were walking along the road, a man joined them and walked along with them. They didn’t know who the man was. ✪ Do you know who it was? It was Jesus! They asked him to have dinner with them.

Then Jesus ate a bit of fish.

Take one of the puppets and manipulate it as you say the following:

✪ Would this help them believe that Jesus was really alive?

Jesus proved he had God’s power by coming back to life!

You can only eat food if you’re alive, so it was proof that Jesus had come back to life!

✪ Show happy face.

✪ How would the disciples be feeling to have their friend back?

The Bible says that he wants everyone to follow him and be friends with God. He hopes Bible icon people won’t say ✪ Show no.

Not long after this had happened, Jesus was taken up into a cloud.

He wants all people to say: Activity Books icon

■■ What do you think had happened to Jesus? (Accept responses. He had gone to heaven to be with his Father.)

Visual Aid icon Bible icon Revise the Memory verse.

✪ How do you think Jesus’ friends felt about that? They may have felt sad because their friend had gone, but they would also have been happy because they knew that it was all part of God’s plan. God had promised to send his chosen Saviour King the Messiah, and it was Jesus. By coming back to life, Jesus showed that he was more powerful than death. The Bible tells us that Jesus is still alive today! ✪ How do you feel about that? The Bible explains that Jesus is still alive today! People can ask God to forgive their sins and live with him too. This is because Jesus took the consequences for the wrong things people have done by dying on the cross, and coming back to life! Ask students to put their puppets down.

Bible icon

» Connections Activity Books icon


Who is God’s promised King? IT’S JESUS!


They were still a bit puzzled and unsure about whether this was really Jesus. They were thinking he might be a ghost!

✪ Show yes. Yes, Jesus, I will follow you. Distribute the Activity books and

ActivityCD Books icon directicon the students to Lesson 10. They should complete the poem

Visual Aid iconicon the other activities. Music activity first, then complete

You may like to play What do I know about Jesus? (track 11) CD on icon CEP’s Connect Word icon B1 Infants Music and Drama CD during this time.

Music icon Maths Logic icon21) on CEP’s Play the Lesson 10 end &play (track Connect B1 Infants Music and Drama CD. Body icon

Word The solution toicon the puzzle activity is: Who has the power Vision icon Maths &Space Logic&icon To do ANYTHING? Who is God’s Interpersonal icon Body icon promised KING? IT’S JESUS!

Space &Self Vision iconicon

This is how Christians talk to God. If you would like to pray with me please join me. If you don’t Interpersonal Natureicon icon then please lower your head so we don’t get distracted while praying this short prayer.

Self iconBible Exploration icon

» Concluding prayer Nature icon

Thank you, that the Bible shows that BibleGod, Exploration icon you raised Jesus from the dead and that he is alive. Thank you that when people trust in Jesus they can live forever with you. Amen.

Revise the poem the students have been Visual Aid icon learning this term using the Visual aid on Bible icon page 96 of This term’s poem.

CD icon

Books icon Teach theActivity final stanza. Display the Visual aid on page 103 of the Music Visual icon Aid icon Lesson 10 poem.

icon Who hasWord the power CD icon To do ANYTHING?

Space & Vision icon Maths & Logic icon


Body icon Word icon


Maths & Logic icon Music icon CO



Bible icon

Self icon

Activity Books icon

Nature icon

» Taking it further Visual Aid icon CD icon

SINGING Music icon

Bible Exploration icon

After Jesus rose from the dead he was taken up to heaven. Let’s read how this happened from another book of the Bible, the book of Acts.

God so loved the world (track 3) on CEP’s Word icon Connect B1 Infants Music and Drama CD.

You may choose to use the following questions to guide your discussion.

Supplementary also included in Other Maths songs & Logicare icon resources at the start of the lesson.

Read Acts 1:9–11 to the students from a CEV Bible.

Bible icon Body icon

Activity Books icon COLLAGE

Space & Vision icon Visual Aid icon

Discuss briefly with theicon students what the Bible Interpersonal tells us about when Jesus was taken up to CDwent icon up into a cloud (see Acts 1:9–11 heaven. He Selftoicon and the ‘Up heaven’ activity on this page). Ask the students to paste cottonwool balls onto Music icon Nature icon Bible icon a sheet of paper to represent clouds and draw the disciples watching as he was taken up Word icon Jesus Bible Exploration icon to heaven. Activity Books icon




Maths & Logic icon Visual Aid icon

DRAMA Body icon CD icon

■■ Who was with Jesus when he was taken up to heaven? (Men from Galilee—the disciples.) ■■ How was Jesus taken up to heaven? (In a cloud.) ■■ Who do you think the two men in white clothes were? (Angels. God’s messengers.) ■■ What did the angels tell the disciples? (Jesus would come back again.) Briefly explain that the Bible doesn’t tell us exactly when Jesus will come back again but it tells us he will!

Students Space could re-enact & Vision today’s icon story. You might like to bring some clothing for students to wear Music icon in character. Interpersonal icon

Word icon Self icon BROCHURES

Maths & Logic icon Nature icon Students could look through advertising catalogues Body icon to find pictures representing how people Bible Exploration icon emphasise and celebrate Easter. They could then Space & Vision icon use these to create a brochure advertising the biblical meaning of Easter.

» Teacher reflections ■■ Did the students want to ask questions about this lesson? How can you encourage the students to ask about things they want to know?

Interpersonal icon Self icon Nature icon

Bible Exploration icon


» For next lesson ■■ You will need to prepare some Visual aids.


Who is God's promised King?


Who has the power

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Connect B1 Infants Teacher's Manual  

A sample from the Revised 2018 Connect B1 Infants Student Activity Book.

Connect B1 Infants Teacher's Manual  

A sample from the Revised 2018 Connect B1 Infants Student Activity Book.