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A Christian Education curriculum for children aged 5 to 7 years

Contents For the teacher What you will find in each lesson Music, drama, PowerPoints and PDFs Curriculum stance Training and support Five circles of learning Connect icons Introduction—Knowing God our Creator Lesson 1 Knowing God Psalm 103 Lesson 2 God's good creation Genesis 1:1–19 Lesson 3 God's plan for creation Genesis 1:20—2:4a Lesson 4 Celebrating God's good creation Psalm 8 Lesson 5 Ignoring our Creator Genesis 3 Lesson 6 Life away from the garden Genesis 4 Lesson 7 Noah: God's promise to save Genesis 6–8 Lesson 8 Zacchaeus: Seeking the lost Luke 19:1–10 Lesson 9 Saving the lost Luke 22–23 Lesson 10 Living proof! Luke 24:13–53

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Introduction—Trusting God Lesson 11 Trusting God Genesis 12:3b Lesson 12 Gideon Judges 6–7 Lesson 13 Ruth and Naomi Ruth 1–2 Lesson 14 Ruth and Boaz Ruth 3–4 Lesson 15 Elisha 2 Kings 4:1–7 Lesson 16 Jonah Jonah 1–4 Lesson 17 Isaiah Isaiah 55 Lesson 18 Josiah 2 Kings 22—23:30 Lesson 19 Esther Esther Lesson 20 Leigh 1 Corinthians 12:7,11

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Easter assembly

Luke 23–24


Special lesson

Luke 18:15–17






Teaching ideas Help with classroom management 206 Helpful teaching techniques 208 Teaching Memory verses 211 Is your class different? 214 Understanding the student: the learning theory undergirding Connect 215 Using appropriate language in the (S)RE/RI class 217 What the Bible says about living as God’s friends 218 Christian Education outcomes 219







LESSON AIM ■■ To help students to understand that God always loves and cares for his people.

LESSON OUTCOMES Students will learn about: ■■ God’s plan for Boaz to take care of Ruth and Naomi ■■ Ruth and Boaz as ancestors of Jesus. Students will learn to: ■■ summarise the basic events of the book of Ruth ■■ appreciate that the Bible teaches that we can trust in God through good and bad times.

MEMORY VERSE The Lord is kind to everyone who trusts and obeys him. Lamentations 3:25 (CEV)

» Bible background In the book of Ruth, complex social and religious issues are woven into an entertaining and romantic narrative. As Naomi and Ruth lived as widows in Bethlehem, they relied on God’s people being faithful to God’s command to care for the poor (Deuteronomy 10:18–19). The fields to which Ruth went to gather grain belonged to Boaz, a relative of Naomi’s late husband, Elimelech. Boaz (whose name means ‘strength’) was a prominent landowner, who respected God and his workers. He was obedient


Ruth and Boaz Ruth 3–4 to God’s laws, and when Naomi and Ruth’s situation was brought to his attention, he showed additional generosity toward Ruth. Naomi revealed his role as a kinsman-redeemer, who under Mosaic law had responsibility to buy back, or redeem, the family land previously owned by Elimelech (Leviticus 25:25). Prompted by Naomi, Ruth invited Boaz to take up this responsibility. Being a man of integrity and faith, Boaz recognised that there was a closer relative who had rights to the land ahead of himself. The unnamed kinsman was reluctant to buy their land and marry Ruth (as Deuteronomy 25:5–10 required), so Boaz gladly agreed to do so. The practice of settling the agreement with the exchange of a sandal also indicated a degree of shame to the kinsman who did not accept his responsibility under the Mosaic Law. Ruth was rewarded for her loyalty; she gained a husband, security for herself and Naomi, and because of her action, the family’s share in the Promised Land was not lost. The book that began with despair ends with God being praised for his blessing to Ruth and Naomi. And this blessing continues down through the generations as Ruth’s son, Obed was the grandfather of David, God’s beloved king, the greatest king of Israel, who points us directly to Jesus, the redeemer of fallen humanity. This foreign woman, through her faith and faithfulness, became a part of God’s plan of salvation. Ruth is one of five women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew Chapter 1.


» You will need

■■ If you intend to use an interactive whiteboard, review the PowerPoint slide(s) for this lesson (see page 6 of this manual).

✔✔ Drama props and Name signs used in last week’s lesson (see Before you start) ✔✔ A CEV Bible marked at Ruth 3:5–6 ✔✔ Visual aids of sandal, crown and stalk of barley on page 135 ✔✔ A sandal (if not using the printed Visual aid) ✔✔ A crown (if not using the printed Visual aid) ✔✔ A stalk of barley (if not using the printed Visual aid) ✔✔ Activity books ✔✔ Lesson 13 or 14 end play on CEP’s A1 Infants album ✔✔ Naomi, Ruth, Boaz, Obed, Jesse, and King David from the Coloured Visual aid pack ✔✔ Materials for Taking it further (optional)

■■ This lesson is a continuation from the last lesson, this time with a different focus. This lesson is also a narrated drama, in order to maintain continuity with the drama in Lesson 13.

