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For use with Connect A1 Infants, Lower Primary and Upper Primary curriculum.

01_Bible timeline1

02_Bible timeline2

03_Bible timeline3

04_Bible timeline4

05_Bible timeline5

06_Romans Bible verse

07_Books of the Bible

08_Books of the Old Testament

09_Israel and her neighbours in OT

10_Six days of creation

11_Adam and Eve in the garden

12_Cain and Abel at work

13_Ark build and Ark on water

14_Noah leaving the ark

15_Ruth and Elisha

16_Gideon and Esther

17_David watching sheep

18_King David

19_Jonah and Isaiah

20_Josiah reading Gods Word

21_Jesus meets Zacchaeus

22_The last supper

23_Empty tomb

24_Friends on the road to Emmaus







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Connect A1Visual Aid Pack  
Connect A1Visual Aid Pack  

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