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Monthly eddition | January 2020

YOUTH VIBES International Center for Development of Education and Training


Issue â„– 21

International Center for Development of Education and Training

Youth VibE+s is the life style part of E+Media4YOUth media portal, collecting storyes of the participatin youth in different activities under Erasmus+ program and making their dissemination. All materials are made by the participants. The monthly most interesting materials are published in this electronic magazine, using the most innovative ISSUU platform as the most popular among young people in Europe and the world. The electronic edition is full of well-selected photo and text materials that makes reading enjoyable and useful to you.

The electronic edition is full of well-selected photo and text materials that makes reading enjoyable and useful to you.


Brolo, Sicily.


Promoting Visual Facilitation in Youth Work and Erasmus+


by Ava Dobreva

Twenty-five youth workers and educators from 14 countries in the Euro-Mediterranean area gathered together from 1st to 7th of October in Brolo, Sicily, thanks to the project "Promoting Visual Facilitation in Youth Work and Erasmus+", coordinated by the Sikanie association. The goal of the training course was to develop skills in the visual facilitation technique to be applied in working with young people, also to record and document activities in order for everything to be carried out more easily and effectively. The participants were from Italy, Croatia, Spain, Macedonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. The working sessions, which use non-formal learning techniques, were conducted by the trainers Lucia Tringali and Joanna Mielcarek. On the first day of the activities we had to create our own visual tools and present them in front of neutral people: a professional painter, a movie director and the president of Sikanie organization Angela Fogliani. The results were interesting as the products we presented on the first day were very unprofessional compared to the visual products we were able to present in the last two days, as we gained more practical knowledge on how to create quickly easily understandable visual tools. That way we were all able to see our own development throughout the project, In the free time we were very mixed with the participants from other countries and went on exploring the island, as some of us went to the capital of Sicily – Palermo, others went to Catania, so we pretty much grasped the culture and saw some of the many beautiful places Sicily could offer. In the lunch breaks we had a lot of fun enjoying the nice weather as the whole group went to the beach together and took pictures. We somehow clicked very well with each other and saying goodbye, I can say, was the most difficult part of the project. Also, we loved having participants from Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt because they absolutely brought multicultural knowledge and widened our understanding of other non-European cultures.


Different prespective.

The story of a high school theatre actor

Hello there! I’ve been asked to write an article about myself. I have to say, I really can’t determine what kind of a person I am. I am still trying to find out who I truly am and what kind of things I represent. I’ve had quite the few attempts at trying to find out where I belong, but to no avail. I’m still searching though! Anyways, here is one experience I had that I will forever remember.


by Ava Dobreva

So, a year ago I performed in a school play. But, to me, this wasn’t any ordinary play. It will always hold a special place in my heart for a reason. Here’s why: It was sophomore year of high school. A really bizarre year for me, but I won’t get into that. I was really feeling down: no one noticed me, I felt socially excluded from everyone. In a few words, life wasn’t going well. I thought “I need to do something in order to at least improve my mood a bit”. I didn’t know what I wanted to do though, until I found out that a high school theatre play was going to be taking place. I wondered to myself if I should participate in it, due to the fact that it was in English, which was a large plus for me. It was based on a short tale in a Harry Potter book (don’t remember which one it was). There were no auditions or anything: the purpose of the play was just to get students

involved in some activity. There was a large selection of roles, but the ones I was particularly interested in, were the roles of three brothers. Antioch, who had a really aggressive personality, wanted to get his revenge on a duelist that had defeated him. Cadmus, who was really sad, had been mourning for his dead wife. And finally, Ignotus, who was the youngest, yet the smartest out of all of them, wanted to aid them in their struggles. I quickly wrote off to play Ignotus, and was struggling to decide between Antioch and Cadmus, due to both of them representing anger and sadness respectively and both being unique in their own rights. I chose to play Cadmus in the end because I thought he would be more fitting of me. Since I had quite the

And I actually did a pretty good job at it! depressed state of mind, I thought it would be easy for me to portray a sad person. And I actually did a pretty good job at it! The first few rehearsals proved to be quite difficult though. However, after a while I thought I could do better. My performances were already good, but something really alluded me to believe that I could have a more fitting role for me to play on stage. Something just wasn’t satisfying me to play Cadmus. I looked at my script and read Antioch’s lines. An idea came to my head as to I can portray him on stage. Since he was an angry character, I thought it would be fitting if I were to scream every single sentence of his. There was a problem though: the role was already taken. I was feeling really gutted. I could have chosen that role at the start and be perfectly fine with it, but I had realized just then how that role fitted me much better. I got really lucky though.


I had completely lost hope, but ...