OTHER RESOURCES If your lessons are longer than the standard, you may find the following resources useful.



■■ Read through the story of Ruth several times to ensure you are familiar with it.

» Teacher’s prayer Thank God for all your students—the challenging ones, the compliant ones, the ones you have yet to come to know better. Pray that the students will grow in their understanding that God cares for them. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you to put all distractions out of your mind and focus on sharing the good news with your students.

■■ Be Strong and Courageous (track 6) on Colin Buchanan’s Jesus Rocks the World album. ■■ A Bible Verse to Remember: Lamentations 3 vv 22–23 (track 11) on Colin Buchanan’s 10, 9, 8 … God is Great album. ■■ I Want to Follow Jesus (track 8) on CEP’s Beginning with God album.




■■ Read and Share Bible DVD Vol. 3, Chapter 3: Ruth and Naomi.




» Way in I have brought three things with me today. They all have something to do with today’s story from the Bible. Before I show them to you, let’s refresh our memories about our last lesson. ■■ Who were the main people in our last lesson? (Accept responses. Naomi, Ruth, Orpah, Boaz.) ■■ Tell me something about Naomi. (Accept responses. She loved God, she had moved to another country, her husband and two sons had died and so on.) ■■ What do you remember about Ruth and Orpah? (Accept responses. They were married to Naomi’s sons, they both left Moab with Naomi and so on.) You might remember that Ruth went with Naomi to Bethlehem to live. It was tough for them because they were poor.



■■ What did they have to eat? (Accept responses. Ruth gathered up barley in the fields of farmer Boaz.) ■■ Who can remember what Ruth found out about Boaz at the end of our last lesson? (Accept responses. Ruth found out that Boaz was a relative and that was why he was looking after her and Naomi.)

» Bible focus Last week we had some people act out the Bible story. Let’s do that again this week. Indicate that you will invite students to volunteer Bible icon to assist with the drama presentation. Select students to play the parts of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz.Activity Books icon Give the students the Visual aids on Visual Aid icon page 127 of the Name signs, as well as the props (see Before you start in Lesson 13).

CD icon

At the end of our last lesson, we learnt that Boaz was a relative of Naomi and Ruth, and so Music icon he wanted to protect them both. He honoured God by caring for the poor and allowed Ruth to Wordfrom iconhis farm. collect grain One day, Naomi decided upon a plan. ‘Aha!’ Maths & Logic icon she said. (Action: Naomi repeats ‘Aha!’) Body icon ‘I know what we’ll do!’ said Naomi.

Space & Vision icon

(Action: Naomi repeats this.)

When Naomi told Ruth her plan, this is what Interpersonal icon Ruth said: Read Self Ruth icon 3:5–6 from a CEV Bible.

Bible icon

Nature icon or worried. Ruth wasn’t scared Activity Books icon

You have remembered that lesson very well! Well done! Bible icon

(Action: Ruth shakes her head.)

Today we’ll find out what happened next, but Activity icon things I have here. first I’ll show youBooks the three

(Action: Ruth nods her head.)

Display the Visual aids on page 135 of the Visual Aid icon Sandal, barley stalk and crown, or display the objects if you brought them.

CD icon

I wonder what might happen in today’s lesson that includes these three things.

Music icon

■■ Would anyone like to guess? (Accept responses, Word icon but keep this section brief. This is included to raise curiosity, so be animated when responding to suggestions.)

Bible Exploration icon Visual Aid icon

She knew that God would keep her safe.

CD icon

Naomi wanted Boaz to realise that, as their relative, he could Music iconhelp them even more. So, off Ruth went to carry out Naomi’s clever Word iconfound out that Ruth and plan. When Boaz Naomi really wanted him to help, he knew what he Maths had to&do. Logic icon He said, ‘Ruth, I promise I will do what is right’.

Body icon

(Action: Boaz repeats this.)

Maths & Logic icon

He filled Space Ruth’s&cape with Vision iconbarley to take back to Naomi.

Body icon

Interpersonal iconan imaginary load of (Action: Boaz passes Ruth barley.)

Space & Vision icon

iconto carry home! It was soSelf heavy

Interpersonal icon

(Action: Ruth walks Nature iconon the spot, carrying a heavy bag of barley.)

Place the items in view of students.

