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Youth vibes | June 2018


a volunteer?

Author: Maria Voycheva

What it is like to be

Youth vibes | June 2018 Team Europe Junior is an initiative by the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria to establish a team of students - volunteers, who have motivation and knowledge to be speakers at the communication activities of the Representation. Currently Team Europe Junior is part of Europe Direct network at EU level.

Speakers, right? We love presentations and talking to different people – from the little kids to our grandparents. When we start explaining what the European Union is, how it works and what opportunities it gives us, you can’t stop us from talking. Beside all the different activities we are part of, the main one is Back to school. We visit the school we have graduated from and have an almost peer-to-peer talk. For second time we have among us a new team member who made his presentation in Macedonia. TEJ is not only within the borders of Bulgaria – there are teams in Lithuania and in Slovenia too!

I have done so far three Back-to-school visits and all were different. At the last presentation we had a short discussion with the students and one of them said that it would be cool if EU could make a car that runs only on water, so that we could have a cleaner environment. What a great idea! And it currently already exists thanks to the EU funding for research! When we ask the students what they particularly like about the EU they all agree that they enjoy travelling freely in the EU, now especially when there are no roaming costs for calls. They remembered all the different aspects that EU is taking care of: we eat safe food, we breath clean air, but most of all we enjoy the Erasmus+ program where we have the chance to go to a different country for a training/paid traineeship or to study.

What a great opportunity to dive into diversity! 4

Youth vibes | June 2018

EQULITY IN LAW EQUALITY IN LIFE Interviewer: Mauro Bellani

‘’I realized how big is the problem for society’’

Youth vibes | June 2018 Hi, I’m Martin Lukanov, I’m 20 y.o. and I’m Bulgarian. I work as wealth advisor, but I am also a Business and Economics student.

Tell us about projects that you participated in. Why did you want to join this project? First, I wanted to join an event like this because I have never tried a youth exchange before. I chose this event because I felt interested in the topic. I think there is a problem in our society when we talk about equality between women and men. I never face this problem in my daily life but I want to know more about that.

How was your experience? Did you enjoy the project? I really enjoyed the project, and I would have never expected to enjoy it so much. The atmosphere and the people let me appreciate a lot the entire project. I liked the methods used to present the topics; you could not get tired with them. I was surprised about the energizers, I had never experienced them, but after long time of activities they were very useful to “break the ice”, and find concentration once again.

Did you feel the team spırıt? We built a team spirit inside our national group event before arriving to Valencia. We built a strong relation each other inside the team and with our coordinator Damyan Pilkov. After this youth exchange I have some new friends.

Can you descrıbe a moment during the project that you lıke the most and a moment you lıke the least? I definitely like the whole experience, I cannot pick a moment that I like most. Nevertheless, one moment I like the least was during the first night at the venue and the dinner, maybe I do not like Valencian traditional food. That stroke down my expectations. A moment that for sure gave me a different point of view about the topic was when a girl shared with us her personal story about inequality between her and men, and this was the most helpful and precious moment, because I realized how big is the problem for society. 6

Youth vibes | June 2018

Do you feel more confident about the position of women in society? Definitely yes, I can say that the kind of inequality that influences more society is domestic violence; it is dangerous because it is hidden by society. Domestic violence is never punished by law, the problem stays in society, because the victims are scared to share their problems. It’s dangerous also because in many cases it has not any way out.

Do you believe that this project achieved its goal? How do you feel now about thıs topıc and is your awareness bigger now? I think this project achieved his goals; we saw many topics related to violence. We had examples of advertisement which oppressed women, about work inequality and much more. It’s now for me easier to recognize any kind of inequality in my daily life.

Which country surprised you on inequıtıes? Why? I was definitely surprised by Spain, the only Western European country present at the Youth Exchange. I expected lower inequality in a such developed country.

How have Erasmus+ projects affected your life so far? They affected me more for the atmosphere and the people than the topic itself, I am always looking to find more opportunities like that. This project also gave me the opportunity to change my mind when I talk with people from different countries and culture. I appreciate that I lot because I don’t have this opportunity in my everyday life.

Do you have any further plans connected with Erasmus+? Yes, of course in few months I will check for furthermore Youth Exchanges like this.


Youth vibes | June 2018

What is the best advice that you can give to everyone who is afraid, or feels unsecure but dreams about an international experience? Some years ago, I was also afraid to join a project like that, because I was afraid of language barriers. However, this is also the reason why I joined this project, in order to enhance my English level. Projects like that are an opportunity for an amount of people, it is in the mind of everyone to discover in which direction we would like to move. My personal advice for people who want to try is, just try!


Youth vibes | June 2018


Hi, I’m Rosana, you can call me Rosy. I’m almost 20 y.o., I study Chemistry in Sofia University. I love cats, I love cooking and I love yoga.

Why did you choose this project?

Which arts are you interested in?

The main thing that attracted me from the beginning it was the topic. I have experience in music and singing since childhood. My grandma taught me to sing; I sung in the school choir, I enjoy singing at home and in karaoke’s. I feel the love for music and arts in general, this made me choose this project

I am very interested in painting and sculpture. I feel? But I cannot deal with my hand to draw or sculpt. However, I really like to study and analyse paintings and understand historical art movements.

