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Lying is Evil

Lying is evil because it’s the devils dirty work And there are other evil sprits that are in the dark that lurk Lying is evil because it’s the wrong thing to do Please be aware or God may punish you Lying is evil because the devil wants you to go to hell The Devils words are like some sort of Curse or spell Lying is evil because God dislikes behaviour like that And you will rot and rot and rot until you become as rotten as a dead rat Righteousness 14/6/09 Righteousness Is not a test Its just Gods way of making sure you stay blessed Releasing you of your distress And cleaning up your mess Clothing you In a new spiritual dress As you rest and posses his very best and nothing less Righteousness Is a gift it cannot be earned So do not allow the Devil to make you feel like a thief put into practice what you’ve learned He is the chief the deceiver, a waste of space He is an evil spirit a spiritual disgrace Bringing condemnation and a drain on our Lords name His free gift of righteousness bring with it absolutely no shame or distain Because there’s power in his holy name Righteousness is not a game So In God alone we must trust and believe Avoid all kinds of lust and fuss don’t let those emotions fly free Righteousness is what my Lord and Saviour demands of me As he gives it to me as a key This is his solemn decree

No weapon formed against you shall prosper And every tongue that rises up against you in judgement I will condemn. No human soul will use you as a duster Because I have predetermined you to prosper And stay whole bringing freedom and enlightenment to your soul So don’t dig yourself into a hole Stay pure as your entire life, spirit, soul and body soars reach that righteous goal Righteousness The pursuit of it can often lead one to frustration But yielding to it’s truth can produce much fruits But ultimately it can bring you before great nations Whilst at the same time fulfilling ones destination Because righteousness exalts a nation So remain in your post and don’t let the devil turn your life into a ghost This is my righteous demonstration

Derek Andrews Copyright 2009

Boundaries keep me safe Boundaries What are boundaries? It is the nonnegotiable Which are pre determined by myself or others Or most importantly by our creator God

Boundaries Aren’t ropes which ties us in It only gives credence to hope Helps all mankind to be able to cope So my brothers and sisters and well wishers Let’s not dismiss it as a joke

Boundaries Are a very thin line Which isn’t fine But it carries a tremendous amount of weight Therefore there must be no hate

Boundaries Have its very own defensive coping mechanism When crossed or stepped upon it will frown and thrust you to the ground It would not run away dare I say

It will live to fight another day

Boundaries Most people see boundaries as mans restrictions Means to keep them out of their jurisdiction oh What a contradiction in the land This matter should be taken in hand

Boundaries Like I said boundaries are weighty It lives to fight another day So don’t sway between the two opinions Should I or shouldn’t I You cannot win because breaking boundaries are a sin

Boundaries Obeying them allows us to grow and help our lives Soar this I certainly know

Boundaries They are thin but stronger than you and I When we violate its laws We will be caught up between its claws Crushed in its jaws

Boundaries Are not mere human Rules made by men to destroy you Boundaries saves your soul and Makes you whole

Boundaries Leads aids your defence Who needs a judge to condemn you when boundaries guide your conscience So please my brother and sisters don’t keep sitting on the fence Because boundaries are weighty you might come crashing down Boundaries say no to what’s wrong When wrong says go, do it anyhow

Boundaries A line drawn by or erected by our creator So that we can grow to be greater and has no regrets later God’s way of demonstrating how protective he is over children A constant reminder of his love for us and What it cost his Christ

So don’t fuss boundaries are a must Its disciplines daily helps us to earn a crust Ever increasing our trust And keeping us from the temptations of lust

Boundaries Are sublime and mellow helping us to appreciate and trust our human fellows it Allows us time that we might grow to understand, and take a stand Keeping us civil and help us avoid evil Boundaries tempts us to eat its fruits hanging shame Sometimes it even makes us forget our own name Producing disgrace but However I have the determination to do what’s right and Follow the light Putting evil to flight

Boundaries I will Stay within the boundaries I will never go hungry My creator will take care of me So I can be safe I will not act in haste sticking to boundaries Helps me to make informed choice it brings to surface My full potential it resources me not exhausts me

Boundaries Keeps me on the right side of the law It keeps me alert This way I can avoid getting hurt Keeping the prison door shut

Boundaries Set me free from alien forces Fills me with oasis Tired of boundaries I will not be This is my solemn decree

Boundaries I refuse to cross over its lines Lest my lifestyle declines I am happy with boundaries because It fills me with exuberant Joy and that’s my masters Love and plan for me

I conclude therefore That boundaries is a thin line Which carries a tremendous amount of responsibility And it’s a line which never declines I have decided never to cross it, or trespass Or seek to conquer it because I am bigger than a thin line

Boundaries Was put in place that I wouldn’t be disgraced

Boundaries was made for me not me for boundaries Boundaries keep me in Sin keeps me out, without a doubt Because of boundaries I can choose to shout freedom freedom Alleluia

Derek Andrews Copyright 2006

Heart beat To my wife

w.a.m.l.a.d.a {with all my love and deepest affection}

You are my heart beat Stronger than what I eat Better than sugar beat

Healthier than wheat My love for you is extremely sweet From the first day we meet Honey loving you is better than money Sweeter than honey Together you and I are full of laughter so funny Our journey is unending And forever resounding Always maturing in knowing And growing You are my heart beat Loving you is my meet I am satisfied and full From the treasures of my heart to you Everyday, every year spent with you is anew A wife so fair and a mother who is always there Whom I love with every care and is dear I appreciate you more than you know so let’s take things slow That we may continue to grow

Derek Andrews Copyright 2006

To my beautiful daughter....

The core of my existence Not leaving anything to chance Keep on going through the distance You are the apple of my eyes....

Daughter you always put a smile on my face And you will win the race Because I believe you are no disgrace I love and appreciate you You are more precious than silver or gold My love for you will remain even When you grow old It will always be there for you The day is new it is bright No darkness Nothing can separate you from the light You are my daily delight So do what you believe is right with all your might Let your life soar high like a kite Seek and pursue God with all your might

Keep a glow Be a star you will go far You know the right way to go I will always love you

Derek Andrews Copyright 2006

You are my God You are my God, It's like your angels pull me with a fishing rod Well you are my God You help me in suituations You take me on your side You went on the cross and died You made me glad You're my heavenly dad Torrin Andrews Copyright 2006

"Clean up your act"The broom which felt it had no purpose and meaning, felt it was given all the rubbish jobs. 'oh I am so fed up with cleaning up trash, and nasty spillages' said the broom. ' am so tired of being used and abused' and so he decided to brush off his responsibilities, became a recluse, and went into hiding in a cupboard for a few years. Whilst in hiding the world began to get infested with all kinds of imaginable infestations, and build up of mountainous garbage. The very thing the broom swept away from, he realised he couldn't dust it off, directly and indirectly. The cupboard began to fill up with rubbish, dust the broom's brittle strands began to drop off, then and only then the broom had a logging reality of it's purpose and creation. The broom decided to make a sweeping prayer to it's maker, became unhardened. It's maker log on, and restored him. As the broom no longer brushed of it's responsibilities. So be a broom and make way for the mop! All God asks of you is will you be his broom. For he has a sweeping career ahead for you so allow God to use you to clean his earth.

Derek Andrews


opyright 2008


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