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Booking & General Conditions for Hire Fo r We e k e n d & H o l i d a y G r o u p s

Te r m s o f A g r e e m e n t Making Your Booking

Any group using Centres operated by Youthworks Outdoors agrees to

Tentative Bookings are made by telephone or email with the Bookings Coordinator and must be confirmed within ten working days of the initial booking request. If the booking is not required, please advise as soon as possible. Unconfirmed bookings will be automatically cancelled after ten working days, unless prior arrangements are made with the Bookings Coordinator.

Confirming Your Booking Confirmed bookings are recognised only when the completed booking form, a signed copy of the Booking Conditions and the appropriate deposit are returned to the Bookings Coordinator. A letter of confirmation will be forwarded on receipt of the above. No other form of communication is recognised as confirmation of a booking.

Your Booking School Holiday Bookings extend from 2pm on the first day to 11am on the last day. Weekend Bookings commence on Friday evening at 6pm and conclude on Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Variations to normal arrival and departure times must be discussed with and approved by the Bookings Coordinator. Extended arrival and departure times may incur an additional charge. Final Numbers and Special Dietary Requirements must be provided 7 working days prior to your camp commencing. You will be charged for the number of people stated in your final numbers. Failure to provide final numbers or special dietary requirements 7 working days prior to your camp commencing will incur a surcharge of up to $350. Minimum Charges will be strictly adhered to for all bookings. Please pay careful attention to these charges as set out in the current rates schedule.

Group Leaders It is the responsibility of each group to ensure that guests understand and follow Youthworks Outdoors rules and procedures. Each group must have a competent leader in charge to liaise with Youthworks Outdoors staff. The Group Leader is responsible for guest supervision at all times, including Youthworks Outdoors staff-run activities. It is the Group Leader’s responsibility to ensure that: • The Centre is provided with a written list of guest names. • Guests under 18 years of age have appropriate parent/guardian consent to attend the camp. • Each guest has completed a health/medical record sheet and it is accessible throughout your stay. • The Centre’s accident/incident report form is filled out for all incidents. • All day visiting members of the group are advised of the Centre’s Safety Briefing and General Conditions for Hire. • Safety issues associated with self-led, off-site excursions are identified and the necessary precautions taken. • The group has appropriate public liability insurance. • Guests adhere to sun-safety strategies. • Bed-wetters, sleep-walkers and guests under 6 years old should not sleep on top bunks. • Youthworks Outdoors activity staff are advised of guest’s medical conditions or behaviour that may arise and may place the guests or others at risk.

abide by the following:

Self Catered Groups Youthworks Outdoors aim to provide a peanut-free environment for guests who suffer from anaphylactic reactions to peanuts. We ask that you assist us in this by not bringing any peanut products on site e.g. peanut butter, peanut oil, confectionary / chocolate bars containing peanuts.

Behaviour Care and commonsense should be taken at all times. Group Leaders are asked to remind guests to respect other guests and their personal property. Noise is to be kept to a minimum after 9.30pm. Bedding is not to be taken from rooms, or misused in any way. Food and drink may only be consumed in the dining room or outdoor areas.

Cleaning Youthworks Outdoors Centres are to be maintained in a clean condition by all guests. Catered groups are to provide orderlies to set and clear tables for each meal. Self catered groups are responsible for cleaning and maintaining all areas in a hygienic manner. At the completion of your stay the Centre is to be left clean and tidy. Failure to do so will incur additional cleaning charges.


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Balance of Payment Centre staff can accept payment on the final day of your booking, or it can be forwarded to the Bookings Coordinator within 10 working days. Any deposit will be deducted from the final account.

