Youth Solutions Report 2018

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Refuge Founder Place of Establishment Main Activity Organisation Type Place(s) of Operation Budget Find out more at

Jackson Frazier Columbus, USA Educational Programs / Initiatives Organization Not-for-Profit (e.g. 501(c) organisation) Columbus and Cincinnati, OH, United States $5,000-$25,000


The great majority of resources for immigrant families are designed for parents; after all, they have an immediate need to support their children and other family members. Young children are supported by the educational system and face relatively low barriers to acclimation. However, a success gap persists for adolescent immigrants: they are too old to receive adequate support from schools and too young to qualify for adult integration programs.

in the communities we serve. We maintain records of our connections with other organizations, allowing us to analyze our role in the greater refugee and immigrant support network. The longterm sustainability of Refuge is measured through participation, retention, and growth from one year to the next.


Refuge works primarily on SDGs 4 and 10, operating in the United States where educational opportunities are better for refugees and immigrants than in many other countries. This could widen inequalities between refugees resettled in the US and elsewhere. By uplifting refugees and immigrants, it will bring focus to the broader educational challenges of refugees and immigrants throughout the world.


According to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, less than 1% of refugees pursue higher education. Refuge seeks to change this statistic through peer-based mentorship and immersive university experiences for refugee and immigrant youth. In the mentorship program, students are paired with college mentors who work with them throughout the school year to develop an educational plan that suits their goals. Immersive university experiences complement the virtual component by providing students the opportunity to envision themselves on campuses by meeting with professors, sitting in on classes, and spending several days as a college student.


The positive collection of qualitative feedback from all participants allows for the continuous improvement of the mentorship platform. The success of Refuge is contingent upon funding received and the participation of established organizations Youth Solutions Report 2018 Edition