However, after a while I thought I could do better. My performances were already good, but something really alluded me to believe that I could have a more fitting role for me to play on stage. Something just wasn’t satisfying me to play Cadmus. I looked at my script and read Antioch’s lines. An idea came to my head as to I can portray him on stage. Since he was an angry character, I thought it would be fitting if I were to scream every single sentence of his. There was a problem though: the role was


already taken. I was feeling really gutted. I could have chosen that role at the start and be perfectly fine with it, but I had realized just then how that role fitted me much better. I got really lucky though. It was once again rehearsal day. I was just sitting there, waiting for the director to put a start to the practicing, when I noticed that the guy who was playing Antioch’s role was missing. Whenever someone was missing to

play his role in the rehearsals, the director would take someone else to fill in for him. I saw that as an opportunity. An opportunity to show the director why that role was more fitting of me. I went up to him and asked him if I could fill in for Antioch. There was one thing I didn’t realize until I asked him the question: Cadmus (which was my role) and Antioch were in the same scenes. The director reminded me of that, but I begged him to play that role. He eventually agreed. I was relieved that finally I would get the chance to perform this role in front of someone. I did my performance, and, to my surprise, I got a standing ovation! There was still one obstacle I had to go through though. I had to ask him whether I could take the role permanently. I was skeptical as to whether it was going to happen, but at the same time confident, since the other guy that was playing the role was really poor. He did not seem motivated to play the role at all, and besides that his performances lacked emotion. I was really keen on getting that role though. So, I popped the director the question. The response wasn’t necessarily the one I was hoping I would receive. He told me it would be way difficult to switch roles and that he’d have to talk to the other actor. At first, he said no and I had completely lost hope, but a week later he approached me and asked me if I really wanted that role, with me giving the most enthusiastic yes ever. It was back on!

The story of a high school theatre actor

After I had received the role I truly desired, rehearsals were the most fun thing ever. Day after day I was filled with more and more satisfaction each time I performed. My confidence levels went up so high and I had become so excited for this play. Then, the day finally came. The play premieres.

We were scheduled to have three performances. The first one was going to be in front of kids and teachers from middle schools, the second one was going to be in front of people from our school, and the third one was going to be in front of adults. I was particularly excited for the second one, since I wanted to make a very good impression on the people around my school. I was a bit anxious for the first one though. I had been in a bit of an uncomfortable situation at the time: I had to have some kind of school test/survey on the day of our first performance, which was also actually mandatory. The play had to start at around 1 PM, which meant I had only 30 minutes in between the test and the performance. A bit shocking, since I had to have rehearsals on the day of the play, which I missed. Anyways, I got to the theatre as fast as I could,


I was filled with more and more satisfaction

and I started to get really nervous. I immediately put my theatre clothes: a light green robe with a glued beard to my face. There was a problem though: the beard kept falling off. But when I realized that, it was already too soon. And so, it was time for my first performance. I was sitting backstage, right as the audience began to enter the building. A worrying thought instantly entered my mind: during the first few scenes the crowd did not stop talking and were constantly laughing, but what can you expect: they were kids from middle school. At that time however, I was fearing that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. And then came time for me to enter the stage.


A big day was upon me. My two final performances were in front of me. I was much more excited for this one as I knew the audience members would actually be respectful towards the play. I had the most jitters I think I have ever had. It was a heavily anticipated moment for me: I had rehearsed so much for this play, every time with such excitement and joy that I will get the opportunity to play this role in front of people, and here I was. Hours before the play, ready and excited. I had my rehearsal as usual, and then went home for a quick calm before the storm. I returned to the theatre, and it was time for the play. We were performing in front of the people from my high school, and this was the most important performance for me of all 3. I put on my robe and beard (which was intact this time thankfully), went backstage and waited. The play finally began. 07

At this point I had become heavily nervous. Sitting there, just waiting for your scene to come, it was not nice one bit. But I had to go through it. And I did. I went out there and had the most fun I have ever had. Screaming like a maniac, I felt like I was in my element on the stage. I finished my performance and returned to backstage. I was extremely relieved and proud of myself for what I had done. Never ever did I think that I, an extremely shy person, would be in a theatre on a stage, screaming as loud as I can with such confidence. And here I was, throat hurting and all, feeling absolutely ecstatic. The play ended, the cast went up on stage, and we got a standing ovation. People began to congratulate me here and there, some even said I was the best actor on stage! Anyways, I had my rest for a few hours, I returned to the theatre, and it was time for my 3rd and final play. I was really calm at this point, I did what I had to do without any doubt in myself. My parents were in attendance, which was amazing. I played my role, finished the play, and got a standing ovation. What happened next was heartwarming: my parents were waiting for me outside the theatre to congratulate me. They hugged me, said how much they were proud of me and all of that stuff. I went home, happy that I went through this day successfully, and happy that, after everything I went through, I would have this play as a wonderful memory in my head that I will never forget.

heavily nervous

Just as I expected, the crowd didn’t take me seriously. It was really upsetting, but the worst was yet to come. Right when I was performing in my final scene, my “beard” kept falling off. I had gotten to a decisive point in my play, and my beard fell off again! I told myself, screw it, and took the entire thing off. I finished my scene and headed backstage. People congratulated me and all, but I was worried how the director had reacted to me taking off my “beard”. The play ended, and it was time for us to receive our verdict. He congratulated us, but he also told me something I did not expect to hear. He told me he admired me for taking it off, and not trying to stick it back on. I was really surprised, as I had thought what I did was completely embarrassing. Anyways, there was no time to think through things because the day that followed was much more important.