Self icon Nature 130 • CONNECT – icon TEACHER’S MANUAL Bible Exploration icon

Bible Exploration icon

Ruth exclaimed, ‘Boaz and I are getting married!’

Years earlier, Naomi’s husband had owned some land but Naomi really needed to sell it to get some money. In this situation, a relative was supposed to buy the land so it could stay in the family.

(Action: Ruth repeats this.)

Now remember that Boaz had told Ruth that he would take care of things? Well, that’s what he planned to do. He walked into town.

Thank the students for their participation and remove the props.

(Action: Boaz walks on the spot.)

In time, Boaz Bible and iconRuth had a baby boy and his name was Obed.

I’m sure his smile was even bigger than that! (Action: Boaz smiles an even bigger smile.) Then the man gave Boaz his sandal. (Action: indicate the Visual aid on page 135 of the sandal or show the sandal you brought in, and give it to Boaz.) Wasn’t that a strange thing to do? For us, when we want something to be legal, we sign a piece of paper, but in those days, people wanting to agree to something important would give a sandal to the other people to show they wouldn’t change their mind. The man said to Boaz, ‘You can buy the land’. That’s why Boaz was smiling such a big smile. (Action: Boaz smiles.) Boaz knew that Ruth and Naomi would be fine. Boaz had arranged things so that they wouldn’t be poor any more. But that’s not all, there was more good news for Ruth. Ruth rushed home to tell Naomi something very important. Ruth was so excited. (Action: Ruth acts excited.) She looked as though she might burst if she didn’t tell Naomi soon! (Action: Ruth trembles.)

The story doesn’t end there.

Activity Books icon Naomi was so excited to have a grandson. Attach Visual aid on page 134 of Obed Bible the icon Visual Aid icon underneath the pictures of Ruth and Boaz.

Activity When Obed grewBooks up, heicon had a son named Jesse.

CD icon Attach Visual aid on page 134 of Jesse Bible the icon Visual Aid icon underneath Music iconthe picture of Obed. Activity icon When Jesse grewBooks up, he had a son named David. CD icon Word icon Attach the Visual aid on page 134 of David Visual Aid icon underneath Music iconthe picture of Jesse. Maths & Logic icon ■■ Who can tell us something about David? CD icon Word icon David became king of (Accept responses. Body icon God’s people.) Music icon Maths & Vision Logic And many, many yearsicon later, someone very Space & icon special was born Word iconinto the family of King David.

Body icon Interpersonal icon

■■ Do you know who that was? (Accept responses. Bible icon Maths & LogicJesus.) icon

Space & Vision icon

iconking than David. The king of all An even Self greater Body icon Activity Booksicon icon kings: Jesus. Interpersonal Nature icon

Indicate the Visual aid on page 135 of the Visual icon icon Space Aid & Vision Crown. Self icon

Bible Exploration icon

I wonderInterpersonal what Ruth and Naomi would have CD iconicon icon said if, allNature those years ago, someone had told them that they were a part of God’s good plan Self icon Music icon Bible Exploration to bless the whole world icon by sending Jesus.

Nature icon Word icon Bible icon MathsExploration & Logic icon Body icon Space & Vision icon Interpersonal icon Self icon C T

(Action: Boaz smiles.)

(Action: class does this.)

Nature icon Bible Exploration icon


Instead of being sad, Boaz was happy. He smiled a big smile.

Oh, there was great celebration in town that day. ‘Three cheers for Ruth and Boaz!’


Boaz knew there was a closer relative who had first choice to buy the land. This relative was interested in the land but when he heard that he’d need to care for Ruth and Naomi too, he said ‘No thanks’.



Ruth and Naomi had plenty of food for a while—it would last until the next harvest.




» Connections ■■ What would you say if someone told you that you were a part of God’s good plan too? (Accept responses.) Well, you are! And so am I! God is still carrying out his plan and we are all a part of it! Naomi and Ruth were just ordinary people who trusted God, and God used them in his plan. Through Naomi, Ruth and Boaz, a very special family began; the family that Jesus would be born into. God is still using ordinary people in his plan. He still wants people to trust in Jesus and to believe that he is the one who can make them part of God’s family forever. The words of the Memory verse may be sung to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’:



The Lord is kind to everyone who trusts and obeys him. Bible icon The Lord is kind to everyone who trusts and obeys him, hey! Activity Books icon The Lord is kind to everyone who trusts and obeys him. Visual Aid icon Lam-en-tat-ions Chapter 3, verse 25, hey! Optional: Play the Lesson 13 or 14 end play iconA1 Infants album. In this play, onCD CEP’s Joshua and Naomi discuss how people Bible icon icon who trustMusic Jesus belong to God’s family. Distribute the Activity books and direct the Activity Books icon Word icon students to page 12. The solution to the word puzzle is: The LORD is kind to Aid icon Maths & Logic everyone Visual who trusts andicon obeys him.