What is your experiences in this field? When I was at school, I didn’t want to boost my skills in singing. My teachers found find a way to inspire me, for example, in charity concerts, they pushed me to lead the microphone. In the following years, I just enjoyed to sing for fun with my friends..

Could you tell us more about intercultural communication? From this project, I learned that you can use art to express yourself. Even without justifying yourself. This is important for intercultural communication because words cannot be understood in the right way by to everyone. Art can be seen or heard by everyone the same.

How did you spend the week? Are you satisfied? I went there with some expectations, it was not my first Youth Exchange. I can say I was not completely satisfied, my expectations were higher. However, the facilitator didn’t explain completely the topic. I really liked the venue, we were in a small hostel and we built a good group and spent time together for the whole project. I have participated in three project before going in Kaunas; they were two Youth Exchanges and one Training Course.

Was it your first time in Lithuania? Yes, it was my first time. I would never live there, but I really like Kaunas, there were very nice art vibes, somehow it remembers me of Plovdiv. We also visited Vilnius but I would rather prefer Kaunas. 9

Youth vibes | June 2018

Which topic in the program mostly influenced you? I liked a workshop where we had to present intercultural communication in our country. It is very fascinating for me to discover this kind of information from people and not just sitting in front of my PC and search about this topic. I like the way people share their roots and cultures with the others.

Tell us something about people you meet. How it was it to work in such an international group? The dynamic group was amazing, the venue permitted us to increase it and we felt very comfortable in this small hostel. I enhanced relation with two people and we have already visited each other’s. About the facilitators, I think they didn’t do their best. On the third or fourth day, I felt a need to write them suggestions and feedback because I thought the things weren’t going right. I can’t say if they listened to me or not, but I felt the need to do that. I don’t want to blame anyone, I just thought it was useful.

How did you feel after the project? (which topic you feel more aware of and rich now, after the event) After the project I was depressed, my long summer in Erasmus plus was done and I had to go back to reality. I miss also the people and good moments we spend each other. I did not miss so much the project and the topic, because as I said the topic it wasn’t well developed and by my experience I can say I had better projects than this.

What is your favourite life Motto ?

Life is beautiful, you just have to see it, I would like to leave like this.


Youth vibes | June 2018

EVS project like no other! Interviewer: Eva Kozun

Youth vibes | June 2018

Once upon a time...

Fernando is working as a designer, producer and is also responsible for the promotion of the festival. Jordi is managing films and working on productions submission. In general, every volunteer is working on a slightly different area. It sounds interesting and a responsible work, right? If we add that they are working on one of the biggest short-movie festivals in that part of Europe, we are receiving a portrait of the perfect EVS experience. One of those things that are considered as a visible change is the fact that, even a few years ago, short films were not popular among Bulgarians. The majority of them did not even know what it was, and that this form is interesting and worth to watch. It is changing thanks to In The Palace and also by the volunteers work. People in Bulgaria are more and more aware of that piece of film art. Fernando is making interviews with directors, which is an amazing journalism experience, but also developing experience. You have to be aware that being a winner of In The Palace festival is a first step to win Oscar. Movies that will be appreciated in particular categories will be sent to and surveyed by the Academy in Los Angeles.

Oscar winner?

Oscar winner?

Fernando and Jordi, two young men who came to Bulgaria to work on an amazing project. EVS consists in an unlimited variety of possibilities, and every project is unique in some way. However, let’s be honest, not everyone is working with movies that have a chance to win an Oscar award. What is the story behind In The Palace, what The Palace is, and how 10 volunteers are improving that 15 years old film festival?


Youth vibes | June 2018

Even if Fernando and Jordi’s motivation was different before applying for that project, they are both happy with the choice that they made. Jordi wanted a gap year between graduation and “adult life”, whereas Fernando wanted to explore how it is to live abroad for a longer period of time. How amazing that experience is as it comes to work, we already know that. But Erasmus+ is not only about studying, working, volunteering… Intercultural, social aspects are equally important. Let’s be honest, Sofia is not one of go-to Erasmus destinations. And most of the people who are approved for projects in Sofia, feel unsecure about what they will meet in the capital of Bulgaria. The first impression is also not the best sometimes. Overwhelming grayness, architecture that strongly inspired by the previous system and sometimes a surprising mentality of people. Those are aspects that every foreigner is facing during first days in Sofia. Jordi and Fernando also had mixed feelings at the beginning. But it does not matter. What is important and amazing how people are changing their opinion during their stay in Bulgaria. Both Jordi and Fernando have already changed their mind about that place. They have already discovered how green Sofia is. How many amazing (and cheap!) travel opportunities it offers. And how traditional rakija and banitza can change people’s lives. Okay, at least its culinary part of. The point is, that it is totally fine if Sofia is not like other European capitals. It has its vibes, its character and it makes that place amazing. But to fall in love with that city you have to understand that Sofia is a place of hidden jams. Since you will discover them, it will be a life-time love. 13

Youth vibes | June 2018

The guys are here only for a few months. However, that volunteering experience is a big change for both of them. An international experience is showing you that the word “normal” should be deleted from your dictionary. There is no “normal”, because what is normal in your culture is an awkward behavior in your colleague’s country.

And it is just fine. Not only fine, but also amazing and inspirational to see how people are different. Don’t fotget that the amazing festival will take place in the end of June, and entrance is free of charge.

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Youth VibE+S Issue 3 JUNE 2018  
Youth VibE+S Issue 3 JUNE 2018