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For use with Connect B2 Infants, Lower Primary and Upper Primary curriculum.

01_Israelite slaves working in Egypt

02_Moses in the reeds

03_The burning bush

04_Moses meeting the King of Egypt

05_The plagues

06_A Passover meal

07_Crossing the Red Sea

08_The 10 Commandments

09_Picture of Mount Sinai in smoke and flames

10_Floor plan of the tabernacle

11_The Promised Land

12_God’s provision #1

13_God’s provision #2

14_Journey to the Promised Land map

15_40 years of wandering

16_Joshua crossing the Jordan

17_Walls of Jericho

18_Happy Promised Land

19_Jesus teaching on the mountain

20_The good shepherd

21_The two builders

22_Soldier without armour

23_Armour pieces

24_The Last Supper

25_Jesus on the cross

26_Characters 1

27_Characters 2

28_Characters 3

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Connect B2 Visual Aid Pack  
Connect B2 Visual Aid Pack  

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