The story of a high school theatre actor

Life can be full of amazing moments and opportunities. The special thing about them is that they could come when you least expect them. That’s what’s amazing about it: one day you may be feeling really down, and tomorrow you may feel like the happiest person in the world. I sincerely never thought this would happen to me, and at the end of the day, it did. My message to everyone is this: be patient. Don’t feel like your life is just going to stay miserable every single day. Trust me, it changes. You just have to be there to witness it. Besides, life wouldn’t be as fun if it had only good moments. Sometimes we have to go through bad moments so that we mature more as people and strengthen our characters. But, at the end of the day, it will all be worth it, because life is one large adventurous story, with a happy ending.

Be patient. Trust me, life changes. by Ava Dobreva



by Denis Ivanov

My name is Denis Ivanov, I am 20 years old from Bulgaria and soon I will start my third year in the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. It’s such a journey, no kidding.

For years, I found comfort in Art. If you had told me I would be painting with unusual techniques like fire or metal and creating art installations later in life, I might have thought you were just a bit loony. For the first couple of years after I started doing it, I watched many Youtube videos and for a period of time, I took some classes with very talented and amazing teachers. At some point, I stopped taking Youtube classes and started to focus on developing myself as an artist and finding my own style. Who would have thought that it will be such a hard thing?

I remember in those early years how I was waiting and wanting to finally become better at combining colors. Also I spent a lot of time finding my own voice and style. I think that I am still finding myself in every piece which I paint. But I had to learn to walk before I could run. Portraits were my first love in art, but now I love to create abstracts and have recently fallen in love with various forms of fluid art. I rarely have a plan, but always have a concept and idea. I truly trust the intuitive process and know that when I am painting, something is moving through me and it always amazes me seeing the final outcome. Curiosity. And that was the moment when I realized that I have to upgrade. To work something that will wake me up every day and I won’t regret it. That’s how I found the biggest art of all. The art around us – the Architecture. I was in love again.


But like every love story, the life of architecture student is a complex thing – joy, regret, anger, passion, desire, no sleep, a lot of coffee. Just kidding. I do not drink coffee. The important thing is that you have to be in another part of your own art universe and you have no idea how to start. Here the questions in your head start to hit you. Am I good enough? Why I have to study 5.5 years to work for not less than 500 euro? How can I be so stupid to study this thing? Why the barman in the club earns 3 times more than me without any education? Am I too late to study some-

thing else? Questions and questions, but there was something that was still keeping me there. Something I had forgotten - I am an artist and I will be so until I die. So I put myself together and that was the moment I started to enjoy the things again. In the university and not only, I found another people and soon we created our non-governmental organization called “ARTERIA” – a platform for different kind of artists like painters, musicians, actors, dancers, photographers, make-up artists, environmentalists, philosophers, bio engineer, etc. For only 3 months we became more than 30 people in it. Can you imagine? We create different kind of events and exhibitions and art-installations in order to make popular our flow – Art in Science. I am so proud! I will end here with only one advice, dear reader.

by Denis Ivanov

Keep ďŹ ghting until you ďŹ nd your passion and never wait for chances. Earn them!


By Borislava Ivanova and Yoana Yakimova

How does Erasmus+ help Discussion. us?


If you are wondering why to participate in an Erasmus+ project and how will that help you in your personal development, this article will answer your questions.

Two of our participants in the YE “Make social inclusion happen” in Costinesti, Romania Yoana Yakimova and Borislava Ivanova shared with us their expectations from the project prior its start and also their opinion on how Erasmus+ is helping them in life. "How “Erasmus+” helps us? Now I will tell you. Erasmus+ projects help us with meeting a lot of new people and maybe new friends. This is new way to improve our English and communication skills. We always can improve our communication skills but Erasmus+ projects give us that chance to meet new people from different countries in one place. When we talk to each other we exchange experience and knowledge. All of these things help us to improve our English and communication skills. In any type of communication, make sure that you set the right tone. A friendly tone will encourage others to communicate with you. In all interactions confidence (but not

The most important thing is respect. If you respect the ideas and opinions of others, they will be more likely to communicate with you. Active listening or simply using the name of the person you are speaking to can both be effective.

over-confidence) is crucial. Demonstrating confidence will give costumers faith in your abilities to deliver what they need, and that you will follow through with what you have promised. Good communication is all about listening effectively. Take the time to listen to what the other person is saying and practice active listening. Pay attention to what the other person is saying, ask questions and clarify points, and rephrase what they have said so that you know you have understood correctly. And these are the most important things that Erasmus + projects give to us." "Erasmus+ projects help you to improve your English skills. In my opinion, the projects encourage young people to be more sociable. It can be useful in other projects. I expect to learn from the YE “Make social inclusion happen” how to accept different people and tolerate them. These people are not different from us and they deserve to be tolerated like everyone else. Another important thing is the team working. If you ask me, I’m not good in team working because I’m shy and don’t want to share my ideas. Another thing that I expect to learn is public speaking. Most of the people are not good at public speaking for various reasons, of course (even me) but the project can help me to be better in public speaking."


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ISSUE 21 - January 2020  

ISSUE 21 - January 2020  


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