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Lesson Lesson 31

Luke Bible 4:14–30 verse

Jesus is the promised King! God promised that his King would: tell good news free prisoners of sin

J_s_s is

give sight free the suffering

the _in_!

Tick the box if Jesus kept the promises that God made.

Your sins are forgiven.

Now you can see.

I have good news. God wants you to be his friend.

God made promises about the chosen King. Who were the promises about? Who fulfilled them?

J U S S E 3





_ _ _ _ _ 3





Match the numbers and write the letters in the correct spaces.


Luke Bible 22:39–53 verse

A hard decision

Lesson Lesson 91

I want to live G _ _’ _ way, not _ _ way. Fill in the missing letters to show what Jesus prayed.

Colour the spaces with dots.

Write about or draw some choices you have made today.

John 11:25


Who h_ _ the power To be able to p_ _y ‘I’ll do it God ’s _ _ _’? It’s Jesus!

Genesis 15:1—18:15; 21:1–7

Promise of a family Colour and number the pictures in order.

Tick the promises God has kept.

God gave Abraham


a son

It will not be long now before Sarah has her son.


Lesson 13

Bible Genesis verse 39–41

Lesson Lesson18 1

God never breaks a promise

Find these pictures and circle them. Then finish colouring the picture.

Find the correct word and write it in the space.

with, lies, slave, sold, prison

I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go.

Joseph’s brothers s_ _d him. Joseph worked as a s_ _ _e. Potiphar’s wife told l_ _s. Potiphar put Joseph in p_ _ _ _ _. But God was w_ _ _ Joseph.

Joshua 1:9 (CEV)

Memorise this verse.

18 18

Lesson 20

Draw a face to describe how it makes you feel to know that God is looking after you every day.


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Connect B1 Infants Student Activity Book  

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