Rollovers It is not always possible to book the equivalent dates in following years. Please contact the Bookings Coordinator to discuss and confirm you next booking.


ancellation Policy – please read carefully

uthworks appreciate that on occasions a booking may cancelled or postponed because of changes in a Client’s cumstances. However, if the booking is confirmed penalties will ply. Penalties increase in amount the closer cancellation is to the tes booked.

ooking cancellation Number of days prior to arrival date) 81 days and over 21 days to 180 days 1 - 120 days 1 - 60 days - 30 days

Cancellation fee (% of total Fee per Group) Deposit only 25% of Fee 50% of Fee 75% of Fee 100% of Fee

Activities must be booked with the Centre staff at least 4 weeks in advance of your stay and are subject to availability. Additionally, Youthworks Outdoors’ activities must be instructed by qualified Youthworks Outdoors staff. Youthworks Outdoors staff will take responsibility for the technical skills and related safety of guests during staff-run activities. It is the responsibility of the Group Leader to provide adequately trained, experienced or skilled leaders for any other activities such as swimming pool use and private vessel waterfront activities. Your group must adhere to the Pool Rules at Centres with these facilities.No specialised activities are to be undertaken without the prior approval of Youthworks Outdoors staff.

First Aid First aid is the responsibility of guests. Youthworks Outdoors Centres have First Aid kits for staff and Group Leaders to access.

Arrivals/Departures Guests must not enter the camp prior to the allocated time and must not overstay the allocated departure time. Upon arrival the Group Leader must check in with the Youthworks Outdoors Weekend Host at the Main Office.

Property i. Damage and loss. All breakages and losses to Youthworks Outdoors property or equipment are to be reported to Youthworks Outdoors staff. Payment for damages beyond ordinary wear and tear is the responsibility of the group. Youthworks Outdoors takes no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property. Guests are only permitted to access the buildings to which they have been allocated. Buildings, equipment, flora and fauna are to be respected by guests. ii. Parking. All vehicle parking is strictly at the owner’s risk and is permitted only in designated car parks. iii. Speed restrictions. Speed restrictions apply and are strictly enforced. iv. The environment. No guest is permitted to bring firearms, animals or pets onto the property or to disturb the natural environment. Care and commonsense should be taken when approaching animals that may be around the Centre. Garbage and recyclable materials are to be placed in designated areas. v. Smoke free environment. All buildings at Youthworks Outdoors Centres are designated smoke free zones. Smoking is permitted outdoors only. Please place all butts in the bin after extinguishing. vi. Alcohol. No alcohol is permitted on the property. vii. Out of Bounds Areas. Please remain within your own Centre’s boundaries. All workshops, sheds, residences, surrounding private property are ‘out of bounds’. Other areas including work sites, specialised activities (ropes courses, obstacle and initiative courses, archery ranges and boatsheds) are ‘out of bounds’ as directed by Youthworks Outdoors staff. These activities can only be accessed with the prior approval of Youthworks Outdoors staff and under Centre staff supervision.

Telephone i. Emergency Calls. Youthworks Outdoors staff are to be informed of any calls for emergency services and will make a telephone available for such calls. ii. Private Calls. A public telephone is available.

Terminating the Occupancy Youthworks Outdoors reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of the group, or any members of the group, without notice for breach of the General Conditions for Hire. Youthworks Outdoors staff are empowered to take action as deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the camp.

Emergency Procedures i. Procedures. Emergency procedure notices are posted throughout Youthworks Outdoors Centres and guests should make themselves familiar with the arrangements.


ii. Fire fighting Equipment. Extinguishers, fire hoses and smoke detectors are vital and are located around the Centre. These should not be tampered with or removed. iii. Fires. No fire or BBQ may be lit on the property without the consent of Youthworks Outdoors staff. Fire restriction notices and Total Fire Ban days must be strictly observed.

Disclaimer While every precaution shall be taken to ensure the good welfare and protection of guests, Youthworks Outdoors, its Council members, Staff members, employees or any person acting on their behalf are hereby released from any and all liability in the event of any accident or misfortune that may occur to the guest(s), or damage or loss to their property.


Rathane Road, Royal National Park

Postal Address:

PO Box 705 Sutherland 1499


(02) 8525 3100


(02) 9524 3810

Privacy Statement


Youthworks Outdoors gives assurance that any personal information, including medical details gathered by the Centre or provided by the Group Leader, will remain confidential and only be used for the purposes for which it was collected.


Booking Conditions Weekends & Holidays  

Terms of agreement for hiring a Youthworks Outdoors venue.

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