Body icon CD icon Space icon & Vision icon Music Interpersonal icon Word icon Self icon Maths & Logic icon Nature icon Body icon Bible Exploration icon Space & Vision icon Interpersonal icon Self icon Nature icon

132 • CONNECT TEACHER’S Bible –Exploration icon MANUAL

This is how Christians talk to God. If you would like to pray with me please join me. If you don’t then please lower your head so we don’t get distracted while praying this short prayer.

» Concluding prayer You may like to try a prayer circle, where students sit in a circle and take it in turns to pray. Those not wishing to pray can simply say ‘pass’ so the next person knows it is their turn. Conclude the time of prayer with an appropriate prayer, such as: Thank you, Father, that all through the years you have been blessing and caring for your people. Thank you that you care for us. Amen.

Bible icon Activity Books icon

» Taking it further Visual Aid icon CD icon

SINGING Music icon

God Loves His People on CEP’s A1 Infants album.

Word icon

Supplementary songs are also included in Other Bible icon Bible icon resourcesMaths at the the lesson. &start Logicoficon

Activity Books icon Activity Books icon Body icon

PERCUSSION Visual Aid icon INSTRUMENTS Visual icon icon Space Aid & Vision Perform the Memory verse to the tune of ‘Jingle CD icon Bells’ using instruments. Try singing Interpersonal icon CDpercussion icon the song as a round!

Music icon Music icon Self icon

Word icon DESCRIPTIONS Natureicon icon Word

Maths & Logic icon

Ask students to write the name Bible icon or draw a picture MathsExploration & Logic icon of each of the people in the story. Then encourage Body icon them to surround each person with words that Body icon describe them.

Space & Vision icon Space & Vision icon Interpersonal icon Interpersonal icon Self icon Self icon Nature icon Nature icon

Bible Exploration icon Bible Exploration icon


Music icon Word icon Bible icon Maths &Books Logic icon Activity

Present several scenarios for discussion, such as: Body Visualicon Aid icon • What if Boaz wasn’t related to Ruth and Naomi? Bible icon Space & Vision icon CD ificon • What someone else had already collected all the leftover barley? Interpersonal Activity Booksicon icon • What if Boaz Music icondidn’t care about what happened to them? Visual Aid icon Self • What ificon Ruth Word icon and Boaz hadn’t trusted in God?

Bible icon Nature CD icon&icon Maths Logic icon Bible icon Activity Books icon PUPPET Bible Exploration icon Music icon PLAYS Body icon Activity Books icon Visual Aid icon Students Word could icon make simple puppets and perform Space & Vision Visual Aid icon icon the story for the class. For ideas on puppets, iconfor Children’s Ministry (see see GreatCD Ideas Maths & Logicicon icon Interpersonal CD icon

Music icon Body icon Self icon Music icon DIORAMAS Word icon Space Vision icon Nature&icon Word icon Maths &with Logicaicon icon Provide students variety of materials Interpersonal Bible Exploration icon suitable for making dioramas Maths & Logic icon of scenes from this and the previous lesson on the book of Ruth. Body icon Self icon Body icon Space & Vision icon Nature icon RELIEF PRINTING Space & Vision icon Interpersonal icon Bible Exploration icon Students Interpersonal could make barley icon shapes out of potatoes Self or playdough, then use these to print icon

The following questions may be used to guide your discussion.



■■ Who was David’s guide? (God. The Lord.) ■■ What did David think about? (God’s teachings.) ■■ Where do we find God’s teachings today? (In the Bible.) ■■ Who did David trust? (God.) ■■ Do you think we could or should ask God to guide us today? (Accept responses.)

» Teacher reflections ■■ Are you making the time to speak to students individually to develop relationships with them?

» For next lesson ■■ You will need a small bottle of olive oil. ■■ There are some Visual aids to prepare.

images onto paper for a wall display or collage.

Self icon Nature icon

NatureAS icon OUR GUIDE GOD Bible Exploration icon Bible Exploration icon

The Bible tells us that God guides his people and cares for them. Ruth and Naomi were cared for by God. King David, the great-grandson of Ruth, wrote part of the Bible. Listen to what David wrote.




Read Psalm 16:7; 25:4–5 from a CEV Bible.




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Connect A1 Infants Teacher's Manual  

A sample from the Revised 2017 edition of the Connect A1 Infants Teacher's Manual.

Connect A1 Infants Teacher's Manual  

A sample from the Revised 2017 edition of the Connect A1 Infants Teacher's Manual.